MRP: April 1667, Letter from James Oxinden to Sir GO

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April 1667, Letter from James Oxinden to Sir GO

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See 24th March 1665/66, Letter from James Oxinden to Sir GO, London
See January 1666/67, Letter from James Oxinden to Sir GO, Deane

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[f. 90]

Most honoured S:r

Being newly informed from London, y:t y:e Comp:a have one a sudden, & unexpectedly, resolved, to send overland to yo:e before y:e goeing of y:e Shipp London, & littel Charles w:ch hath a long time had o:e les

[f. 91]

I was glad to redouble my hold, on this Occasion, because it usually keepes its foretop so long out of my Reach to tender yo:w y:e most humble service, & good wishes of y:e sender &, especially to give yo:e a brief acco:tt of yo:e affaires, now (since y:e unfortunate Death of my deare Aunt) under y:e managem:t of my father, in tending to be more prolixe & to give yo:w a summary of all yo:e businesses, God willing) by y:e Shipp London, & because by o:e lres: by ffort S:t George wee gave yo:w an acco:tt of y:e goods yo:w sent by y:e Royall Charles, London, & American, being stratned in time I shall not renumerate y:m untill my next, but begin where they ended viz w:th yo:e lawsutes, & herin we must be faithfull to yo:w & tell yo:w; y:t yo:e adversaries have upon a tryall att guildhall, gott a verdict & Judgm:t of 2200:ll against yo:w upon y:e first bill of exhcnage, my Cozen Ja: Masters had hopes to overthrow y:e Judgm:t; by bringing a writt of errour in y:e Comon pleas, where it was argued severall times but all would not doe, S:r Orlando Bridgman[1] gave it against us, wherefore my Cozen Masters removed his writt of errour to y:e Kings bench where wee were Constrained to give in Security for double y:e summ viz 4400:ll for my ffather[2] & S:r Sam: barnardiston[3] were bound, by a recognisance upon their estates to stand to y:e Judgm:t y:e Kings bench should give in y:t case,

[f. 92]

& so y:e business hanges for y:e present, in y:e meanetime wee are abringing it w:th all speed into Chancery, (hopeing to retrieve it there) before they putt in sute their other two bills of exchange at comon law where we are sure to be cast, & so liable to pay y:m greater costs upon y:e acco:tt of damage – Cleere zt [?], It had bin happie had y:e Cause been brought into Chancery at first as M:r Papilion & others advised, & never gon to Comon Law at all, & y:n we should not have had (as now) y:e disadvantage & prejudice of a verdict of Merch:ts agianst us, (w:ch will sway much) but y:e Lawyers advised y:e Contrary, & y:e know we must be ruled by y:m; They have [XXX] 900:ll of yo:e in their hands & wee are willing to give y:m 10 [COULD BE 19?] Pcent profitt, as y:e Chancellour allowed S:r Martin Noell in y:e same Case, but nothing will Content y:m; but 50 Pcent profitt, & y:e whole interest for six or seaven yeares but we have hopes y:e Chancellour will bee more moderate; & not Comply w:th their unreasonable demands, The next terme y:e cause is to Come before him God send us good success w:ch yo:w shall heare by o:e next; Wee are removing w:th o:e family for a time to London the better to watch yo:e enemyes & attend your negotiations & law affaires w:ch for y:e Intrigues & Multiplycation of y:m; require y:t totall residence their being severall more sutes depending , as my uncle Christopher: Sallary, The burnt Shipps Gunnes & for y:e Baftas in M:r Brittons hands, who has put in a Cross bill in Chancery, & pretends yo:w

[f. 93]

are in his debt upon y:e acco:t of a Joynt stock , there was betweene yo:w : & when these sutes will be at an end God knowes, as for y:e bill & Answeres yo:w sent over by the Affrican, throw y:e neglect of those yo:w Comitted y:m too, they are so knawn by Ratts, that they are not all Legible so y:t wee must returne them to yo:w againe, or else petition my Lord Chancellour for liberty to convert y:m by y:e Coppies. I was present w:hn my father delivered yo:e private lres: to y:e Committee, who after wee had w:thdrawne, they had read it, sent for us in a gaine, & y:e Governer S:r Andrew Ricard in y:e name of y:e Comp:a after he had thanked my father for his care & speed in dilivering of it, exprest in short w:t a good Opinion y:e Comp:a had con:cerned of yo:e abillity & fedility, & y:e great satisfaction & benefitt they reced; by yo:e prudent managem:t of their Affaires, my father thanked them for their worthy Opinion of yo:w, & w:th [OR, w:ch?] alladed y:t he was Confident yo:w highly deserved itt, & now S:r I hope yo:w are Confident y:e Comp:a hath honourable thoughts of yo:u they have pronounced itt in open assembly, & can never w:th out Infamy reced from it, in some of yo: lres:, to my Aunt I observe, yo:w are apt to mistrust, y:e Comp:a gives to much Creditt to y:e Calumnies of y:e enimies, for my pt I can find none yo:w have & S:r Samuell Barnardiston & others are of y:t mind who wondered w:hn yo:w gave him intimations in yo: lres: alas S:r they doe not regard y:e lettel venomous Acts

[f. 94]

of a petty ffactour, yo:e solid Performances trust their Malice w:ch makes me inclinable too beleeve my Aunt by being a little temerous, & fearfull of yo:e reputation, hath given yo:w too much occation of suspition, & Jeloussy, w:ch in my opinion twere better yo:w departed from it, both for yo:e owne satisfaction & y:e Worlds, we have had a tugging w:th my Coz: Dallison a bout my Aunts will & y:e reserveing yo:e 1400:ll upon y:e lease w:ch by mutuall Consent mie ffather resigned to my Uncle Peirce, in trust for my Cozen Dallison, & has charged y:e lease w:th yo:e Debt, & other leagacys as responsible as y:e will can make y:m; but my Coz: Dallision affairms y:t my Aunt had no power to dispose of y:e lease , & intends to invalidate y:e will by putting in a bill in Chancerie against my Aunt & all pretenders to leagacies, M:rs Sarah is servant for before she resigned her Interest sHe had 125:p:d her downe in law other [XX:] Annuity, so y:t now my Cozen Da: renewews y:e lease himself, & my ffather ?appies himselfe to pay my Aunts debts (w:ch will amount to 1000:ll) out of y:e product of y:e jewells, w:ch are so low by reason of this unhappy warr & dearth of money, y:t wee have not made sales of any one Jewell, nor have bin offered anything reasonable fo y:m; but I hope y:e Clowds will Cleare up, & after this martiall storme & Halcyon peace will ensue; to offert w:th my L:d Hollis & M:r Hen: Coventrie are a goeing Ambassadors to Breda; it being

[f. 95]

Thought by y:e Councell more advantagious (though not so honourable) to treate in their owne Country both to dishearten y:e multitude who beleeve wee have no minde to peace, & to make a muting (could be mutiny) & devision among y:m; or to sett up y.e orangion interest, the King of ffrance makes daylie great XXXXX & preperations for fflanders, & onely expects y:e death of y:e young King of Spaine & his Queen hath y.e best titell to y:e crowne, this will make greate alterations in y:e affaires of Europe & enforce ffrance to ambition Peace w:th England, we have reced by y:e Affrican, y:e Nuttmeggs 6 ambergreece w:ch is not yett sold having beeb offered five p:ds y:e Ounce w:ch wee would faine arrive to, an acco:tt whereof yo:w shall receive w:n tis disposed of, in y:e meantime if I may serve yo:w here in ought else I desire yo:w instruction, assuring yo:w y:t next to yo:w health & happines I shall never take a temporall favour more greatfull of Providence y:n a Capacity to serve yo:w many designe or Imploym:t being allwaies industrious to appeare

My love & service to my
Brother Henry, & to my
Cozen Masters vz:t

Hono:d S:r yo:r most obliged
Nephew & humble Servant
James Oxinden


  1. Sir Orlando Bridgman (b. ?, d. ?
  2. Sir Henry Oxenden, elder brother of Sir George Oxenden
  3. Sir Samuel Barnardiston, London merchant. Sir Samuel wrote to Sir George Oxenden on April 20th, 1667, mentioning the matter: "I stand engaged w:th yo:e said brother in a recognisence twixt 4 in five thousand pounds in y:e Court of Common please by w:ch meanes I hope that a faire will be bought to some good Conclusion, yo:w having equity on yo:e side." He had corresponded several times before with Sir George Oxenden, and was on friendly terms with the family (31st March 1663. Letter from Samuell Barnardiston to Sir GO, London; 3rd April 1663, Letter from Samuell Barnardiston to Sir GO, London; March 1665/66, Letter from Samuel Barnardiston to Sir GO; 20th April 1667, Letter from Samuel Barnardiston to Sir GO, London