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C6/36/21 f. 2

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C6/36/21 f. 2 contains the London bill of lading for goods shipped in the William from London to the Guinea Coast. It was dated December 23rd, 1667.

The bill of lading consists of two parts - a list and a verbal description. It was annexed to the bill of complaint C6/36/21 f. 1 exhibited by George Cock and John Fenn in Chancery in 1669, following the return of the William to London. The charter party for the voyage, made between the first party, George Cock and his fellow merchant James Temple, and the second party, John Letten, one of the part-owners of the William, and its master, Thomas Hobart, is contained in C6/36/21 f. 3. The answer C6/36/21 f. 4 to the bill of complaint was made by John Letten alone, Thomas Hobart, being "beond the seas" with the William and its crew.

No equivalent bills of lading for other legs of this voyage have survived; neither for the second leg from Guinea to "the islands of America" with a cargo of negro slaves, nor for the third leg back to London with island products.



//?Pindar [Signature, top LH side]

//Shipped by grace of God in good order and well conditioned by Cap:t George Cock John ffenn Esq:r and James Temple in and upon the good shipp//

//called the William whereof is Master under God for this present voiage Thomas Hubbard and now rideing att Anchor in the River of Thames and//

//by Gods grace bound for the Coast of Ginea to say seaventy foure chests of sheetes foure bayles of broad perpetuanes two bales ditto narrow//

//one bayle of Hensrott sayes three bales of broad Tapsells six bales of ?brawles one chest of musketts one bale q:t twenty psbroad Tapsells and foure//

//psboysades ten bales of Ruggs vizt five broad and five narrow One bale of carpetts twenty barrells of powder and one hundred & fifty small//

//caskes of Tallow one caske of ?Corories foure caske of pewter one chest of beades two caske of ??beight Maniloes twenty chests of copper//

//barrs and twenty two caske black manilloes five cases of Holland sayes and thirty four chests of Slotias and tenn chests of knives and fine ??fatts of//

//sheath and one hundred and forty eight pices of Hessens and one fatt of Neptnnes and one thousand and ?seventy five barrs of Iron ??seventeene bales of//

//fine slotias, being marked and numbred as in the margent and are to bee delivered in the like good order and well conditioned att the aforesaid port or//

//ports of Ginea (the Dangers of the seas onely excepted) accordinge to the Instructions given the said Hubbard and John Ansell or to their Assignes//

//hee or they paying freight for the said goods according to agreem:t with primage and average accustomed; In Witnesse whereof the master or//

//purser of the said shippe hath affirmed to three bills of ladeinge all of this ?tenor and date, The one of which three bills beinge accomplished the other//

//two to stand void, And soe God send the good shippe to her desired port in safety, Amen, Dated In London 23 December 1667://

//The Quantity and Quality unknowne p mee Thomas Hubbard: [Signature, bottom, on right]//