MRP: C 6/17/7 f. 1

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C 6/17/7 f. 1

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20/10/11, CSG: Created page

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To do

(1) Transcription requires last word to be reexamined in original, and also the name of the lawyer preparing the replication

Abstract & context

An abstract needs to be prepared for this document


//The Replicacon of Richard Borraston the younger Complaynant To the Joynt and Severall//
//Annsweres of Christopher Hoddesdon and Mary his wife Defend:ts//

//The said Replicant maynteyneth his said Bill of Complaynt in all the ptes' thereof to be certen good and sufficient, and sayeth That the Annswere//

//of the said defend:ts and of either of them is very uncerten and insufficient and full of manifest untruths and of such double and various meaninges//

//and Construccons, that the same cann certenly be Replied unto, The benefitt and advantage of Exceptton whereof beinge unto this Replicant//

//nowe and att all tymes saved and allowed This Replicant for Replicatton to the said defend:ts Annswere, Replieth and sayeth as by Bill he//

//hath sayed, And further Replieth and sayeth That he hopeth to make it appeare unto this honorable court That the said John Acton the//

//younger did by vertue of the said clause or guift in the last will of the said John Acton the elder Receave severall great sommes of money//

//amountinge to the somme in the Bill menttoned which were oweinge from the said late kinge unto the said John Acton th'elder where by he did//

//become charged to paye unto this Replicant his said Legacie of one hundred pounds By his said Bill sett forth and therein complayned//

//of which nowe the said defend:ts for the causes and reasons in the said Bill of Complaynt sett forth, ought to paye and satisfie the//

//same, And he further Replieth and sayeth That he alsoe hopeth to prove that the said John Acton the younger was often Requested To enter//

//into the said Bond in the Bill menttoned who refused to become bounde therein, And hopeth to prove alsoe that he this Replicant is one of the//

//Children of the said Elizabeth Borraston, and nowe of the age of One and Twenty yeares before the bringinge of this suite, And this//

//Replicant denieth that it is materiall att all to him in what somme or sommes of money the said John Acton the younger did intrust the said//

//late kinge withall beinge he receaved his said fathers debt from the said late Kinge out of which he was to paye this Replicant//

//And this Replicant traverseth and denieth without that that anie thinge els materiall or effectuall for this Replicant to Replie unto//

//And not herein sufficiently Replied unto, is true, All which he is ready to Averr, And humbly prayeth as by Bill he hath XXXXX//