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the losse of soe many moneths freight as became payable by
the sayd shipps missing the Barbados and being longer out than otherwise
she needed to have bin, And further to these articles hee cannot depose/

To the 29th hee saith saving his foregoeing deposition hee cannot
further depose to this article./

To the 30th hee saith that hee knoweth that the shipp Pease was of
the burthen of two hundred tonnes or neere thereabouts and came
home at least halfe dead freighted soe that hee beleeveth the arlate
Luke Woods beside the losse and dammage susteyned in sale of his fish
was damnified for want of homewards freight to a considerable
value but what to estimate the say dammage at hee knoweth not
And further to this article hee cannot depose./

To the 31th hee saith that In his this deponents Judgment the monthly
wages of the Master and mariners that served in the shipp Pease
and the victualls and provisions be them monethly spent did amount
to a very considerable summe of money but what to estimate the
same hee knoweth not And further to this arltice hee cannot depose/

To the 32th hee saith saving his foregoeing deposition to which
hee referreth hee cannot depose/

To the 33th hee saith hee cannot depose./

To the 34th and the exhibits or schedule therein named hee saith hee
cannot depose knoweing nothing thereof nor knowing the arlate
Edward harper/

To the 35th hee saith hee this deponent cannot depose thereto
for that hee was absent at Antego upon the imployment of the arlate
Luke Woods whilst the things arlate were transeacting./

To the 36th hee saith hee cannot depose./

To the 37th article hee saith hee referreth himselfe to the Registry
of this Court and further cannot depose./

To the 38th article hee saith saving his foregoeing deposition to which
hee referreth hee cannot further depose to this article./

To the 39th article hee saith hee referreth him selfe to his foregoeing
deposition and to the lawe And further cannot depose./

To the 40th article hee saith the arlate Thomas Grove is an Inhabitant
of Ratcliff and subiect as hee this deponent beleeveth to this Common
wealth and the Jurisdiction of this Court And further hee cannot depose/

To the last hee saith his foregoeing deposition is true/

To the Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING]

To the first Interrogatorie hee saith (the danger of periure being declared
unto him as the Interrogatorie requireth) that hee cometh to testifie at the
request of Mrs Woods the widdow of the producent Luke Woods and saith
hee hath receaved nynteene pounds sixteene shillings which is twelve
moneths wages in full payment (hee being Gunners mate) and the rest which is was due being neere about
eight moneths wages more is stopped by the said freighters by reason of
the ill successe of the voyage which was occasioned as hee beleeveth by
the ill carriage of Thomas Grove the Master as a fore is declared, and saith hee


Primary sources


ADM 7/689 Admiralty: Miscellanea. Description and map of Newfoundland. The map is in the PRO museum (double pedestal A 5/2, upper frames Apparently a contemporary copy of CO 199/16.

ADM 106/308 1675 July 24 Folio 75. Sir John Berry Bristol. Has arrived here, reports the bad condition of his sails. Report on the fishing fleet here. Has given His Majesty's order to the local inhabitants about leaving the area. Damage to the local fishing industry. St Johns Newfoundland
1675 July 24

ADM 106/311 Navy Board: Records. IN-LETTERS. Miscellaneous. Folio 415. Thomas Lewsley. Gives the market price of calmer, tar, pitch, Newfoundland oil and black rozin. 1675

ADM 106/320/386 Captain John Wyborne, the Pearl, Ferryland Harbour. By a small Bristol vessel he reports his arrival at St. John's harbour, Newfoundland where the Reserve now is and his voyage to Ferryland. The inhabitants of St. John's have been rugged used by the Dartmouth men, but there are few Barnstaple men here as there is little fish. 1676 Jul 23

ADM 106/323/574 Navy Board: Records. IN-LETTERS. Miscellaneous. W. Fownes. His tender for Stockholm pitch and tar and rosin and Newfoundland train oil. 1677

ADM 106/339/71 W Bodham, Clerk of the Ropeyard, Woolwich. He has specified the amount of tallow, grease and oil required. He now specified the uses to which it will be put by the hatchellers, hemp dressers and labourers. No one can remember how long these things have been used in the yard but they have certainly been used ever since he has been in the yard. Newland oil is not Greenland oil or whale oil but comes from Newfoundland and is made of fish waste. 1678 Mar 11

C 6/392/49 Short title: Conymand v Vanlare. Plaintiffs: David Conymand.Defendants: John Vanlare merchant of London. Subject: the plaintiff was a co-partner of the ship William and John. The defendant entered into a charterparty agreement with the ships master to sail to Newfoundland, America to pick up a cargo of fish: mentions William Horton ship's master and Richard Horton ship's master. Document type: answer only.

C 6/398/48 Short title: Clarke v Lange. Plaintiffs: Edward Clarke fisherman, of Dartmouth, Devon. Defendants: John Lange boat keeper, Henry Penny merchant, of Dartmouth, Devon.Subject: An injunction to stop the defendant Lange and his crews from suing the plaintiff for wages due to them from the other defendant Penny, a failed merchant, as the plaintiff had been employed by Penny on one occasion to act on his behalf. Lange hired crews to man fishing boats owned by Penny including the Thomas and John of Dartmouth: property in Combeinteignhead, Devon; Newton Bushel, Devon and Newfoundland, America. Document type: bill, answer. 1681

CO 195/1 Colonial Office and Predecessors: Newfoundland Entry Books. Entry Books of Instructions, Commissions, Petitions, Correspondence, etc. Orders, grants, petitions, etc., relating to fisheries.: Orders, grants, petitions, etc., relating to fisheries. 1623-1671

CO 199/16 Colonial Office and Predecessors: Newfoundland Miscellanea. Miscellaneous. Account of the colony and fishery. with map. For an apparently contemporary copy, see ADM 7/689. 1677

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EXT 6/106 5 items extracted from PRO 30/24/44/75. (1) Case of the King of Sweden for a Quo Warranto concerning impositions on trade. (2) Remonstrance of merchants, owners and masters of ships of the towns of Plymouth and Dartmouth, Devon, and other western ports concerning the fishing trade in Newfoundland. (3) Petition and Proposal of the Corporation of Pin-Makers of London. (4) Remonstrance against the confinement of trade to particular companies. (5) Case of the Refiners of Sugar in England. Date:
17th century

SP 89/6/161 Folio 291: Consul Maynard to Secretary Bennet. Dissatisfaction of Schomberg and the foreign auxiliary troops with Portuguese government is now greater than ever. Safe arrival of bulk of Brazil fleet and two East-Indiamen. Trouble over salutes with English warships,and over English seamen in Portuguese warships. Newfoundland ships taken by Spanish privateers. Prospects of war between England and Holland please the Portuguese. Sends a present of two horses. Date and place: 1664 Nov 9/19 and 20/30 Lisbon

SP 89/7/65 Folio 120: Sir Robert Southwell to Lord Arlington. Requesting a protection from the Council for the master of a Newfoundland fishing vessel. Date and place: 1666 Feb 13 Benavente.

Secondary sources

Louis Sicking, Darlene Abreu-Ferreira (eds.), Beyond the Catch: Fisheries of the North Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic, 900-1850 (Brill, 2009)