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for the summe of six hundred and thirtie gilders Hollands money, which hee
knoweth being present and acquainted with the said buying and selling
and on behalfe of his said father and mother paying two hundred and thirtie
gilders of the said summe by the said Adrian Jorison Coninckes order, and to
his use, and being acquainted with the payment of the rest of the said money
to him in full payment and satisfaction of and for the said shipp, and saith
that upon the said buying and selling, the said Adrian Jorison Coninck
delivered the first schedule annexed (and now shewed unto him) to his
said father, to make appeare that the said shipp was cleare to be sold.
And having soe bought the said vessell, hee saith his said father and
mother very shortly after sold to three fourth parts of her
to the said producent harry Baldero, retaining the other fourth to
themselves, And saith the said henry Baldero and company aforesaid since
such their having proprietie of the said vessell, have bought and
bestowed anchor two new anchors, a new rabl[X], a hatcher and other necessaries and bestowed
much cost in repaireing furnishing and fitting her amounting in all to one
thousand, one hundred and eight gilders or neerethereabouts, which hee
knoweth being by them constituted master of her, and acquainted with
the premisses, And saith the said shipp is by the said cost and furniture
by them bestowed on her better by the said summe of one thousand one
hundred and eight gilders, than shee was when they bought her of the
said Adrian Jorison. And having nowe seene the subscription of the
second schedule annexed, hee saith hee well knoweth the hand writing
of mr Von Vliert Secretary or towne clarke of delft haven, and hath
often seene him write, and well knoweth the said subscription to be of
his hand writing, and verily beleeveth the contents of the said schedule
to be true.

To the Interrogatories. [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first hee saith that mr George Baldero brother of the said
henry (residing in this citie) spake to this deponent to come and bee
exámined of the truth touching the said shipp, wherein hee hath noe
interest otherwise than by him being sonne at the said Thomas and Aeggon
and master of the said vessell.

To the second hee saith hee came first aboard the said shipp when the
said buying of her by his father and mother and mr Baldero and then received possession
of her to their use from the said Adrian Jorison who to that time
was in possession of her. And saith that beside the said two
hundred and thirtie gilders soe paid in part of payment for the said
shipp by this deponent by order of the said Adrian hee sawe
his said mother at delft haven pay about 250 gilders to the said Adrian in further
part of payment of and for the said shipp, and about 150 gilders hee
saith the said Baldero paid by the said Adrianes order at dort to one
John Clerke, and all this hee saith was paid very shortly after
the said buying and before the shipp proceeded to sea.

To the third hee saith that the said shipp hath made voyages since the buying as followeth
videlicet from dort to Colchester
and thense to Croisick in ffranse and thense to lime in dorset shire,
where shee now remaines as hee beleeveth. And saith for the voyage
to Colchester hee received thirtie pounds, seven shillings and six pense freight
and thense to Croisick and thense to lime hee hath received two and
fourtie pounds, out of which this deponents stiersmans and companies
wages being and victualling and charges being paid,
and stiersmans, wages sixe pounds sterling
, and to this deponent all his wages is yet unpaid.

To the fourth fifth and sixth hee referreth himselfe to his foregoeing deposition
and cannot otherwise depose.



George Baldero

  • George Baldero deposed in HCA 13/71 on May 29th, 1656 in the case "On the behalfe of henry Baldero, William harris and John Shephard English Merchants touching the shipp the Catherine, John Thompson Master". In this deposition George Baldero described himself as "of London Merchant aged 54 yeeres". George Baldero described Henry Baldero in his deposition as an English man and a subject of the Commonwealth. Henry Baldero was one of three owners of the Catherine, which had been bought in "Holland". George Baldero noted "hee [Henry Baldero] hath by lettres ordered this deponent to accept bills from Newcastle to pay moneys for the lading of coales there for holland upon and for the account of him and the sayd part owners mr harris and mr shephard, and owners of the said vessell, and coales"[1]

  • George Baldero, deposed in HCA 13/73 on March 29th, 1659 in the case "Ex parte Baldero Harris and Sheppard and Tompson aforesaid touching the Catherine". In this deposition George Baldero described himself as "of London Merchant, aged 56 yeeres". George Baldero states that "hee well knoweth the arlate Henry Baldero, William Harris, and John Sheppard, and soe hath done for a long space namelz the said Mr Baldero from his Infancy, and the said Mr Harris for about twenty yeeres and the said Mr Sheppard for about foure yeeres last," States that "the said Mr Henry Baldero is of his this Deponents certaine Knowledge a Native of England, and was borne at Berry in the County of Suffolk, where this Deponent was likewise borne and the said Henry Baldero Doth here (by this Deponent who is his Correspondent) pay taxes to this Comonwealth of England for Lands which hee hath here in England and is ffree of the Company of the Merchant Adventurers of London and hath bin Tresurer of the said Company"[2]


In the nave and aisle are several memorials of the Boldero family, ancestors of the Rev. George Boldero, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this county, and Mr. John Boldero, Attorney-at-Law, the present representatives of that family in this place; the heads which were

George Boldero, Gent. who died Feb. 14, 1665
Simon Boldero, gent. who died June 23, 1701
George Boldero, his son, who died June 28, 1737..."[3]

Henry Baldero

  • Mentioned in HCA 13/71:

- In the case of Newcastle coals, HCA 13/71 reveals that there was a cross-North sea trade in sea coal from Newcastle to Holland, in the ship the Catherine. This was a ship owned by Henry Baldero, William Harris, and John Shephard, and originally purchased in Holland.[4]

  • "Baldero 1654 to 1726

According to Anthony Norris, Henry Baldero, an English merchant in Holland purchased estates in Barton, including those of the Baispooles, around 1654. These estates eventually passed to Edward Gale Baldero who sold them to the Reverend Stephen Norris in 1726. Henry Baldero died in Holland around 1660 and was buried there. In Barton Turf Church there is a basalt tombstone that bears his coat of arms, but no inscription and it seems likely that he had intended to be buried there. For a fuller account see the transcript of Anthony Norris’s notes.

- EXTRACT FROM ANTHONY NORRIS' NOTES: "During the Usurpation in 1649 Humphrey Jones of London Gent, Robt Swallow and Thos Nelson purchased of the parliamt Trustees the Bishops Palace at Ipswich and diverse Manrs belonging to the See & this Manor being one of them; after the death of John Hall the lease made to him expiring or by some means becoming void Humphrey Jones Gent above mentioned held his first Court for this Manor on the 22 Jan: 1654. Jones’s Title failing at the Restoration a Lease was soon after made for the term of 3 Lives by Bishop Reynolds to Dr Edmd Baldero S.T.P. who took the same as a Trustee for his Brother Mr Henry Boldero English Mercht at Rotterdam who had purchased the Estates of the Baispooles in this Town & he held his first Court here 8 Oct: 1661. It afterwards came to Daniel Baldero 3 Son of the aforesd Henry Baldero Merchant, who surrendering the said Lease took a new Lease thereof from Edwd Reynolds Bishop of Norw bearing date the 13 of April 1676 who Leased the same to ye said Danl Baldero by the name of the Mannor of Barton Kibbalds with all the rights etc together with the Liberty & Royalty of Fishing & Fowling in and upon the Waters & Fishings of Barton aforesd & Irstead or within any of the precincts of either of the said Towns to hold to him during his the sd Danls Life & the Lives of Eliz his wife and Henry Baldero brother of the said Daniel at ye rent of 46 s : 8 d. In 1707 Daniel assigned over this Lease to his Son Edwd Gale Baldero to hold the same during the lives of the aforesd Danl and Henry his brother being then the 2 surviving lives but Edwd never had possession thereof for his Father had before assigned and sett over the sa me by Lease and Release dated 28 and 29 May 1701 to Giles Cutten of Hoveton St Peter Gent Attorney at Law..."[5]

  • George Baldero deposed in HCA 13/73 that "the said Henry Baldero Resides in holland meerely as a Merchant Stranger and is not a Subject to or off the States of the United Provinces, and doth not there beare any Office as a Dutchman; And saith hee verily beleeveth that the said harris and Sheppard doe there alsoe live as Merchant Strangers and not as Subiects of the said States of Holland, And the arlate John Thampson came to this Cuty about foure or five yeeres since to live Neere London, and did heere settle ; and hath made 4 Voyages hence (master of a shipp or ships; upon the Account of English men and returned to England againe and doth nowe at this Present live with his wife here in East Smithfeild neere unto this City"[6]


    Primary sources


Norfolk Record Office

Norfolk Record Office: Part of the Durrant of Scottow Collection: Indenture - Bargain and Sale Sco 29/6 111 x 5 1654: 2 Seals, 1 seal tag: Contents: 1) Segar Dehem of London, marchant, Nicholas Corsellis of London, marchant and Susan his wife. 2) Henry Boldero, English merchant then residing in Rotterdam. Messuage, land and property in Barton Turff. 3 Aug. 1654 Bond, letter of attorney; Final Concord and Counterpart enclosed.

Norfolk Record Office: Part of the Durrant of Scottow Collection: Indenture - Assignment of Mortgage Sco 29/7 111 x 5 1654-1655: 2 Seals: Contents: 1) Richard Startin of the Strand (Midd.) gent. and Anne his wife. 2) Henry Boldero of Ipswich (Suff.) merchant. Estate in Barton Turfe. Receipt enclosed. 9 Mar. 1654/55

Norfolk Record Office: Preston of Beeston: Barton Turf [no ref. or date]: Quitclaim MC 36/59, 480 x 2 1658: 1 parchment: Contents: Quitclaim from Henry Boldero to Jacob Preston Esq. of lands in Barton Turf in occupation of Preston and his undertenants, following exchange of intermixed lands

Norfolk Record Office: Part of the Durrant of Scottow Collection: Testamentary Letters Patent Sco 29/19 111 x 5 1660-1668: Contents: Gilbert, Archbishop of Canterbury, Will of Henry Boldero, Merchant Adventurer, resident in Dordrecht, Holland. Property in Barton Turfe. 7 June 1660 Pr. 13 Apl. 1661 16 Apl.1668

Norfolk Record Office: Preston of Beeston: Barton Turf [no ref. or date]: Copy of Court Roll MC 36/60,61, 480 x 2 1686: 2 parchments: Contents: Copy of Court Roll of the manor of Beeston Leames being admission of Edward Boldero gent. brother of Henry Boldero clerk to reversion on death of Sarah Davy widow of Henry Boldero sen. of 11a. 3½r. with messuage in Barton and Bullocks Yard near Foxes Green in Barton. The property was immediately surrendered to Smart Goodenough, 1686. Copy of Court Roll of the manor of Beeston Kybalds in similar terms as last rel. to 7a. lately enclosed in Barton

Secondary sources


'Boldero of Furnham' in Suffolk Manorial Families, Being the County Visitations and Other Pedigrees (?1900), vol. 1 (ca. pp. 178-185)



C 2/ChasI/B159/68 Short title: Boldero v English. Plaintiff: Boldero. Defendant: English. Document type: Bill only. 01 January 1625 - 31 December 1660


DEL 2/6 Baldero et al. (Appeal) 1658


PROB 4/18838 Engrossed Inventories Exhibited from 1660. Boldero, Margery, of St. Martin in the Feilds, Mdx. [widow]. 19 March 1668

PROBABLE MATCH: PROB 11/304/17 Will of Henry Boldero, Merchant Adventurer of Dordrecht, Holland 03 April 1661.SEE Ancestry Digital Image
PROB 11/315/49 Will of John Boldero, Merchant in the English Court of Dordrecht, Holland 16 September 1664. SEE Ancestry Digital Image

PROBABLE MATCH: PROB 11/319/509 Will of George Boldero, Merchant of London 14 March 1666. SEE Ancestry Digital Image
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