MRP: C6/151Pt1/55 Inventory of John Wolsentholme, merchant taylor, 1661, ff. X-1

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Abstract & context


THE INVENTORY of all and singular the goods
Chattels and debts of John Wolstenholme late of the
parish of S:t Dunstans in the West Citizen and
Marchantaylor of London deceased taken valued
and apprized this fourth day of November one
Thousand six hundred Sixty one by Roger Lambert
Citizen & Broderer of London William Wall Citizen &
Marchantaylor & Joseph Drake Citizen & Blacksmith
of London Apprrizers whose names are here
underwritten (viz:t)


In the Workehouse

The shop boards and foure shelves a settle bedstead
Joynt stoole & an old Leather Chaire a ffeatherbed a
fflock boulster two old greene Ruggs & a Matt two
Candlesticks two pressinge yrons & other old Lumber
valewed & apprized att

In a little Garrett

IT: One halfe headed Bedstead matt & Cord fflock bed ffeather
Bed & boulster all verry old two shelves Valued att

In the passage

IT: One presse bed & matt one old fflock bed two old ffeathere
boulsters an old Coverlett & an old blankett one yron
bound chest or Trunke & a ??bell Valued att

In the Cuttinghouse

IT: 15 halfe peices of Dyde ?Sleezes 26 yards more of
the same att 7:d p yard
ITEM: 13 yards of Vermilion att 10:d p yard
ITEM: 104 yards of ??Powdre att 8:d p yard
ITEM: 4 Ende of ?Jandeffustian att 16:s p End
ITEM: Cutt ?Jane & a small Remnant of shagg w:th
makeupp an End valued at 16:s p End
ITEM: 47 paires of ?Belly peices att 2:s-2:d p Dozen
ITEM: 22 Collars att 2:s 2:d p Dozen is
ITEM: for 2 or 3 sorts of Livery lace
ITEM: for 2 old Coats ??Liningde
ITEM: for sewall peeces and Remnants of Cloth
Bayes & ?Stuffes remaining in the Cutting house valued att
ITEM: 5 yards of Dimety att 9:d p yard
ITEM: 13 yards & 1/2 of broad Callicoe att 9:s p yard
ITEM: 14 yards 3 q:ters of white Callicoe att 7:s p yard
ITEM: one peice of White Callicoe valued att
ITEM: 6 Ends of ?Canvas valued
ITEM: Sewall Remnants of?Bam baseen Containing 20 y:ds
ITEM: ffor Sewall Remnants of sarge & a Remnant of
Camlett valued att
ITEM: ffor Remnants of stuffe valued
ITEM: ffor affXXXn Gray camlett coats lined w:th sarge
?shaleene & left in the Cutting Roome valued att
ITEM: for 2 paire of Sheares valued att
ITEM: Shop board shelves & other Lumber
ITEM: 4 dozen of Candles valued att
ITEM: ffor an old velvett Lining of a Cloake
ffor canvase ?Belliperes Dyde linen Dimety

In the Greene hanged Chamber below the Cuttinge Roome

ITEM: A Large ffrench Bedstead Matt & Cords 4 Curtaines
& Double Vallance of Greene ??Carfy Testor & headcloth
& Counterpane 4 Chaires 2 stools & a great elbow
Chaire all suitable w:th 7 Knobbs valued att
ITEM: The ffeatherbed & bolster 2 pillowes 3 Blanketts one
holland Quilt one old blew Rugg 2 ffeather Cushions valued att
ITEM: The Hangings in the same Roome w:th 3 curtaines
& Curtaine Rodds one ovall Chaire table ffire pan & tongs
& end of Dogges all w:th brasse knobbs bellowes one stand
for a bason & shelves in the Closett & an old greene Cloth
Carpett & Chimney Cloth valued att

In the Roome next adjoining the same ffloare under the Cutting Roome

In a Little Roome on the same ffloare

In the Dining Roome

ITEM: 9 old ??Varder hangings[1] about the Room an oval Table &
2 Irish sticht carpetts one side board Table seaven old
Turky worke Chaires 9 old ??Rushie Leathered Chaires & a great
Elbowe Leathered Chaire one p of ?brasse And yron & XXXX w:th
brasse Knobbs & an yron backe ?shelves in the Closett & 3 white
BXXX potts w:th other Lumber valued att

In the Little Roome adjoining on the same ffloare

ITEM: One standing bedstead Matt & Cord & 3 Curtaine Rodds Testor
6 Curtaines of stript stuff & a pcell of old stript stuffe
Two old greene Ruggs ffeather bed & boulster & an old
perpetuanys 3 Curtaine Rodds one Greene Rugge 3 blanketts one
redd Rugg 2 ffeather beds one ffeather boulster 5 ffeather pillowes
valued att

The Testators Plate

In Linnen

ITEM: One long Damask Table Cloth Sydeboard Cloth
& 12 Napkins valued
ITEM: 2 ?Cupboard Cloathes of Holland
ITEM: 5 Table Clothes of Diaper
ITEM:16 piece of fflaxen Sheetes valued att
ITEM: 5 pairs of Course sheetes
ITEM: XXXXX of overworne Linnen
ITEM: 13 Diaper XXXX
ITEM: 14 Pillow beares
ITEM: XX Napkins
ITEM: ?2 CXXX Jewells
ITEM: 9 paire of XXXX
ITEM: 17 Napkins 6: Table Clothes att

In the Ground Roome on the same ffloare w:th the Kitchin

ITEM: The hangings about the Roome being of old
stript stuffe 4: Chaires an old wainscott chest
& a Cupboard an old Leather Trunke a paire of
End Yrons w:th brasses & an old Looking glasse an
old cupboard table
ITEM: A ffrench bedstead matt & Cord Testor & head Cloth
4 Curtains & Vallance a ffeather bed & boulster
3 old blanketts

In a Little Roome by the Kitchin

In Brasse

ITEM: Two midle sized Kettles 2 small Kettles 2 little
potts a pestle & mortar ?1 ??Scummdra XXXX & a table
3 brasse Candlesticks one little ??posnett 2 brasse
Ringes all valued att 1 ?morter more a brasse ??Chafer

In Iron Ware

ITEM: 2 greate yron potts & a Kettle & a p of potthooks
2 pott XXXX & frying pann
ITEM: Sewall peices of ?Tinn shelves & table & watertubb
forme & other Lumber

In the Kitchin

ITEM: Jack Chaine Waight Line & pullyes 4 spitts
a Grid yron ffireforks shovell & Tongs an yron
Range an yron to sett before the fire a p of
Racke XXyrons an yron Candlesticke valued att

Wooden Ware

ITEM: An old Cupboard forme & table 5 Chaires whereof
2 of Leather & 2 cusheons 6 XXXXXXX & RackeXXXX
the XXXXX all valued at w:th shutters for ye windowes
shelves in the Closett w:th a spice box bread grater
& table valued att

In the Kitchin Sellar

ITEM: A very old Jack a paire of fire yrons & sewall
peices of old yron all valued together att
ITEM: A Leaden Cisterne pipe a ?Cocke
ITEM: Stillage for beare shelves tubbs & other wooden
Limber valued att
ITEM: Wood & Coale Valued att

In Pewter

In Bonds

1. One bond from John Gilbert of New Sarum for 11:li
to bee paid XX First of August 1661
2. Edward Bromfeild of the Middle Temple &
Edward Wood?ard of Lambeth Marsh indebted
XX to bee paid y:e 12 Decemb 1661
3. Christopher Usher of Dublin & John fforrest of
the same indebted 24:li to be paid the 1:o of May 1662
4. Thomas XXXX




  1. Varder = Verdure. See: ""eighteen peeces of course varder (verdure) hangings, vallued and prised at iij1'. vjs. viijd. There were also five "varder coverlets," valued at xs" (See: XXXX, Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London (London, 1864), p. 31