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Dallison family

Directory of names

William Dallison I
Sir Maximilian Dallison
William Dallison II
Elizabeth Dallison
Maximilian Dallison
Frances Dallison, nee Stanley
Mary Smith, nee Dallison
Margaret Dallison

Research questions re. Dalyson family

(1) Are there references to the Dalyson and Stanley families in Twisden family letters and diaries (the Twisen family lived in East Peckham)

Dallison primary sources of potential interest


Chancery records

-C 2/Eliz/D1/45 William Dalison and his wife Silvester, executrix of Robert Deane v John, lord bishop of Rochester. Bill to examine witnesses in support of title by lease. Lands in Snodland and Halling, Kent, held by divers leases from former bishops of Rochester. Short title: Dalyson v bishop of Rochester Between 1558 and 1603

- C 2/Eliz/D6/57 Maximilian Dalison v John, lord bishop of Rochester, John Joye and William Wood. Bill for discovery of concealed estates. The manor of Halling in the parishes of Halling and Snodland, Kent, held under lease from the cathedral church of Rochester. Short title: Dalison v bishop of Rochester Between 1558 and 1603

- C 3/267/38 Short title: Dalison v Finch. Plaintiffs: Sir Maximillian Dalison kt. Defendants: John Finch and others. Subject: property in Snodland, Kent. Document type: [pleadings]. 1596-1616

- C 3/429/50 Short title: Stone v Dalison. Plaintiffs: Thomas Stone. Defendants: William Dalison. Subject: property in Guilford, Sussex; and Chatham, Luddesdown, Heavibatch Snodland and Halling, Kent etc. Document type: answer only. 1640-1642

  • This case presumably involves William Dallison, Elizabeth Dallison's husband, who was in financial trouble, and who had in 1639 assigned the lease for the Bishops place, lands and premises for the residue and remainder of the term of 99 years to Sir James Oxinden in return for money to renew lease and for other purposes (see Sir Henry Oxinden's reply to Maximilian Dalyson's bill of complaint, C 9/49/48 Dalison v. Oxenden 1667). William Dallison died in 1642
  • "Guilford" mentioned in TNA index record subject may be "Gylforde marshe," which is mentioned by William Dalyson, William Dallison's grandfather, in his will which he wrote in 1584 when "sicke in body." (PROB 11/63 Darcy 14 November 1581)

- C 5/385/25 Baker v. Dallison: Middlesex 1648

- C 5/378/53 Dallison v. Pyndar: Middlesex. 1652

- C 6/2/39 Short title: Dallyson v Maplesden. Plaintiffs: Maximilian Dallyson and another. Defendants: Gervase Maplesden. Subject: property in Chatham, and Gillingham, Kent. Document type: answer only. 1641

  • Presumably this the plaintiff is Elizabeth Dallison's son, Maximilian, and possibly Elizabeth herself. However, Maximilian would only have been aged nine years old in 1641, and Elizabeth was his legal guardian until his marriage in 1649, and received the rents and profits of his estate during that period. The Chatham and Gillingham property mentioned in the short title is presumably the property whose lease Maximilian allegedly subsequently made over in 1654 to Sir George Oxenden. There was a Gervaise Maplesden, born in Maidstone in 1602, who appears in Boyd's 'Citizens of London.' A note to the - Latham & Mathews' edition of the Pepys' diary, vol. 4 (London, repr. 2000), p. 361 against Pepys' daily entry for November 2nd 1663 states that a Gervaise Maplesden was a "landowner and timber merchant of Shorne, Kent. Gervaise Maplesden and others with his family name appear in the Medway CityArk e-catalogue, with Gervaise described as "of Shorne, gent." In 1659 a 'Gervaise Maplesden' is appointed a militia commissioner by the House of Commons and is described as Mayor of Maidstone. - (See House of Commons Journal, vol. 7: August 12 1659)

- C 9/243/65 Dallison v. Emerson 1659

- C 6/11/312 Short title: Dalison v Hall. Plaintiffs: William Dalison and others. Defendants: Charles Hall. Subject: property in Willingham, Lincolnshire, Reepham, Lincolnshire. Document type: bill only. 1654

  • Probably not related to Elizabeth Dallison and Oxenden family, although Elizabeth was involved in a property transaction in Lenton, Lincolnshire, with her brother Sir George Oxenden in 1655, and a further transaction related to probably the same property in 1665, since both were with (Sir) John Buck of Hanby Grange, Lincolnshire

- C 9/242/63 Dallison v. Skepper 1658

  • Possibly linked to C 9/243/66 Dallison v. Skipper and Smith 1666

- C 9/243/66 Dallison v. Skipper and Smith 1666

  • This document relates to Elizabeth Dallison's executrixship of her friend Edward Kelke's will. Edward Kelke was a Grays Inn lawyer, who was part of a circle at Grays Inn, which included James Master and Maximilian Dalison, who were both trained at Grays Inn, together with Richard Oxinden, Sir George Oxinden and Elizabeth Dallison herself. Kelke's will was proved in June 1659, having been written on December 8th 1658 when "at present sicke and weake". It is possible that C 9/242/63] Dallison v. Skepper 1658 is part of the same case, but needs to be inspected

- C 10/465/150 Hele v. Dallison, Berkeley: Middlesex 1655

- C 22/368/26 Hussey v Dallison. Between 1558 and 1714

- C 22/58/39 Dalyson v. Oxinder. Between 1558 and 1714

  • This document is a high priority to look at. My guess is that it could be interrogatories and depositions in the 1667 & 1668 Dallison v. Oxenden chancery suit and counter suit regarding Elizabeth Dalyson's estate and will. The C 22 record series contains depositions in cases of equity taken by commissioners at the locality where a dispute arose and may include interrogatories and copies of commissions. Depositions usually list each deponent's name, address, age, and occupation

- C 142/213/150 Dallison, William: Lincoln 29 Elizabeth

- C 142/483/82 Dallyson, Maximilian, knight: Kent 8 Charles I. (Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series II, and other Inquisitions, Henry VII to Charles I)

  • This document is dated Kent 8 Charle I, i.e. 1632

- C 142/623/52 Dallyson, William: Kent 20 Charles I. (Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series II, and other Inquisitions, Henry VII to Charles I)

  • This is probably a post mortem inquisition after the death of William Dallison, Elizabeth's husband, in 1642. The 20th year of the reign of Charles I (reigned 1625-1649) was the year 1644. It is the same year as a Court of Wards and Liveries record for 'William Dalyson.' (see WARD 7/99/92] Dallyson, William: Kent 20 Chas I.), Presumably the inquisition will detail William's financial situation, which was not good at his death.

Court of Wards and Liveries records

- WARD 7/99/92 Dallyson, William: Kent 20 Chas I.

  • Presumably this document from the Court of Wards and Liveries, which is an Inquisitions Post Mortem, relates to the death of Elizabeth Dallison's husband, William. The 20th year of the reign of Charles I was the year 1646

Exchequer Court records

- E 115/123/103 Certificate of residence showing Sir Roger Dalison (or the variant surname: Dallison, Dalyson) to be liable for taxation in the Royal Household, and not in the wapentake of Manley, in the Parts of Lindsey, Lincolnshire, the previous area of tax liability. 1605-1606

- E 115/127/180 Certificate of residence showing Sir Maximilian Dalison (or the variant surname: Dallison, Dalyson) to be liable for taxation in Middlesex, and not in the half-hundred of Shamwell, etc., Kent, the previous area of tax liability. (Any information not given in this certificate comes from its old pouch, no 2585. 1627-1628


CKS: u522: 13th cent-19th cent: Kent (Hamptons in West Peckham, Plaxtol, Rochester, etc) and Lincs (Hibaldstow) deeds and estate papers and Dalison family papers 13th-19th cent, with East Guldeford (Sussex) deeds and papers 1553-1654

Dallison secondary sources

Baker, John Hamilton (ed.), The Reports of William Dalison, 1552-1558, Selden Society, vol. 124 (London, 2007)

Gowers, E.S. & Derek Church, Across the Low Meadow: Halling, a Village on the Medway (Maidstone, 1979)

- Maddison, A.R., Lincolnshire Pedigrees, vol. 1 (London, 1902), containing pedigree of Dalison of Laughton, pp. 286-288

BOOK PAGE Linc Ped Vol1 DalisonofLaughton P286.png

Pinks, William John, The History of Clerkenwell (London, 1881)

- Scott, William Archibald, Dalison Documents. From the Muniment Chests at Hamptons, near Tunbridge. And a Pedigree in Archaeologica Cantiana, vol. 15 (London, 1883)