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HCA 13/76 Part One

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23/04/12, CSG: Split HCA 13/76 (created 04/04/12) into Part One and Part Two, due to size of page


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Case: The Jonathan and Abigail vs. Daniel Edwards; Deposition: Thomas Andrews, of Wapping, in the parish of White Chappell

f. 1r.

16:o Aug:ti 1666
Super allon apud acta ex parte
drorum Brandling et alioX.

THOMAS ANDREWS de Wapping in parro
S:ta Marice Matsellon als White Chappell
annos agens 42 aut XXXXXXXX
testis produit et Juratus.

Ad dictam allegacconem deponit et dictit thathee hath for severall
yeers last knowne the allegate shipp Jonathan and Abigaill Thomas
Morley[1] Master. And saith that hee hath bin informed by the said
Morley and the Merchants the ffreighters that the said Charles
Caryll on behalfe of himselfe and Company tooke to ffreighte
the said shipp Jonathan and Abigall (sic) two hundred and fourty tonnes
certaine to the best of his remembrance to goe from this port of
London to Archangels in Russia thence back againe to this port of
London with such goods as the said Caryll and therest of y:e ffreighters
should send aboard, and the said ffreighters as appeares by the said
Charterparty were to pay for ffreight at the rate of 6:li 10:s per tonne
primage and average XXXXX And saith that about the time of the said affreightment there was
a generall Embargo upon all English shipps and a generall Imprsse for
all seamen in the publiqe service, and the sd Caryll taking notice
thereof this deponent heard him promise to procure a lycense for
the sd shipp and a proteccon for her mariners from these Imprests
And not long after the said promise hee saith the sd Caryll gave by the
hands of this deponent to the sd Morley a paper or writing which hee
procured upon the sd voyage as also a protection for the security
of y:e marriners from the sd Impresse. And the sd Morley having
soe received the same ffitted and prepared the said shipp for the sd
voyage had Expended as hee verlily beleeveth in the calking, graveing
rigging and fitting her out clearing at y:e Custome house and at
Gravesend neere one hundred pounds y:e whole charge amounting ?to 400:li to sett her to sea and did hire mariners to saile
and serve in the said shipp, the whole company with the M:r and boy
consisting of 34 or 36 persons and provided and furnished the said shipp with
provisions necessary for the said voyage for the space of foure or five monthes. And the sd shipp being ready the said Merchants sent
severall goods on board to bee carryed in her the sd voyage but
he beleeveth that the sd Merchants were not bound to send any goods
aboard but the said shipp might have gon in her ballast thither
And the said ship lying windbound in Bugbyes hole being ready
to proceede upon the sd voyage the sd Morley in this deponents
hearing advised the sd Caryll and Bell two of his said ffreighters to goe
downe to y:e Generalls of y:e ffleet then riding at the buoy in the XXXX
and to carry with them y:e said passe or oroteccon as they affirmed it
to bee and show it to y:e Generalls and know of them whether by XXXX
thereof they might proceed upon their said voyage. Howbeit the sd
Caryl and Bell refused ffor to doe and with the other ffreighters importuned

f. 1v.

importuned and urged the sd Morley to goe downe with his shipp
which hee accordingly did with the first faire wind the sd Carryll
and Berry two of y:e said ffreighters going downe in the sd Morley's shipp
and Bell and Thirsby in this depots shipp which shipp was also ffreighted
by the sd Carll and Company for the sd voyage and was to goe in ?Company
with the Jonathan and Abigall. And comming into the Buoy and the XXX
the Generalls commanded the sd Morley and this depots shipp to an Anchor
and sent for the merchants and the said Morley and this depot who
accordingly comming aboard Captaine Hobart Capt of Royall Charles
told the said Morley and this depot that y:e Prince and the Duke would
see their proteccons, And the s:d Morley and this depo:t accordingly
gave him the very same papers that Mr Caryll had before
given them which they had affirmed to be the lycense and protteccon aforesd. and after
saying that the Generalls had seene the, And saith that about the
same time y:e Generalls under theor hands sent an order to the sd Capt:
Hobart to empresse, and the sd Hobart or some employee under him did by
virtue of the sd Warrant impresse all y:e seamen saving fifteene men to bring the
shipp back into the river of Thames. And much about that time
the sd Capt Hobart and the Lieutenant of y:e Royall Charles told
this Deponent and y:e sd Morley that had the Merchants come downe before the
shipps and addrest themselves to y:e Generalls, they beleived the Generalls
would have suffered them to have proceeded on their sd voyage
with their full number of men and not have imprest them.
The premisses hee deposeth and knoweth to bee true Having seene
y:e Charterparty, and to his best remembrance seing the same
signed. And ffor that this depo:t lett his shipp to ffreight to the said
Caryll and Company and was bound to goe the same voyage
and being an eye and Earewitnesse of the premisses and
acquainted therewith. And the merchts hee saith were also aboard
and were eye and eare witnesses of y:e premisses namely of the Impresse
of the men and sending the sd shipps back againe into the river
of Thames whereof she came to an Anchor at Ratcliffe ?Chaine on or about the 30:th
or 31:th of June last past, Rtalr nescit deponere.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rendit that hee was the time Interr and now is M:r
if y:e ship the Owen and David and is owner of an Eigth part
of her Etalr nescit.

Ad 2:th deponit that hee XXX and appeares in this busienes on the
behalfe of his owners being as M:r of y:e said shipp ?aferX:t to them and ?perceiving XXX
of them which is XXX about six pounds y:e month. And this XXXXX XX y:e
only person signing y:e Charterparty for letting the said shipp the Owen
and David to ffreight to the sd Merchants parties in this suite on behalfe
of himselfe and the rest of y:e said owners, Whose names and parts
in theOwen and David are as followeth vizt John Sands owner of
an 8:th John Harris of a 16:th, Edward ffenn of a 16:th Walter Hampton and
M:r ?Hanning 16:th Thomas Hancock 16:th John ?Asty 16:th M:r ?Walter
?Wild a 16:th John ?Chaston 16:th David Sidney a 16:th Thomas
Davies 16_th Richard Adams 16:th this depo;t an 8:th And knoweth
not Who are the owners of y:e Jonathan and Abigaill saving he
hath heard M:r Morley say that M:r Brandling and M:r Hoopers are

f. 2r.

parties in this suite are two of his owners but of what parts hee knoweth not nor
hath heard Aalis nescit rendere.

Ad 4 et 5 deponit that at the time or times of treating for y:e ffreighters
of the sd shipps Jonathan and Abigail (sic) Owen and David this depot and the
sd Morley knew that there was a generall Imbargoe upon all English
shipps and a generall impresse for all seamen. And saith this depot
agreed with the sd caryll that hee and or the rest of said ffreighters should
procure a lycense and proteccon for the sd shipps and mens the said voyage
and they bringing the papers predeposed being as the sd Carykk
alwayes affirmed a lycense and proteccon, this deponent then signed the Charterparty and not before, And he beleeveth
and is well assured that the sd Morley did the like.

And saith the
saidproteccons were signed (James) and the Anchor (a Seale)
was put to the topps or heads of them. And this deponent saith
that had the said proteccons bin sufficient (which this depot
and the sd Morley never beleeved they were in regard the sd
Caryll would not procure them a lycense to ?neere y:e Kings XXXX
the Generalls would not have impeded the voyage by the impresse
of their men and ordering the said shipps back againe to this
River, And the sd passes or papers are in the hands of M:r Sukly
the Procter. A alr referendese ad predeposta nescit XX

Ad 6 et 8 rendit that the sd Caryll. Bell, Perry and Thirsby and XXXXXX y:e sd ?Caryll did at
Greenewich and London after the obtaining the sd passe and
before and after the sealing of y:e Charterparty Interr declare
and affirme that the sd lycence and proteccon. would cleare
them from being hindered or molested in their said voyage. And the
said ffreighters nor any of them did not promisse to pay the
Charges of fitting and preparing, or of victualling the said shipp.
or to pay the mariners wages in case the said shipps or any
of them should bee stopped or hindered in their said voyage. Et
alr nescit rendere.

Ad 8 et 9 rendit that the Owen and David os of y:e burthen
of about 200 tonns or thereabouts the Jonathan and Abigail
about 250 tonnes and this deponents freight for this voyage
would have amounted to 1200:li or thereabouts and the ffreight
y:e Jonathan and Abigail about 1500:li as hee beleeveth. And saith
that y:e voyage in question is usually made in five or
six monthes, And saith that the sd ship Owen and David cost this depot
about ?1800Li sterln and hee bought her before this voyage namely about about twelve moneths time. And saith
the said shipps Owen and David and the Jonathan and Abigail
had not bin fitt for the voyage in question unles they had
bin reparied and fitted in the same Conditon she went downe
int to the buoy and Nore. But as to the particular repaires and summes
of money expended he saith they are entred and mencconed
in his ship booke which booke he shall be ready to produce for
y:e informacon of Court when required thereto. And the Jonath
and Abigall with her tackle apparrell and furniture hee judgeth

f. 2v.

to bee worth 1400:li or 1600:li sterling And saith the said shipps
if either of them goe upon another voyage must bee ?new
caulked rigged and graved, snd severall other things done
which are wanting and will bee but necessary. Aalr nescit

Ad 10 rendet that in the time of peace three pounds
five shillings have bin usually paid per tonne. And soe much
this depo:t hath had per tonne having bin severall
times the voyage Interr. But are not then at halfe the
Charges for wages as they are now at. Hee remembreth
not what hee made the last voyage with his shipp which
voyage Was about two yeers since. Etalr nescit rendera

Ad 11. 12. et 13 rendit That he is to beare and Eigth part of
the whole shipps Charges being the owner as aforesaid of an
8:th . And saith that hee is to pay and hath paid for marriners
wages fitting and setting out the sd shipp Owen and David ?according
to the Note thereof which hee now leaves. And he also
leaveth a Note of the quantities qualities and prices of the provisions
of the said ship and what were spent by y:e shipps company to which
herefforth himselfe having compared them with his said  ?note
and made them to agree in every particuler. And saith hee
had an adventure consisting of woolen Manufactury, stuffes,
and other goods. but the perticulers and quantities he now remembreth
not but saith the same may beknowne by his cockets remaining
in the Custome house. some part of his Adventure yet on board
and some on shore, and denieth that ever hee
since the sd shipps returne ever proffered to sell any of his clothes
or other part of his Adventure for losse or otherwayes and did
suffer dammage as hee is an Eigth part of the sd shipp Et
alr nescit rendere neiscit quid credat.

Ad 14 renat that he beleeveth the goods mencconed in the
bills of lading were lading on board the ship the Jonathan
and Abigail Interr and knoweth the firme of Thomas
Morley thereto to bee of his the sd Thomas his
handwriting And saith hee hath heard M:r Richard Perry
and some others of y:e ffreighters acknowledge that they
had received all their goods from on board the Jonathan
and Abigail according to the bill of lading And as to the severall
parcells of goods and quantities and qualities laden aboard the Owen and David hee
refereth himselfe to the Bills of lading signed by him upon
the receipt of those goods contents and Qualities not knowne
all which are returned againe to the sd ffdreighters save
100 slabbs of lead Which lieth yet on board at the
request of M:r Daniell Edwards etalr nescit.

f. 3r.

Ad 15 Rendit that M:r Suckly has y:e order Interr and
has a copy now about him. there is mot any command
therein to pay y:e mariners wagaes. Et alr salvis prodepstis
nescite deponets

Ad 16 et 17 rendat that some of his mariners were hired
by the voyage others by the month, and one with another hee
reconeth their wages to bee about fifty shill a man per month.
And saith that two or three of his said men were hyred
about a weeke or tenn dayes before the sd shipps Went out from
Bugbys hole, In time of peace hee saith it is usuall to hire men
at Halfe pay in the River of Thames, until their falling
downe to Gravesend and untill they shall bee cleared there.
There was noe ffreight to bee paid according to y:e Charter
party untill the shipps returne. Onely primage and Average
at the delivery of y:e Goods at Archangell. Et alr nescit

Ad 18 rend:t that this depo:t and the said Morley advised the ffreighters
of some or one of them to goe to the ffleete as is Interr. andproffered to beare their Charges up and downe. And saith that M:r
Caryll and Bell came to London but whether they tooke
any Advice of merch:ts about that busienes hee knoweth not.
Et Alr nescit

Ad 19. 20 et 21. Rendat that these two sutes in his Judgmt are one
and the same, and the Charterparties are thesame saving the shipps
names y:e owners the burthen of y:e shipp the Masters names, number
of men. And hee beleeveth the determinacon. will bee one
and the same, M:r Suckly is proctor. S:r W:m Turner S:r Walter
Walker are Counsell for this depots owners. Morley is Examined on this
deponents owners behalfe, and this deponent on the sd Morleys hath
not had Communicaccon with any about this busienes, or his disposition
herein: Before this suite was commenced this depot on behalfe of his
owners proffessed to and would have left the decision of this busienes
to the award of any unconcerned merchts: the owners hee saith are
not to pay any thing to the ffreighters as to any losse or dammage
in regard as hee saith these ffreighters were not bound to lade any
goods on board, and also for that they failed in their lycense and
proteccon. And these Caryll and Edwards hee saith many times
declared to this dep:t and the s:d Morley that they had bought
the hreatest part of y:e goods the yeare before and could not
shipp them of that yeare. As to the ffreight and damages
sued for by this suite he referreth them to the determinaccon
of y:e law: And saith that hee beleeveth that he came from the buoy in the
Nore in three or ffowre days space. to Ratcliffe Chaine. And saith the sd
ffreighters neversent a boate or bills of lading to take away their said
goods untill they were by order from this Court summoned to appeare
and show cause why they would not ffetch away their goods &
pay this depot and his owners their Charges. And M:r thirsby he saith
XXX:t before y:e sd processe was issued out said that the shipp was a
good warehouse for their goods. Etalr nescit

THOMAS ANDREWS [His signature]

Repetit coram dre
lloyd. SaXX XXXX Edwardo Browne not. pubb.

Case: Rex vs. the St Peter, of which Rasmas was Master: Deposition: Sven Rasmusond, XXXX, of Sweden

f. 3v.

Dmus M:r Rex con Navem y:e S:t Peter)
suon Rasmas est magister)

XXXX XXXXXX Sug Interriys in proppario XXXXXX

I:us SVEN RASMUSOND Master (and in SuoXia Navarchus dicte
navis annos agens 50:ta ant XX rirter testis producent et JuruXXX
dicit et deponit proXtxxx

Ad j:n 2 et reliqua Interria deponit that hee will knoweth the
Interr shipp S:t Peter, and hath sailed in and bin M:r of her for
one yeere last past, during all which time she hath
belonged to Masterland in Sweden, and to subjects of the said King,
And saith his owners and their parts are as followeth viz:t. Hanco
Croosen of Masterland owner of one eigth part. Hanco Martinson of
Stockholme of an Eigth part, Olock Tromon of Stockholme of an Eigth
part John ffrick of Stockholme also of an Eigth part, and this deponent
of the other halfe part of the said shipp, all subjects and natives
of his Majesty of Sweden, and Eminent Burgers of the Cities of
Masterland and Stockholme And saith that y:e foresaid Crooson is
a native and an Alderman of y:e City of Masterland aforesd, and the
other three are Burgers natives and Inhabitants of y:e City of
Stockholme and for and as such commonly accounted. And
saith the said shipp was about a yeare since built at
Masterland, by order of this deponent on behalfe of himselfe and y:e
rest of y:e foresaid owners. And saith that the said ship hath made
three voyages since y:e ?sd building. The ffirst was from ottenborow
in Sweden to Hamborow with Iron, Pitch, & XXXlis, ad from thence to Masterland
with salt. The second was from Masterland with Herrings to
Stockholme, and there this depo:t tooke in a lading of Pitch, tarr,
Iron and some Dealeboards, for and to bee delivered at this
city of London to Charles Marisco a merchant here, And saith the
same were laded at Stockholme by Jacob Mumma, Abraham
Mumms, Abraham Veruson all Inhabitants in and XXXX
of Stockholme, for their owne account consigned to and to bee delivered the foresd
Charles Marisco, and the quantities and qualities were as followeth twenty thhree
lasts of tarr, twenty lasts of pitch, ffive hundred shipp pounds
of Iron. Every shipp pound conteining three hundred w:t of Iron
and ffive hundred DEales being his whole shipps lading. And
saith noe part of his lading belongeth to any of the subjects of y:e ffrench King or King of Denmark or any in Enmity with this
Crowne. And saith that there was noe ffrench Dutch or Danish
ffactor or supra Cargo aboard his said ship the foresd voyages
or y:e voyage in question where in hee was seized. And at seizure
of y:e sd shipp he saith hee had with himselfe and his Company
consisted of Eight mariners all natives of and hired by this depo:t
at Masterland in Sweden aforesd, and subjects of the sd King. Nor XXX XXXX
live in any of y:e Dominions or territoryes of y:e ffrench King Dane or
States of y:e United provinces. And saith that y:e papers and writings at
the sd shipp were delivered to y:e Captaine of the ffXXXXXXX who XXXXXXXXXX
of of Yarmouth as he was comming with his sd ship and lading to
London, and afterwards the sd shipp was sent up into y:e river of Thames
and is there now remaining. And saith there was noe papers or
writings burnt, torne, concealed or any wayes made away. And saith

f. 4r.

y:t y:e foresaid seizure happened on the 12:th instant And saith
that at his sd siezure he declared to y:e Captaine of y:e vessell that tooke
him that his said shipp belonged to Masterland
and that hee was to goe with his ship and lading to Ostend, and
showed him his passe which hee had on board purporting soe
much, ffearing the seizor might have bin ffrench, Dutch,
or Danish man being very darke in y:e night which passe they did clourably that they might
thereby gett through the Sound. And saith she had at her
sd seizure and never ?carired any but y:e Swedish fflagge or ?poles nor
ever had any other on board her, And saith that there were noe goods
betweene the said shipps docks she having but one deck. at the time of her said seizure,
and that the sd shipp is of the burthen of about 60 lasts and hath
bin M:r of her ever since her building at Masterland as aforesaid
And lastly saith that for the lading in question hee signed bills of
lading all of one tene:r as they are found in And taken out of y:e said ship
by the seizor Et Alr nescit

SVEN RASMUSON [His signature]

Interpreted by mee
John da LalXXXX [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Petrus Cordus, of Masterland, aged 25

Eadem die

Sup Interris prodict

2. PETRUS CORDUS de Masterland in Suecia agens annos 25 aut ricter
testis product et Jurat.

Ad primum 2 et reliqua deponit that hee well knoweth the S:t
Peter Interrate and hath soe knowne her about twelve monthes last
and was hired to serve and saile in the sd shipp at Masterland
by his precontest Sven Rasmonson about twelve monthes since
and was shipped as a common mariner, And saith the sd shipp was about twelve month
since built at Masterland by the order of the sd M:r, this depot
severall times having seene the M:r looke after the buildinh
of her, on the au:t of himselfe and the other owners, one whereof is
Hance Croose of Masterland but of what part hee knoweth not
The other ?three hath heard live at Stockholme but of what
parts they are owners hee knoweth not, all reputed natives
and subjects of y:e King of Sweden. And saith that about tenne
or eleaven weekes since the sd Rasmason set forward to this
port of London, with a lading consisting in pitch, tarr, Iron
and deales laded aboard the sd shipp, by some persons living in
Stockholme but hee knoweth not their names nor for whose accompt
the same were laden, nor to waht merchant they were consigned in London. And saith that in her course for London
she was seized by the vessell the ffanfan on or about Sunday
last was seavenXXXX tenn or twelve leagues off of YarXXXXX
bankes with her sd lading aboard and was afterwards sent up
into the river of Thames where she now lyes. And saith
that upon the sd seizure the sd skipper delovered his passe and
all the sd shipps papers to the hands of y:e Captaine that tokke
him, and there were not any concealed throwne over board

f. 4v.

or otherwise made away that hee knoweth of neither were there any ffrench Danish or
Holland Colle:r of ffaco:rs aboard, and beleeveth that there were
noe other bills of lading aboard than w:t came to y:e hands of the
seizers, The sd shipp is single decked and of y:e burthen
of about 60 lasts, and beleeve th the sd shipp and lading to be-
long to Swedes and that none other w:tsoever are intressed
therein And saith the sd shipps Company with the M:r consists of Eight
persons all Swedes, borne in Masterland, this depo:t being also borne
there and there dwelling with his wife and child when at home. Et alr nescit

Interpreted by mee
John da LetXXce

?PETTER XXmX?s [His signature]



f. 5r.

Case: The Orange tree and XXXX: Deposition: Andreas Barton, midshipman, & John Ennet, John Carter, John Rice marriners, of the Crowne ffrigott

Touching the Orange tree and Xath
two Hoys seized by y:e Crowne ffrigott
D:t Rex

23:° Aug:ti 66

ANDREW BARTON midshipman of y:e Crowne ffrigott
Crowne ffrigott sworne & before y:e Right Wor:lls S:r Giles Sweit Kn:t
D:r of lawes surrogate to y:e Right Worll Leolini Jenkins d:r of lawes Judge
of y:e High Court of Admiralty of England say and deposeth by vertue of their
oathes as followeth vizt.

That off of the River of Emms upon the Coast of Holland they with
their sd ffrigott W:m Godfrey Commander about Wednesday last was a ffortnight discovered and gave chase
to two hoyes and making up to them fired two Gunns
to one of them named the Orange (sic), upon which she struck, and the other of them seeing now
opportunity of an Escape, bore up to the ffrigott and struck also And when these
deponents came up with them they went aboard and tooke possession
of them and found them both to bee laden with oake Timber
for shipping. And imediately after sich taking the Command:er
of y:e Crowne ffrigott sent and ordered these deponents to goe on
board and bring the sd Hoyes up the said River of Thames
namely these deponents Andrew Barton John ?Ennett, John
Carter on board (the Death), and constituted this deponent
Andrew Barton as Commander of her, And these three deponents say
and declare that two Dutchment that were left aboard
(the Skipper being taken onboard the Crowne) declared that
the sd lading of Oake Timber was lawfull prize and that they were and
bound for Holland and soe they constantly
affirmed during the time these deponents were aboard the sd Hoy
And they further say that off of Yarmouth a ffrench
ffisherman gave chace to y:e sd prize (y:e death) who comming
and bearing up with them the sd two Dutchmen told the
ffrenchman that there were goods onboard their sd Vessell were
Hollands goods and that they were bound for Holland, where
upon the ffrench asking the sd Dutch men if they would bee
released the sd Dutch men answred that they would. then the
ffrench men bad them to come on board. Whereupon one of
the Dutch men being at the Helme endeavoured thereby to lay
the ffrencgman aboard which this depo:t taking notice of
thrust him from it & fired a pistoll at them and soe gott cleare.
And saith that this depo:ts John Rice & Thomas XXXX, and Henry Bryan since XXXX was put aboard the Orange
The other prize and put this depot John Rice M:r of her And
one ffleming that was left in the Orange (the M:r and the other
of them being taken aboard the ffrigott.) often declared to this
these two depots John Rice and Thomas Chick that the sd lading of
oaje timber aboard the sd prize y:e Orange was free prize, belonging
to enemys of this Crowne. And saith they came to an anchor with them
sd two prizes at S:t Catharines where they came yesterday afternoone
y.e afternoone where they are now remaining

Sigm [HIS MARK] dicti & XXck


Jo: XXXXX marke

John Xarle Marke

Repetit et ?jurat XXXX XXX
XXXX sura:to pXXX XXXX

Case: The Death: Deposition: Oll Oilse, of ffrederickstadt, Holstein, Sailor, aged 30

f. 5v.

Dnus nr Rex con navem y:e Deale or Death
cujus Hancaus Decker XX Doata eXXXXX
et Rex

24:° Aug:ti 66

Super Interr in praepario. Examinat.

?OILFO Nomos de ?ffeure prope ffrederickstadt in ?Holstatia
Nauta, annos agens. 30 aut de rixter testtis
productus et Juratus

Ad primum 2 et reliqua Interria deponit that the Interr shipp the ?Death
belongeth and hath belonged to ffrederickstadt ever since her building
there which happened about five or six yeares since, and was
hired to serve in the sd shipp; Death, about Easter last by the Skipper
named Hance Decker le Doate, at ffrederickstadt, where the owners
of her live, but who are the owners are what their names are
or of what parts they are owners hee knowteth not but beleeveth
them to bee ffree persons under the Dominions of the Duke of Holsten
And saith that since he soe served in the sd shipp she never was
in any of y:e ports or places of y:e ffrench King or states of
Holland, but has bin once in Norway but saith that this depo:t
was borne in ffoure neere ffrederickstadt and when he is
not at sea hee liveth with his father and mother there dwelling
and housekeepe
And saith the sd shipp is of the burthen of about 32 tonns and had
on board her a lading of Oake Timber (for building of shipping and
Houses) laded on board her by severall merchants living
at ffrederickstadt, but their names hee knoweth not, nor for whoe
act the same were laden nor knoweth hee to whom consigned, but
saith the same were to be delivered in Holland or in the dominions of y:e sd States and the laders of the
said timber he knoweth to dwell and bee inhabitants of ffrederickstadt
And saith that since he became marriner and served in the said ship
she made a voyage from ffrederickstadt to Norway in Ballast
and returned thence with a lading of Deale boards to ffrederickstadt
And saith that at her seizure she had not any ffrench Danish or Holland?s (OR, "th")
ffactors aboard, nor any ffrench Danish or Hollands Colors onboard but the
Nettle leafe the ffrederickstadt fflag was on board
saving there are some other fflaggs on board
as guifts with their Coates of ?armes in them which severall merchants have given them, There were
with this depot three persons on board which was y:e whole Company
the other two namely y:e skipper and Cooke are natives
of ffrederickstadt where the skipper liveth when hee is at
home and hath a wife and children there,
all ffree persons under the Duke of Holstein.
And that what papers were on board the sd shipp came to the hands
of y:e Captaine of y:e Crowne ffrigott that tooke and seized them
off the River of Emms upon y:e Coast of Holland without concealing or making away
any of them. And that upon theisaid seizure they declared that
the said shipp and lading belonged to ffrederickstadt to owners and
merchants there, all ffree persons, but were bound for Holland, and
the sd seizure happened about twelve dayes since: And saith that
the sd shipp hath made three voyages since hee served in her the first was as aforesd in Ballast
from ffrederickstadt to Norway when XX she returned with
Deales to ffrederickstadt where shee delivered her sd lading.
And then going a second voyage from ffrederickstadt to Norway in

f. 6r.

Ballast to take a ffreight she was by tempestuous weather forced back againe to ffrederickstadt
where being arrived the Skipper tooke in her now lading of Timber for Holland.
There were noe colourable bills of lading signed, nor any of Contrary
tenour, And saith the sd shipp has but one deck. And saith that when
y.e Crowne ffrigott that chaced them fired a gunn the skipper and this depot XX
presently struck saile and yeilded themselves and denieth that any of
the Company deserted the sd shipp But saith that the Skipper was
taken out of his shipp aboard the man of warr that tooke him, and
three Englishmen put on board the sd vessell who brought her and
her sd lading of Timber with this depot up into the river of Thames

Et alr nescit


Interpreted by mee
John delXXXXre

Case: XXXXX: Deponent: Hanceus Peterson, of ffrederickstadt, sailor, aged 29

Eadem ?dia sup Interrijs prodict

2. HANCEUS PETERSON da ffrederickstadt natus ibm. annos agens
29 aut XXXXricter testsis

Ad ?dea Interria deponit that hee hath knowne the ship the Death
Inter for the sd fowre yeers last and hath served in her ever since the
last spring as cooke of her; And saith the sd shipp hath belonged
to ffrederickstadt ever since her sd building at ffrederickstadt which happened
about fowre yeares since and to owners there, but knoweth not their
names and parts, but they the sd owners are said to bee Burgers and
inhabitants of ffrederickstadt a ffreecity in the Dominions of the Duke of
Holsteyne And when hee is at home he liveth with his parents housekeepers
and dwellers in the liberties of y:e city of ffrederickstadt being a Batchelo:r
And saith the said vessell is but a smale vessell but of how many tonns hee
knoweth not having bever seene her lading with corne, and at her
sd seizure had a lading of Crooked XXXX wood ffor sbuilding shipps and Clapboards on board her laded by merchants
of ffrederickstadt but what their names wer hee knoweth not nor
knoweth to whom the same were consigned but saith they were to have
bin delivered at Amsterdam. And saith hee was hired to serve in the sd shipp
by y:e yeare being hired as the shipps boy and Cooke And the sd shipp hath
made three voyages since such this depots becoming cooke of her the ffirst
was from ffrederickstadt to XXXXX XXXX from and thence she returned with beames to ffrederickstadt
the second was from ffrederickstadt to Norway in Ballast, and thence she returned
with a lading of Deales, which she delivered at ffrederickstadt, And the
voyage in question was the third voyage. And saith that there were not
at the sd seizure any ffrench, Dutch or Danish ffactor or Coloures
aboard, nor any else saveing Swede a passenger who XXX y:e ship aboard the man of warr and saving the ffrederickstadter
flagg being the Nettle leafe was up or XXX XXXX that y:e Company consisted of three persons
with this depo:t and noe more, all natives of ffrederickstadt and dwellers there
and no XXX their XXXX, never lived in any of y:e territoryes of y:e dominions of y:e
states of y:e united neatherlands ffrench King or King of Denmark And saith that
in their Course for Holland the sd ship was mett with and seized by y:e Crowne
one of his Majesties ffrigotts off of Emms a river on y:e Coast of Holland
and the papers of the sd shipp were delivered to the Captaine of the
ffrigott without any concealment or embeazelment thereof or any of them
made. And saith that upon the sd seizure upon the Captains demand
whence they were and whether bound they declared that the ship
and lading belonged to ffrederickstadt and that she was bound for
Holland and saith hee never saw any colourable bills of lading
on board the said shipp which has but one deck and is of a smale

f. 6V. is missing and needs to be imaged

f. 7r.

the skipper and hath soe done these two yeers last, And saith
that all the shipps papers that hee knoweth of were delivered to
the Captaine of y:e ffan fan who seized and tooke sd shipp Peter off of
Yarmouth about siy leagues from thence and was by him sent with
her sd lading up y:e river of Thames where she now lyes
neere y:e Newcrane, There were noe papers XXX XXX burnt or anywayes made away
that hee knoweth of or hath knowne, And saith that it was very darke when the sd
ffan fan seized them and fearing that she might have bin a Dutch or
some enemies vessell the skipper sayed they were bound for Ostend
but hee saith they were really bound for
London And saith she carried none but the Sweedes fflagg and
never had any other colo;r on board, and there was noe goods
betweene the Deck the shipp having but one Deck

signed [HIS MARK] dicti. Tobierner

Interpreted by mee
John L?aX?s Lyonell

Case: XXXX: 2. Richardus Tuo, of Rye, Sussex, victualler, aged 33

30:° Aug:ti 66

Sup allone arlata prodict. Examinatus.

Dnno Turpor et Carow reXd)
The Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew)

2. RICHARDUS TUO de Rye in Com Sussex Victualler ibni ubibitant
per octonnia aut XXter annos agens 33 et ultra, testis produt
et Jurat.

Ad 6. 7. 14. et 17 arles super quibus solemmodo Examinatur XX XXXXX
M:rs Eaton deponit. That he well knoweth the shipp Surprizall aclate,
Capt John Tozier Command:r and was and went as Corporall of her when shee
was fitted and sett out from Rye as is aclate, And saith that the second
or third day after such their setting out from Rye they discovered and
seized by vertue of a Common which the sd Tozier had onboard the aclate
ship the Jesus Josephe Mary of the burthen (as this deponent guesseth)
of about 150 tonns, laden with ?razons part whereof they took XX XXXX XXXX XXXX they consisted which they
brought into Rye, And saith that at the sd seizure (which happened
about ffoure leagues off of Rye in the English Channell) this deponent
and fowre more namely ffrancis Spooner, W:m Standish one of the
owners and his brother Charles Standish the Lieutenant of y:e sd ship
Suprizall, George Blanch and this deponent went on board the sd shipp:
Jesus Joseph S:t mary. And this deponent at his first coming onboard
of her one of y:e persons onbpard a clubfoated fellow and a pilot or
stiersman of y:e sd XXXXX but his name hee knoweth not whence
they came he answered from Genova, and asking him twice together
whether hee was bound, hee Answered to Amsterdam. Which words
hespake in very good English and very pertinent to y:e quetions untill
another person who also spake English, and was also a pilot or stiersman as
hee beleeveth ?hubbed the sd person they first spake to, and to
this deponent and the other onboard that they were bound for Hamboro

f. 7v.

saying that hee (the first person they soe spake to) know not what hee
sayes whereupon, the first person or clubfoated fellow said that
they were bound for Hamborow. Although as hee saith the Clubfooted
fellow spoke a great deale better English than the other did, and
this depo:t better understood him. And this deponent verily beleeveth
in his Confesiones that Had not y:e Drake ffrigott bin on the one side
and one of the Kings XXXXX on the other side the said Prize the Joseph Jesus
and Maria would have fought the Suprizall Each man having
their matches ready having their gunns charged and primd being XX
whole XX domicalven, and Eight or nine Petareren or peeces called maXXXXXX &
pistoll XXXXX XXX XXXXX Et alr nescit this depot hath bin
informed by some of y:e sd XXXX XXXXXX that y:e DXXXXe ffrigott alsoe waited for the sd prize and saving
they seized upon the sd shipp and lading as prize and belonging
to the states of the united Neatherlands, or their subiects

Ad Interria

Ad primum redet that hee cometh by y:e meanes and at y:e request of
one Capt Steele, And saith he was Examined before the Mayor of Rye
about a fortnight or three weekes since and then deposed to the like effect
of this his deposicon, And hee Expecteth that the sd Captaine Steeéle
should beare his charges up and downe but as yet hee hath not
received any thing saving tenn shillings of XXX then at Rye
to whom y:e Capt wrote to send up this dep:t and nomore to XXX XXXX, he hath
lived and kept a victualling house in Rye for about seaven or eight
yeers last, knoweth not what he is worth and owes but litle. Et alr

Et 2. rendet that he knoweth not who are the laders of y:e goods
in Controversy, nor where laden saving he hath heard some of the
XXX XXXXX Company say that the same or a great part thereof were
laden at Malaga, and cannot specify the particuler parcels of them
Et alre nescit.

Asd 3 non concernit cum.

Ad 4 nescit nec audivit.

Ad 5 nonconcernit cum.

Ad 6 rendt that hee was one of y:e man of warrs Company, namely Corporall
but knoweth not whether he shall have any share in y:e XXX
y:e ship and goods bee condemned, neither knoweth hee of any money or other
goods taken from the XX or XXX of y.e sd shipp. Et alr nescit.

RICHARD XXXX [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Georgius Blanch, of Rye, Sussex, sailor, aged 50

Eadem die

Super all XXXX prodict

3. GEORGIUS BLANCH de Rye in Com Sessex Nauta, natXXX ubi
annos agens 50 aut XXXX ter testis product et XXXX

Ad 6. 7. 14. et 17 arles super quibus solummodo Examinatis depont
et dicit THat he was one of y:e ship uprizalls Company XXXX
Masters Mate of her, and went on board her at Rye where she
was fitted victualled and manned And saith that after they had
bin at sea for a day or two she tooke and seized a Vessell or prize.

f. 8r.

and as belonging to y:e subiects of the States of the United Neather-lands named
the Jesus Joseph Mary and S:t Andrew burthen about 140 or 130 tonnes.
And goth, upon the high and open seas in the English Channell about some
three leagues off of Rye, And saith that presentley after the sd seizure
this deponent, M:r Standish, one of y:e owners of the man of warr, and
his brother Charles Standish Lieutenant his ?precontent Two, and
one ffrancis Spooner XXX XXXX and upon such their coming onboard they found
two Pilotts as they XXXX but what country men they were hee knoweth
not, and asking one of them a lame footed man, who spake very good
English whence they were and whether bound he told this depo:t
and the other on board that he came from Genoa, and touched
at Malaga in Spaine and were bound with their lading comprising
of raisons and some wine for Amsterdam, Which theother pilot
hearing and jogging the person that answered the depot
and saying that they were bound for Hamboro the
person who first answered this deponent said soe alsoe - but not before.
And upon their comming on board hee saith they found them
in a warlike posture ready for fighting, there XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Stones that lay upon the deck ready fitted, and would have undoubtedly
fought had not the Drake frigott and one of the Kings Ketches bin
insight andneere to them, Et alr nescit saving the sd Jesus
Joseph Maria was brought by this depot who was Command:r of her and
tooke care to and by the assistance of y:e other foure
persons and the rest of the ?prezt Company was brought unto y:e
port or Harbo:r of Rye. And saving the two pilotts assisted in
carrying her in the lame one hee saith stood by this deponent
at the ?lead ad as this deponent found the water and according XXXX
depo:ts direcon the sd pilot gave direcons to his seamen to order ?their
sales and they both also spake Dutch.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rend:t that one M:r Raymond on behalf of Capt Steele spoke to
this depo:t to come and bee a witness herein, and at Rye XX XXX received of Raymond
ten shillings but Exoects to have his owne Charges and horse hire upon XXXX XXX
andliveth by going to sea. knoweth not what he is worth. Ad alr nescit

Ad 2 rend:t that hee knoweth not who laded y:e goods in question nor for whom XXXXX
nor can specify the particular parcells of them. Et alr nescit.

Ad 3 non concernit cum.

Ad 4 nescit non XXXXX

Ad 5 non concernit cum.

Ad 6 rendit that in case the shipp on lading bee condemned hee Expecteth hos
share as a Seaman and according to his XXXX which is XXX XXXX. Knoweth
not of any money taken away from the XXXXX but XXXXXXXXX Captaine
Tozier tooke a little box out of y:e Captaines Cabbin XXXX Et alre nescit


Repetitium precXXXXXX coram XXXX

Case: XXXX: 4. Carolus Standish, of Rye, Sussex

f. 8v.

31:° Aug:tis 66

Super allone predict Examinat

4. CAROLUS STANDISH de Rye in Com Sussex inhihitavit
per biennium aut XXXXX annos agens 24 XXXX XXXX testis product et Jurat

Ad 5. 7. 14. et 17 arles dicte allonis super quibus solemedo
Examinatur ex direnono M:ri Exton premria deponit et dicit that
hee welll knoweth the ship the Suprizall aclate and was one of her
company namely Lieutenant of her, And saith that about three
monthes since the sd vessell having taken in men
at Rye aforesaid went from Rye in the Evening of a day, and the next
morning about six of y:e Clock seized and tooke the aclate shipp
The Jesus, Joseph, Mary and S:t Andrew of the burthen of about 150 tonnes laded with wine and fruite and brought the
sd shipp with her said lading into Rye harbo:r, And she was
soe seized and tooke by the Suprizall and her Company about foure leagues
off . y:e West ward of Rye (to the best of this deponents Judgm:t) in the English
Channell, And saith that upon the boarding the sd vessel
by this deponent, his precontists George Blanch, Richard Tue,
Edward Standish this depots brother and one of y:e Surprizall, owners
and ffrancis Spooner, all of y:e Surprizalls Company they found
onboard the said vessell two pilotts one of which he saith affirmed himselfe
to bee a Hamburger, both spake dutch as alsoe poor English,
and they being asked by this deponent and others then on board from whence
they came, and whether they were bound, one of y:e pilotts a Clubfoated
person,) answered that they came from Genoa, and were bound
for Amsterdam, Which the other pilott hearing said, Noe.
for Hamborow, and then the sd Clubfoated fellow also said
for Hamborow but not before although hee well understood w:t was asked him speaking so good English Et alr nescit upon XXXX. Saving this deponent when
hee and the others soe went on board ffound them in a ffighting posture, their Petererers
or peeces called ?Murderers being Eight in number laded, and their baggs
of shott by them, and some which were on board with this deponent told this
depo:t that they saw severall matches lighted, and most of their
musquets charged, The peterers were discharged at Rye harbo:r
and the musquetts carried aboard the Surprizall, and in one musquett
he saith there were five bulletts one or two whereof were chewed
this depo:t seing the same drawne, And y:e sd Jesus Joseph Mary S:t Andrew had fought them as hee beleeveth
had not the Drake ffrigott and another Catch bin neere them.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rend:t that hee cometh at y:e request of M:r Steele on of y:e
owners of y:e Surprizall who came to know what this deponent could say
herein because he knew or understood that this depot was one
of her Company as aforesd. And saith that before he was sworne as a
witnesse M:r Exton asked this depot what hee could say in this
busienes, and this deponent then told him to y:e effect aforesd. And
Expects to have his Charges borne by the owners of the
sd Man of warr, ffor his paines in comming to bee Examined
herein, And saith hee was an apprentice to one M:r ?ffiels a

f. 9r.

a vintner at y:e Greene Dragon[2] in ffleete street for y:e space of six yeers of thereabouts ending aboit
twelve month since, and hath bin imployed in one busienes or other
touching the Surprizall aforesd, to and againe from Rye to ?London
by his sd brother Edward Standish and in other busienesses for him, and is maintained
by him. Et alr nescit

Ad 2 rendet that hee knoweth not for whose ac:t y:e goods in question were
laden, or where laded, neither can he specify the particular
parcells of them. Et alr nescit

Ad 3 non concernit cum.

Ad 4 nescit rendere Hee not being at Mallaga the time Interr.

Ad 5 nescit deponere salvis predepositis nor concernited

Ad 6 rendit That if the said ship or lading proove lawfull prize this depo:t
Expects his share as being one of y:e Company that tooke her: And
saithh this deponents brother had or tooke from the Captaine of the Jesus Maria Joseph, Nine peeces of Eight and three shillings for which he told him
he would bee responsible in case the ship and lading prooved not prize,
and Captaine Tozier has also a little gold ring with a blackstone, in it which
was taken out of y:e Captaines Chest, And some cloaths hee saith the Company
of the Surprizall tooke from onboard y:e Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew
Et alr nescit.

CHARLES STANDISH [His signature]

Repetit coram dire XXXXX surr:t
prXXX Edw:o Browne No: publ.

Case: XXXX: 5. Gabriel Morgan, of Stepney, Middlesex, sailor, aged 36

Primo Septembris 1666

Super allone predict. Examinat.

5. GABRIEL MORGAN paroa de Stepney in Com Midd Nauta, ubi
habitavit per Septennia aut ?ricter annos agens
36 aut rirter testis productus et Juratus.

Ad 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. et 16. arles super quibus solum mod o Examinatur
et direccons M:ri Exton deponit et dicit That on or about the befinning
of ffebruary last past the aclate ship the Jesus Joseph Mary S:t Andrew came
with affaire wind to Malaga. Xould ffor feare as was sd she should bee taken by S:r jeremy Smith
then being at y:e Streights mouths And saith that at such
her coming thether she came full laden with muscadino candies and pirckled
Lemmons which were by y.e Common report of merchants and others there
ladedin the river ao (sic) or Bay of Genoa by the Dutch Consull there and two other
merchants there (whose names hee remembreth not) for their
acc:t to bee delivered at Amsterdam for the same acc:t And saith
the said ship going there by the name of the Genowesse petache might
have departed and gone away with her said lading to Hamborow the
wind being then Easterly and faire for her, And there was a Hamburger
man of warr of thirty six peeces of ordinance or upwards and
fourteene merchant men under his Convoy which then rode neere
y:e same mole where the sd shipp Jesus Joseph S:t Mary then rode
which sd Genowesse Petachi he saith runn up as farr as she could

f. 9v.

into y:e ?moule and there moored her selfe at a great distance
from them, and pulled of her sailes from her yards And at
the time aforesd hee saith there was an ostend man of warr then
also riding neere the sd Mole one ?carew and Englishman M:r or
Command:r of her
the M:r of y:e said Petacher he saith was very fearefull
and refused to put to sea least shee should bee seized and taken by S:r
Jeremy Smith who with his squadron at that time and for
severall dayes together rode without the Hamburgers in the Road
within shott of y:e mole where the sd Petachi then ridd, And soe long as there
was any report of S:r jeremy Smiths being in the Streights or
anyways thereabouts the Captaine of the Petache never stirred
nor dared soe to doe but kept himselfe within Malega Mole for fear
of being taken by y:e English. And saith that during the sd
shipps Joseph Marias aboade at Malega, this deponent and
severall other English belonging to English Shipps then there
told the said Captaine of the said Genowesse vessell that the
English would meete with them before they gott to Amsterdam
the M:r and others of his Company replyed that they cared
not a ffart for y:e English for they had friends enough abroad
to guard them or words to the same or like Effect. And saith
there were onboard two pilotts, which
were said to bee Dutch men and as they acknowledged
themselves to bee, Namely hee hath bin told by the Clubfooted fellowe
(one of y:e pilotts) that hee was borne and lived severall yeers together
at Amsterdam, but that he now lived with his wife at ?Alicant And some
of y:e Petuches Company hee saith declared to this depo:t that a young
fellow (a Cooke) was borne at Schedam. And saith that when this
deponent, who was Masters mate of a merchtman y:e John of
London John Nansun Captaine
came away heeleft the sd Ostend man of warr as also y:e Hamburger
and his fleete and the Genewesse Petache all behind them at Malega
and if the sd Genewesse vessell had bin bound for Hamborow she
might have gonn in Company with te Hamborow ffleete XXXXXX
which she did not, as this depo:t hath bin informed or with S:r Jeremy Smith and
the English Squadron and merchantmen, Which as hee heard
she never did, But saith this deponent and severall other
English merchants then looked upon her to bee bound for Amsterdam
and to have Dutch lading on board ffor that Hamburgers now
and have ?done ever since the beginning of this warr
ffetched and doe ffetch their owne goods from Genoa and other
places in y:e Streights and send out good shipps for that purpose. And
saith that many more (that are now in his Majestys service) could and
can witnesse y:e same that this deponent hathe before deposed

f. 10r.

Ad Interria

Ad j:in rend:t that hee cometh at the request of one Captaine Steel who hearing
that this depo:t was at Malega when the ship the Jesus Mary S:t
Andrew was there spake to this rend:t to testify the truth herein. Espects
nothing for his paines herein. And hath bin for five yeares and two
months last upon a merchandizing voyage from port to port, and
knoweth not whether hee bee worth anything or nothing. Et alr nescit

Ad 2 rendit y:t hee cannot specify the perticular parcells of y:e goods in question And
saith that hee hath bin informed that y:e owners of y:e Petache are Italians and
that they lett her to ffreight to y:e foresd Dutch consull and merchnts at Genoa
and that there was insurance made at Genoa upon y:e sd ship by which y:e ffreighters were to pay for her
in case she shpuld bee taken by y:e English. Et nescit se ad prode poita Alr nescit

Ad 3 nescit saying hee left y:e Hamborow and Osetnd convoy at Malega when hee departed thence.

Ad 4 rend:t that S:r Jeremy Smith went from Malaga about tenn dayes
before this repd:t who came thence yout y:e sixth of March last past and left by y:e Hamborow convoy there. Et alr nescit
Salvis predepositis.

Ad 5 et 6 deponit that y:e words aforesd were spoken in y:e presence of many of
y.e Company of the John of London aforesaid. And saith theforesd Clubfooted
pilot was raken in at Alicant as this depot hath bin informed by ?lres from severall
merchants in Alicant, where he saith about tenn or elaven weekes
this depo:t saw the sd pilott and hath once bin in his house there where hee hath
lived for about three yeers space as hee beleeveth. Et alr nescit rendira.

GABRIELL MORGAN [ His signature]

Case: The Richard and Elizabeth: Deposition: Thomas Holbert, of St Saviour, Southwarke, Waterman, aged 44

The nyneth of October 1666.

On behalfe of his Matie, touching
goods ?embrazeld out of the Richard and Elizabeth

THOMAS HOLBERT of the parish of
S:t Saviour Southwarke Waterman
aged 44 or thereabouts, sworne in the
high Court of the Admiraltie of England
saith and deposeth by vertue of his oath

That the said shipp the Richard and Elizabeth (whereof
Richard ?Bothick was and is M:r and part owner) being a Victualling
shipp in the service of his matie riding on tuesday before the
late lamentable fire at anchor in Solebay neere to the Assistance
frigot, Captaine Browne commander, and the said Captaine
desiring some firewood to be delivered aboard him one of the
Richard and Elizabeth, XXX XXX the frigot aboard the next
morning being Wednesday, and delivered wood aboard accordingly.
And while the Richard and Elizabeth lay ?lashed aboard the
said frigot, there were on the said Wednesay morning about foure
or five baggs of Spanish wools put out of the frigot aboard
her to be brought for London as for the ?use of the said Captaine
Browne, and then througe fowle weather the Richard and
Elizabeth bearing a sterne the frigot by the frigot ?HalXX, and

f. 10v.

riding thereby, there were the XXX XXXXX a parcell of three
hundred skinnes (w:ch as hee undertood were XXXola skinnes) brought
in the said frigates pinnaces and put also aboard the Richard and
Elizabeth, and alsoe a parcell of kidd skinns (the number hee
cannot declare9 and also a parcell of flax, to be also brought
for London: all w:ch goods were by the conXXXX of the XXXXX
declared to be prize goods, and to thXXX ?purrpse they were XXXXX
thXX the Generall XXXXX XXX and take XXXX of them. And
saith that in the said shipp Richard ad Elizabeth all the
sd goods were brought up the River of Thames to Ratcliff XXXX
where they came to an anchor therewith on monday night the
third of September, and this deponent in regard of the danger
hee tooke his XXX and familie to be in, by XXX of the fire
getting XXXX by XXX hour, hee went that night ashore to his
house on the banck side leaving all the said goods aboard under
command of the said Bothwick. And on the Satturday next
following being the ?eigth of September this deponent
comming to goe aboard the said shipp, XXX with Samuel
?Clayman the XXX XXXXX ashore on Ratcliffe XXXXX, and
they goeing together into a XXX house to drinke a cup of beare
together, this deponent (who had got some intelligence that
the said goods were carried ashore by the said Masters order) asked
the said Boatswain as they wre in discourse thereabouts, how
they XXX XXX, to get parts to carry the said goods soe farr uplands
to w:ch him made answer that hee the said boatswaine by the said
Masters order got carts from Captaine Swanley XXX XXXX
to carry the said goods to Captaine Swanleys warehouse there
and that the CC they were carried accordingly. And this deponent
going to XXXX the said goods at Captain Swanleys, and
commanding a Constable of Stepney to assist them, the said
Constable declared unto them XX XXX of this materman
assisted in unloading the said goods one of the carts into the said
Captane Swanleys warehouse, and this deponent having
XXX XXXX with XXX of the XXXXX (whose XXX hee
now remembreth not) heard him affirme the XXXX


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Georgus Schoonmarker, citzen of hamburg, Sailor, aged 51

f. 11r.

Dmus XX XXX rerd navam the)
S:t Jurgien (or George) de)
Hamborow, Jurgius Schoonmaker XXXXX)

14 Septembris 1666

GEORGUS SCHOONMARKER civitatis Hamburgen Nauta
atatis 51 aut et XXXXX, navarhus dicte navis
in preparatorio exteXXXtus

Ad primum, 2 et reliquor Interrix deponit et dicit that hee hath bin
Master of the said shipp the S:t George for nine yeeres last past and
upwards, during w:ch ?space shee hath belonged and doth belong to Hamburgh
and toInyhabitants and burgers there, who are still jer owners, namely
to Jurgien Bloyler a sixteenth part, Hance EstingXXaus a 16:th, Johan
Van Peren a 16:th, John Berenbergh a 16:th, Rudolph Bownbergh a 16
Augustin Henrdricks a 16:th, John van Campson a 16:th, ?harman Henricks
a 32:th, and this deponent the rest, namely halfe the shipp and a 32:th part
And that the said proprietors hath bin and are subiects of the ffree state of
Hamborow, and that noe part of shipp or goods belongs to any Dane,
Hollander or ffrenchman, or any subiect of the XXXdominions, and that shee
is of 60 lasts burthen And further that her now cargo of marchandize
of wooll, ?leade, ?steele, kettles and other goods (referring to his bills for
further particularities) was laded at Hamborow about two moneths ?past
by Hamburghers their (sic) dwelling, and for Hamburghers their accompt
saving two parcells for Antwerpians and XX for ?Cullenaers
and a Bremer, as by his bills and attestations that were aboard
is more fully to be XXXX, and were all to be carried to and delivered
at ?Roane on the same accompt. And saith further that hee and
all his company are Hamburgers, saving one in XXXhauser and his
boy a Swede, and were hired by him for the said voyage to ?Rouane and
home againe. And that hee had not any ffrench, Holland or danish factor
or colours aboard. And moreover that hee ??issued bils of lading
for the said goods, and that one of ?each with his other documents (all
true and reall) were aboard att the time of his seizure by the Newcaster
frigot about 5 weekes since, about 3 or 4 leagues to the west of the
?fflive as shee was plying with a contrary winde to perform her course
for Roane , her intended port of discharge, to the Captaine of
w:ch frigot this deponent delivered up all his said papers and
writings, without am XXXXXX or dissimulation. And further that
in the said nine yeeres XXXX the said shipp hath not bin in Holland
but hath ?used to ?saile from Hamborow to ffrance and England and
was this yeere in Scotland, all upon Hamburgers accompt. And
lastly that his company with himselfe consisteth of eight man and a boy
and denieth that hee ?issued any false bills. Et alre nescit


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Peter Peterson, of Riga, Sailor, aged 45

24:o Septembris 1666-

XXXXX XXX XXXXX the Yellow Sun de)
Riga in Prussia in XXXXX ?Suecica)

-1-:d PETER PETERSON de Riga XXXX Nauta, ?Navarhus
dicta XXXis the Yellow Sun, annos natus 45 aut
XXXXter testis in ?propris exáminatus, deponit XX

That the said shipp Yellow Sun belongeth and hath belonged to the port of Riga
for three yeares last and upwards, and that for all that ?passe Ga?spar Timmerman
and Andrew ?Dreiting (both Inyabitants and Merchants and Magistrates there and
subiects of the King of Sweden, and who have dwelt there all that time & longer;
and are accompted natives of that place XXX but and are the sole owners of the
XXXX Shipp and for such commonly accompted; namely each (as hee taketh it)
XXXXXX owner, w:ch hee knoweth javing bin master of the said Shipp for the
said time, and ?constituted XXX by the said owners, and XXXX in that ?space XXXX
hath not bin XXXX, or XXXtuned to ?any ffrench or hollander or dane. And
saith that in ?Taymes last heeXXXXX with his said shipp from Riga for S:t Martins in
ffrance to fetch XXX XXXXX, XXX owners arrange to Riga, ?that accordingly arriving
at Rochell XXXX tXXke in his lading of ?salt ?there in July ?when XXX XXXX accompt
w:ch hee this deponent there XXXXX and laded for his said owners, and
that in July or August last the f'XXX man prXXXXth
in regard of the absence of XX XXXX and XX XXXX and XXXXXX hee hath undergone//

f. 11v.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Eggert Wolf, of Stralsund, Pommerania, aged 60

EGGERT WOLF de Stralesund in Pommerania in XXXX

hat his said shipp was built at Stralsund about ?eight yeeres since
XXX XXX XXX this deponent was appointed to XXX XX and XXXX XXX his then and
now owners, who were and are all Stralsunders and subiects of the King
of ?Sweden, XXXX Nicholas Bowman, owner of an eigth part, John HoustXXX
eigth, John XXXXmaster an eigth, Hanse Yeila a 32_th, Ernest Waranta an 32:th
Jurris XXXX a 16:th, Claus PaXXXX a 16:th, Charles Banck a 16:th, Martin
ClXXXX a 16:th HXXXXX Clowe 1 16:th, and this deponent a 16:th part
and that noe Hollander, ffrench or dane hath any share therein, And they are
cometh now from Stralsund bound for Bremen, laded with XXXXX, and
XXXXX, XXXX three lasts of wheate, eleaven baggs of wool, 2000 sheep skins, and
about 20 shipp pounds of uron, 6 XXX of XXX XXXX, 12 barrells of linseed
and one felt of XXXX, all laded at Stralsund by subiects of the king of Sweden
and to them belonging and for their accompt and to be carried to Bremen from



XXXX and
at interest to this deponent too ?towards her building, for w:ch his shipp is liable upon
bottomrie to XXX fourteene Rix Dollars seventy besides the principall. And
saith that this deponent and his company ?with himselfe three persons
are all of ffrederickstadt, there and thereabouts dwelling in the dominion
of the duke of holstein, and there being and ?accepted subiects, and that ?noe
Hollanders, ffrench or dane?s hath any part in the said vessell or lading, And further that
about 6?weekes since hee came from ffrederickstadt with his said ?shipp w?ith
clapboard(?s), ?firrwood, and XXXX timber (all for XXXXX and for this deponents
and other burgers of ffrederickstadt subiects as aforesaid their accompts). bound for
Amsterdam to fetch Rhenish wine and for the said XXXXX XXXXX ?provisions XXXX
XXXXX XXXX alsoe XXXX, and comming to ?the ?most of XXXX ?land
in this cause for Amsterdam hee was


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Detlef Hendrickson, of ffrederickstat, Holsatia, sailor, aged 38

25:° Septembris 1666

Contra navem the Orange tree)
of ffrederickstat)

2:is DITL?OF HENDRICKSON de ffrederickstat in Holsatia
Nauta, XXXXX dicti navis the Orange tree
a'tatis 38 annorum aut ou XXXXX testis in
preparis examinatur, deponit et XXXXX, vizt

vide 1:xx in D

That his said shipp (of the burthen of sixteene lasts) was built at
ffrederickstadt about eight yeeres since, and hath ever since belonged to that
port in that Dominion of the Duke of Holstein; and that Cornelius vander
Loo and this deponent of ffrederickstat and John ffolkers trading at Colembet neere
that citie (where rgey alwaies dwelt and were and are subiects of the said
Duke) have bin the owners ever since the said building and are XX at present
namely this deponent owner of halfe the shipp and the other two each of
a fourth part, and that noe Hollander, ffrench or dane hath any part
or share therein- And that about ?seaven weekes xxxx (as hee remembreth

the time) hee (in company of the shipp the Death Hance Dorker M:r) came
from ffrederickstat with a parcell of timber & clapboard (by way of ballast)
and some XXXXX, w:ch wood was laded by John John?sen Burger there
andthe XXXXX by Miles Johnson & John Ruttenberg two other
Burgers there and a widow there dwelling all subiects of the said duke
and their XXX a ?park (the contents hee knowes not) laded by Claus XXX they
?alsoe a Burger there, and they were all to be delivered at Amsterdam
for accompt of the said ?owners, to w:ch XXX of Amsterdam the said shipp
?was bound (in carrying as aforesaid) to fetch Rhenish wine and Millstones
for the use and accompt of the said ?duke to be brought to ffrederickstat.
And there his company was XX XXX XXX himselfe and one man more
but subiects as aforesaid and dwelling in the dominion and XXXXX therein
And thXX ?running off the XXX XXX they were taken by the XXXX
frigot, and after brought up into the Thames, and ther the Captaine
and company of the XXXX tooke this said XXX and XXXX aboard the
man of warr, and XXX of the clap board and many of this deponents XXXXX. And saith that XXXX
by rhis XXX to the Captaine, and XXX another by him, w:ch XXX
XXXXX to ?return, and ?had nine other XXXX XX XXXX XX passes XX
nore any interested or XXX away



Case: The Sampson of Stetin in Pomerania: Deponent: Joachim Smit, citozen of Stetin in Pomerania, sailor, aged 62

f. 12v.

Contra nav?am the Sampson)
of Stetin in Pomerania)

JOACHIMUS SMIT civitatis Stetis in Pomerania in XXXX
?SueXXXX Natua, XXXXX XXXX XXXX navis, annos natus 62 XX
XXXX testis in propario exXXXXXX deponit XXXXX XXXX

That his ?said shipp was built at Stetin and is about ?20 yeeres old, and
hath alwaies belonged to XXXXX, and saith that hee this deponent hath XXX
XXX of him for XXX yeeres, and that GXXXX XXXXXXX is owner of
XXXX the shipp, Peter may a quarter parte & ?hamn TruXXX a widow a quarter
part, and are all Inyabitants and natives of Stetin and Subiects of the king
of Sweden, and that now Hollander, Dane or ffrench hath any share therein. XXX
saith that in June last there was with his said shipp at Amsterdam XX XXXX
had carried XXX XXX for XXXX XXXX acc:t) and was then freighted by a XXXX
named XXXX ?Orst to goe to Longsound in Norway to ?fetch a cargo of deales
and `Spanns for Amsterdam, voyage the said XXXX XXXX XXXX him and
XXXXX the said XXXX, and the said shipp reXXXXX therwith to Amsterdam)
the said XXX then XXX XXXX XXXXX owne accompt and then this deponents
said owner having XXX for and ordered this XXXXX XXXXX to Stetin, and
was returning in ballast, andcomming in XXXX this XXXXXX to trhe XXXXXX
XXXX XXXX athe XXXXX XXX the ships there being on fire) XXX XXXXX
?burning XX XXX them, was taken with his said shipp by the XXXX fleete and
XXX XX XXX wherethis shipp now lyeth. And saith his company were XXXX
XXX and a boy all ?Easterlings, XXX his stiersman of WXXXXX, and a
common man of Stralsund, and all the rest Stetinners. And that his
master fearing to be burned, XXXXX him and fledd in XXX XXXX, and left him
alone as this shipp XXXXXX taken, And that this ?paper was delivered

?ASA ?GEM ?KNIEST [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deponent: Michael de Craeyer, citizen of Antwerp, merchant, aged 68

f. 13r.

XXX GaXXXX Gyorkhammer, Mercatoris Antwerpiani)
pro navis the S:t XXXXXX et Xrro ?Limi)

4:° Octobris 1666

?Tuyer allegacconn arlate ex parte XXXX
Gyorkhammer date et XXXX annexis

MICHAEL DE CRAWYER cicitatis AutXXXpia Mercator,
annos agens 68 aut de XXXXX testis.

Ad primim srlum et XXXX in eadem mercanto deponit that hee hath
for two yeeres last and upwards bin Booke Keeper of and for the
producent GXXyor Gyorkhouwer, who is (as hee saith) a Merchant
of very eminent qualities, traffiquing to England, ffrance, Spaine, andinto the Streights and other places, and that hee is a native of Antwerp
where this deponent hath knowne him from his ?infancie, in w:ch infancie
this deponent hath often had him in his armes. And saith that in March
last the said XXXXX wrote and gave order to the arlate ?Romart
and de ?Panno his factors at Amsterdam (acting in company) to looke out
and bouy for him a shipp of about 200n lasts, of the price of about
nine or tenn thousand guilders, intimating his purpose to imploy her
to Rochell to fetch XXX, having found that to be a good traffique,
and after the firrst ?lr, ?hee confirmed such his order by others,
with direction to draw upon him for the payment for the said shipp
and XXXXXX, and signifying that hee would provide a M:r and
?Mariner for her in Brabant or fflanders to fetch her from
Amsterdam to XXXX XX XXX his accompt, or to the ?same effect, as is and
by the XXX ?lrs arlate appeareth, to hee referreth himsefe, and
to XXX XXXXX are XXX extants all of the parchments bookes of XXXXX
or ?lres , and that the ccontentts thereof were and areXXXXXX. Et alr nescit.

Ad 2:XX arlum et schedulas deponit that the timXXX arlate the
said ?productentXXX whXXX XX is XXX said factors to the effect arlate XXXXX
they XXX XXX they had bought such a shipp according to his order
and afterwards, that the XXXX that they were agreed of the price as
is arlate, and that ?they had honoured their draught, and would
make payment accordingly, referring himselfe to the lres arlate
numbred or marked D. E. XXXX XXXX ?w:ch are ?extrusted (XXX as the ?former)
one of the producents books of copies of lres by ?Cornelius Pirq a
Notarie of Antwerp, well knowne to this deponent, and whom this
deponent XXX XXXX in the said XXXX of the bookesa nd ex?trusting
Et alr nescit.

Ad 3:XXX arlum XX XXXXX in eadem XXXXXX et annex di XXXXXas
deponit that the said Bonnart and de Pann having brought that
said shipp sor the said producent, signified such buying and cost unto
him, and of their purchase to XXX and after that they had drawne
the payment and XXXXX XXX him and XXXX him the accompt
amounting as is arlate, and saith that the schedules marked N:o
2. 3. linro B were and are the said Boniara and da Pann their
said originall lres ?ther sent to the said producent, XXXX XX w:ch lres
hee saith is very well knowne ?tryin to be their hand of their lres
w:ch hee knoweth by the XXXX XXXX XXXXXX w:ch they
XXX w:th the producent in whose Counting House hee writeth.

f. 13v.

and frequently XXXXX his lres out and home, and often writeth
his outward lres w:ch the producent subscribeth. And to the accompt
N:° ?3 libro B hee saith that the ?same is the accompt XXXXXX from XXX
said factors touching the said shipps buying and costs. Et alr nescit

Ad 4:XX arlum et novam XXXX XXXXX exXXXXXX in eadem XXXXXX deponit
that the said billes (now XXX XXXX him) were and are the originall bills
of eschange XX drawn on the said producent in regard of the said shipp
and w:ch heehath accepted and hath paid the contents, owing and
w:ch was not payable till after this deponents comming from Antwerp
?namely in the said end of October 1666 now XXXX. Et alr nescit, ?saving (OR, having)
hee is XXXX to the said XXXments and artXXXX therein XX the exXXXXX
?for the said producent, and made entrie thereof in his books.

Ad 5:XXX arlum XX schedulas in eadem XXXXXX, XXXXXX in XXX XXXX
Libro C. deponit that the XXXX from Amsterdam was therein XXXewed
in a packet of thXXX said producent at Antwerp, this deponent XXXX
the XXXXX thereof. And the attestatxxon from Antwerp in the ?forthe
pf the said booke C. XXX XXXX hee knoweth to bee sealed with the ?towne
seale of Antwerp, and well knoweth the firme of XXXor ?Valrkenniser
the Towne Clark ?thereto, and is well assured of the truth of the
contents of the said attestaccons for the XXXX aforesaid alr nescit

Ad 6 arlum deponit that the said producent is a ?Hamberger with his
wife ?Hildrum and familie in Antwerp, and was and is a subiect of
the king of ?Szcinn, and one that fXXXth keepeth his bookes of
Merchandize, w:ch hee knoweth being his booke-keeper. And
saith the said accompt of the buying and fitting the said shipp is
onely entred in his the producents leger (sic) bookes, and severall
other things XXXX entred both before and after the same, and the
said ?Sparkhoumar hath really and truely paid and undertaken
to pay as is arlated. And saith hee well knoweth all the
Englishmen whose names are subscribed to the schedule arlate marked
2. lib. A. and that they are dwellers in Antwerp, and that they saw
thXXX ?people the said parchments bookes arlate, and saith that the ?certified
arlate from the ?magistrates of Antwerp was and is ?valid with the
said TXXXXX XXXX, and hee beleeveth the contents thereof to be true,
and which hee knoweth (for the reasons aforesaid) that the said producent
was and is the sole owner of the said shipp S:t Barbara, and that
?now other person XXX XXXX hath any XXX therein. Et alr nescit

Ad 7 nescit.

Ad ult. cicit predepsiter sum ad XXXX

Ad Interria

Ad primum rendet that hee is an Antwerpian by birth, and hath
lived for the most part there, and hath XXXly dwelt there for 17
or 18 yeeres last, and is not of kin of the producent, nor XXXX
otherwise than as his book keeper, this deponent being a XXX keeper of
XXXXX, and XXXX the victory according to ?right, and soe hee
would XXX the same, favouring XX XXXX.


f. 14r.

Ad 2 rendet that hee XXXX XXXX XXXX from Antwerp to declare the
XXX XXX is businesse at the XXX and XXXXX of the said producent
XX XXXXX XXXX hee XXXXX for his voyage and time, nor having
made any ?interest with him, Et alr negative.

Ad 2. negative.

Ad 4 rendet that hee hath seene and perused all the bookes interrogated,
and being the producents booke keeper and principall writer of his lres
is frequently XXXX therein, and privie to his XXXXX and
XXX XXXXXX, having bin his booke keeper for two whole yeares.

Ad 5 rendet that he beleevetrh the said producent receiveth XXX XXX
lres one ?other hee XXXX accomptest thereof in the XXXXX or in the
file and w:ch is obvious to the view of this deponent and XXXX,
Et alr negative.

Ad 6 negative referendo XX ad XXXXtor.

Ad 7 rendetr that the said producent is owner of the said shipp S:t
Barbara of about 220 lats, the Three Kings of 120 lasts, XXther
(the name whereof hee remembreth not without booke) of about 30
or 40 lats) Peter Moret M:r. The Postellon of Antwerp of about
30 lasts, and hee is part owner of the ?Armies of Antwerp of
the like burthen. Et alr. nescit.

Ad 8 nescit.

Ad 9 rendet that Madam the widow de la ?Renee and XXXth
de la Ronde are the producents partner in Ro?chell, and hee saith
XXX XXXX saith them in that qualities for the said two yeeres wherein
thid deponent hath bin Booke Keeper, and as hee XXXX XXXX
before, Et alr nescit XXXX parte XXX negative.

Ad 10 rendet that the said producent XXX XXXX times of writing
to the said Madame and GXXfrey de la Ronde touching lading the said shipp
S:t Barbara with XXX for Bristoll. Et alr. nescit-

MIGUEL DE CRAEYER [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deponent: Jeremias Peltz, XXX, aged 20

5:° Octobris 1666

Super allegaconne et XXXX praed.

JERMIAS PELTZ famulus magri Syerkhounser producentis
cui inXXXXX per XXXXXX ult etatitis 20 annoorum aut
XXXXX testis

Ad primum arlum de XXXX in eadem XXXXte deponit that hee hath
well knowne the producent M:r ?SparkXXXer for six yeeres last
to have bin and to be a merchant of good qualitie and XXXX, and
having for XXXX monthes last served him as his counting
house clerke, well knoweth that hee tradeth for England, Germany
Spaine, ffrance, Italy and other parts. And saith that hee XXXX
arlate namely in May last the said producent wrote to his factors
BXXX and de Pann arlate at Amsterdam to XX XXX and

f. 14v.

Digital image is unclear

f. 15r.


Ad Interria

Ad primXX rendt XXXX

JEREMIAS PELS [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Arthur Burlacia, aged 22

f. 15v.

16:° Octobris 1666

ARTHUR BURLACIA one of the Company
of the Dragon frigot, aged 22 yeeres or
thereabouts, sworne on behalf of his

That the said frigot the Dragon Captaine ?Oule commander
in her immediate service of his Maiestie scouting by order
of the Generall off the ffleXX on the coast of Holland
about two monethes XXXXX espied two vessells XXXding in for
the fflXXX, and the said Captaine setting out his boate
XXXXed after them, the said two bessells XXpied bestooke
themselves to XXXX boates and flXXXX, and XXX the said two
vessells were taken by the frigots XXXmann, in w:ch XXXXXX
this deponent was one ?who XXXed to broad and
XXXX them, and of w:ch hee ?hath had a picture XXXX
XXXX. w:ch was said to be the Charitie, XXXX as hee hath
since heard, XXXX hath by a dutchman the XXXXXX bin
a ffrXXd to be named the S:t John and to be belonging to
Ansterdam, but the name of the XXXX hee knoweth not
sand saith the said two vessells were and are Holland built
their companies that the XXXX XXXX carried XXX
XXXXX with them as hee verily beleeveth XXXX
XXXXXXXXXXXX were none left in XXX of them

Signed Artheri [HIS MARK] Burlachi


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Abraham Walvin, Sailor, aged 23

Dmnos Turner et ?Carew the)
Nostra Signora del Gratia et bona)
in eadem et rad ffoote et alios)

25:° Octobris 1666

Super alleno erlate XX partadictXXXX
ffoote et alirorum dXXXX et exhibitis annXXXX

ABRAHAM WALVIN, soperacargo navis the Nostra Signora
del Gratia, natus in parXXhia sancti salvatoris in burg da
Southwarke, a'tatis 23 aut et cicriter testos perdurkus & XXXX

Ad primum

f. 16r.

Ad 2:XX arlXX et prima schedulum annexum et XXXX XXX deponit
that hee well knoweth the said other producents vizt Samuel ffaXX
XX Daniel Pourteen, and Edward Watts, and hath so done for
eight moneths last, and saith they are Merchants of London, and
traders to Venice and other parts of the Streights XXXX here they came
their factors and correspondents, and at Venice the arlate XXXX
VandenXXXst there dwelling was and is their factor of this depts XXX
knowledge, for XXX XXX that in January last or thereabouts the
said XXXcroft oat Venice as factor of and for the said three London
Merchants Alderman ffoote, M:r Pourteen and M:r Watts and for their
accompt hired and tooke the said shipp to freight of the said Signor
LXXXlle to goe to Zant to lade currants and to Gallipoli to lade
oiles to be brought directly to this port of London and there to be
delivered to and to the XX of the said three merchants, who as hee
hath understood XXX XXX XXX his comming to London, have partners in the said
XXXXX, vizt that the oiles are for Alderman ffoote and
partners and the currants for M:r Pourteen M:r Watts and partners,
and MXXXX GXXXXoft (an Antwerpian being and in
?JoyXXXX for them or XXXX of this deponents knowledge of Venice)
is by the said Pourteen and Watts said to be their partner in the said currants
and XXXXX factor or agent with lading thereof. And this
XXX first schedule annexed was and is a translation out of Italian
into English of the originall counterpartie XX made and passed at
venice for the said voyage betweene the said Ravenscroft and Lominelli
and XXXtly the effect of the said affreightment. w:ch hee
knoweth being privie to the said affreightment and acquainted with
all the designe of the voyage, being (as hee XXX
hee was) hired at Venice (at the time of the said affreightment)
by the said M:r Ravenscroft as factor aforesaid to goe upon XXXX
of the said ?shipp for the said Merchants, who M:r Ravenscroft took
order and XXXX this deponent who ?speaketh very good dutch,
that in case of meeting with dutch or ffrench shipps, hee this deponent
should pretend himselfe to be a dutchman, and that the goods were
bound for Ostend, and that hee should carry himselfe as a dutchman
to the end to conceale the London designe from the Mariners and
?conveying of the said shipp, but with that hee is an Englishman borne
as aforesaid in S:t Saviours parish, where his father and mother
lived and died, and with his father by common repute and as XXX
XXXXXX said was borne at Norwich and his mother in London,
and two of his this deponents ??brothers by his said father and mother
live near London at present, and saith that albeit this deponent
hath formerly lived in Holland to learne the language, yet XXX XXX
it is six yeares or thereabouts ?since hee was there last, And further
steersman of the said shipp named Claus Mayer, XXX with that hee
this deponent XXXXX him at Cadiz in the said shipps comming from
London and understanding him to be Hamburger and well acquainted
with the course of ?writing in the XXXXX, this deponent hired him there
to goe stearsman in assistance of this deponent, and the said steersman
hath bin for XXX to and XXXX by XXXX XXXXXX XXXX as their
?Townsman namely Hamburger, and for such ?knowne and is commonly
accompted, and none of the company subiects of the United Provinces. Et
alr nescit.

f. 16v.

Ad 4 et 5:X arluX et XXXX in eadem XXX

shippXXXXX to Gallipoli, and this deponent in

Ad 7 arlum deponit that for the XXX XXXX of the said XXXX and
voyage the said XXX XXXX and this deponent XXXXa XXXX firm the
English consul in ?Venice, XXXting the said prods belonged to
the said XXXX an Englishman and was bound for London.
XXX XX XXX XXX was by the said XXXX fforXXX a certificate XXX
XX John ffinch Resident in fflorencum with the Grand Duke
of Tiuscany to XXXX XXXX then XX interest of her said shipp and
ggods was in XXXX XXX XX, and thereXXXX bills XXXXXX
by this deponent to the said purpose w:ch were performance Tantam
by them and there was after and English Ensign carried at her XX
in the said shipp to the XXXX
course for London about thirteen longXXXX XXX of their hands and

f. 17r.

they were met with by two Holland men of warr, one of w:ch haled
them and bad them come aboard, an XXXXX ducth answered
that the XXX men XX XXX and biund for Ostend, and for coming aboard
they made XXX
XXXX as they could
them to lie by them till morning (for in war XXX when they XX
came up with them) this XXXXX XXXX man of warr XXXX
put XX his boate and came aboard and finde their English documents
made them all fast up with five or six XX XXX in the said English
Ensign, and XXXX them
the XX and XXX them, namely the said XXX
bills of lading, and noe other papers or writings whatsoever were
at XXX XXXXXXXXXXX, And about the middle of the
first XXXX in the night, and Ostender (then with other Ostenders and
an English shipp were in their XXXXX) carrying her XXX

f. 17v.

Digital image is rather inclear

f. 18r.

aboard, one of XXXX du Gramm but hee knoweth not of what
XXXX the other was, nor the name of either of them, XXX XXXX that
spake XXX Italian.

Ad 3 rendet that the interr Sign:e Piscilla who laded the ship XXXX
accompted an Antwerpian borne, and this deponent was XXX XXXX
ordered by the said XXXXX XXXXX the XXX XXXXX XXXX said Piscilla
for the said lading of XXXXX. Et alr nescit XXXX XXX XXXX

f. 18v.

ABRAH: WALWYN His signature

Case: XXXX: Deposition: ffranciscus Raynsford, apprentice of Alderman ffoote, aged 19

Eadem die

Super allone predict examinat:e

2. ffRANCISCUS RAYNSFORD famulas Apprenticius Aldermanni
ffote partis producend. annos agens 19 aut XXXXX testis

Ad primum nescit deponere

Ad 2 aclum deponit that y:e aclate Alderman ffoote,[3] Daniel Porteene, and Edward
Watts, are merchts of quality and Inhabitants of this city of London And
the sd Alderman ffoote hee saith hath traded and doth trade to Venice
Gallipoli and other places beyond y:e seas, and kepeth his factors to that
purpose, and particulerly he saith the aclate George Ravenscroft[4] is the
factor for y:e sd producent at Venice aforesd. And saith that about
January 1665 old stile the sd Ravenscroft informed the sd producent
Ald: ffoote that hee had freighted a shipp called XXX Seignigyn ?del Gratia to goe to
Zant and Gallipoli there to lade oyles and currants and to bring y:e
same to London. And the oyles hee saith being three score ten tonnes or
thereabouts are for y:e acc:t and ?uisage of this depo:ts M:r and partners and to
his sd facto:r at Venice: And to that purpose hee saith hee hath seene y:e
lres sent to his sd Master, who he was desired by the sd Ravenscroft to receive
y:e freight due for Currants then on board. Et alr referendose ad primam
schedulam qua credit esse veram nescit saving hee beleeveth the sd schedule
to bee of y:e sd Ravenscrofts handwriting.

Ad 3 deponit that the sd Ravenscroft informed the sd producent Ald. ffoote that
hee had hired the sd aclate Abraham Walwyn to doe and act as is aclate
the better to avoid seizure by ffrench or dutch, knoweth not where the
sd Walwyn was borne, but hath seene a womman in London whom the sd Walwyn XXXX
to bee his sister. Et alr nescit.

Ad 4 deponit that the sd Ravenscroft advised this depts sd Master
that he had caused to bee laden at Gallipoli one hundred sixty three
Caskes of oyle smale and great on board the sd shipp, marked as is XXXX, for his sd Masters XXXX
au:t, ad that hee had colourably used the name of the aclate Angelo del Oylies
for feare of being mett with by y:e Enemys to this kingdome, which he knoweth
having seene such lres and being made privy to all his sd M:rs transactions
in merchandizing affarres and writing his lres and being booke keeper Et alre
referendo XX ad filie dulam qua credit esse verant in hummodi erle XXXXX
nescit deponere.

f. 19r.

Ad 5 nescit deponere salvis predeportis refereado se ad schedulas aclate

Ad 6 deponit that y:e aclate Robert ffoote[5] and Benjamin Child advised this
depots sd M:r that they had laded on board the sd ship at Legorne (she touching
there in her passage for London) two bailes of kid skins for their owne
XXX markes and numbred as aclate. And that y:e sd Welwyn had subscribed
a note as is aclate And saith y:e fifth schedule is subscribed by the sd Welwyn
as is aclate, this deponent having severall times seene him write his name.
and thereby being acquanited with manner and character in writing
Et alr refereado se ad drum schedulam nescit

Ad 7 deponit that y:e aclate Robert ffoote sent a Copy of a Certificate obtained from
y:e aclate S:r John ffinch[6] his Matys resident at fflorence to this depots
sd master. Which Copy he alsoe saw: Et alr nescit proprantosua saving he beleeveth
that y:e sd currans really belong to y:e aclate Daniel ?Pourteene and Edward Watts
Ad nescit deponere

Ad 9 deponit that when the sd shipp was seized or stoppd in ffalmouth by the parties aclate
Oyles were then worth and about London would have bin sold for 60: L XXXX and upwards
per tonne, and now they will yeild but abput 45:L per tonne. And saith that hee hath
seene a note subscribed by one ?Fremaine for the receipt of twenty one XXX
from his precontest M:r Walwyn Et alr nescit saving the sd producent
XXXX suffered losse and dfammage in y:e losse of their marketts and demurrage of their
shipp and leakeage of oiles, and dammage of goods, in this deponents Judgmt

Ad 10:th deponit that y:e lading of oyles belonging to this depots M:r and partners were assured upon
at Genoa to come from Gallipoli for London for y:e acc:t aforesd by ffrancis Gardiner
and Thomas Kirke and y:e Charge thereof was drawne upon this depots master
who gace credit in his XXXX to his sd factor as he procured the sae to bee assured, which
hee knoweth for y:e reasons aforesd.

Ad ult. dicit predeporta per cum XXXXXX

Ad Interria

Ad primum rend:t that hee is not related to Alderman ffoote otherwise than by being his
apprentice nor to any of y:e parties producent and was borne at ?Harrndon
in Northtonshire as he supposeth it to bee.

Ad negative saying

Case: XXXX: Deponent: 3. Robertas Demetrius, of St Botolphs without Alddgate, London, aged 35

f. 19v.

16:th of October 1666

Super XXX

3. ROBERTAS DEMETRIUS paroa S:ti Bodolphi extra Aldgate London XXXX
annos agens 35 entrXXXX testis product et Jurat

Ad primum nescit deponit

Ad 2. 3. 4. & 5. deponit that hee well knoweth y:e Aclate Alderman Samuell ffoote,[7] M:r
Daniell Pourteene and M:r Edward Watts merchts and Inhabitants of this
city of London. And soe hath knowne Alderman ffoote and M:r Watts for
theise twenty yeares or thereabouts and M:r Powrteene for about XXX
yeers last who hee saith are merchts of very good quality and great ?trade
to Venice Gallipoli and Zant and other places in y:e Streights and to
that purpose keepe their factors beyond seas. And saith there were laden
on board the shipp Notro Seigniora del Gratia at Zant one hundred and fifty
thousand weight or thereabouts of Currans for the ac:t of the aclate
Daniel Pourteene, Edward Watts and Marine ?Gathoffe a
subiect of Venice and there resident and the same were to bee XXXX
in the sd shipp to London and here to bee delovered for y:e same ac:t And
saith the sd Currants are as hee verily beleeveth and is well
assured marked and numbred as is aclate and that none but
y:e persons aclate have any share or interest in the sd Currans or any
part thereof. And the third and fourth schedules being two original
bills of lading are as hee beleeveth the bills of lading soo signed for
y:e said Currans and y:e Contents thereof reall and true. The premisses
hee deposeth having seene y:e receipt of severall lres from y:e said
Gelthoff about y:e same and having answered and copyed the lres
of y:e said


Ad Interria

Ad primum rendit that hee was borne in S:t Mary Axe in London. And
that M:r Pourteene married this rend:ts first cozen is not otherwayes related
to any of them

f. 20r.

therein and XXXX him XXX to y:t purpose which hee this depot entred in his book of
copies of lres. And XXX only after he sent another lre advising the sd XXXXXX
that hee had laded them onboard a ship XXX Signora del Gratia being y:e
ship in XX XXX. Et alr nescit

Ad 11-12 et 13 nescit

Ad 14 et alr nescit.

Ad 16 nescit.

ROBERT DEMETRIUS [His signature]

Repetit coram dXXX XXXXX surr:to
parte D:re XXXXX XXXXX

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Abraham Beake, son of Arnold Beake, aged 22

29:° Octobris 1666

Super allegacone arlate XX XXX
ex parte eake et al examinate.

1. ABRAHAM BEAKE filius Arnolde Beake producent
annus natus 22 aut XX XXXXX testis productus

Ad primum secundum et 3:th arle deponit that the producent Arnolde
Beake is his father (with whom hee hath lived for the most part of
histime) and Elias Beake his uncle, who for all the time
of his remembrance have bin merchants of and dwellers in London
(where they at present inhabit) and subiects of his Ma:tie and such
ias have and doe drive a trade of merchandize betwixt
England and ffrance upon their owne accompt for wine, brandy and
vinager, andXXXX XXXX good quantities thereof XXXX them to London from ffrance for the proper acco:t of them the said Arnold and Elias
Beake who were and are partners in ther trade and busines. And
with that the aclate Samuel Beake is his this deponents brother
(sonne alsoe of the said Arnold) and a native of London and for the time
aclate hath bin and is the factor of the said Arnold and Rlias at
Bordeaux, and XXX XXXX XX accompted, and bought and
provided by their order and for their accompt severall ?greate quantities
of wine and brandy, and shippedXX XXX XXXX XXX XXX London
and particularely (as by lres and XXX XX from him) in or about
the moneth of July 1666 hee laded and caused at Bordeaux to bee
laded and XX about the shipp ffortune of XXXX aclate twenty
XXX of brandy marked with the first mark in th margin
and further two tunns and one hogshead of wine and three tunns and
three hogsheads of vinegar of the ?same marke in the margin, all
to be transported in the said shipp to London and there to be XX to them
and for their accompt, w:ch hee knoweth for they XX writeth in the
sd producents Counting house and is acquainted with thXX XXX XXX
and XXX XXXXXXX the said bookes touching XXXXX
frequently pressing the bookes and XXX XXX in those affaires XXX
Et alre nescit

Ad 4 aclum et prima schedulam annex deponit that hee verily beleeveth
the said schedulXX to be one of their bills of lading XX XXX ?signed by the said XX for
the said goods, for that hee knoweth the hand writing of the filling
XX XXX to be the hand of one of the said Samuell his servants, and to XXX
remembrance made ?her taketh in her XXX in XXXX XXXXX from the said Samuel
to this said XXXX, and saith hee is assured of the truth of the XXX
thereof Et alr nescit

f. 20v.

Ad 5:X arlum et secundam et 3:X sched annex deponit that
hee well knoweth (for the reasons aforesaid) the said second schedule
to bee of the hand of the said Sammuele XXXX XXXXX and the said third
schedule to be the said Samuels owne hand, and is assured of the
truth of the contents thereof, with this addition XXX the said
Elias is in part ?ownershipp therein as in the rest of their trade
with the said Aclate, w:ch the said Sammuel well understands as XX
albeXXX them for ?brevitie and for his part XXXX XX to whom hee XXX XXX XXX markes
the addresses XXX XXXX Arnold Beake alone

Ad 6 aclam deponit that hee jath heard and beleeveth that there
was a colourable bill of lading signed by the said XXX to the
end of avoiding seizure and confiscation in case of capture by the
enemies of this XXXX, But of his certaine
knowledge the said XXX were really laded for the accompt of the
said Arnold and Elias who did and doe  ?run the XX adventure
thereof, and are by efforts of theirs in the said Samuels hand
(w:ch this deponent knoweth XXX XXXXXX) or otherwise to XXXX
by them the said Arnold and Elias Beake, who of his knowledge
as aforesaid run the XXX thereof
Et alr nescit

Ad 7. deponit that hee well knoweth the aclate Peter Crosse
and hath XXXX true XXXXX this deponents said brother from
XXXXXX directed to the said Peter in this the said Peters hand
and ?truely knoweth them to ne correspondents, and this deponent
hath understood that the said Sammuel XXXX the XXX XXX and XX
the shipp aclate for the said Peters acco:t for London tenn XXXX of
brandy of the marke in the margin w:ch said Peter hee saith is
an English man (as this deponent taketh him) and lately
as hee hath heard lived in Billeter lane London, and having ?seen
the 4. 5. and 6:th schedules annexed hee saith the
5:th schedule being the bill of lading for the said
tenn ?peeXX of brandy is filled up with the hand of one of the
?servants of the said Sammuel, the 5:th schedule being the XXXX
for the same is of the hand of the other XXXX of the said Sammuel
and the 6:th is the prod:ts Sammels owne hand and XXXXXXX the
contents thereof to be true. Et alr nescit.

Ad 9 deponit that XXX

f. 21r.

and documents, hee hath ?seen and understand them the said bessell
was in her two voyages XXX


ABRAHAM BEAKE [His signature]

Ad Interria


ABRAHAM BEAKE [His signature]

f. 21v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Johannes Poplar, of St Salvatoris, Southwarke, yeoman, aged 26

Eadem die

Super Allone prXXX Examinat

2:X JOHANNES POPLAR paro S:ti Salvatorie in Burgo da
Southwarke ?yeoman annos agens 26 aut inter dicit et
deponit prout seq viz:t

Ad primum et 2:XX dXX XXXXX deponit et dicit That hee well knoweth
y:e aclate Arnold & Elias Beake and soe hath done ever since hee can
remember during all w:ch time they the sd Arnold & Elias Beake have
lived in London and were & are subiects of his majesty of England &
soe commonly accounted & knowne to be and saith that they are merchn:ts
of great repute and dealings on their owne acc:t w:ch hee knoweth
for that hee hath bin one of their Clerkes in their counting house for
about a yeere last and used to copy their lres & make up
accounts about their merchandizing affaires, And saith that hee
thereby alsoe knoweth that they have during the sd times of his having
bin their serv:t driven a great trade from ffrance to England for wine
Brandy XXXXX & other things XXXX all as far as ever hee understood
on their owne acc:t & adventure they being brothers using to trade in
ptnership, et alr nescit

Ad 3:XX 4:XX 5:XX 6:XX 7:XX 8:XXX et 9:XX arles dXXX Allonie deponit et dicit
That by y:e meanes aforesd h

f. 22r.

Ad 11:XX deponit That head not y:e sd ship bin seized shee ?would
doubly have come directly to Legorne X where y:e sd goods XXXX
to the sd partyes or their assignes et alr nescit.

Ad 12:XX XXX pte sua nescit.

Ad 13:XX deponit That hee hath heard that the M:r & Company of y:e sd
ship (who queszion?bly is necessary XXXXX herein) were XXXX up in
person as Enemyes
et alr nescit

Ad ult XXXX prepoisa p XXXX esse vera.

Ad Interria

Adprimum rend:t that the sd Arnold & Elias Beake did not in any of their
lres ofOrders about y:e XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX goods in question XX y:e sd ship ffortune
and saith that they sent the sd lres XXXXX by ?post to y:e sd Samuel Beake
at Nourdeaux & this depo:t just before they were sent away copyed them
in y:e Copy book of y:e sd M:r Beake, out of w;ch hee tooke
notes (w:ch hee hath now w:th him) of ye teno:r aforesd, et
alre salvit prdepotie ad qua XXXXX nescit.

Ad 2:XXX rend:t That hee knoweth not y:e rest of y:e sd goods but by y:e
Invoyces to XXX he referred wXX Invoyces were sent over by y:e sd
Samuel Beakes to the sd XXXXXX, but when they received them hee
knoweth not nor knoweth whether any money or any thing els is
pd for or in pt of y:e goods now claimed. et alr nescit

Ad 3:XX rend:t That the sd M:r Beakes XXX severall markes
but y:e pticular markes hee cannot put downe And saith that the
sd M:r Arnold Beake is this rend:ts uncle & hee is their XXX as a foresd
& is not otherwise related to them, & sayth that hee hath now interest in y:e
goods claimed, & is worth fourty pounds in cleare estate as hee beleeveth
et alr nescit.

JOHN POPLAR [His signature]

Case: The Seaven Starrs, taken by the Assurance: Deposition: 1. Nathaniel ?Pocket, Masters Mate, aged 24

Ult: Octobris 1666

Touching y:e shipp the Seaven Starrs)
taken and seized by the Assurance)
ffrigott. On behalfe of his majesty)

NATHANIEL ?POCKET Masters mate of y:e Assurance
ffrigot aged 24 or thereabouts sworne and
Examined on behalfe of his Majesty in
prapacrco. saith and deposeth


That hee was one of the Company of y:e Assurance ffrigott John Norborow Commander
and hath soe bin mate of her, and Mitchiap (sic) man for about five monthes last
And saith the said ffrigott being by y:e Generalls sent out to front while
the English ffleete lay at Sole bay, and being upon the scout on or about
the thirteenth of August last past discovered three vessells under
saile and making up to the shipp in question discovered her to have
dutch colo:r up and ?hee (OR, ?her) by eleaven of y:e clock toward ?noone comming soe no one as to discerne the ffrigott to bee
an Engish ffrigott, boore away before y:e wind making all the saile hee
possibly could which y:e Command:r of y:e sd ffrigott XXXceiving made also
after them and on or about one or two of y:e Clock in the afternoone of y:e same day
seized and tooke the Seaven Starrs aclate being laden with wine and
Brandy as y:e Company affirmed, bound for Holland and having eleaven
Gunns on board. And saith that after and before the said ffrigott
came up with her the sd prize she fired severall gunns at y:e ffrigott
namely one of the shotts tooke place in y:e main mast, another in y:e
maine topmast, which much damnifyed the masts and XXXXXall the
Shotts before she and XXXX before XXX XXXXX
And saith severall of y:e sd Shipps Company declared that they came from
ffrance and were bound for Holland, and that the sd shipp and lading consisting
of wine and brandy belonged to Hollanders also. Et alr nescit saving y:e M:r refusing to yeild
was by one of y:e Assurances Company killed, whereupon they presently yeilded


Case: The Seaven Starrs, taken by the Assurance: Deposition: 2. Thomas Beavens, of the Assuance ffrigott, aged 46

f. 22v.

The same day

2. THOMAS BEAVENS one of y:e Company of the Assurance ffrigott
aged 46 aut XXXX sworne saith and deposeth

That in Aug: t last the Assurance ffrigott was sent out of
Solebay by y:e Generalls to scout, and being out upon such scouting
on or about the eleaventh of Aug:t last to the best of his
remembrance of the time, discovered and tooke a shippe called
the Seaven Starrs ladn with wines and brandy and bound for
Amsterdam as y:e Company declared to this dep:t and others: having
Eleaven Gunns on board sverall of which she fired at trhe ffrigott and
made severall shotts at y:e masts rigging and sailes endeavouring
thereby to disable the ffirgott and to impede her persuite being in and upon asterne chase.
And three of her shotts he saith in particuler were remarkeable
one X y:e first was in her Main topmast, the second in her mainmast which
his precontest saw and tooke y:e bullet out being a bullet of 3:li weight
the other was through her spritsaile yard, which rendred her
unable to beare any more saile thereupon. And saith that when
they came up together and within shott the sd ffrigott fired some
gunns and severall small shotts past bteweene them and were given
and taken. And y:e Captaine of the said Seaven Starrs being killed
with a finale shott the Company Imediately yeilded, who declared
that there said shipp and lading belonged to Hollanders and was
thither bound, and that they had taken a Scotch bessell bound for
y:e barbadoes that they had made prize of her lading and restored
the shipp to the master againe wanting to XXXXXX And that they had taken an English
fflyboate laden with deales. And saith there were two other vessells
in the sd Seaven Starrs Company a dutch ffly boate and another
who made their escape wule the ffrigott was in persuite of y:e said 7
Starrs. who was taken by y:e said ffrigott about 17 or 19 leagues from
shore betweene Sole and Lasthow. Et alr nescit.

THOMAS BEAVENS [His signature]

Case: The Swedish Lyon: Deposition: 2. Johannes Rainmorter, of North Yarmouth, sailor, aged 25

13. Novembris 1666

XXXX con y:e Swedish)
Lyon predict.)


2. JOHANNES RAINMORTER de North Yarmouth Nauta annos agens 25
aut XXXX testis productis et Juratus dicit et deponit proXXXXX

Ad primum et secundum arles deponit et dicit that for about tenn or Eleaven
yeares last past this deponent hath knowne y:e producent Samuell Beake who hee
saith was and is a merchant of good quality and reputaccon and one that
drives and hath driven a good trade in salt wines, and other
ffrench Merchandizes for his owne acc:t from severall places in ffrance to the
kingdomes of Ireland and England. And saith that the said Beake is to y:e best
of his knowledge and as hee beleeveth an Englishman, the sonne of y:e aclate
Arnold Beake and this depo:t hath bin informed that y:e said Sam:le was borne in
London. And dwelling such the time of this depo:ts knowledge of him hee the said Samuel
hath bin ffor y:e most part resident in Bourdeaux, a Batchelo:r, and boarded there. And further
carrying on of such his trade hee keeps his factors at Rochel ?Olroone
and other places in the dominions of y:e said ffrench King as also at Dublin and Corke, in Ireland. Et alr nescit deponit

Ad tertium et 4 arles deponit that in ffebruary last past the aclate Peter Knight and y:e
producent had treaty about the buying and selling a shipp, and the producent XXX
of him the said XXX shipp called then the Cumberland the said Knight XXX lying in the
River of and neere Bourdeaux for y:e summe of foure thousand Livers or

f. 23r.

thereabouts which hee knoweth hee being made privy thereto, And being
sent by the said Samuell Beake to view the said shipp her tackle and
furniture. and to give him acc:t what this depo:t thought the same
were worth. And saith the sd producent agreed and undxertooke to pay for
y:e said shipp at her arrivall at Royen (sic) below in that River the foresaid summe
of 4000 livers or thereabouts in this depots presence. And hee verily beleeveth that the said summe
is since paid but he for his part saw not any mony paid. And for y:e reasons
aforesd beleeveth him to bee sole owner of the said shipp her tackle apparell
and furniture. And saith that after such buying the said shipp hee the sd
Beake Changed her name and called And named her y:e Swedish Lyon and
put and constituted the aclate Henry Roode M:r of her and the said producent
Expended and laid out severall summes of mony in triming and fitting put
the said shipp for a voyage to bee made from y:e port of Bourdeauy to Dublin in
Ireland, for which voyage and for his owne acc:t and XXXX to the best of this
deponents knowledge hee laded and caused to bee laden on board the said shipp
about seaventy tonns of White and redd wines, and severall peeces of Bruins (sic)
to bee carried to, and which were carried to and delivered at Dublin in
Ireland to y:e aclate Josuah Allen
his factor there and to bee and were disposed of by him for y:e sd Beakes acc:z. And
the aclate Henry Roode y:e master hee is well assured received moe mony for
ffreight of y:e said goods from y:e sd Allen or from any other, y:e same belonging wholy to
y:e said producent. Which hee knoweth being one of y:e Company
and going the said voyage and being made privy to the
whole transaction of the sd lading and voyage by y:e sd M:r Beake and Master
of y:e sd shipp. Et alr nescit saving that in y:e voyage afoesaid they touched at
Plymouth and there tooke in a Pilott bamed Nicholas Lampin an Englishman
living then at Plymouth to goe in her to Dublin in Ireland, this depo:t being a
stranger in these seas, and the sd shipp went from Plymouth some part of y:e seas under
the Convoy of the Dartmouth and y:e Little ?Guifts his Majesties frigots untill
stresse of weather parted them.

Ad 5. 6. & 7 deponit that y:e said shipp returned in Ballast with some small things
to Rochell and ?Oloroone about June last past, by y:e orders of y:e said Samuel Beake, And
hee saith the aclate Baily the producents factor did at Xloroone lade
and caused to bee laden on board the said shipp by order and advice of y:e
said producent, and for his ac:t about three hundred of Xloroone salt to bee
carried in the said ship to Corke in y:e Kingdome of Ireland and there
to bee delivered to y:e aclate Gold for y:e sd producents acc:t and to bee
by him vended and disposed of for y:e same acc:t which hee knoweth ffor that
this deponent and y:e Master at Dublin as also at Rochell after their returne
from Dublin had lres from the said Beake ordering them to goe to ?Moroone
and advising them that the aclate Baily would lade them with salt for
his ac:t to bee carried to Corke in Ireland. Which lres hee has since lost, as
hee beleeveth. But knoweth not of any bills of Exchange drawne upon y:e
sd producent or of any monies wither paid or remitted for y:e sd lading but beleeveth
the same to bee paid for y:t y:e said Beake being as hee supposeth a rich mann & a great trader
useth to pay very Currant. Et alre nescit.

Ad 8 deponit that y:e lre aclate being y:e first schedule is wholy written and subscribed
by and with y:e proper hand of y:e said Samuell Beake which hee knoweth having
severall times seene him write, and received severalll lres from him and therby
being well acquainted with his manner and Character of handwriting. Et alre
referendo soad diXXX misivam, ffacturam et atte starenem aclate et contenta in eiXXdem
nescit depondre saving . Sam Beake at y:e foote of y:e sd attestaccon is y:e firme of y:e sd producent

f. 23v.

Ad 9 deponit that the said shipp Swedish Lyon with her said lading of salt on
board was in her Course for Corke in Ireland namely about halfe Seas over from
?Ushing in ffrance to y:e landsend y:e wind being scant met with and seized by a
private man of warr one Hampton then Comman:r and by him brought
up into or neere ?ffoye aclate Et alre nescit.

Ad 10 deponit that since y:e said seizure the sd privateers Company have broken
the sd shipps bulke and have taken and plundred out of the said bulke about
two thirds of the sd salt to the best of this depots judgmt being part of y:e sd shipps
lading and belonging to the sd Beake, and about three tonns of wines white
and red and about five or six haffe hogsheads of Brandy belonging to y:e
shipps company as this depo:t hath bin informed by y:e ;:r and other of y:e Company and as hee guesseth by y:e lightnes of y:e shipp and have also taken away a New Cable about Eight
Inches thicknes, and a halter also belonging to the said shipp and severall
of y:e Companies Cloathes, and monies, and sailes Kettles and other
the Shipps furniture and three barrells of XXXXX, and y:e bookes belonging to y:e sd Knight
And as this dep:t who was a prisoner on shore at ffoy ?about some twelve dayes hath bin
informed y:e said privateers used to and did put the Company of y.e said
shipp Swedish Lyon into y:e Great cabbin when they had a mind to plunder
or tale anything out of the sd shipp least the sd Company should see what
they soe tooke, and to that purpose they ordered a person to stand with a
pistoll charged at y:e doore of y:e cabbin to keep them in. And saith that one
W:m Pauley (who came onboard with Captaine Stanthwaite and who is now
waiter on board the sd shipp) stood with a pistoll to that purpose and hee the said Pawley
hath confessed to this depo:t that hee was ordered by the privateers
soe to doe.
Et alr dicit predeporta pereum de vera:.

Ad Interria.

Ad primum rend:t that he went onboard and served in the said shipp soe soone
as she was bought and hath served in her ever since untill her said seizure
and is well assured that y:e shipp y:e Swedish Layon is the same that
was formerly called the Cumberland and was and is one and y:e same
ship and not divers. Et alr referende sead predeporta.

Ad 2 rend:t that he saw y:e greatest part of y:e lading of salt put on board y:e sd
ship Swedish Layon by order of y:e sd Bailey for y:e sd Beakes acc:t but sawe noe mony paid
for y:e same. and knoweth not whether hee bee related to any of y:e parties
Interr. and knoweth note what he is worth, andoweth little or nothing. Et
nescit so ad predeporta. Nescit.

Ad 3 ren:t that hee knwoeth not y:e parties Interr., and hath heard that M:r
Sam:ll Beake Interrate hath corresponded withone ?Guill living in fflushing as hee hath
heard and remembreth. And denieth that y:e sd lading or any part thereof was
to have bin delivered at any other port whatsoever than Corke in Ireland
And saith that y:e sd shipp with her sd lading was seized about 13 or 14 leagues
from Ushiont to y:e best of his Judgement and saith that y:e palce where she
was seized is y:e way from Rochell to Amsterdam. and somewhat out of y:e
way from Rochell to Corke. but was forced to steere that way the wind being
betweene the West and y:e North west and very scant and thought it a greate
deale better to fech any port in England than to Cruze at sea which they XXX
?not doe. Et alr nescit novo

Ad 4 rend:t that hee knoweth not of any bills of lading that were signed for y:e XXXX
question But saith that y:e M:r told this depo:t that hee had signed one for Stockholme to XXX
secure y:e goods. And knoweth not who directed y:e same Et alr nescit

JOHN RIMMORTER [His signature]

Repetit corum dri Lloyd Currta
XXXX Ed:da Browne XXXXX

Case: The Swedish Lyon: Deposition: 1. Johannes Rainmorter, of North Yarmouth, sailor, aged 25

f. 24r.

Ad 3 et 4 arles deponit that hee well knoweth the aclate Michael Hobbs
reputed deputy ?defico Admirall of ffowey in whose house this deponent was
kept a prisoner for the soace of tenn or twelve days, and during that
time was not suffered to speake to any one but by the permission of y:e aclate
Captaine Stainthwaite and M:r Hobbs and in the presence and hearing of one or
both of them. And hee saith that within the said time by M:r Hibbs his permision
this depo:t wrote foure lres at wto separate ?tymes two to M:r W:m Jennings of Plymouth (M:r Arnold
Beakes Correspond:t there) and two therein inclosed for and to bee conveyed
to M:r Arnold Beake Two of which lres hee the said Hibbs read before sealing thereof
after sealing this depo:t gave two of y:e same to
M:r Hobbs to bee sent to y.e post house which lres were never delivered
but were by some meanes or other intercepted by Captaine Stainthwaite , and this
depo:t sending y:e other two by a messenger to Plymouth, the sd Stainthwaite mett
with the sd Messenger and tooke y:e sd lres from him, and about two days after came
to this deponent and told him that hee had mett with y:e messenger and had cut and
secured him and seized upon this deponents lres and then also shewed this deponent
the sd lres. And saith that the aclate Hibbs is the owner of y:e man of
warr aclate that seized the sd ship Swedish Lyon and for and as such commonly
accounted and reputed. And that y:e said Hobbs hath confessed to this deponent
that hee stood engaged for y:e mony that bought the sd man of Warr. And
this depo:t during such his imprionm:t saw y:e wife of y:e said Hibbs helpe XXXX
and salt Beefe, and saw meate put into a boate

f. 24v.

to bee carried on board the said shipp . And saith that about thXXXX
?August since the sd shipp or man of warr was in y:e possession of y:e sd Hobbs whom
this deponent often saw on board the same shipp neere his owne XXXX
and looking to and taking care of her. And saith that upon and after
the sd seizure this deponent complaining of Embezlemen of the XXXX ?M:r
(Nicholas?Grove) of y:e sd man of warr who kept y:e ?keys of y:e Hibbs
of y:e Swedish Lyon) told this deponent that hee needs not feare any XXX
for their owner (meaning and speaking of y:e aclate Hobbs) whom
(as he said)deputy vice Admirall would seale up the hatches soe soone
as she came into Harbo:r. And beleeveth that if y:e said shipp ?Swedhish Layon
and her lading bee condemned the sd Hobbs will have a share
as owner of y:e sd Man of warr. Et alr nescit.

Ad 5:nd aclum deponit that hee hath bin told by the M:r that y:e aclate XX XX
Great Cabbin doore with a pistoll charged and therewith kept y:e Company
of y:e Swedhish Layon in the great Cabbin by the privateers XXX XXX
the sd shipps Company should see w:t they soe plundered or carried away
And that during such his standing there XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX of XXX
wines and Brandy were carryed away as the sd M:r also told this depot. Et alr

Ad 6:nd deponit that it is a usuall thing for masters and Companies of shipps XX
in shipps from ffrance to load XXX quantities of wines and Brandy for
their owne acc:ts and saith that the M:r and this deponent had on board y:e sd
XXXX of y:e sd shipp twelve hogsheads and five XXXX of XXXX
and two halfe hogsgeads of Barndy and three barrells of Beefe and y:e Company
had also some quantities of wines and brandies aboard All which were
laded upon by and for y:e acc_t of y:e Master and Companies and by them
paid for and that noe other person whatsoever but they the M:r and
Company of the said shipp have any part or share therein. Et alr

Ad 7 deponit that y:e said shipp y:e voyage proceding the voyage in question ?touched
at Plymouth in her course for Dublin in Ireland, and was convoyed part of
her way from thence to Ireland by two of his Majesties ffrigotts the
Dartmouth and the Little ?Guift and had convoyed them further had not
a storme parted them. Et alr nescit.

Ad 8 deponit that the said shipp had undoubtedly arrived with her
said lading at Corke and delivered the same to the aclate GraXX
according to Consignation had not the said seizure happened. Et
alr nescit.

Ad ult dicit predepita pereum offe vera.

Ad Interria

Ad j:n rend:t that he is not concerned in this busienes otheriwse than by being
Pilot and szoracargo of y:e sd ship Swedish Lyon. Et nescit soad predeposita
A liter nescit.

Ad 2 rend:t that he knoweth not of any papers hid concealed or any ways made away
and to y:e best of his knowledge all y:e papers on board ca,e to y:e hands of y:e sezors. Et alr nescit-

Ad 3 rend:t that he saw a bill of lading a letter in the ?Rogry shewed him by M:r XXXX XXX
who writ y:e said lre hee knoweth not nor how y:e sd lre and bill of lading came thither XXX
beleeveth that y:e ffirme subscribed to y:e sd Bill is y.e skippers firme having compared y:e XXX
with y:e skippers firme to lres received by this depot from him. dindes y:e same of XXX
characters. Et alr nescit

JOHN RIMMORTER [His signature]

Repetit coram XXX Lloyd suXXX:te

f. 25r.

Case: The Godlieve: Deposition: 1. Johannes Blackwall, of the Strand, Middlesex, aged 50 Date: November 15th, 1666

15.o Novembris 1666.

f. 25v.

Ad Interria

Ad j:m ?situt ?potitur et rendt that hee was present out of employm:t and was formerly
a Captaine in y:e Duke of Yorkes Army in fflanders, and was borne in the XXXX
?monforta in y:e County of ?Clario in Ireland, and knoweth none of y:e parties
litigant saving M:r Carrow whom hee hath knowne about seaven monethes last.

Ad 2 ?reXXct se ad predeprta XX nescit.

Ad 3 rend:t that if y:e sd ship and lading bee condemned for prize hee Expecteth a prXXX
Share therein Alr nescit rendere

Ad 4 rendit that hee neither directly or indirectly for his part embeazled or
made away any of y:e sd Shipps lading or any of her tackle or furniture
nor gave his consent to otheres of y:e Company soe to doe Et neXXX Saving hee
beleeveth that he e hath drunke about five gallons of y:e Godliffs wine.

Ad 5 rend:t that y:e sd Shipp Godliffe was taken on or about y:e third day of August last
and was first brought in to ?Studland bay about two dayes after sizure where
she staid about fowre or five daijs and was then carried into



Case: XXXX: Deposition: Johannes Janson, of Ostende, sailor, aged 29

f. 26r.

f. 26v.


Case: The Swedish Lyon: Deposition: 3. Arnoldus Beake, of Crutched ffryers, London, merchant, aged ?56 (OR, ?58)

16:° Novembris 1666

Super allone prodict Examinat

3. ARNOLDUS BEAKE[8] habitans in Crutched ffryers London
mercator, atatis ?56 autooricter testis product et Jurat

Ad primum aclum deponit that y:e aclate Samuel Beake is this
deponents sonne and was borne in the parish of S:t Buttolph ?Billens
gate in this city of London, and here educated by this deponent
his father and was and is a subiect of o:r soveraigne Lord y:e King
and for such commonly accounted.

Ad 2 deponit that the said Samuel liveth at Bourdeaux as a merchant
stranger and facto:r being an Englishman and a batchelour
noe housekeeper but a lodger there, And that hath driven and doth
drive a very considerable trade in merchandizing from Rochel, MoXXXX
and other places in ffrance to Corke and other places in Ireland
upon his owe acc:t And to that purpose keepes his factors at the respective places, which
hee knoweth being frequently advised by lres of such his
negotiaccon and traffique Natr salvis subsequon nescit.

Ad 3. deponit that the aclate Samuel Beake advised this depot that
hee had bought a shipp Peter Knight M:r and English shipp then
called y:e Cumberland of London now y:e wedish Layon
and this depot desireing a share with him therein, he denyed this dep:t
adviseing him that hee had laded her with wines and ?pruines for
Dublin in Ireland to bee delivered and consigned to Josuah Allen a
merchn:t of Dublin , and that she was upon her voyage. But when ?shee
had ended her voyage hee wrote
this deponent that hee might then have a share. And the aclate Joshua Allen
wrote this deponent about May last that hee had Received a
lading of wines and pruines and had sold or disposed of them or y:e greater part of them for the said
Samlls acct. and that hee intended to have laden her back for Rochel
with pipe staves. Which this depot forbad him in regard they were
Counterband goods and soe counter manded his said sonnes order. Et
alr nescit.

Ad 6 deponit that the aclate Baily did about the month of July
last by advice and order from the sd producent lade and caused to bee
laden on board the sd shipp Swedish Lyon three hundred of ?Maroon of XXX
wanting Eight bushells, or thereabouts for his the sd producent, and to bee

f. 27r.

carried in the sd shipp to Corke in Ireland and there to bee delivered to M:r
Gold of Corke his factor there to bee by him disposed of and vended for his the
sd producents acc:t which hee knoweth having received Adv ice of the sd
lading from his said sonne, and order therein to assure upon the sd
shipp and goods Which this deponent could not effect before seizure
of the shipp Swedish Lyon. And for y:e reasons aforesd is assured that y:e
sd producent is owner of y:e said salt and noe other person whatsoever
hath any share or interest therein. Et alr nescit.

Ad 8 in aclum et Exhibita in eadem deponit that y:e first schedule annexed was
and is wholly written subscribed by and with the proper hand of y:e said
Samuell this depots sonne and was received by him this depot on y:e 20:th
of August last as appeares by y:e post marke on y:e backside thereof. And the
factory being y:e second schedule annexed hee knoweth to bee the hand
writing of y:e aclate Baily this deponent having corresponded with him
for severall yeers together last past and thereby made acquainted
with his character and handwriting And beleeveth the Attestacon annexed
to bee true and reall and knoweth the firmes of Sam: Beake, ?Botoll
and decator thereto to bee of their respective handwritings. ET
alr rederando sead dictas schedulas et contenta XXdom nescit.

Ad 9 deponit that y:e sd ship Swedish Lyon with her lading on board was
in her course for Corke taken and seized by a privateer one of ?Carews
Com:on and brought into ffoye aclate.

Ad 10:nd deponit that hee hath bin informed y:e privateer have broken Bulke and
plundered and taken away a considerable part of her lading of salt
a new cable and a halter, and many other of the shipps necessaries.
Et alr nescit.

Ad ult dicit predeporta Xoreum ad vera.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rendet that by this depots Advices y:e shipp y:e Cumberland formerly soe called
and y:e Swedish Lyon in question were and are one and the same shipp. And
verily beleeveth it to be y:e same and to belong in propriety to this depots sonne
onéy Et alr salvis predeprta nescit.

Ad 2 rendet quod nescit Rendere saying y:e salt was laded at Oleroone[9] where
this deponent was not. this deponent is ffather to y:e producent and the Interr Elias
Beake is this rend:ts brother and partner in merchandizing affaires knoweth not
what hee is worth.

Ad 3 rend:t that in times of peace he beleeveth y:e producent did correspond with
Dutchmen. knoweth not y:e parties Interr Et alr nescit
et novo

Ad 4 rendet that he knoweth not of any bills of lading signed for y:e said goods
And that hee is well assured that the sd shipp was bound to Corke and now where
else for that this depo:t had advice that there was a parcell of butter bought at Corke
to relade her back, and this dep:t had orders from his said sonne to insure
upon y:e sd lading back wards five or six hundred pounds according as y:e goods should amount unto. Et alre nescit deponere

ARNOLD BEAKE [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Benjamin Bennett, of Kingston supra Thames, XXXX, aged 32: DATE: November 19th, 1666

f. 27v.

16:° Novembris 1666

Super allone prodict Examinat

3. BENJAMIN BENNETT de Kingston supra Thamesm in Com Surria ?Gen
annos agens 32 aut de ricter testis productus et Juratus dicit
et deponit prout seq:r (viz:t)

Ad primum et 2 arles deponit that hee this depot was steward of y:e vessell
or man of warr called y:e Royall ??Theroneo Bourne Captaine
at y:e seizure of y:e shipp God liffe Michael Sansiers M:r And saith that
upon his the said Sansiers first coming on board y:e Royall hee the said
Sansier Stamping and fretting severe and passionately said that had hee
knowne that y:e Royall had had soe few men on board he would not have
bin taken he would have runne her over first, Which words of
y:e like in effect hee soe spake in the Cabbin in the presence of this ?dep:t
and his precontest John Blackwall and y:e Captaine of y:e man of warr
And shortly after namely within two days or thereabouts
after the said seizure he the said Sansiers declared and acknowledged
that his shipp and lading were good prize and that hee was bound
for Amsterdam And saith the sd Captaine Sansier did declare to him
this deponent walking upon the sd Royalls deck, that hee had bine
Captaine of a Dutch private mann of warr under or by a Dutch Com:on
and had taken severall English merch:t men, And that if hee lost
his Shipp and goods (speaking of and meaning y:e Shipp and goods in question)
he cared not for it (knowing that they were prize) hee had another
Shipp provided for him in his Country a better vessell than this was, hee
would therewith take English merch:t men enough to make him
selfe whole againe or words to that effect. And saith that about
Seaven dayes after seizure hee the sd Sansier in y:e evening of a day
proffered this deponent tenn pounds if soe bee
he would but suffer him to leap over board and swim to shore that
hee might get to London and procure a passage to his owne country
Saying that his Shipp and lading were prize but notwithstanding XX
that hee cared not for it hee should quickly bee revenged XX
the English merchts and make himselfe better than hee was XXX
?could hee but got into his Country, Saying that hee knoweth here ?to
find and meete with the English merchts everey day, or in words
to that effect, And such was his discourse as well in publique as
in private and as well onshore as on board y:e ffriott and a
Common discourse in Company upon any occasion, Et alr nescit saving
this deponent XXXX ag the sd Sansier that if hee lept ober board hee would
bee drowned hee told this depot. that he feard it not ffor hecould ?swim
well enough. Whereupon this depo:t was forced to put him in y:e hold and was
forced to lye upon y:e hatch wrapped up in a saile least hee should have made ?an
escape in the night. Et alr nescit ./.

Ad 3 arlum deponit that hee hath heard by the Captaine ?brothers ketters XXX
arlate. Et alr nescit.

f. 28r.

Ad 4 arlum deponit that hee hath often times seene y:e arlate John Rowe and
the sd M:r of y:e Godliffe in Company together both on board y:e ffrigott
or man of warr and onshore in private. And that y:e M:r of y:e Royall
and the Stiersman of y:e Goliffe ?resemble one another, Et alr nescit saving hee hath heard
y:e sd M:r Speake to y:e Effect arlate. who Speakes very good dutch .whom hee
supposeth to bee an ostender.

Ad 5:u nescit

Ad 6 dicit predeporta poreumesverá

Ad Interria

Ad primum fit ut ?petitur et rendat that hee was borne in Kingston upon Thames
and liveth at present by goeing to sea. and knoweth none of y:e parties
litigant And hath lived at Kingston all his time saving when hee has bin at sea
and other places upon his occasions Alr nescit

Ad 2 rend:t that hee was Steward of y:e said Shipp Royall when
She seized the Shipp Godliffee aforesd. Et alr nescit ./.

Ad 3 rend:t that in case the sd Ship and lading proove prize the Kings and dukes
duties taken out hee Expects his share as Steward. And if shee bee a right
and true prize hee desireth and wisheth she may bee condemned. Et alr

Ad 4 nego proparte sua saying that if hee dranke a glasse of wine it was all that hee
had from y:e sd Shipps lading. /

Ad 5 rend:t that y:e Godliffe was taken on or about the third of August in the evening
pf y:e said day about seaven or eight leagues according to his Judem:t.
off of y:e Northward point of Guernsey. and about a day and halfe after seizure or thereabouts
brought to Studland bay, where she staid about XXXXX dayes. and then
went to Sicklesham harbor XXXX carried thither by y:e said vessell y:e Royall. Et alr nescit

Ad 6 refert so ad predeporta alr nescit saying that y:e sd Shipper declared that his
Shipp and lading was free Prize..



Ben Bennett

f. 28v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Samuell Swynocke, of St Catherine Colman, ffanchurch street, London, merchant, aged 43: DATE: November 16th, 16666

Quo ad y:e Swedish Lyon)
?g:t Beake

16:° Novembris predicta
Super allone ?predict?a

4. SAMUELL SWYNOCKE paroa S:t Catherine Colman ffanchurch
street London Mercator, annos agens 43 XXXXX
testis product et Jurat.

Ad 3:nd aclam dicti allonis deponit that hee was a fourth part
owner of a ship called then y:e Cumberland of London whereof
Peter Knight was M:r And saith that y:e sd Knight went with the
sd shipp upon this depots and y:e rest of his then owners acc:t upon a trading
voyage from this port of London to Rochel from thence to Dublin
in Ireland from thence back to Rochel and Bourdeaux. And when she
came to Bourdeaux he saith the aclate Peter Knight sold to
the aclate Samuell Beake XXXX the sd shipp then lying in y:e port of Bourdeaux
for y:e summe of foure thousand livers
which he knoweth by being part owner, namely of a fourth part
and by his factor Gabriell ?Reaw merch:t in Bourdeaux
having received y:e sd summe of 1000 livers for his share
or fourth part. And this deponent and y:e rest of y:e owners ?approved
of such sale made by the sd M:r And for y:e reasons aforesd this depot
beleeveth the sd M:r Beake to bee only proprietor of and XX
y:e properly to reste only in him. And for such hee was and is commonly

Ad Interria

Ad primum nescit se ad predeporta. Als nescit saving as hee and XXX
the foresd Knight received y:e sd mony for y:e sd shipp and hath XXXXXX

Ad 2 nescit not being present at y:e lading in question. And is worth ?100:li

Ad 3 nescit.

Ad 4 nescit not being present when y:e salt was laded.

SAM SWYNOCKE [His signature]

Case: The ?Welfare: Deposition: fferdinando Bartlet, of XXXX, sailor, aged 3?9: DATE: November 17th, 1666

17:° Novembris 1666

Touching y:e ?Welfare Samuel Bates M:r)

Super Interr ex parte Gold et Savior

Nauta, annos agens ?39 aut XXXXX testis prodXXX
et Jurat dicit et deponit XXXXX

Ad primum rendet et deponit that hee was one of y:e Company namely Masters
Mate of y:e shipp the Welfare XXXX Samuel Ra?tell M:r the voyage in
question which voyage she began on or about y:e twentieth of
December last past from Plymouth to Leghorne, from thence to
Gallipoli, to lade oyles thence to London, whenre the XXX
shipp arrived and came to an anchor about five weekes of XXXXX
Shadwell dock or staire where she delivered her XXX
of oyles. Et alre nescit.

Ad 2. rend:t that the lading outwards bound from Plymouth consisted of
XXXXX of betweene five or six hundred hogsheads or thereabouts XXX XXXX
of XXXX Gold and Company as hee supposeth and were carried in the said shipp XXX
at Leghorne for XXXX as hee beleeveth. Et alr nescit.

f. 29r.

Ad 3 rendet et deponit that when the said shipp went from Plymouth her said
voyage she was an old shipp soe generally looket upon to bee, And the
upper worke he saith was untrimed and unrepaired and the pumpes of y:e shipp
were not fitted as they should have bin for such a voyage and by reason
of such defects of the said shipp and a great storme happening neere y:e
Northerne Cape the foresaid goods received dammage by reason
of y:e waters comming into y:e said shipp and running into y:e hold. Et
alr nescit.

Ad 4 rendet et deponit that in case the said shipp had bin fitted as she ought to have
bin for such a voyage, in her upper workes and pumpes hee beleeveth
in his Conscience that the goods would not have received soe much
dammage as they did. And it is possible hee saith that y:e goods
might have bin damnified by y:e fore sd storme had the shipp bin a
tight and substantiall shipp, et alr nescit.

Ad 5 rendet et deponit that hee helped to land y:e said lading of
Pilchards at Leghorne, and did see and know that severall of y:e Caskes
of y:e said goods were damnifyed by water running into or amongst them, which were chiefly occasioned by reason the shipp
was defective in her upper workes and pumpes and thereby unable to beare
a storme soe well as a stronger shipp. Et alre nescit

Ad 6 rendet et deponit that y:e owners of y:e said pilchard have sustained losse
and dammage but to what vallue he cannot estimate. Et alr nescit


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Peter Tooker, of MXXXX, Cornwall, sailor, aged 30_ DATE: XXXX

Eadem die

Super Intererys predict. Examinat

2. PETER TOOKER de Milnrooke in Com Cornwall Nauta annos agens 30 XXXXX XXXXX XXXX Jurat

Ad primum et 2 Interria deponit et rendet that hee was second mate of y:e aclate
shipp Welfare Samuell XXXXX M:r and sailed in her from Plymouth
to Leghorne thence to Gallipoli to lade oiles and thence to London which
yoyage she soe began on about the 20:th of December last and came to
an anchor over ag:t Bell wharfe staires in lower Shadwell about six weekes since. And saith the said shipp went from Plymouth with a lading of
about 600 hogsheads of pilchards to bee carried in the sd ship and to bee delivered at Leghorne to M:r James Gould upon y:e acct of M:r John Gold[10]
and Company y:e producents. Et alr nescit.

Ad 3 et 4 Interria rendet et depont that when the sd ship began her sd
voyage she was an old shipp and some part of her upper work was defective
and the pumps underviceable when occasion and greatest use was to have bin
made of them and thereby unusefull for y:e said shipp, and by reason thereof
and stresse of weather or storme happening off y:e Northerne Cape the goods
or lading of pilchards received dammage about (as hee conceiveth) twenty two
Inches deepe. at y:e Windward pumpe. And beleeveth also that y:f y:e said shipp
had bin a tight and substantiall shipp the goods in all probability would not
have suffered dammage in such a measure as they did notwithstanding y:e foresd storme Et alre nescit rendere.

f. 29v.

Ad 5 et 6 deponit et rendet that hee assisted and helped to unlade the said
goods so sawe and know some of y:e caskes to bee damnifyed but how many
or what dammage y:e merchts have suffered thereby hee cannot
declare. And saith that there was noe neglect in y:e Companyes
endeavours in pumping and keeping of waters from y:e goods for preservaccon
of them from dammage. Et alr nescit

PETER TOOKER [His signature]


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Franciscus Fleau, of Argenton, Britannia, sailor, aged 22: DATE: XXXX

f. 38r.

3. FRANCISCUS FLEAU de Argenton in
Britannia Nauta, annos agens 22 aut
de ricter dicit et deponit prout XXX Vizt

Ad dra Interria respond:t et discit That hee well knoweth the sship
the Swallowe interrate Captaine Manning Com:der and hath knowne her
for about two monthes last past and came to knowe her by being taken
by her as a XXXXXXX about two monthes XXXXX
in Britannia w:hr was laden w:th about 20 tonnes XXX XXXXXX salt for the acc:t offfrXXXXXXX
the sd ships owners were also XXXXXXXX that were XXXX
taken her company were all ffranXXXXX du GXXXX upon y:e sd XXXXX
all escaped in the boate saving this depo:t who hath ever since bin of the Swallowes
company, and saith that p:rsently after y:e XX ship Margaret was taken towit
the same day the Swallowe also tooke a Rotterdammer and suddenly
after towit about 8 or 9 dayes shee tooke two
ffrench ships of S:t Malloes of about 35 or 40 Tonnes laden w:th Rosin
& Pitch & y:e M:r XXXXX was ?Peter Bettard & the other
John Mathew XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX the sd shipps & their ladings &
company were carryed to ffalmouth, by y:e sd Captaine Manning


THOMAS XXXXXX lately of Rye in
Sussex but now a prisoner in y:e Marshalseyey
in Southwarke , Vintner, aged 31
or thereabouts saith & deposeth as followeth viz:t

To the 3:d 5:th & 6:th arles of the sd Libell hee deposeth & sayth That
on a Saturday happening in or about August last the aclate Cap:t
Nicholas HayXXXXX w:th y:e ship Neptune where hee was command:r met
upon y:e high & open seas to wit on y:e coast of ffrance off y:e fflatts
of Somme a reclaimed ship called the ffortunde of Hamborow John GXXXX

f. 38v.

M:r laden w:th Copper wire Copper plates Copper Kettles some
blew XXXXX Tinne Lattin & other goods, coming as y:e M:r says from
Hamborow bound for Roane in ffrance, and saith that upon y:e sd XXX
w:ch was about foure or five of y.e Clock in y:e afternoone of the s:d XXX
the sd Captaine Heydon haled y:e sd ship & bid y:e XXX come on board
him w:ch XXX writings, w:ch the M:r did. And
p:rsently after the sd Captaine Heydon & the sd M:r went on board
the sd ship ffortune and this depo:t (belonging then to the sd ship Neptune

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Johannes ?Bapistral, of XXXX, sailor, about 24: DATE: XXXX

f. 39v.

de ArXXXsano in X XXXX
XXXX Nauta
about 24 aut XX

Ad primum XXXXX XXX XXXX deponit et dicit That hee well knoweth
the aclate Joachim LanzXXXXX & David XXXXXXX & his freighters XXX
& hath soe knowne them ever since they freighted ?his ship the
Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew of w:ch XXXX the Cap:t XXX
freighting him was in December last at Valentia in y:e Dominion of the
King of Spaine, at w:ch place the ds freighters lived the sd time and
kept house, and there hee left them all living. And sayth that they
freighted the sd ship to goe from Valentia to GauXXXX & XXXX in the
Kingdome of Valentia aforesd to take in Wine & RegXXXX & XXXXX
XXX as their ffactors would lade, and to carry the same to fflanders
and there to Deliver the same to John SXXXXing a merchant & XXXX
of that place And all for y:e acc:t of the sayd three XXX
XX freighters And says his paps XXX alsoe dXXXXXX ?should &
et alr nescit

Ad 2:nd deponiit That y:e sd ship being soe freighted
the sd PolleXXXX did lade XXXX sd ship at ?Gaudia
one hundred seaventy five pipes of wine, and twelve butts of PXXXX
XXXX XXX XXX butts of Brandy and two hundred sixty XXX XXX
of Raysens, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX about six bales of XXXXX other goods and at ?Sabia they
alsoe lade onboard the sd ship about two thousand foure hundred XXX
seaven basketts of Raysins All for the acc:t of the sd XXXX XXXX
who were p:rsent at y:e sd places, and the same hee saith were to be XXX
XXX delivered at Hamborow as aforesd for & upon the acc:t & adventure
of y:e sd XX XXXX And hee XXXX saith that hee tooke
of wines for one of his pilotts & two butts more for his other pilot XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
nescit saving hee saith that hee this depo:t laded at GaudiaFootNote(?Gaudia (OR, ?Gandia). Gandia is a town on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, ca. 75 km south of Valencia three butts of
black wines for his owne provision & at Sabia sixty XXXX basketts of
raysins for his owne acc:t

Ad 3:XXX deponit That the sd XXXX Zolliroffore told this Depo:t at the ?time
of lading y:e sd Goods that M:r John Luiknoll of London Merch:t was XXX
correspond:t in England, and that if hee this depo:t should by ?storme or other
accident be driven into England hee should make his addresses to the sd
XX XXXX, And saith that then thXX aclate M:r Tobias ZolliXXXffer was
XXX into England et alre pro XX sua nescit.

Ad 4:XX deponit That hee this depo:t did not before hee was brought in by
y.e XXXXXX that tooke him receive any letter about this busuines from
y:e XXX Tobias ZolliXXffor but since y:e sd XX Tobias Zollinffor wrote to
him promising him to assist him & get him cleared w:ch w:t expedicon XX
could. And hee further saith that this sd Cargo of Goods
marked w:th y:e marke in y:e marg:t XXX as XXX marke &
it being heated y:e marke was burnt upon y:e Caskes, and hee supposeth that
the sd marke is the usuall marke of the sd freighters, but hee doth not know
it to be soe not having ever before carryed any goods from them et alr referendXX
Et al RegXXXX XXXX XXXXX nescit

f. 40r.


Case: XXXX Deposition: Tobias Zollicoffre, of S:t Gall, XXXXX, Merchant, aged 39: DATE: XXXX

f. ?

15 Octobris 1666

Super Allone prod Examinat

2:dn TOBIAS ZOLLICOFFRE[11] de S:t Gall in Switzerland
Mercator annos agens 39. aut XXXXX dicit et
deponit prout seq:r vizt.

Ad primum aclum depo:t et dicit That the Company called by y:e name
of ?Joachim Laurence and David Zollicoffre[12] of S:t Gall in Switzerland
are afarr off allyed to this depo:t And this depo:t was a serv:t of y:e sd
Company at Valentia & Allicant & other places (?where they had & have a house of trade or buisines) for about Nine yeers
ending about Eight yeeres since the sd Company using to XXX
in their merchandizing affaires most of their owne name & XXXX
and saith that there were Joachim Zollicofre & one Jacob Laurence living now or lately in
S:t Gall in Switzerland, and there was & is alsoe one David Zollicoffre
also of S:t Gall, but lately lived or was at Valentia in the
Dominions of the King of Spaine, where this depo:t had XXX
from him about three quarters of a yeere XXXX & some about the ship & lading in
question called the Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew John Crayliff a XXXX
Command:r And other letters this depo:t alsoe received from other
in the name of the sd Company about y:e sd ship s Lading XXX
XXXX before her seizure to wit about ffebruary & March
last All declaring that the sd Company had freighted or caused to be
freighted at Valentia aforesd the sd ship Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew
to goe to Gandia & Sabia, there to take in her full lading of wine & fruite
on the sd Companyes proper acc:t & adventure, and to carry the sayd
Lading directly to Hamborrowe, on the same acc:t & adventures, and there
to deliver the same to John Srzethering (who this depo:t well knowes & XXXX
him to be a Burgher and senato:r of Hamborow) or to this depo:t XX XXX
then there, And saith that of the trueth thereof hee is fully assured &
convinced in his conscience, saying that if there had bin any XXX
of role therein or any thing contrary to what is above mentioned that
this depo:t (as he weekely used to receive letters from y:e sd Company & XX
to be made privy to their merchandizing affaires) must needs have XXXX
thereof. Et alr nescit.

Ad 2. 3. et 4:XX deponit That in or about March last hee ?received
an acc:t from y:e sd Company that on the 10:th of January last
there were laden onboard the sd ship at Gandia for the acc:tXXXX XXX of the sd XXX
of Zollicoffre (who hee saith are all Switzers (sic) & subjects of y:e Cantons of
Switzerland) One hundred seaventy five pipes of red wine, three
pipes of Brandy, twelve pipes of pickled XXnons one hundred thirty
two XXintalls of XXXXX , a pcell of dry rosemary leaves
consists, & squills, Eight parts of DXXXX, and two ?sucall cases of perfume
and at Sabia on the same acc:t & XXX two Thousand foure hundred sixty
basketts of Raisins as marked w:th XXXX y:e XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and in the letter in 10:X that XXX XXXXXX y:e sd Company
gave this depo:t full power that if in case the sd ship should be forced
or brought into England that then this depo:t if hee found an
advantagious market should sell the whole lading there for their acc:t
and they alsoe wrote to that effect to M:r John Lucknel their ffactor
or Correspondent here in this depo:ts absence, the sd Company not being
certaine how long this depo:t should stay here before hee returned to haXXXXX
And saith that hee is fully psuaded in his conscience XXXX XX that the sd Acc:t was & XXX
reall, and that none besides y:e Company have had any interest in y:e sd Lading since the putting y:e same onboard the

f. 42r

And sayeth that this depo:t having XXXX y:e XXXXX
advice and knowing that XXXX & wines & espetially y:e ?fruite were
good Comodities XXXX and about two monthes before y:e seizure of the sd
ship write foure lres of one teno:r XXX foure of y:e XXXX theise ports of England
?Receited to y:e sd Captaine of y:e sd ship, to acquaint him that hee this
depo:t was at London & that hee had XXXX order XXXX XXX Company to y:e effect aforesd and thatt
XXX ffruite & wines were good commodityes here & that therefore XX XXX was
brought or ?feried into England hee would advise him this depo:t thereof
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or to that effect, but notice of the sd Lres (as hee understands) came to y:e sd
Captanes hands, hee being brought into Rye, et alr nescit, saving hee saith that
upon y,e XXX of the sd advice this dep:t did make an XXXXX
for XXXXXXXX XXX the sd Lading in the XXXX of this court as thereby

Ad 5:th deponit That the sd Company alsoe advised this depo:t long before
the seizure of the sd ship that they sent the Charterpty for y:e sd
ships sd voyage & a bill of lading for y:e sd Lading overland to the sd
John Srzehering at Hamborowe, and the sd John Srzehering from
Hamborowe before y:e sd ships seizure advised this depo:t that hee had
received advise of the sd ships lading & a bill of Lading and wished that
this depo:t might be at Hamborowe at y:e time of the sd ships arrivall
there, for that hee XXXXX was old & did not care to be troubled w:th
factorage, And saith that y:e sd Company gave order to the
sayd Srzehering & to this depo:t y:f hee was at Hamborowe whXXXXX
sd ship arrived here to relade her w:ch the XXXX of her p:rsent lading
w:th Load Tarr & other merchandizes ?on theri acc:t and to send her on the
same acc:t to Valentia & Allicant, and that if this depo:t met w:th the sd
ship here & disposed of her lading then to lade her w:ch the proceed
thereof w:ch load, load XXXX XXXXX XXXX pepper & other commodityes
on their acc:t & XXXX & to send her on y:e same acc:t to Vallentia & Allicant
And saith that hee by reason of y:e premisses well knwoweth that y:e sd
ship (of this depo:t did not meete XXX her in England) was to goe
directly to Hamborow & not to Holland or any unfree or other port
than Hamborow w:htsoever, and hee is well assured that y:e Captaine would
not have goce for y:e freight agreed on, to any unfree port, et alr nescit

Ad 6:XX nescit.

Ad 7:XX deponit That hee is well assured that y:e foresd Lading was
taken in at Gandia Sabia, according as is mentioned in the
acc:t by him receaved as aforesd, and hee doth verily beleeve that nothing
was taken in at Mallega unles twas some small matter taken in
between Decke by some of y:e Company, And say that hee knowe not
sd shipps Company before seizure, And saith that by their XXXXX
hee judge them to be all of Genoa except the two pilotts, one of w:hom is
called Gro XXXXXXX XX is at this depo:ts judges by his name & XXXXX a Hamburger
and the other (who is clubfooted & sayd to have bin marryed three yeeres in Allicant)
declares themselfes to be of ffrerickstadt[13] under y:e Dominion of y:e Duke
of Holsteyn & soe this depo:t beleeveth hee is, et alr nescit.

Ad XXXX arle deponit that y:e foresd one hundred seaventy five pipes pf
wine laden at gandia as aforesd (being now filled up) doe ?make but about
Eighty pipes of wine, soe that allowing five p. Cent ?common Leakage there would
have bin about one hundred sixty seaven pipes w:ch would have yeilded at

f. 42v.

Hambrorowe ten pound p pipe cleere of all charges therXXXXX only XXXX
and according to that computacon there are X7 ?pipes XXXX short, w:ch XXXX
out by reason of y:e detention of the sd ship at Rye about three months
y:e hottest time of the yeere in w:ch time that depo:t was onboard XXXX
Rye and ?found & sawe that y:e heate had so XXXX that the raisins
resXXXXXXX ?leaves, that they dryed the caskes & made y:e hoopes dry
& consequently y:e wines to leake out & this depo:t then sawe
Bucketts full of wine pumped up XXX at this depo:t XXXXXX
informed, used to be done every morning, And saith that by reason
of y:e said heat most of the wine that is left is decayed & growne XX
and worth but about two thirds of w:t twas worth at the time of y:e XXXX
And saith that y:e foresd CreyXXXX making in all one thousand three
hundred sixty five XXXXalls & a XXXXX (two of y:e foresd basketts being
XXXXX to a Quintall) were worth at XXXXXXXXX both there and at Hamborowe about
two & seventy shill p Quintall ?cleere of all charges freight excepted,
and y:t should yeild at publicke XXXX (by reason of their being XXX
overflowed by their says long detention) Much lesse to wit about a thousand
Quintalls but about ?five shill a Quintall and the rest about Nine
shillings a Quintall, Amd saith that y:e greatest pt XXXXXX XXXXX
XXXXXXX Quintalls XXXXXX y:e XXXXXX sd oyles & the wine away
by reason of y:e sd long Detention, XXX XXX
of XXX ?Rosemary leave being worthat y:e sizure at Hamborow about
thirty shillings, but y:e vallue of y:e XXXXXXX XX cannot XXXXX XX
but supposes that the same was of some greater vallue than the
Rosemary leaves, And saith that the Rosemary leaves that are left XX
are about fourty Quintalls all much damnifyed by y:e sd long ?detention
Et alr nescit.

Ad ult dicit prdeposita p omna XXX vera.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rend:t That hee knoweth not who are y:e owners of the sd
ship, et quoad cetera refert so ad prdeposita et alr nescit.

Ad 2:XXX rend:t RThat since the XXXX y:e sd Company hath yet XXX
knoweth of or beleeves traded to Holland or had any factors
XXXX there, And saith that in regard this rend:t was there hee had ?heard
that y:e sd ship should ?have bin taken by y:e English than by y:e ?Hollanders
& hee beleeveth that XX of Company were of y:e same mind for y:t reason
Et alr nescit

Ad 3:XX rend:t That hee sawe not any money payd for y:e sd Lading, And
saith that an Assurance is made upon y:e sd Lading at Genoa by?Charles ?Dominick XXXXX
& XXXXX Henoueses & merch:ts dwelling at Genoa & well XXXX & XXXXX of that free XXXX
to this rend:t who hath lately recvd lres from them about y:e same to get XXXX
to avoyd the Companys that they may sustaine, Et XXXXX causas XXXX
XXXXX supra et alr nescit.

Ad 4 nescit nor XXX XXX p pte sua.

Ad XX rendit That y:e sd ship was by agreem:t to have two pilotts XXXX
at XXX and charges of the freighters as this depo:t was informed & XXXX
clubfooted pilott (whose name hee knoweth not) was taken in before the other
pilott as hee understandes, And saith that twas very XXXX
that there should be two pilotts that one XXXXX have the other XXX
awake, the rest of the men being strang:rs in these seas, et alr nescit

f. 43r.

Ad 6:XX rend:t se ad XXX deporta et alr nescit

Ad 7:XX nescit et XXX sua.

Ad 8:XXX rend:t That the sd ship was seized in or about ?may XXX
last And saith that hee doth not knowe beleeve or hath heard that the sd
ship Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew made or intended to make any
resistance at her sd seizure, et alr nescit

Ad 9:XX nescit

Ad 10:XX necit

Ad 11. 12. et 13:XX rendet That p:rsently after baile was
given in this Court for y:e bringing y:e sd ship about to wit in July last hee
this depon:t went downe to Rye to XXX XXXX to bring her about to
London & there to unlade her to pvent further leakage & damage And sayeth
that noebody at Rye XX XXX XXX proposed to have any  ?remedy put to p:rvent further damage
but on the contrary hee XX XXXX was XXXX from bringing y:e sd ship about by
George ?carew ag:t whom hee protested for y:e same and sayth that he XXXX XXXXX
M:r Steele did XXX London give this rend:t a note to some ast Rye to
assist him this rend:t for y:e p:rvention of damage, w:ch note signifyd
XXX this rend:t being XXXXed by M:r Carew as aforesd And sath that y:e
sd note was directed to one Standish of Rye to whom this depo:t delivered the
same & hee by consent of this rend:t did XXXX XXX and M:r Gilliard of
Rye sell about ffifty foure basketts of Raysins XXX XXXX and agreed that y:e money should
be deposited in the hands of the Major of Rye wXXXXX XXXXXX XXX promise XXXX
& this day at this XXXX is informed, the sd sale being made after this
refend:t departed from Rye, And saith that the sd M:r Steele XXX hee gave him
y:e sd note told him that XXX XXXXX out XXX this rend:t knowe XXX
XX true and saith that XX XXXX was allwayes willing & soe was M:r Lucknell & the Captaine
tp p:rvent leakage XXX damage as XXXX at XXXX as is
?concerned them to doe, but nothing appeared but XXXX XXX on y:e other side
And saith that although this rend:t left an order in writing w:th the sd GiXXX
to sell as many of y:e sd raisins as hee could at & about Rye & XXXX xx:s
a Quintall w:th this priXXXX taht be mony should be payd into y:e hands of the
major of Rye XX XXX Gilliard XX XXX could not sell any more at or about Rye
as XXXXX informed this rend:t et alr nescit rendere

Ad 14:XX rend:t That neyther hee this rend:t nor y:e sd M:r Lucknell
to his knowledge ever refused to doe any thing that XXXX to XX
p:rXXXXX of Lekage or damage of y.e sd Lading, and any that were
frequently told by the owne pty & the privateers that y:e wines leaked
out & y:e fruite receaved every day damage and hee this rend:t used his endeavo:r
to p:rvent the same but was obstructed by M:r carew as aforesd, et alr
salvis predeporta nescit.

Ad 15:XX rendet That about foure or five weekes after seizure of y.e sd
ship ?D:r Exton y:e proctor for y:e privateer XXXXXXXXXXXX professed XX this rend:t That
hee shpuld have the ship & goods his XXX possession, giving
baile to be answereable for the vallue w:ch hee XXX did not accept of, not
knowing in w:t condition the fruite XXXX & XXXX, & for y:t the same could not XXXXXX
be appraised. And for that XXX not being XXXXX in y:e ship was not willing
to engage for her. the sd M:r Exton standing upon XXXly from this
rend:t XXXX for her as her lading, et alr nescit

Ad 16:XX rend:t That hee cannot judge w:t damage or leakage happened tp
y.e sd wine XX XX XX or six weekes after sd seizure
XXw:t y:e XXX were deteriorated w:thn in ye sd time or w:thin every moneth
nor any moneth since, et alr nescit

Ad 17:XX rend:t That XXXXX at first desired that thee sd ship
should be XXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx decaying XX XX baile was given in

f. 43v.

in this Court as y;t afterwards will make appeare and to wit after his returne from Rye XX
gave his owne bond in 3000:li to bring y:e sd ship about to London y:e
danger of y:e seas excepted & to satnd y:e Judgem:t of this Court
this being done the sd ship was brought about to London and saith that when this XXX
was at Rye the XXX aforesd
y:e Dutch ffleete was then gone or going off the English Coast, and
that they were all gone of the English Coast, et alr nescit

Ad ult nescit nor XXXXXX


Case: XXXX: 3. Garret Johnson, of Allicante, sailor, aged 37: DATE: XXXX

3. GARRET JOHNSON de Allicant in Regno XXXX
Nauta annos agens 37 aut inter dicit et deponit
prout sequitir

Ad primum et 2:XX arle dXX Allonis deponit et dicit That hee well knoweth
the aclate ship Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew Capt. John Bapstisto GalXXXXX
Comman:r abd hath soe done ever since the XX:th of June
last new stile at w:ch time this depon:t came onboard her at Allicant to goe ?as
one of her steeresmen from thence directly to Hamborowe, and thence back againe to
Allicant & there he was to be freed, and saith that hee was hired for the
sd voyage by two Merchants called The ?Sollingffore who live at
Allicant who at their hiring told this depo:t that y:e ship was free & the
goods were free & the place hee was to goe to was free, this depon:t
refusing otherwise to goe in the sd ship, And saith that before this
depo:ts coming onboard the sd ship shee was fully laden XXX XXXXX & XXXXXXXXXX and XXXX
was Layd from Gandia & Sabia and saith that hee cannot set downe y:e
pticulars of y:e sd Lading but saith that as heeallwayes understood & as hee
verily beleeveth the sayd Lading was & is upon y:e acc:t of a free company
called y:e Sollisoffers and saith that hee is very sure that y:e sd ship was
to carry y:e sd Lading directly to Hamborowe, and that the said lading was
to be delivered there to John Srzethering XXXXX to be a Lord of y:e
Towne of Hamborowe And firther saith that from Allicant y:e sd ship went
to mallaga because y:e Hamborowe Convoy lay there, w:ch when that sd XXXX
ordered the sd Captaine to keepe company to
Hamborowe, and saith that nothing was taken in at Mallaga, saving
that hee this depo:t tooke in two pipes of Mallaga wine for his owne acc:t
and the Captaine two pipes on his acc:t & the other steirsman called Henry HrXXXXX who was XXX
at Mallaga) tooke in two more piples, & XX XXX Company one pipe, et alr

Ad 3:XX nescit XXX pte sua.

Ad 4:XX nrefert so ad XXXquam hujus Curia et alr nescit
saving that hee hath seene severall things in y:e sd ship of her cargoe
marked w:th such a marke as is aclate.

Ad 5:XX deponit That hee is well assured that y:e sd ship was to have gone
directly XXX her sd lading to hamborowe & at XXXXXX there to XXXX the same as
aforesd, and hee was hired to goe directly their to XXXXX from thence
directly to Alicante, And saith that hee is well assured that y:e sd Captaine
would not have gone for Holland or any unfree place for much ?more XX
sd was the XXXX XX for his freight & this depo:t for his p:t would not have gone
for any unfree place for two times his wages, et alr nescit.

f. 44r.

Ad ?6:XX deponit That the sd shipp stayd at Mallaha attending y:e ?dpture
of the sd Hamborowe Convoy from y:e 19:th or thereabouts of ffebruary to the ?16:th of
Aprill last or thereabouts new stile and saith that the Captaine of y:e sd
ship Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew & this depon:t severall ?times at Mallaga
wentt on board y:e sd Convoy & the Comman:r of y:e sd Hamborow Convoy
was XX well tp them, and lent them a CXXXXX w:ch they were to returne
to him at Hamborowe, And saith that from Mallaga the
ship went any XXX y:e sd Hamborow Convoy
also y:e Ostend Convoy in XXXX and Pre XXXXX lost y:e sd Ostend
Convoy and the ship ca,e w:th y:e sd Hamborow Convoy to y:e
sayd XXXX XXXXX & XXXXX Hamborow Convoy sailed away to goe y:e
?North passage but y:e Captaine of y:e sd ship Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew
understanding that that was two hundred ?Duty miles out of his way &
in regard gee was hired to goe that way & for that hee considered himselfe
free from y:e XXXXXXXXX his only XXXXX hee steered to come
through y:e Channell, And saith that hee did not y:e time aforesd heare
that S:r Jeremy Smith or y:e English ffleete were at or neere any place
where the sd ship was. Et alr nescit.

Ad 7:th deponit That Gandia is about a hundred leagues or ?Dutch
miles from Mallaga And saith that
the foresd Henry GrotXXXXson is a Hamburger & there hath
a XXX XXXXX as hee & other s have affirmed to this depo:t & this
depo:t doth verily beleeve & saith that hee this depo:t XXXX is y:e XXXX
XXX XXXXX pilott or the XXX) XX of Allicante there hath lived to y:e
XXXX wife & XXXXXX for XXX three yeeres & a halfe last & before that
went to XX & downe XXXX & before lived at ?Jeere & XX the XXX
at Allicant, and was borne in Frederickstadt under y:e Duke of Holsteyn
and saith that tis true that hee hath bin & XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXX in Holland & there marryed his
wife but never was asubject of the united provinces & soe soone as gee
was marryed hee carryed his wife to Allicant where shee hath ever since
lived and saith that had hee not bin a free pson the Zollwiffres
would bot have hired him they being careful that noe unfree persons
should come onboard y:e sd ship. et alr nescit

Ad 8:XX deponit That by reason of y:e wine so long lying at
Rye abundance of y:e wine namely about halfe as hee
suposeth is leaked out & that w:t remaineth is ?much damnifyed,
& soe are the reasins (sic) as hee judgeth & hee sawe that severall other goods
towit _S:t Johns ?Broke & Rosemary leaves were XXXX spoiled
XXXX of y:e goods hee beleeves are almost XXXXX all occasioned by
long detention by y:e Cap that tooke the ship and saith that hee
cannot estimate y:e sd damage not having skill in
the vallue of such merchandizes , but saith that ?had not y:e sd seizure happened
the same would doubtles have come to a good market et alr nescit

Ad 9:XX arlum deponit That so soone as y:e ?Caver came up
toward y:e sd ship Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew shee fired a Gun at
XX her , & then one of her company put tp y:e Genoese flag & that
?bouXX done &XX y:e spXXX that one might have XXXX XXXXXred after y:e ?firing
y:e first gun the Cap fired a second & then the sd ship Jesus Maria Joseph
S:t Andrew XXXXX XXXX her top saile & pulled up her mainesaile XXX
& sd shipp, & did stop her p:rsently & XXXXXX submitted to y:e sd Cap &
did not make or ?attempt to make any resistance w:tsoever. And saith that

f. 44v.

the sd Cap commander & y:e Captaine of y:e sd ship Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew
on board XX, and the Captaine soe soone as possibly hee could XXXX on
his boate went onboard y:e ap XX w:th his paprs and then severall
of y:e Caps Company came onboard y:e sd ship & tooke XXX into their
custody & tooke away y:e Captaines money amounting as y:e Captaine
sd to about sixty or seaventy peeces of Eight & his Ring, silver forks,
& spoones & some of his cloathes and severalll of y:e ships cpmpany
XXXX, alsoe some wXXX XXX & amongst XX belonging to
XX sd ship, and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of the Captaines
XXXX & one of this depon:ts piples of wine
XXX pipe worth then 15:li sterle cleare of all charges. et alr nescit

Ad ult XXX pde XXX p XXXX este vera.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rend:t That hee cannot sware XXX XXXX brought of y:e sd
ship but knoweth her to be a Genoese shipp, and saithh that
hee knows none of y:e sd Ships Company before this voyage saving two
of them w:ch hee knowe about a yeer before & saith
that y:e sd Captaine & all the Company. (saving this rend:t & XXXX pilot
hath CCCCCC or of some place thereabouts. et alr referando
XX XXX XXXX nescit.

Ad 2:XX salvis predeprta nescit rendere

Ad 3:XX rend:t That hee sawe noe money payd for y:e sd ships cargoe,
& for this XXXX XXXX payd for y:e hands & XXX himselfe. et alr pro pte sua nescir

Ad 4:XX nescit.

Ad 5:XX rend:t That when this rend:t was hired & came onboard y:e sd shipp
shee had never a pilot & XX or pilot XXXX taken in afterwards at Mallaga
and two were taken in, in regard that y:e Genoese XXXX little skill
navigacon , & for feare that one pilot should dye or be sick
et alre XXXXXX

Ad 6:XX refert XX ad preXXXX

Ad 7:XXX nescit et negative per ptesiva

Ad 8:XXX rend:t That y:e ship was taken on y:e 5:th of June last new
stile, and say that the Cap fired but two Gunns in all a y:e sd ship,
& tis treie that y:e Cap was prepared to fight, & sd Cap XX XXX
at sea use to be , but y:e sd ship Jesus Maria Joseph S:t Andrew prepared ?nothing
for fighting nor was at XXXX when y:e Cap came up XXX her in XXX
XXXXX to XXXXX make resistance shee used to be / sautrh that they knowing
that they were met w:th by English who were three freinds, they did not
make or intend to make resistance, expecting upon sight of the paps
to be let goe, et alr salvis pdeposis nescit rendere.

Ad 9:XX rend:t that at first Xahing this rend:t & severall others the CapXX
several times that they were bound to Hamborow XX XXXXX Y:e Lawe
but say that some of the Caps company coming onboard y:e sd ship & ?beating
Company from one place of the ship to the other
and XXXXX y:e Cap company crying out that the sd ship was to goe
to Holland this rend:t (being ?frightened) did on a sudden let the word Amsterdam
slip out of his mouth, w:ch hee p:rsently recalled of himselfe & sayd Hamborowe
as hee had sayd halfe a dozen times before, as the truth was et alr nescit rendere


f. 45r.

Ad 15:XXX nescit

Ad 16:XXX nescit referendere

Ad 17:XX rend:t That M:r XXX was at XX thereabout XXXX but XXX
the Dutch ffleete then was hee knoweth XXX XXX heard et alr nbescit

Ad 20:XX ultimo refert so ad prdepoita et alr nescit p pte due


Interpreted by
WILL GEMEXX [His signature]


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Anthony Smith, of Poole, Dorset, marriner, late Boatswaine of the Orange Tree, aged 20, and Robert Williams, also of Poole, Dorset, late a foremast mate of the Orange Tree: DATE: October 27th, 1666

The 27:th of October 1666

of Dorsett Marriner late Boatswaine
of thesd ship Orange Tree, aged 28 yeeres
or thereabouts, and ROBERT WILLIAMS
of the same place ?QauartXXXX late a foremast
mate of the sd ship, aged 26 yeeres or therabouts
being sworne before y:e right ?Worll S:r Giles Sweit
Knight D:r of Lawes Suerogate of y:e right wor:ll Leolini Jenkins
D:r of Lawes and Judge of his Majesties high Court of
Admiralty of Engl. say & depose by vertue of their
Oathes as followes.

That they came on board the sd ship Orange Tree (JXXXX Bowles M:r at
Portsmouth in or about y:e beginning of Juary last and thence went
to Plymouth for a Convoy to goe to Limerick in Ireland to lode pipe staves for his
Majesties uses, and after XXX weekes stay at Plymouth the Nightingale frigot
Cap:t ?Louis Comand:r had order from XXXX of his Maj:ties Com:r or Officers
to convoy y:e sd ship Orange Tree to XXX Limerick aforesd & to XXX
her home w:th the sd Lading of Pipe staves for his maj:ties use to Portsmouth
aforesd And saith that on y:e 2?7:th of Aprill last, the sd ship Orange tree
in Company of the sd Nightingale ffrigott & a merch:tman called the
Hono:r bound to Virginia & siy saileXXXX of merch:t men bound to XXXX
XXXXX set saile from Plymouth; And saith that all the sd ships continued in company until early the next
morning after their comming out from Plymouth, and then a fog happening
the Nightingale ffrigott being upon the XXXX XXXXXXX
her XXX topsailes & fell a XXXX of y:e Orange tree and XX the Orange
tree therby lost sight of y:e sd ffrigott, and thereupon y:e Orange Tree
(as XXX agreed on by arles betweene the sd ffrigott & y:e Orange tree & as is
usuall ) fired severall gunnes thereupon severall of y:e
merch:t men appeared supposing that y:e Orange tree that fired was y:e
sd ffrigot y:e Nightingale but saith that y:e sd ffrigott appeared
not nor the sd ship Hono:r nor did they seem them afterwards, and as
some of the Nightingales men haveXXXX told the sd XXXXXXX the sd
Nightingale ffrigot went away w:th y:e sd ship Hono:r & kept her &
someother shipe company towards Virginia for five or six dayes
together afterwards, And saith that on y:e next day after y:e sd ffrigotts
leaving the sd ship Orange Tree a privateer came up to y:e sd ship, and layd
her aboard, and her sd Captaine Powley perceiving her to be an XXXX
sought her & gave her abroad side & severall XXXXX & fought her board &
board & resisted her for y:e space of an hower, and then one man was
killed & two woounded & y:e rest not able to hold out they were forced
to surrend:r to y:e sd privateer w:ch proved to be a privateer of Zealand XXXXXX
Cornelius van Shiys XXX Comand:t) and thereby y:e sd ship was XXXX
& all in her was utterly lost, w:ch was occasioned & XXXX of reasonm of y:e
Nightingall frigatts neglect of her duty in leaving the sd ship Orange Tree
w:ch they doe XXX & knowe to be true being of her Company and onbord

f. 45v.

her during all the time aforesd.

ANTHONY SMITH [His signature]
ROBERT WILLIAMS [His signature]


Case: XXXX: Johes Dobson, of Plymouth, sailor, aged 20: DATE: October 28th, 1666

28 Octobris 1666

DXXX Guilielmus Turnor XXXX XX Georgina XXXX)
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Lyon et bona in ead et)
M:r Samuelus Beake Civitati London mercator)
pro intereste sue in dea XXX et XXXX in XXX)
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Suckley ffrancklin)

Sup Allons p XXX XXXX

1. JOHES DOBSON De Plymouth
Nauta annos agens 20 aut XXX
dicit et depo:t prout seq:r vizt

Ad dram AllegationXXX deponit et dicit That hee this depo:t was Master
of y:e privateer called y:e Edward Bonadventure set out by M:r XXXX
Coulon at y:e time that shee tooke the aclate shipp y:e Swedes Lyon
w:ch was on y:e last of July last, and saith that y:e ship being taken this
depo:t was put in on board her, and there finding an Englishman XXX
XXXX (whose name hee knoweth not) this depo:t asked him how hee
being an Englishman durst saile when XXX contrary to y:e Kings XXXX
to w:ch hee replyed at last that y:e sd ship was free & was bound to London
& that hee was supracargo of her, and this depo:t asking of him to whom shee
was consigned hee sd to a kinsman of his, & this depo:t asking his
kinsmans name, hee sayd that hee could not tell to rights, and ?then this
depo:t asking for his cocketts & bills of lading hee sayd that hee had XXX
and p:rsently after hee went from that p:rtense & says that hee was
bound to Yarmouth, but had noe cocketts for that place and this depo:t finding him in
divers XXXXX & supposimnh that y:e sd ship was unfree urged him to XXX
the XXXX telling him that y:e Captaine would be favourable to him, & XXX
him to XXX money to beare his charges or to XXXXXXXX his loss or
to that effect whereupon hee sayth that y:e sd Englishman speaking to this
depo:t sayd ffor Gods sake stande my freinds for y:e ship (speaking of &
meaning y:e sd ship Swedes Lyon is bound to Amsterdam. And this
depo:t promising to speake to y:e Captaine on his behalfe, they ended the
discourse all w:ch was in y:e sd ship Swedes Lyon none being p:rsent w:th ?them
et alr nescit.

Ad Interria

Ad prima rend:t that hee is now in his maj:tyes service, But y:e time aforesd
was mate of y:e sd privateer alr negative.

Ad 2:XX rend:t That if the sd ship Swedes Lyon & XXXXy be condemned for prize hee
expecteth to have a share thereof according to his place, et alr nescit rendere

Ad 3:XX rend:t That hee denyes that hee or any other of y:e sd privateers
Company did that hee knoweth or hath heard or beleeveth take any XXX
of y:e sd ship goods XXX et alr nescit rendere

Ad 4:XX XXXX p:rdepoitis negative.

Ad 5:XX rend:t That hee was p:rsent at y:e taking of y:e sd ship but y:e day of y:e
weeke or month hee certainly remembreth not et alr nescit

Ad 6:XX rend:t That the foresd discourse was spoken ptly in Dutch & ptly in English being
languages they both understood & the same was so spoken XXX y:e next day after seizur & in y:e day time & XXX
sd ship & none were p:rsent w:th them. et alr nescit

Ad 7:XX rend:t that hee liveth & allwayes lived at Plymouth (where hee was borne) saving when hee hath

Privateer Edward Bonadventure

Ad Interria

Swedes Lyon

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Isaac Gill, citizen of Dublin, Ireland, Merchant, aged 21: DATE: XXXX

f. 46r.

And changed the name
said Beakes
said M:r Allen
said Samuel Beakes acco:t
in regard
w:ch hee knoweth

Ad 6 et 7 et 9 deponit
at Dublin
to the order
for Rochel

f. 46v.

Allen (who had formerly XXX XXXX the said Ignatius to his teh said
Samueles correspondence) to write to the said Ignatius to lade about
the said shipp after her arrival and delivered at XXXX) 20 or 30
tonnes of butter for Bordeauy for the said Samuels acco:t XXX of
w:ch butter jee saith was accordingly provided as the said Ignatius
Gold ?accepted the saod M:r Allen by lres, to w:ch M:r Allen XXX
said Samuel Beake further wrote that hee should get lading for the
resz of the said shipps ?tonnage in ?beef ?herrings or pilchards upon freight
XX XXX XXX XXXX freight.
And hee saith moreover that the said M:r Beake also wrote to the
said M:r Allen

ISSAC GILL [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Isaac Gill, XXXX

f. 47r.


ISAAC GILL [His signature]

Case: XXXX Deposition: Petrus Peterson, citizen of Riga, Livonia, sailor, aged 44: DATE: November 5th, 1666

5:° Novembris 1666

PETRUS PETERSON civitatis Rega in Livonia Nauta

f. 47v.

Digital image is poor

f. 48r.

therin neglected on the decke, XXXX
him to confesse against the
And saith that
said freight taken this deponent
with a XXXX or small
betwixt the binding and this
him to great XXXX
his hands, and afterwards
againe ashore. And
companies clothes
worth about 100:li sterling
XXX they have taken money

f. 48v.

And XXX by the Captain, the makeing is XXX

f. 49r.

Ad 4 rendet that the said cargo of XXX at Amsterdam was delivered
to XXXX XXXX XXXX, the producents further XXX, and XXX this depo:t
paid off his marriners that went to the said shipp, they respecting to
XXX further in the XXXX XXX them, Et alr negative XXX

Ad 5 rendet that the said Cornelius ?Dow XXX his factor affirmed
that this XXX XXX XXX

Ad 6 rendet that the sd bill of

Ad 7 rendet the said XXXX XXX XXX broken by the said storme
and that XXXX shipp came to Amsterdam them came man aboard to
XXX this XXX, Et alr nescit ex negative,
and not XXX the day of the beginning of the storme.

Ad 8 rendet that it was the 12 day (new stile) of July last that
the said XX Captaine CCCC CCC , about eight or nine at night,
and the XXX in XXX they fell to torturing him and his XXXXX
aforesaid, and with that hee was by the said Captaine Manners
on the deck in the ?hinder part of the shipp when the masters mate
came and XXX this deponent XXX abd carried him below
and tortured him as aforesaid, but this said QXXXXXX was
tortured above on the deck, and the said XXXX being then XXX
on the deck could not but XXXX and XXX his XXXX and
XXXX. And saith that true it is, that after such their torturing, the
said Captaine Manning for a colour XXXX offended, and when
XXX XXX XXX was XXX, talked of XXXXXX her, and asked this
deponent if hee would have it don, who knowing it was but
for a protest, expressed noe desire for the XXXX it,
beleeving the said XXXXXX , yet it should not XXX don
Et alr negative referendo et ad XXX XXXX.

Ad 9 rendet that

Ad 10 rendet that the said Captaine and her ffranch colours

Ad 11 rendet that XXX they XXX

f. 49v.

Ad 12 rendet that hee XXXX his said XXX att Riga, 'S:r John
?Skelener lre at Plimouth, and saith hee was present before the XXXX
of Riga and XXXX make oath of such therein

Ad 13 rendet that his wife XX

Ad 14 rendet that to his remembrance hee did not set his hand to
any ExXXX accon taken in the ?mutiny, but only to a note or paper
tendred on the Captaines byalfe, whereunto hee was found to subscribe
nor doth hee know nor then did knowe when they have pretended
to XXX this exXXXtion or declaration, Et alr nescit salvis XXXX

Ad 15 refeXXX ad predepoita, et exXXXX interrXXX
Et alr nescit

Ad 16 rendet that the said ffrench boy is of the age of 14 according to
this deponents XXX of his age by his XXX and lookes, XXXX
XXX nor CCCC, nor hath knowingly abooard 8 of 9
monthes, Et alr nescit et perparze sum negative XXXX

Ad 17 rendet XXX XXX only knoweth at Baka when hee
was XXX last in Holland, at w:ch place of XXXX his wife has

Ad 18 rendet that XXX had a barrel of brimstone aboard at the
time of her seizure, w:ch was laded at Amsterdam by himselfe and
for his owne accompt, and wXXX to sell it for his owne
proffit; and XXXX tXX 400

XXXX XXXXXXX [His signature]

Repetit coram dre Mills surrato


Case: XXXX Deposition: Petrus Rich, of Lambeth (sic) Norway (sic) Merchant, aged 36: DATE: XXXX

The Clayme of Thomas Russell of Lambeth and Thomas Popplewell)
of XXXX English merch:ts for y:e ship Esperance XXXX Towison M:r)
and lading of deale boards consisting of about 2400 in number brought)
from Norway to Hull in this Kingdome of England and their seized)
by his Matyes and his Royall highness y:e Lord Adlls Courts for prize goods)

8:° Novembris 1666

Super allonoXX XXXX ColoqXXX
ex parte dictorXd reclaman datXX

Coloquitte XXXXX

Ad primum et secundum arles deponit et dicit that Yesterday this depo:t
compared the order arlate with the originall order remaining in the hands of
S:r Richard Browne one of the Clerkes of the Counsell and found the same
Copy toXXX with it said originall word for word. And saith that upon the
ninth of July last past this deponent gave and XXX security according to y:e foresd XXXX

f. 50r.

for y:e Sperance arlate of Dram in Norway ?damp M:r to the ffarmers of y:e Custome house XXXXX Tourson now but formerly Cornely to come with her
lading of deales from Norway to some of his Majesties ports of England or Ireland
And saith the arlate S:r John Shaw and S:r John Wolstonholme two of the
ffarmers of the Custome house gave a testificazon under their hands of such
security given,a s appeareth in one of y:e schedules annexed. Et alr referendo
so ad dictas schedulas qua dicit esse verat nescit deponere.

Ad 3 et 4 arle deponit that hee well knoweth the arlate Thomas Russell and soe hath
don for theise twelve yeers last or thereabouts who was and is an Englishman &
borne as hee hath bin credibly informed in Hampshire. Who hee saith hath bin for
these three yeers last and upwards and still is as hee beleeveth halfe part owner
of y:e said shipp Sperance of Dram. which hee knoweth ffor that the said vessell
was consigned to this depo:t by the said Thomas Russell with a lading of Deales about three
yeers since. And then also gave this depo:t order to sell the said shipp for him and y:e sd
Knope, who was reputed the other halfe owner. which this depo:t could not doe
by reason hee could not raise the price sett to him And is still the halfe part owner
of her as hee is well assured for that about May last past this depot wrote to the
said Thomas Russell to send the said shipp with a lading of deales consigned to this deponent upon his
this deponents owne adventure. And the said Russell then wrote this deponent
that he would consigne the said shipp and her lading of dales to this depo:t upon his owne adventure
And saith that upon the lading of the said shipp. the arlate Jonathan Smith
advised the arlate Thomas Popplewell his master living at Hull that hee
had bought of one M:r Daniel Knope the other halfe part of y:e ship the Esperance
(of which M:r Russell arlate was y:e other halfe owner.) which lre came under
this depots cover and which hee hath read, And the next post or shortly after hee sent
another lre under this deponents covert also wherein hee advised the said
Popplewell that hee had paid 150 Rix dollars for y:e halfe of y:e said shipp And
in y:e said lre he saith the said Smith advised his said M:r that hee had laded &
caused to bee laden onboard the said shipp Sperance about three or
foure and twenty hundred deales for his the sd Popplewells acc:t to bee
brought in y:e sd ship to Hull and there to bee delivered upon and for y:e same
acc:t and that hee had bought them of M:r Rissell some for 5:li 15:s and
some for six pounds per Cent. And the said Russell wrote this deponent
an Excuse for not sending y:e sd shipp upon this depots acc:t as aforesd saying
that hee had mett with one that would give more ffor those deales than they would yeild
at London. And therein the sd Russell wrote this deponent that the arlate
Smith had bought Deales of him the sd Russell and laded them for his sd
Masters ac:t, and that hee had received in part 200 Rix dollars which
lres he shall produce for satisfaction of this Court. Et alr nescit

Ad 5 et 6 deponit that the said shipp came with her said lading of deales
to Hull in September last of her owne accord, and as this depot hath bin informed there she was
seized by y:e Comrs for prizes of that port for his majestyes use, but was
cleared or discharged from the said seizure by an order from y:e Lords
prin:ll Com:rs for prizes. Which order of y:e Lords he hath now with
him and leaveth here with y:e foresd order of his Majesty and attestacon
from y:e Custome house. Et alr nescit referendo so ad dicta in strumenta

Ad 7 refert so ad Jura. Et alr nescit.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rend:t that hee hath knowne y:e Interr Popplewell for about halfe a
yeere last, who as y:e sd Popplewell hath declared to this depo:t and others was borne

f. 50v.

in Lincolnshire, and XX a house keeper
of Hull, and the
in Norway upon
said Russell was since y;e warr with denmarke

Ad XX rend:t that about
white of Lambeth


P. RICH [His signature]

Case: XXXX Deposition: Cornelius Van XXXX, XXX, XXXX

f. 51r.

Contract or Sale of the same. And that as this depo:t is well assured it cannot
be made appeare that ever the sayd M:r Luke Lucy did ever buy y:e contract
for any Prize Ship or goods or Subscribe to any sale or contract for any such
?within the time mentioned in the libell given ag:t him in this cause w:ch this
depo:t hath seene et alr nescit ./.

Ad 4.m ?arlum deponit That hee this depo:t very well knowe the arlate
John Day who was a very great dealer w:th the sd Prize Office; and did as
this depo:t verily beleveth deale w:th the sd Office as a merch:t on his owne acc:t for
severall thousand pounds and hee the sd John day bought of the sd Prize Office
the arlate Ship Prophet Elias and alsoe the rest of the things arlate, as this
depo:t understandeth and beleeveth, and the Collectors and Com:rs of the sd Office
or their Officers, did as this depo:t hath bin credibly informed & beleeves
take the sayd John Dayes subscription to his Contracts for the same & noe
other engagem:t and soe the sayd John Day (and not M:r Luke Lucy or any other
that this depo:t knoweth or beleeveth) became Debtor to the sayd Prize Office
for the same and XXXX XXXX sayd John Day is made Debtor for the same in the
bookes of the sayd Office as this depo:t hath bin credibly informed et alr nescit

Ad 5:m arlum deponit That hee hath heard and beleeveth that the sd John
Day did when hee bought any Prize Ship or goods of the sayd Prize Office as
á broker for another person or transferred the same to another pson use to bring
such pson to the sayd Office to engage to the sayd Office for the paym:t for such
Prize Shipp & goods &to get the Com:rs of Collectors of the sayd Office to accept
of such engagem:t and himselfe to be discharged, and thereby the sayd John Day became
acquitted and thother pson so engaging became liable to pay for the same but on
the contrary hee saith that although the sayd John Day or any other did sell
or transferr Prize Shipp?s or goods to another for proffit or otherwise, and did
not bring the pty to whom hee sold or transferred the same or engage to the
sd Office for the paym:t, for such shipps and goods and so to get himselfe
acquitted hee the sd John Day, or such other first buyer still stood
liable to the sayd Prize Office to pay for the Same & the pson to whom
hee sold or transferred the same had nothing to doe w:th the sayd Prize
Office but was to XXX

f. 51v.

f. 52r.

f. 52v.

Case: XXXX Deposition: 2. Humphrey Groome, of London, merchant, aged 36: DATE: XXXX

f. 53r.

John Day

f. 53v.

hee saith were all y: etime of y;e daies of y:e respective schedules aclate
XXXXXX belonging to the sd Prize Office, and sath used to
receive money and give receits & this depo:t hath had severall ?receipts
of them and being well acquainted w:th their manner of subscription
ther first schedule to be signed by the sd Hugh Hurst the second
& fourth by the sd Edw:d BuryX & the third by the sd Clement
Eglestone, and beleeveth y:e contents of the said foure receipts (w:ch
hee hath seene & XXX to be true & reall, to be soe XXX &
done as herein is conteyned et alr nescit

Ad Interria

Ad primum et 2:XX That y:e Copyes of y:e TRansferrs interraie w:ch
drawne according to y:e sd John Dayes usuall forme of drawing y:e ?transferrs
and saith that hee cannot tell whether y:e sd John
Day did YYYY 1652 1653 or 1654 act as a Broker
or not bit this Rend:t knowes that hee did fore
that time sometimes doe busines as a Broker et alr salvis
p:rdepositis nescit

Ad 3:XXX rend:t that hee hath not seene the Prize Office Bookes or ?is
relaccon to this busuines, et alr nescit.

Ad 4:XX rend:t That M:r ?Cury might w:thin y:e time interrare buy
severaéé Quantityes of Prize goods of the then Com:rs or their
Officers & not pay for the same & this rend:t not knowe there XXX
but saith that hee doth not knowe that hee bought XXXX et
alr nescit

Ad 5XX nescit pro ptescia

Ad 6:XX nescit.

Ad 7:XX rendet That hee never sawe any money payd by the sd Luke Lucy
to XXX the Com:r interrate et alr nescit

Ad 8:XXX nescit.

Ad 9:XX rend:t that hee this rend:t recvd the foresd three summes or sawe it
received of the sd XXX XXXX XXXX pr els hee should not have given the receits for the same w:ch XXX
hee knoweth to be his owne hand , but w;ch XXX money out or who was then
p:rent or where hee recdd the same of the XXX otherwise than by the dare
of y:e receit note hee beleeveth are XXXXdated hee for his pte
remembreth not it being soe long since et alr nescit rendere.

Ad 10:XX rend:t that hee hath not prssed y:e bookes interraia in relacon to y:e
busiones, nor did this rend:t ever belong to y:e sd Prize Office et alr nescit

Ad 11:XX 12:XX 13:XX et 14:XX rend:t that hee was not p:rsent nor did XX
the foresd Hurst BXXXX & Eglestone or any of them subscribe the
foresd Receits et alr nescit

Ad 15:XX et 16:XX nescit pXX pte

Ad 17:XXX rend:t That nothing is given or promised to him for his
testimony herein or coming about this busuines nor doth hee expect
ought bor will it be ay benefit or p:rjudice to this rendt w:ch way
soever thi cause goes y:t hee knoweth of et alr negXXXXX

HUM BROME [His signature]

Repetit coram Dno Sweit Sur:to

Case: XXXX Deposition: 3. Thomas Harris, citizen of London, XXXX, aged 52

f. 54r.

13:° Novembris 1666

Sup Allone prod Examinat

3. THOMAS HARRIS civitatis London Generesus annos
agens 52 aut XXX dicit et deponit prout seq Evizt

Ad Octavium et 9:XX arl die Allonis et computum deponit et dicit That this depo:t very
well knoweth y:e aclate M:r Luke Lucy deced and often time did busines for him
and sayth that in the yeere 1659 that y:e sd M:r Lucy was called before a Committee for brining
in y:e arreres of the revenue appointed by y;e then power, and one M:r ?ffinch XX XXX was then
theCouncell & this depo:t was his solicitor and did XXXX or XXXX appeare as XXX XXXX M:r
Lucy & M:r ffinch before the sd Comittee, and oftentimes about that time this depo:t heard
y:e sd M:r Luke Lucy very seriously affirme that an agr:t was made up betweene
him & y:e aclate John Day CCC CCC time of y:e sd Day for
y:e ship Elias & other XXXX goods bought of y:e sd Day, and that hee y:e sd M:r Lucy had really payd
for y:e same, and had severall acquittances for money payd on that acc:t
and that the sayd Day was & continued still his debtor above a hundred pounds
and that in regard of their old acquaintance & former service done by the sd Day
hee the sd M:r Lucy tooke two Looking Glasses for the same, All w:ch this depo:t
doth really beleeve to be true, for that the sd M:r Lucy was a man of great
integrity, and one that would not as this depo:t is psuaded in his conscience affect
such a thing unles twas true & reall, And saith that the sd M:r Lucy was
XXXXX before y:e sd Committee in y:e month of June 1659
to pay into y:e treasury for prize goods 504:li 10:s 2:d or therabouts for soe much owing by
him for prize goods bought of the late Com:r for Prizes and alsoe to pay
290:li 2.s 3:d for prize goods bought of y:e sd Com:r by the sd Lucy & John
Day, and saith that the sd M:r Lucy together w:th the sd M:r ?ffinch & this depo:t
did appeare before y:e sd Comittee & denyed the charges and the sd M:r Lucy
then desiring to avoyd further trouble being a XXXX man did by his Councell
M:r ffinch put it upon this issue That if it did appeare by y.e bookes of the
Prize Office that the sd M:r Lucy was anyways
endebted to y:e sd office for any ship or goods bought of the sd Office by him
or his order, that then hee the sd Lucy would Imediately pay what hee should
be soe charged w:thall, whereupon the sd Comittee made an order a copy of
w:ch this depo:t nowe hath w:th him being of the teno:r following vizt
Wednesday 29. June 1659. By the Comittee for bringing in the arrears
of the revenue due to the Commonwealth Upon hearing what was offered
this day by the Com:r for prize goods acc:t Lucas Lucy and w:t in M:r ffinch
being of the Counsell alledhed on his behalfe it is ordered that the sd Com:r
doe suffer y:e sd M:r Lucy to see their bookes in relaccon to his charge or
discharge for prize goods as likewise to deliver him Copyes of the transferrs made
by M:r Day and also tp give him a copy of the XXXX acc:t charged upon him
of thee desire the ?Land and they are to agree & setle the acc:t if they can
or else the Com:r are to certify us in writing the state of the case w;th
their opinion upon Wednesday the sixth of July next at nine of the
Clock in the forenoone, signed in the name & by the order of the sd Com:r
A ?Baynes. And saith that some few dayes after the sd order was soe
made, the sd M:r Lucy & his serv:t Abraham Guallier now as this depo:t
beleeveth in y:e barbadoes) & hee this depo:t did w:th severall of the
Accomptants & other Officers or Clarkes of the sd Office ther in the p:sence
alsoe to his remembreance of one or more of the sd Com:rs & alsoe
one M:r ?RomX accomp:t to M:r Oxenbridge y:e Controller of y:e sd Office
peruse the bookes of the sd Office w:th were then produced by some of the sd
Office, and the sd M:r Lucy did then desire them to show him where
hee stood XXXX in their bookes w:th any of XX sd summ for w:ch hee was
questioned before the sd Committee but notwithstanding XX
of them did (or could as hee beleeves) shew any Amount XX the sd
XXX in any of y:e bookes of the sd Office, wherby hee was charged as Debter
to them for any time but only shewed unto him the acc:t of the sd John Day

f. 54v.

And sayth that hee this Rend:tthen or about that time did declare to the sd
Lucy this depo:t being p:rsent that hee hath XXXXX the Acc:ts of the sd Office
and by reason of his sd Imploym:t did well understand them, and thatM:r Lucy was not charged for any thing therein, or to that effect, and ?after
hee told this depo:t that the sd Office could not charge the sd M:r Lucy w:th any XXX
unles by the bookes being written over againe, w.:ch hee sayd
they had bin as hee beleeved twice or thrice or to that effect And further
that suddenly after the foresd XXXXX hee this depo:t did repaire to the XXXX
or Register of y:e sd Comittee and desired to knowe whether y:e sd ComXXX
had made any rectifyate according to y:e foresd order & whwther the sd Comittee
had made any order thereupon, and hee replyed & told this depo:t that
hee beleeved that the XXXX XXXXX XXXXX noe other XXXXXX or to that
effect, And saith that afterwards y:e XX M:r Lucy was not ever XXX y;e XX depo:ts
knoweth or ever heard of further questioned XXX et alr nescit saving that the sd
John Day did live some yeeres after the time in w:ch the ship
& goods in question were sayd to be bought.
Sup reliquis non examinatur ex direnone M:r Lucy

Ad Interria

Ad primum rendet that hee cannot answer thereto, nor can tell w:t to beleeve
therein hee being a stranger to y,e buisines interrate.

Ad 2:XX rend:t That the sd John Day was reputed to by a publique broker
about twenty yeeres since
& this depon:t hath heard and beleeveth that the sd John Day
did buy or contract for severall parcells of prize goods both as a broker and XX
as merchant on his owne acc:t et alr nescit.


Case: XXXX Deposition: 1. Guilielmus Sweetmore, of Redcliff, Surrey, sailor, aged XXX

f. 55r.

Ad primum et 2:m arles ?die ?Allonis deponit et dicit That hee this depo:t was one of y:e
Company of the ship Hopefull Seaventure Henry Robinson M:r ?y:e time ?aclate
and XXXX) that about five weekes since (tempus alr non ??nescit) the sd ship was
by a stiffe winde driven almost upon ?Bucksam (OR, Burksam) sand to avoyd coming foule from the
Anchor thereby to get further off, and the sd shipp, the Hopefull Seaventure being under sayle
w:th her sprittsaile y:e aclate ship y:e Comfort Sparkes M:r did lie in the way of y:e
sd shipp Hopefull Seaventure by a single Anchor upon her ??sheere, soe that y:e sd Robinson
could get cleare of y:e Comfort or not called & cryed out six or seaven times
aloud, & as loud as possibly they could to those of the Comfort to clap their
helme a port that y:e Hopefull Seaventure might goe cleere, and this depo:t (and most
y:e rest of the sd Ships company soe called & cryed out and saith that after such
calling & crying ?a ?which ?much was y:e sd Sparkes (XXXXX as hee of herXXX confessed in this depo:ts ?presence)
came running up out of his cabbin, & to the forecastle & by that time
the sd ship Hopewell Seaventure was past the sd ship Comfort, and saith that noe answer
XXXX XXXXX was made by y:e sd Sparkes or any of his company that this
depo:t heard, and therefore this depo:t judges that they were all besides y:e sd Sparkes
asleepe, and that M:r Sparkes the next day did onboard the sd ship Hopefull
Seaventure in the p:rsence of this depo:t & the rest of the sd ships company confesse
that there was none upon his ships deck the time aforesd & that his watch
was asleep in the Cooke roome, But saith that notwithstanding this neglect
in them the sd ship Hopefull Seaventure by gods blessing upon y:e endeavo:r of
her M:r & Company went clere of the Comfort & never touched her head
Boltspritt masts or any pt of the yards, or any thing els belonging
to her only y:e yard arme of the spritsaile w:ch was soe slightly touched that
noe p:rXXXXXXX was done to it or to the sd ship Comfort of his surtaine
knowledge of this depo:t who was an eye witnes thereof, and saith that such touching the sd
yard arme might have bin easily p:rvented if the M:r & Company of the Comfort
or any of them had bin at hand to have put their helme a port
or topped their sprittsaile yard. et alr nescit

Ad 3:XX arlum deponit That y:e sd ship Hopefull Seaventure being passed the Comfort
it went about a quarter of a mile from the Comfort, and cast anchor & ?veered
out a hundred & a fathom of cable, and XX about a q:r of a miles from the Comfort
??shee continued fast at anchor halfe an hower or betweene
halfe an hower & three q:rs of an hower after y:e Hopefull Seaventure passed by
and then this depo:t espyed her driving and shee suddenly after passed by the
Hopefull Seaventure and came to an Anchor about two Cables length off of her
and saith that had the Hopefull Seaventure ??temped her cable this depo:t (XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXX) who hath
bin a seaman these ?6 yeeres must needs have bin sensible of it for them XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX hee saith
that the Hopefull Seaventure would have in stopped & in danger of being
sunk by ?want y:e Comforts hawse or else her Cable must have yeilded & y:e ship
Comfort have driven, and this is well knowne to all seamen, and saith that
y:e sd ship Hopefull Seaventure was not in y:e least stopped, but went as cleere
as any ship could doe, and y:e Comfort continued XXX for the time aforesd
et alr nescit

f. 55v.

Ad 4:m et 5:m arl?cia deponit et dicit That the next day after y:e ship Hopefull
Seaventure passed by y:e Comfort as aforesd the M:r of the Comfort swept one
tide for his cable & anchor, but not finding of it hee came that day onboard the
Hopefull Seaventure, and then p:rtended that shee had not his cable, and sayd that
hee had had a buoy to his anchor but that twas not seene in eight& XXXX XXXXX
before XX shee was adrift or to that effect w:ch hee sayd &
confessed in the p:rsence of this depo:t & severall of teh rest of the Hopefull
Seaventures company and alsoe of his owne company. And saith that the
sd M:r of the Comfort desiring the ship & Company of the Hopefull Seaventure
to assist upon in sweeping for the sd Anchor & cable, y:e Company of the Hopefull
did sweepe two ?tymes for the same, but noe buoy appearing they could not
find the same, and soe the M:r of the Comfort gave it ober for lost, and came
away y:e next day w:th the Hopefull Seaventure & y:e rest of the ffleete & gave
noe order that hee XXXXX of or beleeveth) for any further ?search for the same
and in XX the same it lost XXXX occasioned for want of a buoy, and not
through any neglect or default in y:e help Company of the Hopefull SEaventure or
any of them nor indeed was any manner of p:rjudice done to y:e sd ship Comfort
by y:e sd ship Hopefull Seaventure or her M:r & Company or any of them.
Et ar nescit XXX knoweth as aforesd et alr nescit.

Et alr XXX predeporta p XXX XXXXX.

Ad Interria.

Ad primum rend:t That hee was a common man of y;e Company of the
Hopefull Seaventure, and hee was to have 7:li 10:s for his wages from London to XXX
& back againe, w:ch hee receaved about three weekes since, & saith that y:e Hopefull
Seaventure had about fourteene or fifteene marriners onboard her the night
aforesd & shee is of about 240 tonnes burthen & the Comfort is of about XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Ad 2:XX rend:t That hee knowes not whether the sd Henry Robinson hath any pt in
y:e sd ship Hopefull Seaventure or not & ?hee warned this rend:t to come to XXXXXX XXXX
& told him that if hee would not come in hee would subpoena him in & saith that
upon his life hee XXXX XXXX only y:e truth betweeene the ptyes concerned X
XXXXX hee saith hee equally favoureth and saith that if it were in his power hee
would give y:e victory of this cause to hee that is least in fault
alr negative.

Ad 3:XX rend:t That y:e Hopefull Seaventure just before shee came & passed by y:e
Comfort as aforesd in aout a quarter of a mile XXX the Comfort & the Hopefull
Seaventure then ?at about a mile from shore, but a about halfe a cables length from
Buckhans Sand & the Comfort athere rode about a mule & ag:r from y:e shore, &
soe the sd ships had layd almost two dayes, et alr nescit rendere

Ad 4:XX rendt That the sd ship Hopefull Seaventure weighed anchor about two of y:e
clocke in y:e foresd night & twas then very darke, & XXX & XXX weather & there
was them a?Long stiff gale of wind and saith that they
were then forced to weigh in regard that the wind drove them soe towards the sd sand
that they were in eminent danger of being foule of y:e sd sand et alr nescit.

Ad 5:XX rend:t That y:e sd rend:t & Company first spyed the sd ship Comfort the ?time
aforesd about a cables length before they came at her , & soe soone as they XXXXXher they cryed out to her, and by speciall order of the M:r every man of the Hopefull
Seaventures company cryed out as loud as they could hXXXXX hallowe the better to
give notice & to wake the Comforts watch, w:ch they feared were asleepe because they
did not answer at severall times calling before, et alr nescit.

Ad 5:XX rend:t That y:e wind was at west south west the time aforesd & blew very
hard, & the Comfort lay north or north east from y:e Hopefull
Seaventure when shee weighted as aforesd et alr nescit.

Ad 6:XX rend:t That there was roome enough on each side of the Comfort for
y.e Hopefull Seaventure to passe by to wit about two or three Cables length
but y:eXXX was soo that XXX could not have command of the Hopefull Seaventure
to bee otherwise than XXXX saith that they used their XXXX abd XXXX to get

f. 56r.

cleere of the Comfort as it concerned them highly to doe et alr referende
so ad predeporta nescit

Ad 8:XX rend:t That it is usuall & doubles lawfull for ships to
lye at Anchor (to wit by a single anchor that they may veere & give way
as occasion requires) in such a place as the Comfort was in the time
aforesd, but not w:thout a buoy w:ch is a warning to ships to keepe XXX
of the XXX it being y:e custome for a buoy to be at every Anchor XX
out in all rivers harbozrs & all XXX places et alr nescit.

Ad 9:XX rend:t prod refert so d p:rdeporta et alr nescit.

Ad 10:XX rend:t That y:e M:r of the Hopefull Seaventure assisted the M:r
of the Comfort in Sweeping as aforesd because the M:r of the Comfort
desired him. et alr nescit.

Ad 11:XX rend:t That 'tis a very difficult thing to find an anchor lost
in the foresd place without a buoy the sd place being a wide  ?space & full of sands et alr referendo XX ad p:rdepita
Sigmund dM WS [HIS MARK] Guilielmi Sweeting


Case: XXXX Deposition: 2. Guilielmus Chip, of Redcliff, Surrey, sailor, aged 67

f. 56v.

Digital image is poor

f. 57r.

Ad 10:XX rend:t That the M:r of the Hopefull BaXXXXXX helped to sweepe for XX
cable & Anchor because the M:r of the Comfort came & desired that hee XXXX
alr nescit

Ad 11:XX that the foresd place is a wide Roade, and he there expXXXXX
Difficult to find an Anchor that is lost w:thout a buoy fastened thereto, et alr

signum dm. [HIS MARK] XXX XXXX


Case: XXXX Deposition: 3. Jacobus Taylor, of White Chappell, London, sailor, aged 46

Eadem dXX

Super Allone pred Examinat.

3.XX JACOBUS TAYLOR de White Chappell prope
London Nauta annos agens 46 aut XXX dicit et deponit
prout seq:ricter

Ad primum et 2:XX arles XXX Allonis deponit et dicit That hee this dep:t
was a foremastman of the Arlate ship Hopefull Seaventure at the time
arlate and saith that shee XXX in XX about three or foure fathom water and in
great danger (y:e wind being high) of being drawn upon
Buckhand Sand in ?Humber River where XXX XXXXX were shee weighed XXXX for about
Eleaven or twelve of the clock in the night of y:e 21:st day or thereabouts
of Octob:r last, and loosened the spritt saile XXXX Company not
judging it safe to make any other saile because y:e ?wind was XXXX; and saith
that as shee was soe sailing out farther into deeper water her M:r & Company (all
of them being above deck) did at about a Cables longe distance espey the
arlate ship Comfort riding by a single anchor upon her XXXXXX and ?imediately they cryed &
called out to her to sheere off (as they might have done any way)
or to put their helme a port, to the and that y:e sd ship Hopefull Seaventure
might passe cleere of her w:ch M:r & Company then feared shee would not
but spey:d that noe answeer was returned from the Comfort nor did any body
appeare upon her deck although they were severall times w:th much XXXXX earnestley called
by this depo:t & the rest, and then by order of Henry Robinson the M:r of the
Hopefull Seaventure all her Company made an outcry together
yet noebody of y:e Comfort made answer or appeared untill the Hopefull
Seaventure passed by her w:ch shee did by & throughe the endeavours
of her M:r & Company, and Gods mercy w:thout doeing her
any manner of damage that hee knoweth of or beleeveth saveing y:e breaking
of a small rope called her sprit saile cluting, & w:thout touching her or
any pt of her that hee knoweth of saving shee slightly touched y:e yard arXXXX
of the spritsaile yard, and that might have bin p:rvented y:f the
M:r & Company of the Comfort had but
put their helme a port or veered or ?lopped their spritsaile, et alr nescit

Ad 3:XX arlum depo:t That the sd ship Hopefull Seaventure being passed
by the Comfort shee went & lay at anchor about halfe a mile from the
XXXX XXXX & lost her Xyding by the sd Anchor, and about halfe an
hower after & not afore this depo:t sawe y:e Comfort adrift and sayth that y:e sd
ship Hopefull Seaventure went over y:e place where y:e Comforts
Cable lay, but whether shee touched it or not hee knoweth
not, but saith that if shee did touch it the touch was so slight that XXX XXXXX that
was not y:e occasion of her beng afterwards adrift et alr nescit saing
that the sd ship Comfort might the time aforesd have sheere to & fro by the
shipping of her XXXXX at the XXXXX of her M:r & Company XXX deny
or receiving p:rjudice.

Ad 4:XXX et 5:XXX arles die Allonis deponit That the next day afore y:e ?prmisses the M:r
of the Comfort did sweepe for her Anchor & Cable & not finding
XXXX came the same day onboard the Hopefull Seaventure and desired y:e sd ?Cap:t Robinson that

f. 57v.

Top line is missing in the digital image

him, & y:e sd Anchor & Cable was XXX XXXX swept for, but in XXX XXXXX
appeareth noe XXXX to the Anchor, and the M:r of the Comfort
(when hee had appointed to sweepe for it againe) went onshore to XXXX by
shortly after came away) from thence XXX the sd ship Comfort XXXXX
Hopefull Seaventure, And lastly saith that XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXXX & y:e sd ship or any XXXX belonging XXX besides y:e breaking of the XXXX
rope w:ch was but a very small matter) came through y:e neglect of her XXXX
company & not through any default or neglect of or in the XX XXXXX of y;e
Company of the sd ship Hopefull Seaventure, et alr nescit.

Ad ult dicit predeporta pXXXX esse vera.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rend:t That hee was a foremastman in the sd ship Hopefull Seaventure
& had for his wayges for y:e whole voyage 7:li 15:s & shee had the time aforesd about XX
or 15 marriners onboard her, and shee is of about XXXXX score tonnes & the Comfort
of neere about the same burthen, et alr nescit.

Ad 2:XXX rend:t That hee knoweth not whether the sd Henry Robinson hath any
share in the sd ship or not & hee cometh to testify herein at y:e sd Robinsons request
& saith that y:e partyes are all a like to him, and hee would if it were in
his power give the vivtory of this cause to the ptye that hath most right to it saying
tis all one to him who hath it et alr negative.

Ad 3:XX rend:t That before y.e Hopefull Seaventure weighed as aforesd she
lay about halfe a mile from y:e Comfort, & y:e Hopefull Seaventure was about
three q:tr of a mile from y:e land & the Comfort about a mile,
&soe XXX hath layne about two dayes & before they lay somew:t more
distant et alr nescit.

Ad 4:XX rend:t That y:e sd night was darke rayny & the wind blew hard
& therewas ?then noe moonelight & but little star light, et alr referendo
Et ad prdeporta nescit.

Ad 5:XXX refert XXX pdeporta et alr nescit.

Ad 6:XX rend:t That the wind was about west south west the time aforesd
& was high, and the Comfort lay North East or North East by East or neer
thereabouts from y:e Hopefull Seaventure when shee weighed as aforesd et alr nescit

Ad 7:XX rend:t That there was romme amongXXXX on each side y:e Comfort for a
ship to goe by on either side namely two or three cables length and shee had
roome enough to XXXXX, but y:e Hopefull Seaventures Company could not
by reason of y:e wind & tyde command her to saile any other course
than that shee would and they all hee saith did w:t men could doe in such a
XXXX to p:rvent damage & danger, their lives lying at stake, et alr
referend so ad p:rdeporta nescit reXXXdere.

Case: XXXX Deposition: 1. Jacobus Hedoethorne, of London, Merchant, aged 30

f. 58r.

Ad 2:XXX 3:XX 4:XX 5:XX et 6:XXX arlate deponit That hee this depo:t very well noweth y:e aclate
M:r Samuel Beake son of M:r Arnold Beake of London Merch:t & this
depo:t hath lived w:th y:e sd Samuele Beake severall yeeres XXX here in
London and in ffrenace w:ch sd Samuel Beake hee saith is an Engléish man
borne, but is or lately was resident at Bourdeaux but not as a subject
of y:e ffrench King, but as a merch:t stranger and as a
subject of his Majesty of England, And further saith that this depo:t
being at Bristoll about a fortnight before y:e lamentable fire in London
and lodging at y:e house of the allegate M:r James Whittwood
who is y:e said Samuel Beakes correspondent three hee was lading goods for him at Bristoll XXX ship st
Bristoll being also a subject of his sd Majesty XXX severall times XXXXX

w:th him about the sayd ship Crowne Towne of Bruges XXX fflanders and the sd M:r Whittwood
in XX disXXXXXX XXX was before y:e newes of y:e seizure of the sd ship)
?forciebly told this depo:t that hee dayly expected the arrivalll of the sd ship
Crowned Towne of Bruges at Bristoll, from Nantes w:th a lading of Salt
Wine, Spiritts of wine or Brandy & shewed this depo:t & XX from y:e XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx w:ch hee was to receive and
dispose of for the acc:t of the sd M:r Samuel Beake, declaring that hee
knowe not that any other was commanded therein, and further say that hee
had order to relade her at Bristoll w:th Calve Skinns Lead
& butter & pilchards if hee could get any for the sd Samuel Beake, and this depo:t well knowes that y:e
sd Whitwood did provide a considerable quantity of Calves skinnes for
pt of y:e sd ships Lading and therefore hee is fully psuaded that y:e sd ship was
really bound to Bristoll & that shee was there to deliver her lading now in
question seized in her consisting as hee understands of ffourscore
fourteene muXX & a halfe last fifteene great Barrells
or peeces, & a small peeice pf spiritts of wine or Brandy, fourteene Tonnes
& a higshead of Mountaine (sic) wine tow tonnes & a halfe of
Spanish wne, two tonns & a halfe of small Nantes wine, and one
hogshead of black or red wine, marked as in the marg:t that the
same were to be transported from Nantes to Bristoll aforesd on the
acc:t and XXgo of the sd Samuel Beake and Partners therein all
freinds and all of this Kingdome, and that noe enimy hath had any interest
therein, XXX the Lading thereof, And hee further deposeth that hee
is well assured that y:e mentioning in y:e bill of Lading that y:e sd ship was bound
to XXXton in Norway, & the sd Lading consigned to M:r BruXXghan there, was

f. 58v.

done merely to p:rvent seizure & XXXXX by y:e Enemeyes of this
Kingdome, such consignm:t being frequently made of this depo:ts
knowledge upon English men are concerned y:e better to XXXX
their goods. And further saith that hee well knoweth y:e Lader of the
sd Lading called Jacob Vandermesse living at Nantes XX knoweth
that the sd Samuell Beake & y:e sd Jacob Vandermesse doe XX to doe busines
for one another all y:e places where they reside, and knowes
that there have bin dor severall moneys ?left ?on
open acc:t betweene them w:ch hee the better knoweth for that hee
this dep:t (XXXXX a little nefore coming ober XX y:e sd HolleX) used to doe business for y:e sd
Samuel Beake at Nantes, and upon his XXXX to com some
to England reXXXXXed y:e sd Samuel Beake to make of of the
sd Jacob Vandermesses at Nantes, a:ch Samuel Beake approved
of, & accordingly imployed him & this depo:t sawe some acc:ts betweene
them and when this depo:t came away from ffrance hee sawe that
by y:e acc:ts the sd Vandermesse was debtor to y:e sd Beake, but how
much hee cannot remember, et alr pre pte sua nescit.

Ad X XXXX aclum et XXXXX in XXXX
must in often deponit et dicit That hee beleeveth that y:e
Attestacon aclate is sealed w:th the seale of Bruges, and that the
contents of y:e sd attestacon were & are true, & that 'twas soe ?had &
done as therein is contained, et alr refereXX ad predepoita nescit

Ad ult dicit p:rdepoita pXXX este vera.

JAMES HEDGTHORNE [His signature]

Reponsa sua ad Interria pXX exam M:r Arnold Beake.


Case: XXXX Deposition: Arnoldus Beake, of London, Merchant, aged 58

Eodem dXX

Sup Allone pXXX Examiniatus

2. ARNOLDUS BEAKE de London Mercator annos agens
58 aut ricter dicit et deponit prout seq:r vizt

Ad primum arlum necit pre pte sua salvis subscriptis.

Ad 2:XX 3:XX 4:XX 5:XX 6:XX et 7:XX arles dra Allegaconnis deponit et dicit
That hee this depo:t well knoweth y:e sd aclate Samuel Beake hee being
the depo:ts son, who hee saith is an English man and was borne in London
but now lives at Bourdeaux in ffrance as a Merch:t stranger & a subject
of his Majestie of England and hee stayed at Bourdeaux to accomplish his busuines ther
having a Licence (as hee wrote to this depo:t) from the ffrench King soe to
doe, and saith that from Bourdeaux this sd son wrote to him this depo:t
that hee had freighted the aclate ship the Crowne Torone of XXXXX
Jacob ffrance) XX y:e to goe from Nantes to Bristoll, and that hee had laded
w:th salt & Brandy & some wine, and had consigned her to Jacob
WrightXXXX or Whitewood of Bristoll, and that one XX XXXXX
sd lading was for the acc.t of him the sd Samuel Beake XXXX XXXX XXX
for y:e acc:t of hs p:rcontest James Hedges & XXXX (also an English man) and
ChXXXX CruXXXXXX XXXXX of Bruges and Company (meaning as hee beleeveth
the rest of the owners. of y:e sd ship all whom hee beleeveth to be ffrandzians & subiects
of y:e King of Spaine) and further saith that y:e sd XXXX
who is ffactor for this deponents says son Samuel Beake at Bristoll
wrote XX

f. 59r.

wrote to this depo:t from Bristoll before y:e newes of the lading of y;e sd ship
That hee expected the sd ship Crowned Towne of Bruges at Bristoll with
salt Brandy & wines for his this depo:ts sonn Samuels acc:t (hee not knowing
that any other was concerned therein, and that hee was to relade her w:th
butter lead & other goods at Bristoll & send her to Bourdeaux or Royall
ans sayth that hee is well assured by such this informaccon that the sd ship
was really bound to Bristoll w:th her p:rsent lading of salt Brandy
& wine, and doth verily beleeve in his conscience that the sd ships lading
seized in her was designed to be transported in y:e sd ship to Bristoll & there
to be delivered & disposed of by y:e sd Whitwood on the account & XXXX
as his sd son mentioned, to wit one third on y:e acc:t & risgo of his sd
son, and thother two thirds for the acc:t & risgo of the sd Jacob
Hedgethorne and of Phillip Cornelison & Company fflandrans & subjects of
his Majestie of Spaine and hee is very certaine that y:e sd ship
putting in in XXXX that y:e ship was bound to XXXX in Norway & consigned to
M:r Brugman was done colourably to avoyd seizure by y:e Enmyes
of England And further sayth that hee well knoweth that his said son Samuel
& the aclate Jacob Vander Messe, living at Nantes, doe correspond
together & that the sd Vander messe doth use to doe busines for
his sd son at Nantes & y:t for some businesses that hee hath there done
for this depo:t son hee hath drawne bills of Exchange upon this

f. 59v.

Poor digital image quality

Ad 5:XX refert ad p:rdepsita et alr nescit

Ad 6:XX repon:t questioning y:e acc:t of y:e sd ship XXX hee XXXX
to Bristoll hee seriously averred to this depo:t that hee intended
to goe to Bristoll, but when this XXXXXX know that they
made a reXXXXXtion to carry the sd ship to Ostend because XX
was a XXX place most of them XXX thereabouts and that they

f. 60r.

hands of M:r Abraham Gill of Nantes for his sd ?sixth part off y:e sd Lading
& hee denyes that hee is ffactor thereof XXXX for any of tXXX
?persoms comcerned therein et alr nescit

Ad 3:XX rend:t That hee hath knowne the foresd Jacob Vandernesse
for about two yeeres last XXX during that time & long before as hee
beleeves, thay lived at Nantes in ffrance w:th his wife children &
family, & sath that hee supposeth that hee is a Hollander borne et
alr nescit

Ad 4 rend:t That hee beleeveth that Merchants that lade goods in
ffrance doe use to conceale (as much as in them lyes) to w:t place the
goods soe laden are consigned the better to carry on trading &
this this rend:t ?hath done severall times to
p:rvent seizure, and paper hee (as other slsoe have done) hath caused
to be made for free places when the ship were bound to a place
that had war, but hee for his owne pt never did any thing of that
XXXX but for this Subjects of his Maj:ty of England
And saith that in ships merch:ts doe use to write a coloured
lre & inclose y:e Colourable bill of Lading directed to some from at the the free port,
to w:ch the ship us ptended is bound although the ship is to goe to a place that hath warr & this hee hath alsoe done
but only for his Maj:ties subjects to carry on y:e Englishe trade et alr

Ad 5:XX refert XX ad predeita et alr nescit.

Ad 6:XX rend:t That hee ?lknoweth not where y:e sd ship was taken & XXX
that if shee was out of her course to Bristoll (to w;ch place hee is certaine
shee was really bound to make her discharge) hee beleeveth that twas occassioned
by her marriners revolting or by contrary windes, et alr nescit.

Ad 7:XX rend:t That hee beleeveth that y:e sd Samuel doth drive a
Trade colourably for the subjects of his majesty of England in such
manner as is mentioned in y:e 5:th Interry, but hee doth not knowe nor
hath heard that hee hath driven any trade XX under any role for any
of the XXXXX of his Majesty of England, et alr nescit.

Ad 8:XX nescit XXX XXXivit pco pte sua.

Ad 9:XX rend:t That y:e sd Samuel Beake did ct
& lade goods for some Dutch subjects of the United Provinces & ffrench
subjects of y:e ffrench King before y:e now warrs. but hwther hee hath soe
done since y:e warr or not. hee knoweth not nor hath heard, but supposeth
that now & then hee doth but not under any role XX in all upon XXX in XXXXXX
as hee beleeveth et alr nescit

JAMES HEDGTHORNE [His signature]

Repetit XXX XXXXXX suo coram Duo Judican

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 4. Mathaus Starenburg, citizen of Bruges, Sailor, aged 26

f. 60v.

21 Decembris 1666

Super allegatXXX prXXX ex XXX dXX XXX XXX
XXXX 22:° Nov: XXX examinate

4. MATHAUS STARENBURG civitatis Brugensis Nauta, ubi XXX
per XXXX ult aut XXXXX, atatis 26 annos XX XXX XXXX

Ad primum, 2. 3 et 4 arles dicte allagaconis deponit that hee this deponent
is Carpenter of the said shipp the Godelieve w:ch hee hath knowne for
about 15 monthes last, and that above a month before Easter last hee was
imployed to work in the repair of her in the XXX of the producents XXX
XXXX and Anthonio XX BogXXXden who were and are her owners and XXXX
XXX XXXX accompted. And for w:ch XXXX hee was paid by the said XXXXXX
and after XXXed for XXXXX where XX XXX aboard, hee was XXXX to XXX
Carpenter of her, her former Carpenter leaving her, and XXX XXXX in
the voyage in question for Nantes, And saith that the said XXXX and VanXXXXX
and Michaell XXXX XXXXX were and are XXXXX and Inyabitants of Bridges and subiects of the kingdom
of Spaine, And saith that in or about July last there was laded aboard the
said shipp at Nantes a cargo of wine, and XXXXX, and vinegar and
caskes of saffron to be carried in her for Bridges for accompt (as this deponent understood) of her said
owners and other fflandrians, and hee being told by the said VanburXXXden that
the said shipp was to fetch a cargo of wine for her owners accompts, And
alsoe thereunto laded aboard her foure XXX XXXX of wine for accompt of
Claus BurkXXXXX the ship XXXXXX and this deponent the Carpenter of the said shipp.
And having XXXXXX the said goods aboard, the said shipp departed
for Bridges her port of discharge, and was in the course of XXXX
more XXX and XXXXX by the arlate Chrystian ?braun and company and XXX
first to ?Porta and afterwards into the XXXXXX River, w:ch hee knoweth
sailing in her and beng aboard when XXX was XXXX XXXXX. Ez alr. nescit.

Ad 5 et 6 deponit that upon the said seizure this deponent saw the master
of the GXXXXXX Merchant XXXX deliver a XXXXX (wherein hee
suggesteth was one or more writings) to the said Chrystian XXXXX, and John du Plessys M:r fortune of XXXXX and his XXXX XXXX and after-
wards her XXX said Captaine XXXX in XXXX her XXXX, and saith the
said ?Baum did XXX XXX XXX XXX master or any of her company to be XX
examinat at Porta, nor (XXXX as hee undersand) and XXXXXX
them. Et alr nescit, salvis XXXXXXX.

Ad 7. 8. et 9 deponit that thee said Captaine ?Braune and company XX
plundered the said ship GuXXXXX after such seizure and tooke away t
the said salt saving some little quantity, a parcell of saffron, and tooke away ?also
all y:e sweetmeates. And dranke embXXXted and plundered away severall ?barrells of
the sd shipps wine being part of her lading and sold and disposed thereof ?as ?they
pleased. And saith that y:e said ?Borne carryed the said shipps Hoods from XX
Poole to Chichester, where neere y:e mouth of y:e River neere XXX XXXXX
Harbo:r there came a pilot on board ye Godliffe by y:e sd Bearnes order as this deponent XXX
and endeavouring to bring her up the sd River of Chichester with that XXX to y:e XX
sd lading that was untouched hee rann her on y:e ground where stick soe
fast that they could not gett her off though y:e sd Bearne and Company hXXXXX
a great part of y:e sd shipps lading ober board to lighten y:e said shipp, where ?she
lay soe aground for severall dayes together. And saith that y:e shipp is now in y:e
harbour of Chichester, where she lyes on y:e Ground saving foure or ffive howres ?each
day, and one of her underdecks is risen about a ffoote and halfe and XX XXX

f. 61r.

masts namely y:e maine mast XX XXXX downe And sawe
that the water stands in the hold of y:e said shipp
and is bery much damnifyed thereby. Et alr nescit

Ad 10:a deponit that y:e said Michael Sanfier was confined and kept under Custody as a
prisoner under y:e pretence of being a Holland:r by the meanes of Captaine XXX
and his Complices And soe were the Company in Custody severall dayes together
Et alr nescit

Ad 11. 12. 13. 14. nescit et preparte sua neve.

Ad 15 deponit that y:e sd Bearne and Company after y:e seizure of y:e sd shipp Godlife
kept on board and confined in the sd shipp y:e Godliffes Commander and were denyed pen inke
or paper nor would they suffer them to write to any friends et alr nescit

Ad 16:XX XXX predeporta sua de vera.

XXXXXXX [His signature]

Ad primum nescit deponere salvis subscriptis.

Ad 2 deponit that hee hath bin but y:e voyage in question in the said shipp Godliffe which
was from Bruges to Nants and thence was to have gon to and had arrived at Bridges
had not y:e foresaid seizure happened Et alr nescit

Ad 3 et 4 deponit that hee hath seene a person called John Johnson, an Ostender who
came on board the Privateer at y:e Ille of Wight , by y:e meanes and at y:e request of y:e
foresd Captaine Bearne, who went with the sd Bearne in his Man of Warr to Chichester and sometimes came on board
y:e Godliffe at Chichester. And XXXX the said Johnson was not any of y:e Godliffs Company. Et alr
nescit salvis predeporta.

Ad 5 deponit that soone after namely about three or foure days after y:e sd shipp
Godliffe came into Chichester one M:r Bradshaw as hee understood he name bee came on board
the sd shipp and sealed up y:e hatches of y:e sd shipp to prevent further plundering
And saith that y:e said Bradshaw sealing up a like place wherein y:e sweetmeats
were with y:e foresaid soule the aclate Johnson or some of y:e sd Bearnes Company
brake y:e sd Seales and carried away y:e sd Sweetmeates and some other things
Et alr nescit

Ad &:X deponit that y:e aclate Joseph Vorstell is a common seaman And one of y:e ships
Company. And beleeveth that he lives at Bridges or Ostend having seene his wife thre
Et alr nescit.

Ad 7 deponit that there is noe such person belonging to y:e shipp aclate as Bartholomew ?Xayes,
And saith that this sepo:t is y:e said shipps Carpenter And had served in the said shipp about
three monthes before y:e said seizure, and hath lived at Bruges with his wife and family
the sd two yeares last and is a Burger of that place. And that when hee was XXXX
at Chichester, one Captaine?Walchan an Englishman told this depo:t that Bartholomew and Mathias were allone and y:e same name. Et alr nescit

Ad 8 deponit that the aclate ?Casher is one of y:e Company of y:e Godliffe aclate, and was
hired at Bruges to serve in the said shipp, and is commonly said to bee borne in ?Rosebroogen
and to bee a Burger of Bruges. Et alr nescit

Ad 9 deponit that y:e said Phillip Arrison is one of y:e shipps Company. Et alr nescit.

Ad 10:a deponit that y:e aclate Claes Brooke Huisen is stiersman of y:e Godliffe and doth and
hath kived at Bridges the sd XXX or three yeeres last or thereabouts. and is a Burger of that
place and a subject of y:e king of Spaine. Et alr nescit.

Ad 11 deponit that the aclate Mary Bushee and her three children ca,e aboard the sd
shipp at Nants and was a passenger only And was to goe to Ostend Et alr nescit.

Ad 12 deponit that y:e aclate Peter Johnson falling sick at Nants came on board the said
shipp to goe also as a passenger to Ostend And beleeveth him to bee of XXX
and to dwell there and to bee a subject of y:e Spanish King. Et alr nescit


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