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To the :18th hee referreth himselfe to his foregoeing deposition
where hee hath satisfied the same soe farr as hee can:

To the .19th hee saith that for about three yeeres last hee
hath sailed in the said ship Peace with the said
Thomas Grove, and thereby Knoweth. that hee is an
able skillfull, and Experienced Seaman, and soe Comonly accounted and hath
as hee hath heard used the Sea for a long time, and
further cannot answer, referring himselfe to his foregoeing deposition./.

To the 20th hee saith that the said Grove did set forward
his mariners, and encourage them to doe their dutyes
the said Voyage; and upon carles Neglects of the
same, the said Grove did Corect some
of his said Mariners, giving them moderate Correction
with a Ropes End or the hil?t, And to the rest Negatively
saving that one Richard Blagne or Blake who
was Boatswaine of the said ship the said Voyage
did at Plymouth Receive of Mr Wood five pounds
in money. Besides his twelve monethes pay which hee
receaved here in London) but upon what account
hee soe received the same hee knoweth not :/:

To the .21th and 22th Interrogatorie hee answereth. negatively
for his part:./:

Thomas Yeomans [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]


The 23th of April 1659./

Wood against Grove

Examined on the Libell./


Lawrence Broadbolt of Nevis in the West Indies
Merchant borne at Knasburrough in Yorkshire
aged 44 yeares of thereabouts a witness sworne
and examined saith and deposeth as followeth videlicet

To the 22th article of the sayd Libell hee saith that by reason hee
this deponent is an Inhabitant of the Island of Nevis arlate
and was there at the tyme the shipp Peace arlate came thither in the
yeare 1657 and untill after her departure thence which was in the yeare
1658 hee knoweth that the sayd shipp did lye at Nevis in disposing
of her ffish and other Commodities divers moneths in the yeare 1657
and for some tyme (but how long hee remembreth
not) in the yeare 1658 and saith that while the sayd shipp Peace soe
lay at Nevis a Ketch laden with ffish and other provisions and of which
the arlate John hollway was Merchant came alsoe to Nevis
and this deponent hath credibly heard from severall Inhabitants
of Nevis that the arlate Thomas Grove hath in company of the
sayd Hollway at Nevis sayd that hee would take such course that
the old Roague (speaking of Luke Woods should sell noe ffish [XXX GUTTER]



Thomas Grove

JUST POSSIBLLY: PROB 11/404/217 Will of Thomas Grove, Mariner of Stepney, Middlesex.10 April 1691

Vincent Delabar

C 5/2/28 Short title: Delabarr v Nicasius. Plaintiffs: John Delabarr and Vincent Delabarr. Defendants: John Nicasius. Subject: personal estate of the deceased Frances Penniquin, Herefordshire. Document type: bill, answer. 1649
C 5/2/29 Short title: Delabarr v Spence. Plaintiffs: Vincent [Delabarr]. Defendants: Alice Spence. Subject: money matters. Document type: answer. 1649
C 5/5/53 Short title: Delabarre v Gorge. Plaintiffs: Vincent Delabarre. Defendants: Sir Arthur Gorge kt, [unknown] Spence and others.Subject: property in St Giles without Cripplegate, London.Document type: bill, plea. 1649
C 5/5/60 Short title: Delabarre v Nicasius. Plaintiffs: John [Delabarre] and Vincent [Delabarre]. Defendants: John Nicasius. Subject: money matters. Document type: answer. 1649
C 5/12/10 Short title: Delabarre v [Hide]. Plaintiffs: John Delabarre and Vincent Delabarre. Defendants: [Silvanus Hide]. Subject: money matters, Kent. Document type: bill, answer. mutilated. 1651
C 5/377/92 Short title: Hide v Delabarr. Plaintiffs: Silvanus Hide. Defendants: Vincent Delabarr, and John Delabarr. Subject: money matters, Middlesex. Document type: bill, answer. 1650
C 5/378/52 Short title: Delabar v Lawes. Plaintiffs: Vincent Delabar and another. Defendants: Anthony Lawes. Subject: money matters. Document type: answer. 1654
C 5/408/35 Short title: Delabarr v Wormell. Plaintiffs: John Delabarr and Vincent Delabarr. Defendants: William Wormell. Subject: personal estate of the deceased John Kipp. Document type: bill, answer. 1655

C 6/64/35 Short title: Delabarr v Bayly. Plaintiffs: Vincent Delabarr. Defendants: Susannah Bayly spinster, Mary Goddard widow, Elizabeth Pendleton widow, Mary Pendleton spinster, James Smith and Mary Smith his wife. Subject: not specified, Middlesex. Document type: plea. 1671
C 6/103/36 Short title: Dowse v Symes. Plaintiffs: Giles Dowse . Defendants: Walter Symes and Vincent Delabarre . Subject: money matters, Hampshire. Document type: bill, two answers. 1649
C 6/103/40 Short title: Dowse v Syms. Plaintiffs: Thomas Dowse and Edward Kelsey . Defendants: Walter Syms and Vincent Delabarre . Subject: money matters, Hampshire. Document type: bill, two answers. 1649
C 6/141/67 Short title: Kekwich v Kelsey. Plaintiffs: George Kekwich and Elizabeth Kekwich his wife. Defendants: Edward Kelsey and Vincent Delabar . Subject: money matters, Hampshire. Document type: bill, two answers. 1656
C 6/200/27 Short title: Delabarr v Phillips. Plaintiffs: Vincent Delabarr and Thomas Delavall . Defendants: Isaac Phillips . Subject: money matters, Kent. Document type: bill only. 1660
C 6/284/61 Short title: Barre v Delabarr. Plaintiffs: Adam Barre and Sarah barre his wife. Defendants: Vincent Delabarr, Thomas Viner and Richard Lone. Subject: personal estate of the deceased Sarah Billingsley. Document type: bill, answer. 1671

C 10/8/37 Vincent Delabarre and Barbara his wife v Sir John Ferryes knight, William Sheldon and Nicholas Hunt: Punsborne manor, etc. Bill and demurrer 1649
C 10/30/142 Dame Christian Leigh widow v Vincent Delabarr: Bexley, Kent. Answer 1652
C 10/30/144 Dame Christian Leigh widow v Vincent Della Bare (Delabarr): Bexley, Kent. Bill and demurrer. 1652

SEE: PROB 11/315/365 Will of John Delabarr, Merchant of London. 02 December 1664
SEE: PROB 11/328/4 Will of Mary Delabarre, Widow of London. 15 August 1668

Pepys on Vincent Delabar

"Tuesday 2 April 1661: ...Then to the Dolphin to Sir W. Batten, and Pen, and other company; among others Mr. Delabar; where strange how these men, who at other times are all wise men, do now, in their drink, betwitt and reproach one another with their former conditions, and their actions as in public concernments, till I was ashamed to see it. But parted all friends at 12 at night after drinking a great deal of wine."[1]

Secondary sources on Delabarr family

"Yet another member of the French Church, John Delabarr (c. 1599-1664), son of a Hugenot refugee, launched ventures in a variety of trades and was a principal owner of several ships, in partnership more than once with his younger brother Vincent and his sister's husband John Kipp, also a London Huguenot".[2]

One of Kenneth R Andrews' references regarding John Delabar is to Cell's Newfoundland. An online search for this reveals a number of mentiones of "John Delabarre" in Peter E. Popes' Fish into Wine: The Newfoundland Plantation in the Seventeenth Century (UNC, 2004)
- See pp. 83, 88, 89, 90, 106, 110, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 120, 313, 438, 449

- e.g. p.89, FN 11: John Delabarr, Interrogatories, in Kirke et al. v. Delabarre, ca,. 1636, HCA 23/11 (282); On Delabarre's trade see John Delabarre, Libel, in Dellabarre v. Harbourne, 1633, HCA 24/96 (334); Account Book, 1622, 1637, HCA 30/635


Primary sources

Baker and Milsom Sources of English Legal History: Private Law to 1750 (Oxford, 2010), p. 547

SNIPPET Baker & Milsom EngLegHist Delabar & Delaval V Gould 1661 2010 P547 DL CSG 210813.PNG

Journal of the House of Lords, 1666, vol. XII, p. 90[3]
- Lords appointed to examine a number of merchants "concerning the Goods and Merchandizes of several Merchants trading to France". The merchants examined included George Toriano, Vincent Delabar, Abraham Beake, and Theodore Jacobson.

'The Company to Vincent Delabar (at Dover), July 9, 1662 (Letter Book, vol. iii, p.147) in CEEC, 1660-63, p.236 (see also p. 205)

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