MRP: 20th March 1662/63, Letter from Thomas Tomlins to Sir GO, London

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20th March 1662/63, Letter from Thomas Tomlins to Sir GO, London

BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 27-30

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See 26th March 1663, Letter from Thomas Thomlins to Sir GO, St. Leonards Bromley

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[BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 27-30]

[f. 27]

Right Worp:ll

In y:e first place I prsent you w:th my humble Service hopeing these will find you in good health w:ch is heartely prayed for, as much I wish y:e continuance thereof as to my owne [XXXX] And now am come to Acquaint you y:t M:r Mathew Andrewes[1] hath sent me home

[f. 28]

Returnes by M:r Conniers[2] y:e last Sommer on y:e Eagle Copie of w:ch Acco:t I make bold herew:th to Send you y:t you may prasie what high rates he hath put upon y:e goods, The Diamonds they were Lascar (or flat Stones) not requested, very foule many of them and weighed but 2:1/2 Graines and w:th another Cost 284L;;: 10[x] & sold for noe than 347:ll After : 3 ½ yeares Time out of my Money others made 70: p C:t of theire Diamonds at y:t time , the Ambergreeece Severall


Possible primary sources


PROB 4/3008 Tomlins, Thomas esq., of St. Leonards, Bromley, Midd. 1678 3 Sept. (1677)

PROB 11/385 Lloyd 136-181 Will of Thomas Tomlins, Merchant of Saint Leonard Bromley, Middlesex 02 December 1686
  1. Mathew Andrewes was the former President of the English east India Company at Surat
  2. Mr. Conniers was XXXX. See Missing faces