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HCA 13/76 Part Two

Editorial history

23/04/12, CSG: Split HCA 13/76 (created 04/04/12) into Part One and Part Two, due to size of page


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Listing of imaged cases

f. 60v.

A few lines at top missing from the image

Ad 15 nescit

Ad 16 deponit that y:e fore said Andreas van dergaard and James NorXXX sent y:e Godliff y:e
voyage in question from Bruges to Nants to lade wines and other goods for acc:t of
themselves and other fflandrians. Et alr nescit.

Ad 17 deponit that y:e sd Bearne did very much beate and abuse y:e shipps Company
and perticulelry this deponent and Peter Casher, and kept them in awe and feare at such
time as they were to have been examined at Chichester, and were kept as prisonsers
both before and after their Examinacon. Et alr nescit

Ad 18 deponit that y:e sd Sansier hath told this deponent to y:e Effect aclate. Et alr nescit

Ad 19 deponit that by order of y:e Captaine of one of y:e Kings men of warr y:e said
Sansier carried his shipps papers and documents aboard y:e man of war, and y:e
Captaine upon the perusall of the said papers dismissed them. Et alr nescit

Ad ultimum dicit predeporta sua esse vera.

Interpreted by:
JN ISRAELL [His signature]

MATHEUS STXNxxx [His signature]

Repetit coram dno XXXX XXX:to


Case: XXXX Deposition: Johannes Knight, of Wapping, Middlesex, Sailor, aged 46

ffrisby et Wittam als Archer)
contra Hunt)
Cheeke X Suckley)

22:° Decembris 1666

Super allegaccon aclate ex parte dicti ?Hunt
18:° in ?stand date ?extum XXtus

1. JOHANNES KNIGHT de Wapping in Com Midd Nauta
etatis 46 aut XX XXssiter, testis

Ad prima et 2 ?testus deponit that the shipp the Rosebush articulate
was in or about November 1665 at Portsmouth aclate and thence
bound for ffalmouth to take in pilchards to proceed to severall ports in
the straights and to retourne for England all in Merchant imployment for account
of English men, and that then the said ffrisby and Archer were at
Portsmouth in poore cloathes, and (as farr as appeared) very bare of
mony, and ffrisby was sickly, and at their instance and request the sd
Henry Hunt the master of the said shipp, shipped them aboard her to
XXX in the said voyage outwards and back for London where the voyage was to end, and the said ffrisby was ships carpenter and the said Archer
a mariner for the said voyage, and they came accordingly aboard and betooke
themselves to the sd duties and offices of the shipp of this deponent, who
was Gunner of the said shipp, Et alr nescit, for hee was not present or
at their hiring, and he knoweth not what wages were agreed for, nor what
promisses they made.

Ad 3 deponit that the said shipp accordingls proceeded and tooke in her lading of
pilchards at ffalmouth, and went then to Cadiz, Majorica, and other places
and then to Civita Vecchia, and delivered her said pilchards, and at Civita Vecchia
received a quantitie of Brimston to be brought for London, w:ch hee knoweth ?hee
going the voyage in her.

f. 62r.

Ad 4:XX deponit that the said ffrisby in the beginning of the said voyage was
sickly and afore XXX XXXXcould doe but little service, and the said Archer
?soe poorly clad and ?soe unprovided of clothes, that for some ?space hee was XXXX
in XXXX to come upon the decks or able to endure the rigor of the role, but
before ?they ?were from Portsmouth they the said ffrisby and Archer got into a
better condition of clothing, and this deponent heard the said ffrisby say that
the said M:r had supplied him with mony towards the charges of his sickenes
and clothing, and beleeveth hee also supplied the said Archer, not knowing
whether hee should XX ?thatsupplier. Et alr nescit.

Ad 5, 6 et 7 deponit that the said shipp in her course of proceeding went
from Civita Vecchia to Zant and Cephalonia and tooke in currants, and
came thence back to Ligorne, and while shee was ?ther at Ligorne the said
ffrisby and Archer went and staid ashore five dayes and nights together drinking and
frequenting houses of lewd XXXX, and ?they neglected their duties aboard and
the ships ?business, and the said ffrisby as this deponent heard him say XXX
XXXXX ashore and a XXXXX or XXXX other tooke, towards his XXXXX
with XXXXX XX ?currants, and saith that other five of the said shipps company
likewise XXX keeping company with the said ffrisby and Archer,
the said Master as this deponent heard went and complained of them to the English consul
there, and XX the said Consul went and XXXned the men of XX XXXX
XX hee ?bound them, and that they being all XXXX (after a little while
they the said man had determined them under a Course of XXXX for his
XXX) XX as libertie, three of them came aboard, but the said ffrisby, and
Archer and two others staid behinde, and came not afterwards aboard,
although they came neare to the water side with XXXX three XXXX came aboard
and XXXX them XX comm aboard with XXX have in the shipps boate w:ch
was then ashore. And further that XXX XXX want of her man who were
XXX ashore, the said shipp was in danger both of ffrench shipps
XX XXX, and wher ffrench and dutch might arrive, before the danger
by foule weather, by w:ch meanes of ffrisbies departing the said shipp
the said M:r was necessitated to hire and did hire another Carpenter
one John Malum to XXXX at his stead for England, by w:ch desertion
by the said ffrisby and Archer, the soad shipps strength was
abated, and XXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX the more dangerous
both to shipp and goods in regard of Archers dutey and otherwise
Et alr nescit

Ad Interria

Ad primum rendet that hee is a Gunner of a shipp, and liveth by
seafaring, and is worth 50:li in cleare of ?debt, and is not of ?kinn
nore XXXXXX to the producent, nor otherwise related to him, having bin
cleared off the said shipp about six weekes.

Ad 2 rendet that the sd ffrisby and Archer while they staid aboard and untill
they going ashore at Ligorne (w:ch was about the 28 of June last)
followed their worke and performed their duties for ought this depo:t
XXX to the contrary, Et alr nescit, saving hee saw noe mony paid them

Ad 3 rendet quad nescit.

Ad 4 XXXX pro parte sua, alr nescit.

Ad 5 rendet that hee verily beleeveth that if the said M:r have went XXX XXX
tXXX XXXX (as XXXX this depot understand) the said ffrisby and Archer would have retourned aboard

f. 62v.

hXXXX as hee XXXXX, the said M:r Hunt would not?humour them
soe farr as to supplie them with mony to XXXX thei retourning, Ex
alr nescit XXXX predepoite and saving that the said XXXXX
was the meanes by supplying as aforesaid to the English
that they the said ffrisby and Archer with the rest XXXX XXX at ?libell
wyth XXX XXXXXXX ?nore paid or XXXX, and that they XXX XXXX
hee came aboard if they had XXXX XXXXX XX other XXXX

Repetit coram der Mills [His signature]

JOHN KNIGHT [His signature]

Case: XXXX Deposition: 1. Ludovicus Tremaine, of Wapping, Middlesex, Sailor, aged 18

24 ?Dec 1666

Super allagacXXXX predX extXXXX

2. LUDOVICUS TREMAINE de Wapping in Com Middy Nauta, ?aetatis
18 XX XXXX aut XXXter testis.

Ad prima et 2:XX arles deponit that hee was purser of the shipp the
Rosebush arlate the voyage in question w:hX hee went in her and therby well
knoweth the arlate Edward ffrisby and Thomas Archer, and that the ?rest
of her company, and shipt at Portsmouth whXXX the said vessell was
bound in a Merchandizing voyage to receive Pilchards at ffalmouth to goe
therewith into the Streights and to retourne for England, and at w:ch time
of shipping (being in November 1665) they the said ffrisby and Archer
were as this deponent ?was informed in a poore condition and and very bare of clothes, and the said ffrisby
XXXX, in w:ch XXXX XXXX the said ffrisby came to ffalmouth in the said
ship (where this deponent came aboard her) in XXXX that hee was
not able to calke her parts after heaveing in the ballast, the XXX ffrisby
being Carpenter of the shipp and the said Archer a common man. And
saith that as this deponent saw by th books of him that XXX purser of
her from Portsmouth to ffalmouth, the said ffrisby was shipped the 24:th of
November 1665 on 45:s XXX a month, and the said Archer the 27:th of ?the
same month ot 35:s per month wages, to be paid at retourne of the said
shipp into the River of XamXX. Et alr nescit.

Ad 3 deponit that the said shipp accordingly received in her lading of
Pilchards at ffalmouth and went therewith to Cadiz and within the
Streights for Alicant Ligone and Civita Vechia, and delivered the said cargo
and tooke in a parcell of XXXXX in Civita Vechia for London, w:ch
hee knoweth going the said voyage in her from ffalmouth. Et alr nescit.

Ad 4 deponit that the said ffrisby was ?soe sickly and infirm thXX for
about a month or six weekes hee could doe but very little service, and
the said Captaine Hunt furnished them the said ffrisby and Archer with ?some
little momeys by degrees for the supplie of their XXXXXXX, namely the said
ffrisby at severall times with 2:li - 1:s - 6:d and the said Archer in England with
2:li - 11:s - 10d XX and in Spania with apeece of eight as by this deponents
books appeareth, w:ch moneyes were XX ?defalked out of their wages,
Et alr nescit

Ad 5. 6. et 7 deponit that the said shipp proceeded from Civita Vechia
to Zant and Cephalonia and laded currants and then?ce returned and
came to Ligorna, where the said ffrisby and Archer went on shore and
XXXX their times ther in tipling and ?debaucherrie for five or six dayes

f. 63r.

and others of the shipps crewe keeping them company in ther debaucherie
this deponent XXX XXXX of them have retourned XX XXX was to XXXX
XXXX and therwith the XXXXman and her  ?corruption of the said ffrisby
and Archer, And saith that the said ffrisby and Archer with five
others of the ships company haveing ?run farr XX XXX XXXX as a ?buddy XXX in
Ligorne, the master of the XXXX who was a XXXXXX got his fellow XXXX
to take them into custodie and detaine them for his ?pay, whereof the said
Captaine Hunt making XX XXXX to the English Consul, and have
XXXXXX the ship XXXXXX, all XX them at libertie, and ?forthwith
three of them came aboard, but the said ffrisby and Archer and two
others staid finally ashore, XXXX then they came to the XXXX XXXX with
XXX three XXXX aboard, and might a XXXX have come aboard
and they in the shipps boate w:ch was ashore, XXX they refused, and
so deserted the said shipp and her XXXX to her XXX XXXX, and
putting her in danger by manner of XXXXX dutch and ffrench that
now XX ?hand, and being so deprived of his Carpenter, the said Captaine
Hunt was necessitated to hire and did hire another in his stead, and
offered the ?Kings pay to other mariners then to come aboard and serve in the
said homewards voyage,XXX XXXX for XXXX, w:ch offer the said ffrisby and
Archer were aware of, and yet they deserted XXX as aforesaid, Et alre

f. 63v.


Case: Frisby & Archer vs Hunt Deposition: Thomas Tyll, Steward of the Helverthorn, aged 30

THOMAS TYLL Steward of the shipp the Helverthorn one
of his Majesties shipps and hath soe bin steward of her
ever since the tenthe of June 1665. And was borne in the
parish of Barking in the County of Essex. aged 30 yeers
or thereabouts sworne and examined saith and deposeth as
followeth (vizt.)

Ad primum arlum dicta allonis super quo solummedo Examinatur ex XXX
Johannes Hungerford fam: M:ri Cheeke deponit et dicit That hee well
knoweth the arlate Everard ffrisby who hee saith was one of the
said Helverthorns Company before hee entred into the service of the ?ship
or fflyboate called the Rosebush the arlate Hunt Commander. And
saith that the said ffrisby was hired at Portsmouth by the said
Hunt to serve in the said shipp or vesselll the Rosebush , (bound for
the streights as hee hath understood) as Carpenter of her. And
for such his service in her the said Hunt promised and undertooke
to pay the sais ffrisby monthly for his said wages in the said
shipp the summe of three pounds and promised also the time
and place aforesaid to make his wages a great deale
better in the voyage. The premisses hee deposeth and knoweth
to bee true ffor that this deponent at the request of the said
Hunt spoke to y:e Commander of y:e said Kings shipp the Helversthorn
(Captaine John Habbert) to discharge the said ffrisby from the service
of the Helversthorn, and was and eye and eare witnesse of y:e Contract
or hireing of y:e said ffrisby at Portsmouth. Et alr nescit.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rend:t that he remembreth the said Hunts hiring the said
ffrisby the better ffor that hee this rend:t by y:e said Cap:t Hubberts order
made out or discharged the said ffrisby from the said shipp Helerthornes
service, the 14:th say of November 1665: And soe it appeareth by the
depots bookes and cometh at y:e request of y:e arclate ffrisbys wife to testify
the truth herein. Alr satisffacit supra. Et nescit

Ad 2 Rend:t that hee supposeth the said ffriby was to doe the service of
a Carpenter in the said shipp the whole voyage. Et alr nescit.

Ad 3 rend:t that had not Captaine Hubbert thought that y:e wages of 3:li per moneth
would much better the said ffrisby he would not have parted with him
And saith that XXXXX afofresd has officers and is numbred and manned as a third rate ffrigott
but being XXXX shipp, hee knoweth whether their wages will be allowed
a third rate ffrigott or not not having bin paid since she was taken from y:e XXXXX

THOMAS TYLL [His signature]

Repetit coram M:rX Lani surr:to
XXXX Ed:do Browne Np.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Claus Lieven, of XXX, aged XXX

f. 64r.

f. 64v.


Case: XXXX Deposition: ?Toppe Hayes, of XXXX, Sailor, aged 43

f. 65r.

Ad 6 rendet that it is two yeares  ?since this examinate XX the said
Hielbrand Hielbrandts the XXXX interr at Stockholme, XXX XX this depo:t


JOPPE XXXXXX [His signature]

Case: XXXX Deposition: 3. Hielbrant Hielbranss, citizen of Stockholme, XXXX, aged 28

11:° Marty 1666

Super allegacone pradCXX

dicte navis the Winefat etatis 28 aut du XXXXX testis

Ad primum, 2 et 3 arles deponit that hee hath knowne and bin master
of the said shipp the Winefat from November last, during w:ch space hee
hath appertained in proprietie to the arlate Gaspar Roberts her owner,
on whose behalfe and for whose service the arlate ffrederick Real factor
of the said M:r Gaspar did at Amstedam on or about the twentieth of
November last old stile put this deponent M:r of the sd vessell
w:ch was then there lying, and shewed a lre w:ch the said Real said hee
had received from the said Robert, and wherein as hee said the said
Roberts had written to them the sad Real to provide a good Master and
Stiersman to saile the said vessell, w:ch hee saith is Swedish built
and commonly said to have bin built at ?Masterwick neare Stockhom in
Sweden, and is not of Hollands built or moXXX, as is discernable to
those that are acquainted with shipping and the building thereof. als necit.

Ad 4. 5 et 6 deponit that this deponent being XXXXX M:r and the
shipp designed for Nantes with CoppXXXX, this deponent with money w;ch
hee received from the said Real for accompt of the said Roberts, sitted and
XXX her for the said voyage, and received a parcell of coppXis
aboard for the said Roberts his accompt, as the said Real declared, namely

f. 65v.

that the said coppXXX was for the said Roberts his accompt, and for XX
the moneyes w:ch this deponent received of the said Real for fitting
and victualling the vessell, hee tooke this deponents XXXXX XX XXX
?other and for the said Roberts his accompt, and told this extaminate that
hee would send the accompt to Stockholm to the said Roberts for
whom hee disbursed it, and further hee declared to this examinate
that having at Nantes delivered her said parcell of ?CopperXX for the said
Roberts, hee this deponetnt XXXX XXX take in wine to be carried to
Stockholme to the said Roberts and for the said Roberts his accompt; and
before this deponents XXX from Amsterdam hee desiring of the said
Real that hee might have a new saile to the said vessell, and ?since further
fitting than ther was furnished with, ?hee anwered noe, hee had XXX
of much money towards fitting her, as XXX order from the said Roberts
to lay out, and if this deponent wanted any furniture more than hee had
hee must stay ?further till XXX came to Stockholm with the said vessell
to the said Roberts, who would supplie him. And saith that this deponent
was victualled for the said voyage with much more victualles than were
necessarie for a voyage to XX from Amsterdam to Nantes and returne
namely hee was victualled for five monthes, enough to goe to Nantes
and thence to Stockholme, and with tXXX assureth at XXX XXXX XXX hee
needed to XXX XXX for Nantes and back for Amsterdam, and that
XXXX designedly XX largely victualled to goe to Nantes and there
deliver and carry XX XXX thence to Stockholme upon the said Roberts
his accompt, Et alr necit, XXX predeporta.

Ad 7 et 8 nescit, XXing the arlate XXX Appleboom was and is the King
of Swedens publique Minister or the XXXXX, or XXX XXX XXX et alr
XXXXX aralatus

Ad 9. 10 et 11:XX deponit that hee the said Real was and is a factor at
Amsterdam for the said Gaspar Roberts and other Swedes, and for such is
commonly accompted, And saith that this deponent XXXX
for XXX yeeres keeping about tenn yeeres XXXX used to saile from and to Stockholm XX
for XXXX in eight yeeres well knowe the said Gaspar Roberts XXXXX
and to be an Inyabitant there, and to have bin and to be a dealer in
XXXX only XXX XXX in ffrench and Rhenish wines, and this deponent
XXXX and knoweth that hee hath had from time to time and hath XXXX
quantities of ffrench wines brought unto him for his owne acco:t from XXX
and saith hee is a subiect of the King of Sweden, and a person of XXX and of such
aforesaid commomly XXted. Et alr nescit

f. 66r.

Digital image is poor

Ad 12 deponit XX when this deponent XX

Ad 13 deponit

Ad Interria

Ad primum XXX

Ad 2 rendet that there is

Ad 3 rendet that hee this deponent was brought up by Gaspar

f. 66v.

Digital image is poor

f. 67r.

Ad 11 referr XX XXX schedules in XXX XXXX

Ad 12 nescit.

Ad 13 rendet that as hee understood the said Roberts hath written to the
Swedish Resident and to M:r XXX XXXX to be assistant in
the clearing the said shipp and goods, XXXX , als nescit

Ad 14 referr XXX predepoita, and beleeves the proprietor of the
said Roberts XXXXXX als nescit XXXX XXX XXXXXX

Ad 15 negative preXXXX sua, alr nescit salvis predepoita.

Repetit XX XXXXX



f. 67v.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Petrus Bendits of ?Husem in Holsetia, Sailor; aged 28

f. 68r.

XXX XXXX navem the White Swan, XXjus
Petrus Bendits est magr et XXXX in eadem
an XXX Tysen et alres

17:° Augusti 1666

Super allegacone arlata ex parte dicter XX
Tysen et alXXXX XXX examinatus

PETRUS BENDITS de ?Husem in Holsetia Nauta, ubi ?Hitavit
nativitate sura ibm natus, atatis 29 aut XXXX testis

Ad primum XXX dicta allegaconis deponit that at the time of the seizure in
question of the shipp the White Swan afoesaid (w:ch happened about five
weekes since) there were aboard two papers, one whereof hee saith was a
lre delivered unto him this examinate by Christian Peterson one of his
owners living at ?Huseâm, directed to one Boatemaker of Rochel, w:ch

Case: The Piper of Lubeck: Deposition: Siward Scutt, of XXXX in ?Holsteyn, Sailor, aged 38

f. 68v.

Ad primum rend:t that the 'Interrate ship y:e Piper Paul ?Volker XX M:r is of
100 lasts burthen as hee XXXXX, and saith that hee this depo:t first XXXX her &
on board her at Ostend the 23:th of Marcg last new stile ?when XXXX
XXX for about a yeere before as twas sayd, and saith that from Ostend he
went to Bourdeaux where shee was bound as this depo:t XX XXXXX
to Ostend although y:e XX when hee met w:th y:e ?Caper that now brought
in at XXX was coming from Bourdeaux declared that shee was bound XXX
and saith that the M:r told him that y:e sd ship belonged to XXX
and otherwise hee knoweth not & saith that hee never heard y.e XXX
of y:e sd Owners & the sd shipp as hee heard the skipper saXXX
built at XXXam in Holland et alr nescit.

Ad 2:XX rend:t that hee & the rest of the Company were at Ostend in XXXX
hired by y:e sd shipwr to goe to Bourdeaux & hence to returne backe XX
& this rend:ts time began y:e sd 23:d of March last, & saith that at XX
they tooke in (besides their provisions) only ballast & went in ballast to
Bourdeaux and there XX sd ship tooke in her full lading of wine
& brandy & nineteene parcls of sjynns, & saith that one moXX XXXX
(as hee heard) was ?concerned in lading the sd ship, but w:ho was y:e XXXX
or for whose acc:t y:e sd lading was laded hee knoweth not XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
saith that a young man at Bourdeauy that came about
teh sd ships lading told him when that ship was lading ther that
hee as to goe w:th her sd lading to London , w:hr hee XXX
to this depo:t for that hee was y:e ?shorsman of the sd ship, but XX
y:e rest of the Company. et alr nescit.

Ad 4:XX rend:t that at y.e sd shipps seizure there were XXX skipper & this depo:t
eleaven psons onboard besides two passengers Joost Reall
& his wife . Joost Reall is sayd to be a High Jerman (sic) XX
about Brunswick & his wife is as hee beleeveth is a native of XX
in fflanders & soe XXX as heard say & saith that y:e sd skipper is a ?Lubecker
& this depo:t is a native of Holsteyn but under whose jurisdiccon hee knoweth
not his father and mother living from ?thence XX XX about 36 yeares
since & XXXX thence to Copenhagen in Debmarke where hee XX XXX
living severall yeers since & where they are living or dead XXXXXX
but this depo:t for his pt XXXX since hee left them (being XX
XXXXX) had noe fixed habitation, but sometimes XXXX in Holland XX
sometimes in ?Hamburg & sometimes in fflanrians where hee XXXX
got y:e best Imploym:t & saith that y:e others are two XX
Norway about foure Swedds one XXXX y:e ?boy) a Hamburger & XXX
Boatswaine did XXX sd live here but now lives in fflensborow in fflanders
and XXXXXX and XXXX XXX a Hollan:r or ffrenchman of her XXX
that hee knoweth of. et alr nescit.

f. 69r.

Ad 5:XXX rendet That the sd skipper sayd that hee had a passe from the
Duke of York but this Examinate sawe not the same & saith that
hee knoweth not w:t papr were onboard y:e sd ship the XXX
not letting him see them & w:t is become of them hee knoweth not et alr nescit

Ad 6:XX rend:t that the sd ship made no resistance at her seizure nor XXX
to save herselfe & saith that since hee hath belonged to y:e sd ship shee
hath not carryed y:e XXX Danish or ffrench colo:r but only the Lubeck
fflagg & colo:r & saith that the sd shipp was taken off of y:e XXX about y:e
20:th of Julie last newstile, but whr shee was taken hee knoweth
not but supposeth that XXX because that ship had asusuption that
shee was a Holland.r and saith that the sd shippp was first
brought to ?Hastings where shee lay about 20 howers &
hence was carryed to Rye, where the M:r & this depo:t & comp:a came
w:th a pilot up to London being then at liberty and saith that at
Rye shee was kept about a month and saith that wholst the sd ship was
at Hastings some of the Capts company sized this depo:t & the rest in
the sd ship into y:e M:rs Cabbine & XX severall tymes there kept them sometime & XXX
opened y:e bulke of XXX w:ch was not made fast) but w:t was taken out
hee knoweth not. et alr nescit.

Ad 7:XX rendet that hee heard that whiest y:e sd ship
was at Rye the Skipper and passengers gave bond to y:e Caper to
pay him 100:li bit how it came to be done hee knoweth not. Et alr nescit-

Ad 8:XX nescit.

Ad 9:XX rend:t That ?sayth that y:e sd wine & brandy
leaked out at Rye to a great quantity
& some was drawne out by y.e Capt, but by w:t meanes y:e leakage
happened hee cannot say but saith that hee supposes that the
hott weather was pt of the occassion. et alr nescit

Ad 10:XX rend:t That y:f the sd ship had bin not XXX a ffrench Dane or
Dutch man of war they intended to have declared that they were
bound to Ostend and if this depo:t had but brought upon ?oath
hee would have told
only how hee was hired & would not have declared that hee
was told that y:e sd ship was to XXX to London, et alr salvis XXXXX

Ad ult nescit

XXX XXXX [His signature]

Interpreted by me JOHN XXXXXX [His signature]

Repetit XXXXX Sweit Surr:to

Case: The Piper of Lubeck: Deposition: 2. Joos Riall, of ?Gorlaer, Brunswick, Merchant, aged 42

2. JOOS RIALL natus apud Gorlaer prope Brunswick
Mercator annos agens 42 aut inter dicit et deponit
prout sequitur vizt.

To the first Interry hee answereth & deposes That hee knoweth not y:e
?shippers of the sd ship XXX called y:e XXXX nor knoweth w:ch are the Owners but saith that
as the skipper Paul ?VerXX saith shee belongeth to Lubeck and saith that this
depo:t and his wife came onboard her at Ostend in the beginning
of May last, and hee had seene the ship before at Lubeck, and saith that from Ostend
shee went to Bourdeaux and in coming thence was taken et alr nescit
f. 69v.

f. 70r.


Case: The Piper of Lubeck: Deposition: 3. Arianna Maria Reall, of Ghaunt, wife of Joost Reall, aged 30

3. ARIANA MARIA REALL uxor p:rcontestis
XNI JOOST REALL nata apud Ghaunt annos
agens 30 aut contra dicit et deponit prout

Ad primum rend:t that shee knoweth not of how many tonne burthen the
sd ship XXX called y:e Piper XXX is built saith that shee knoweth that the sd ship belonged to Lubeck
because the skipper who is a Lubbecker told her soe, but shee knoweth
not who are the owners, but shee was told for a truth
that they live at Lubeck, and saith that this rend:t knoweth her not untill
about y:e beginning of May last at w:ch time shee came w:th her husband
onboard her at Ostend, to goe to Bourdeaux, et alr nescit

Ad 2:XX rend:t That y:e sd ships company as shee understood were hired at
Ostend to goe thence to Bourdeaux to seeke a freight and saith that this Depo;ts
husband (who is High Dutchman borne about six miles above Brunswick
laded at Bourdeauy onboard her this voyage about 18. 19. or
twenty ?fatts of wine, & two tonnes of viniger for his owne account
but who laded the rest shee knoweth not, but one Savage was
talked of at Bourdeaux for a Lader, And saith that shee knoweth
not for whose acc:t y:e rest of y:e sd Lading was nor y:e pticular quantity
thereof, but saith that there was wine brandy wine vineger & skinns
and say that shee doth not beleeveth that y:e same doth belong to London & XXXXXXX
heard at Bourdeauy & since that one M:r Samuel Putt of London was concerned therein
et alr nescit.

Ad 4:XX rendet That shee knoweth not how many psons were onboard y:e sd ship
at her seizure not taking notice thereof nor w:t Countrymen
they were but beleeveth them to be all free psons & soe they are safe to be XXXX her husband
is a high Dutchman borne & shee this rend:t is a native of Ghaunt in
fflanders they have not had any fixed habitacon since
their marriage w;ch was about foreteene yeers since or thereabout
in S:t Catherines ?Church neere y:e Port of London et alr nescit

Ad 5:XX rendet That upon y:e seizure of the sd ship and a parz that writing on board of y:e sd ship XX
great seale of a ship thereto w:ch was said to be the Duke of Yorkes
passe & twas says to be signed by him, et alr nescit

f. 70v.

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Case: The Piper of Lubeck: Deposition: 4. Paulus Volkers, of Lubeck, Sailor and Master of the Piper, aged 37

f. 71r.

24:° Augusti 1666

Sup Interrogatorys pXdd Examinat

4. PAULUS VOLKERS de Lubeck ibn natus
nauta, M:r navis the Piper de Lubecj annos
agens 37 aut ?ricter dict et deponit prout
sequitur Vizt.

Ad primum et 2:XX rendet That hee hath knowne the sd ship and shiper & bin M:r
of her for seaven yeers & a halfe last past, during all w;ch time shee
hath belonged to Lubecke , and during all that time Olave Symson hath bin
owner of two eigth s Jeremy Moller owner of one eigth widow Chrst:r
owner of one eigth & this depo:t owner of the other two eigths
and saith that all persons are
of Lubeck & there did & doe live & have allways lived there & there
were bourne, and saith that the sd ship was built at XXdam & is of about
a hundred lasts burthen, And saith that about three seeres since hee went
w:th the sd ship from Lubeck XXXXX w:th Rye & Barly on a:e acc:t of a Lubeckr
bound to Lisbone & by y:e way was taken by a Spanish Cap who carryed
him to S:T XXXane in Biscay, where his XXX was spoiled, but hee got
cleare & then went to Bayon and was bound w:th his lading of wines &
brandy to Ostend but was taken by y:e English & carryed into Dover
& was there cleared & then went to Ostend, and then began this voyage
from thence to Bordeaux to seeke a freight, and saith that for this voyage
hee hired all his company at Ostend, in or about the month of Aprill last
and from thence they went in ballast, and saith that at Bourdeauy the sd ship
was freighted by Englishmen & one XXXXX alwayes was y:e XXXX man
and hee & the rest all English but living at Bourdeauy laded y:e sd ship
w:th about 160 Tonnes of wine & Brandy & Nineteene parXX
of skins, all w:ch hee saith was soe laden to be transported in the sd ship
to the port of London to w:ch place the sd ship was really bound, & the sd
Lading was & is as hee beleeveth upon y:e acc:t of M:r Samuel Putt and others all of
London & sunjects of his Majesty of England and hath put reall bills of Lading w:th this depo:t
signed for y:e ?London) were sent overland to London, but others who were
made colourable hee carryed in y:e sd ship declaring that she was
bound to Ostend w:ch was done to avoyd Dutch or ffrench seizure
et alr nescit

Ad 4:XX rendet That there were Eleaven w;th this depo:t besides two passengers
onboard y:e sd ship at her seizure his Company hee hired at Ostend as
aforesd, and saith that one of the passengers is a High Dutchman & tthe other (who is
his wife) is of Ghaunt in fflan:rs and saith that this depo:ts Company are
all Swedes Lubeckers & hamburgers & none of them are ffrench Dutch
or Danes, et alr nescit.

Ad 5:XX rendet That when hee was now seized he had a XXXXXX writing w:th a great read seale thereof onboard,
and saith that all this writings hee did upon his seizure
deliver up to the Capt who delivered them to him againe at Rye, and this
Eaxaminate hath them nowe on board et alr nescit

Ad 6:XX rendet That hee did not fight or make any resistance or fly from
the Capat, and saith that the sd ship carryed the Lubeck flagg (wch is white & Red
and never carryed any other fflag, or Colo:r and saith that shee was taken
by the sd Cap about seaven or eight weekes since off of Rye, and saith

f. 71v.

that the Cap first tooke this depo:t out into y:e ffrigott & then carryed
y:e sd ship to Hastings & thence send the sd ship to Rye & ?there they XX
this depo:t overland, and saith, that at Hastings & Rye the Capt
tooke some wine out of the sd ship, and kept the sd ship at hastings
but one night but at Rye above three weekes, and saith that
about ffifty hogsheads of wine & about ten ?peices of Brandy ?were
taken away or leaked out Leakage happened by meanes that the seizure
kept the sd ship soe long at Rye in soe hott weather, And saith
that at Rye the Capt sized him & the passengers
to give bond to XX
ffaccoone y:e Owner of the Cap for a hundred pound, to XXX
them to get y:e sd ship discharged but did not otherwise force XXXX saith that hee hath did not doe XX
to pay same s:e ship and Lading being free & XX reason therefore that hee
should pay any XXX and saith that thee sd passeng:rs & this depo:t
signed & sealed the sayd bond XXX ffalroone & thee ieutenants
y.e Cap & another man was then p:rsent,
et alr nescit

Ad 10:XX rendet That if hee had bin met w:th by y:e ffrench Dutch or Danes
hee would have sayd that hee had bin bound forOstend, and shee his XXX
mentioned and hee would then have p:rtended that his paps onboard
were reall, and if hee had bin brought upon his oath hee would have
referred himselfe to his paps & would not have declared that hee was
bound to London, and saith that his paps were made for Ostend for
y:e resons aforesd, et alr bescit, saving that the Cap that took
him shewed him noe Commission.

Ad ult nescit peo pte sua

PAULL VOLSKERRS [His signature]

Interpreted by me
JOHN LE LECLURE [His signature]

Reoetit coram D:re ills XXX:to

f. 71r.

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f. X

Ad primum Interr XX rendet That y:e sd ship Interrate called the S:t Jacob XXXXX
to MXXXXX XXXX and soe hath done XX severall yeeres last

f. 73r

Eadem die

Sup XXXXX XXX Examinat

3. ARVA INGAMERE de Mastaand in Swedeland ibm XXX
annos agens28 aut XXXX dicit et deponit prout seq:r

f. 73v.

24:° Augusti 1666

Sup Interriye in XXX Examinat

Redis Hispania ibm batus Nauta annos agens
38 aut inter dicit et deponit prout seq:r vizt

Ad primum rendet That the said Interrate ship the Hope whereof this Examinate is
M:r doth belong to M:r Vincent de Bleke who liveth in Bruxelles in XXX
the Dominions of the King of Spaine & is a native of that place or of Antwerpe
hee hath bin sole owner of the says ship for about ?thirteene weekes
last, and was alsoe owner of her for about three q:r of a yeere next before only his sister
who liveth at Antwerp & is named Susanna Vandersleyn had a share w:th him XX
hee bought of her about 13 weekes since, and saith that about a yeere since ?the
sd Vincent de Bleke bought y:e sd ship at Brussells of one Joos IXXXXXX
living in Zealand where the sd ship then was but this depo:t was not at XXX XXXXX
sawe y:e contract & sawe that the mony to wit 505 guild:r payd XXXXX
to the sd JoosJooson who was there there, and soe was XXXX XXXX, this depo:t
having by appointm:t of y:sd Vincent de Bleke XXXX her XXX from
Zealand And saith that the sayd Vincent de Bleke bought the sd ship to send
her a fishing or upon any other designe because the Dutch trade was ?seized by y:e XXX
And saith that hee knoweth y:e sd ship for about a yeere before XXX her buying
& sayth shee belonged to y:e sd Joos Jooson of Zealand & shee is Zealand ?built
and saith that since shee soe XXXX her from Zealand shee hath not bin in any
XXXXX XXXXX or dominion & upon the sd buying the sd Vincent de Bleke lett his
sd sisters hXXX apt w:herin, and saith that y:e sd Vin:t de Bleke hath XXXXX all
the XXXX of this depo:ts knowledge of him (w:ch hath bin for about 13 yeeres & had
in Brussells aforesd et alr nescit.

Ad 2:XX rend:t That the sd ship is of the burthen of about thirty two tonnes
and when shee was taken shee had in her about 72 barrells of Herrings & 32
barrells of other fish, w:ch they had XXXX upon the sd Vincent de Blekes acc:t
who was & is y:e reall owner thereof as well as of the sd ship, et alr nescit

Ad 3:XX rend:t That hee this depo:t hired all his men at Ostend to goe this time a sishing
& carryed only empty barrells & salt out for his fish on y:e sd Vincent XX XX
acc:t et alr nescit

Ad 4:XX rend:t that hee this rend:t had onboard Eight men besides himselfe & ?three
boyes. None of w:ch are ffrench or Danes, but some are of ffland. XXX whereas
the rest arehee knoweth not but hee hired them at Ostend, et alr nescit

Ad 5:XX saving hee hayth that hee beleeveth that two of his company are XXX
of the United Provinces.

Ad 4 (sic):XX rendet that hee had a seabriefe & other writing onboard but no bill of
Lading and saith that hee delivered them till XXXXXXXXX up tp y:e Kings Officers & none were
burnt torne concealed or anywayes made away, et alr nescit.

Ad 6:XXX rendet That when the sd ship was taken shee was goeing to Ostende
where she was really to goe and soe they declared at y:e time of y:e seizure
that the sd ship did belong as aforesd when seized
was made by an English frigott about five or six miles from y:e fflanders
shore, who carryed him onboard Prince Rupert, and saith that y:e sd seizure
happened about three weekes since. et alr nescit.

Ad 7:XX rendet that hee sayth seised in y:e sd ship as her M:r about a yeere XXX
w:ch time hee had made three voyages from Ostend to Leith in Scotland
going thither XXXX in ballast & brought thence to Ostend
Oysters on his sd owners acc:t & two voyages hee made from Ostend to ?Crill
in Scotland on y:e same accompt going in ballast and returning w:th Lobsters &
Coles w;ch are all y:e voyages besides this that hee hath made w:th her And
the sd lading were consigned to that sd owner & being upon his acc:t
et alr nescit.

f. 74r.


24 Augusti 1666

Sup Interrys in p:rpar Examinat

1. JOHES NOAT de Bruges uni habitavit
a mense January ult natus in Dunkirke
Nauta, M:r XXvis corat the S:t John ?Bayliss
annos agens 51 aut XXXX dicit et deponit XXXXX
seq:r vizt

Ad primum rendet that hee this depo:t & y:e M:r of the sd ship S:t John BayXXXX
& XX hath bin XXXX since the 25:th of ffebruary last
new stile & knoweth her not afore, and saith that hee was
sent for from Ostend to come to Bruges by M:r Abraham Van XXXXX, and
BrXXXX XXXXX XXXX & the XXXX Justice Tollmaer, XXX Joose Asa
M:r Dambiel to goe M:r of the sd ship w:ch was then at Brugges & hee goeing
thither accordingly XX made him M:r of her the sd ship, and saith that the sd
psons were & are her owners but of w:t pts hee knoweth not nor knoweth
of whom or when they bought her saving that hee heard that they bought her
at XXXX in Zealand, and hee ?surmises that shee was there built and
sayth that all the sd Owners live at Brugges and are all natives of
ffland:rs & Brabant & were & are subjects of the King of Spaine, and saith that since
hee hath bin her M:r shee hath not bin in any Enemyes port or dominion
et alr nescit

Ad 2:XX rend:t That y:e sd ship is of the burthen of about two & thirty tonns
and when shee was taken shee had two hundred & ten barrells of herrings
& some smaller vessells of herenings in her XX y:e heringe they had taken for the
acc:t of the sd owners of the sd ship w:ch sent her out from Ostend w:th barrells & salt
upon a fishing voyage and they were to returne therew:th to Ostend & thence
upon a fishing voyage, and they were to returne therew:th to Ostend & thence
were to goe to Bruges & deliver the same to the sd Owners & salt that
noe during hath any manner of interest therein or in the sd ship
uponXX XXXX X salvation et alr salvis XXXXXXX nescit

Ad 3:XX et XX rend:t that hee & all his company were hired by y:e sd Owners at
bruges to goe a fishing & to returne XXX againe and saith that before
this voyage hee made but one XXXXX w:ch was called from Bruges on a fishing voyage on his said owners acc:t
& was taken by a Scotch privateer & carryed into Leith, & was there
cleared & thence returned to Ostend w:thout lading, and then began this voyage
and saith that his company consistes of nine men besides himselfe & two
boyes, and saith that about seaven of them as hee beleeveth were borne in the Dominions of y.e
States of y:e United Provinces, but live w:th their wives & children in
Bruges & y:e rest are for ought hee knoweth to the contrary of ffland:rs
and saith that hee had not at y:e sd ships seizure any bills of Lading onboard but
had other writings w:ch came all to the Kings Officers hands & none of his writings
were torne burnt throwne overboard her or concealed, and sayth that the seizur

f. 74v.

made by an English ffrigott who brought him onboard Prince Rupert
to whom they declared at XXX done there before and saith that y.e sd
seizure was made on y:e 10:th August last new stile, and hee had then
only the Spanisg Colo:r onboard, & shee never carryed any other XXXX
was XXXX, & sayth that y:e sd bessell hath no decke being but a small
ffishing vessell, et alr nescit, XXXXXXXXX saving hee saith that be XXXXXX was made
XXX of the sd ship, the foresd owners of her sent her out XXXXXXX upon their
accounts two Voyages to fish & some of his now company then XXXXX

XXX XXXXX [His signature]

Interpreted by me

Repetit coram D:re Mills Surr:to

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. XXolif Peterson, pf fferederickstadt, Sailor, aged 39

Ad orimum redet That hee XXX knoweth y:e sd ship Orange Tree
Detliff XXXXXsson M:r for about Eight yeeres last past namely from her building &
sailed in her ever since y:e latter end of last winter, and saith that during
all the time that hee hath knowne her shee hath belonged to ffrederickstadt
w:ch is under the Earle of Holsteyne & there shee was built & this depo:t ?there
sawe her building, and saith that John DXXXXXXXson John ffXXXXXXX & her
skipper were and (are) her owners & soe have bin ever since the sd ship was built

f. 75r.



Case: XXXX: Deposition: 4. Petrus Olson, of Maastrand, Swedeland, Sailor, aged 34

4. PETRUS OLSON de Mastrand als Masterland in Swedeland
Nauta ubi natus fuit, annos agens 34 ait inter
dicit et deponit prout seq:r vizt.

Ad prima Interr rend:t That hee this depo:t knowe the Interrate ship S:t Jacob for
about five yeeres last, and sayth that shee was built at ?XXback in ?Harlan
in Swedeland by one Bengt Insrogen since dead of whom the now skippers father
called XXX ffrederickson bought her about five yeeres since for himselfe
had for upon y:e acco:t of a debt and put Jacov Olson M:r for XXX & ?let him sold
a partw:th him & about the last Spring the now Skipper XXX bought the sd Olson
pt and sayth XXXXX XXX ffrederickson saving w:t Interest the sd
Olson had in her as aforesd hath bin for these five yeeres last or thereabouts
& at p:rsent is the true & sole Owner of the sd ship w:ch hee knoweth for
that hee of the same towne, and hath belonged to y:e sd ship for the three last
yeeres. and sayth that XXXX ffrederickson (whom hee hath knowne
from his childhood) liveth in Mastrand & was borne there, & there hath
lived all his time, w:ch place is under the dominions of the King of Sweden
whose subiect hee is, & soe is this depo:t & soe was y:e sd Bengt Infrogen, & soe
is the sd Jacob Olson & the now skipper, & sayth that the sd ship was never
in ffrance but was once in Holland w:ch was about
foure yeeres since and shee hath bin twice in Denmarke w:ch was
in the first yeere that the sd XXX ffrederkson had her but this depo:t was then not
then in her, and saith that since shee hath not bin there but in XXXXX, et alr

Ad reliqua rend:t That y:e sd ship is of about halfe a hundred lasts and shee is
laden w:th Pitch, Iron, Steele, & some Deales w:ch was laden onboard y:e sd ship at
Stockholme, in Sweedesland by Sweedes and saith that as God shall helpe him hXXX
to XXXXX be delivered out of the sd ship at this Port of London, but for
whose acco:t or y:e Laders names hee for his pt knoweth not, and saith that
all y:e Company were hired by y:e skipper to come to London, and because the sd Lading was
to come to London hee is well assured that noe enimy has any interest
therein & saith that they carryed Herrings to Stockholme from Masterland
the voyage neyt before this on the sd shipp XXX acc:t & a little for y:e Company
w:ch Lading the Skipper sold to severall Sweedes of XXXXXX and saith that the sd
ship company are seaven besides y:e skipper, & one of them is a ?frenchman
but all the est are ?livers, & natives of the Masterland & subject sof Sweden, and
saith that the sd ship was taken by the fanfan about a fortnight since
and they then declared as the trith was that they were of
Masterland but sayd that they were bound to ffrance fearing that y:e Dutch had
met w:th them, it being then darke and sayth that hee knowes not what
writings were onboard y:e sd ship besides her passe but beleeveth y:t
all y:e writings came to y:e Seizo:rs hands &s saith that none were
burnt or colourable or any wayes made away, and sayth that the sd ship did
& doth carry y:e Sweedes flag & never carryed any other Colo:rs since hee knoweth her

f. 75v.

Digital image is unclear

Case: The Seaven Starrs: Thomas Bpna, of XXXX, in Zealand, Sailor, aged 40

f. 76r.

Ad dXX Interria rendet That hee XX knowe & saith in y:e interrate ship the
Seaven Starres Paul SpXXX


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Johes Morgan, of Hague in Holland, Merchant, aged 17

Eadem dias

Sup Interrys prod Examinat:

3. JOHES MORGAN da hague in Holland Mercator
ubi natus fuit, annos agens 17 aut XX ricter dicit et

deponit prout seq vizt

Ad dia Interria rendet That hee knowe not y:e ship Interrate the Seaven
Starrs Paul Spencer late M:r before her being at Bourdeaux XXXXXXXXXXXX

f. 76v.

JEAN MORGAN [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Hendrick Vaoher, of Bruges, in fflanders, born in Waterland, in Holland, Sailor, aged 47

f. 77r.

To the XXX

f. 77v.

tooke the opportunity of the faire winde & sailed to Bourdeaux to seeke
a freight & there arrived about June last , but staying there about 12 orXX
dayes & not getting freight there went to Royall , & there was freighted by
Henry der suitter a Comissary for the King of Sweden at

Royall to goe to Brougge in ffrance to lade XXXX & there arrived about
y:e beginning of July last & there toke in a lading of salt
for y:e sd henry dersuitters acc:t to be carryed in the sd ship to Ostend
& ro be delivered there to Jacques Ozure and from Browage they
went inder the Cloyster neere S:t Maartins about 13:th of July last new stile XXXXXX hee signed this bill of lading
and there the sd ship stayed about two dayes, and from thence went
to S:t Martins & there stayd about two howers & then went to sea
& sett saile w:th a strong ebb & faire wind for Ostend & made not XXX
to S:t Martins or the sd Cloyter , & since setting saile was about XXX
of the Clock on the Morning of y:e 17:th of July last new stile, And
sayth that the sd ship did not the time aforesd nor at any time since hee
hath bn M:r of her weare or carry any Holland ?Antient or Jack or
any Colo:rs w:tsoever but y.e Bruegmidia fflagg & colo:rs w:ch XX
had done hee being her M:r must needs have knowne thereof , and

f. 78r.

f. 78v.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: XXXX Cornelils, of Blastendall, in fflanders, Sailor, aged 44

f. 79r.

to XXX in paym:t of the sd ship, and the bill of sale then lay upon y:e
table there et alr nescit

f. 79v.

Ad 17:XX arlum deponit That some of the sd Kings Company plundered XX
tooke away out of the sd ship XXX XXXXXX ten caskes of sugar, a great XX
of the salt, Eleaven musketts six pistolls, Eight Cutlasses wbout 600:li of ?Gunpowder
12 bundles of maty 14 Caskayes about a hundred great bulletts & bolts, sixteen
brasse ladles & ?spoones, two bundles of Ropes of three or foure hundred
weight two great jack or XXeales vizt bundles of XXXX, twelve XX
& spinning XXXX two splite ropes, one barrell of ?pitch halfe a barrell of XX
a boate saile , a new halter, & a new cable of about seaven XXX as
& about a hundred & twenty fathoms long, two halfe rolls of new
saile cloath, ?leaves, skinnes, XXXX, two Burgundy flaggs, a Burgundy
Jack, two Burgundy XXXX, ten serving to p:rserbe y:e ropes, three cop
kettles a Copper pott & Copper pan & the rest of the Cookes XXXX &
y:e Skipper & Companyes cloathes & XXX to the vallue in y:e XX
of about foure or five hundred pounds XXX as hee XXXXXXXX et alr nescit


f. 80r.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3: Clases Jacobson, of Dantzuk, Sailor, aged 28

f. 80v.

f. 81r.


CLAES JACOBIS [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 4. Petrus Sybrants, of Stadtein, in Pomerania, Sailor, aged 30

f. 81v.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 5. Johannes Haynes, of Hamburgh, sailor, 38

5. JOHANNES HAYNES de Hamborgen, natus infra
libertates cicvitata de Hamorow, Nauta annos agens
38 aut ricter dicit et deponit peout seq Evizt:

Ad primum 2:XX 3:XX 4:XX 5:XX 6:XX 7:XX et 8:XX arles dna Allonis deponit et
XXX That hee this depo:t in or about y:e beginning of Aprill last was
at Amsterdam hired to serve in the fflyboate allegate y:e Exchange of
Bruges by her skipper Houden Vayliez but before XXX XXXX the
skipper nor y:e sd fflyboate
a Holland:r & hee told him that hee was not but a free pson in relacon
to y:e English & thereupon hee hired him & told him that hee was to goe
to Ostend & thence to Norway, to lade Deales there to freight XXXXX, and
saith that hee knoweth not whome the sd Skipper or therest of her
company are, but beleeveth them to be free psons as to XX EngXXXX
XXX a company (before y:t XXX consisteth of 12 men & two boyes, And he
saith that the sd ship was almost fitted for sea before hee was XXX
at the charge of fitting her but hee knoweth not, And knoweth XXXX ?who
is her owner, but saith that in Aprill last a little after hee was hired
the skipper told him that hee must goe w:th hym & XX XXXX
ship payd for X hee tooke XXXX

f. 83r.

and from thence they went to Royall, and thence after a day of two they
would to Brouage to take in salt & there did take in a Lading of salt
and stayd there about two or three weekes & XXX went XXXX y:e Cloyster
neere S:te Martins & there stayd two dayes & then wen to S:t Martins
& there stayed but about an hower or an hower & halfe & then
sett saile w:th XXX wind for Ostend where they were bound & afterwards came
not neer S:t Martins. And saith that hee beeing one of the sd ships Company
well knoweth that y:e sd ship did not at S:t Martins or at any?Island
XXXX XXXX that belonged to her carry or weare any Hollands Autient, Jack
or Colo:r

f. 83v.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Rogerus Powell, of Bristoll, Sailor, aged 25

f. 84r.

ROGER POWELL [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Pedro Aquira y landa, pf S:t Sebastians, Sailor, Master of the Guift of God, aged 39

Formerly called the St: Peter

f. 84v.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Jacobus Thompson, pf Newcastle upon Tyne, Sailor, aged 21

f. 85r.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Christianus Lambke, of Stettin, in Pomerania, aged 43

f. XX


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Peter Rich, of London, Deal Merchant, aged 36

f. XX


Case: XXXX: Deposition 2: Thomas Copplewell, of Kingston upon Hull, Merchant, aged 28

f. XX

f. 87r.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Johes Blackwall, of The Strand, Middlesex, Gentleman, aged 50

f. 87v.

f. 88r.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Johes Janson, pf Insula Vertis, Sailor, aged 28


f. 132r.

The Godliffe and upon such his comming aboard hee declared that hee was to have
y:e said shipp up in to Chichester river by the said ?Bearnes order And the pilot endeav:ring
to effect it ran the said shipp aground where she stuck soe fast that she lay aground
about fourteene or ffifteene days together. Although y:e sd Bearne and Company
heard over board severall and very many tonns of wine to lighten the sd
shipp endeavouring thereby to get her off, And saith that whilst she soe
lay aground severall people came and carried wine in caskes which they brought
with them away and dranke and embezled a very considerable quantity namely about 30 tonns as he concebeing parte of y:e shipps XXXX, to y:e
great dammages of y:e sd owners. And saith that the sd shipp lyeth about two houres
every tide affloate and her under deck is risen up a great deale and y:e Main mast
hee saith riseth every tide about a ffoote and halfe and she is in soe leaky and
bad a condiccon that hee questioneth whether she will ever get to sea againe. All
which is occasioned by y:e foresaid seizure. Et alr nescit

Ad 10:d deponit that y:e foresaid Michael Sansier was suddenly confined as a prisoner
And was kept in custody by the means of y:e said Borne and his Complices under
The pretence of being a Holland:r. Et alr nescit

Ad 11. 12. 13. Et 14. Nescit et preparto sua neve

Ad 15 nescit that y :e sd Borne and Company kept y:e M:r of y:e Godliffe and her Company
In Custody two monethes together or thereabouts after y:e said seizure and would
Not allow them XXX Inck or paper to write to any ffreind Nor suffer any man
To goe ashore but with a keeper. Et alr nescuit

Ad alr discit predeposta sua de vero

Signum dei F H Philippi (His mark)

Idem super allone dat. 11:o Decembris 1666

Ad primum nescit salvis subscriptis

Ad 2 deponit that y:t voyage in question is irst voyage that hee hath made in the sd
Shipp Godliffe which was from Ostend to Nants and had she not bin
Seized she had returned thether Againe Et alr nescuit

Ad 3 et 4 arles deponit that y:e aclate John Johnson was none of y:e shipps company
The voyage in question. And came on board Captaine Berbeaty y:e Cowes and at Chichester y:e sd Johnson came often onboard y:e Godliffe and hath staid there severall
Days together by y:e meanes and at y:e request of y:e sd Bearne and in his service as hee
Conceiveth. A alre nescuit

Ad 5 arlum deponit that some time after y:e said shipp came into Chichester one Capt
Bradshaw said to bee an officer of his matys Customshouse came on board y:e sd
Shipp and sealed up the hathces of y:e said shipp in order to and for preservaccon
Of y:e goods from ffarther plunder, And the said Bradshaw sealing up also a lile
Doore wherein y:e potts of sweet ?muskes were put y:e sd Johnson said that hee would
Broke open those seales XXX they are not worth a fart (sic) I will put downe my breeches
And shitt upon them or hee spake in words to y:t effect. And saith that a ffattman
One of y:e privateers owners as hee supposeth brooke up y:e said doore and y:e said Johnson
Or some of y:e XXX Company tooke away y:e said ?sweetmeets and onshore namely at the house of one Egbert an
Alehouse keeper in sicklesham this depot. Saw y:e sd Johnson break open y:e caskes of sweetXXts
Whereon y:e foresd Bradshaw had put his said seale. A Alr nescit

Ad 6 deponit that y:e aclate Joseph ?Verflett is one of y:e shipps Company and is a married
Man, and supposeth him to dwell either in Bridges or Osetnd. Et alr nescit.

f. 132v

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severall people came with potts


Super allon XXXXXXX

f. 133r.

Ad 7 deponit that there is noe such person belonging to or one of y:e Godliffes
Company XXX XXXX Mays. But saith there is one Matheas who us Carpenter of her et alr

Ad 8 rent that y:e aclate ?Casher is one of y:e Company of y:e God liffe and was hired
At Bridges and is said to bee a native of ?RoesBrooker. Et alr nesuir

Ad 9 deponit that y:e aclate ?Arrionson was hired at Ostend and served in the sd
Shipp about 3 monthes before y:e said seizure. Et alr nesuit

Ad 10 deponit y:t y :e aclate Claes Brookehhosen is stiersman of y:e Godliffe and
Lives at and is a burger of Bridges and a subiect of y:e King of ffrance
Et alr nesuit

Ad 11 deponit that The aclate Mary Bashee came as a passenger in y:e sd shipp
From Nants and was to goe to fflanders. Et alr nesuit

Ad 12 deponit y :t y :e aclate Peter Johnson was also a passenger and came sick aboard
Y:e sd shipp at Nants and paid to XX XXX XXXX A alr nesuit

Ad 13 deponit that y:e aclate George Jacobson is a Dunkirker borne, but hee lived
And liveth in Newport in fflanders, Et Alr nescuit.

Ad 15 deponit that hee well knoweth y:e aclate Lodwick Wittenburgh who has lived
As he supposeth all his time and is a native of Bridge. Et alr nesuit

Ad 16 nescuit salvis predeportis

Ad 17 deponit that hee hath seene y:e sd Boarne and Company beate and abuse y:e
Godliffs Company and kept them in awe and feare and under restraint. Et alr nescuit

Ad 18 deponit that hee hath heard the said Bearne declare that whether y:e Godliffe
And he lading were free or unfree hee would keepe them about fower or five weekes
Before XX could bee cleared. Et alr nesuit

Ad 19 deponit that y:e Godliffe was visited and dismissed by y:e Captaine of y:e Bredah
Upon y:e rusall of y:e papers. Et alr nesuit

Ad 20 dicit predeporta per ?um XX vera

XXXX [His signature]

Repeated cum XXXX XXX
Dr Mills

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Johannes ?ffrole, of Wapping, in the parish of White Chappell

f. 133v.

ffirstly et ?Ancher ?cord Hunt produit: X 23:o Januariij 1666 Incta XX

Super allons prodict no: ex part Naut

3. JOHANNES ?FFROLE de Wapping in parisco s:tX MaXXX Matsellon
als White Chappell in CoXX MXXX de Disteller , natXXX
XXXX de sent XXX arle armes agens ?28 ant XX XX XX

Ad primum nescit salvis sunscriptus

Ad 2:x3 et 4. nescuit

Ad 5. 6. et 7. arles deponit that y.e shipp y:e Rosebash aclate capt Hunt


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Henricus Thurston, of XXX, Colchester, Essex

f. 135r.

XXXX et XXXXX Reeves et alies)
Cheeke Suckly)

Septime ffebruarij 1666 Juxta X
super allone ex parte dict Haberdine et socioram.


HENRICUS THURSTON de ?Nivenhos prop Colchester in Com Essex Nauta, annos
agens 43 ant XX XXXter testis productus et Juratus dicit et deponit
prXnt seq:r (vizt.)

Ad primum arlum deponit that he well knew y:e aclate shipp the Hester, and too
know her for XXX y:e time of her building which was at Colchester to the time
of her being cast away about three or foure yeers since a boat Whitby as hee
hath bin credibly informed and verily beleeveth. And saith that when y:e said
shipp set forth upon y:e voyage wherein she rundowne which was from
Wivenhoe to Sunderland or Newcastle she was XXXX with her said lading
of reales the summe of ffive hundred pounds at least, sterling mony.
And this deponent saith that was y:e said shipp now in being and in as good
a condiccon as she was litle before or upon her said running downe
this depot would give five hundred and fifty pounds XXXXX for her, and
if hee gave for her six hundred pounds hee saith hee should have an
indifferent good penniworth. The premisses hee deposeth and knoweth to bee
true for that hee has bin a master of a shipp these twenty yeares last
or thereabouts and having gad parts and shares in and bought
and sold many shipps and thereby well skilled in shipping and acquainted
with y:e vallues of them. And saith that after y:e said shipp Hester was gone
from hence upon the voyage wherein she was ran downe as a fore said
this depots brother ?Seth Thurston bought a ?q:r part of y:e said vessell of M:r Giles
Wigener after y:e rate of 500:li sterling for y:e whole shipp. considering the
said shipps stock and disburses of y:e said shipp upon y:e said voyage Et alr nescit

Ad 2 necuit

d 3 nescuit

Ad 4 nescuit not having seene y:e Johns Advantage before or since y:e reparaccons
but once

Et dicit prodeporta sua ista XXXat

HENRY THURSTON [His signature]

Repetit coram Dr Baldwin saXXXXte

Case: Ffrisby & Archer con XXXX: Deposition: 4. Williamus Grainger, of Elmore, Gloucestershire, sailor

ffrisby et Archer con:a XXXeint)
Cheeke Suckly)

Septimo ffebrurarij 1666 Juxta XX
super allone ex parte dicti Hunt

4. WILLIAMUS GRAINGER PAROA de Elmore in Com Gloucesteren Nauta, annes
agens ?fere 30:t testis product et Jurat dictit et

Ad primum et 2 arles deponit that y:e shipp y:e Rosebush aclate was in or about
y:e month of November 1665 aclate at Portsmouth aclate and was there
bound for ffalmouth to take in pilchards to proceede with them to
severall ports and places in y:e Streights where they could meete with y:e
best market, and to returne for England upon a merchandizing voyage
for accompt of English merchants. And that then the said ffrisby and
Archer were in very poore and thinn cloathes for such a voyage
and as hee understood very bare of mony, and at their request and
instance and in compassion and pity as hee conceiveth of their low and meane

f. 135v.

condiccon the sd M:r Hunt shipped them on board the said shipp to serve in the said
voyage outwards and back for London where the voyage
was to end, And the said Hunt shipped the said ffrisby Carpenter
(although hee was sickly) and y:e said Archer marriner y:e said
voyage. and they the said ffrisby and Archer accordingly ca,e on board
were hired in the fight and knowledge of this deponent who was
mate of y:e said shipp. Et alr nescit not being present at their
hireing or of their promises they made. Nor knoweth what wages,
they were to have.

Ad 3 et 4 deponit that y:e said shipp accordingly proceeded ?to ffalmouth
and tooke in a lading of pilchards there, and went thence to
severall place in the streights and at Civita Vechia tooke in a
lading of Brimstone to bee brought for London for y:e use of his
Majority the King of England. And saith that y:e said ffrisby was
very sickly in the beginning of y:e said voyage and could doe but
little serviice, and the said Archer was shortly after y:e beginning
of y:e said voyage very ill, and soe bare of cloathes that y:e
M:r Henry Hunt did out of pity supply them of which hee knoweth being aboard and going y:e said voyage Et alre. nescit

Ad 5. 6 et 7 arles deponit that y:e said shipp in her course of
proceeding went from Civita Vechia to zant and Zephalonia where
she tooke in Currance, and came thence back to Ligorne touching
at Messina, and while the said shipp was soe at Legorne y:e said
ffrisby and Archer went and staid on shore six or seaven dayes
and nights together drinking and ideling, and
soe neglected their duties aboard and the shipps busines. And
saith that five other of y.e said shipps Company keeping company
with the said ffrisby and Archer the M:r went ashore and as this
deponent hath bin credibly informed went to y:e English Consull
and complained of his said men and of y:e man of y:e house that
harboured them, And saith they they all seaven being some time
kept prisoners three of them came on board and y:e Captaine entertained them
but y:e said ffrisby and Archer, and two others staid behind, and
came not afterwards on board, although they came neere
to y:e waterside as y:e said three persons who returned aboard told
this depo:t and who might have come aboard in y:e said shipps boate
with y:e other three if they had pleased being at liberty, and y:e
shipps boate then ashire And saith that by reason of y:e said ffrisbys
desertion of his said shipp, the said Hunt was forced to hire another
carpenter in his stead, and by reason of y:e disertion of y:e said shipp
by y:e said ffrisby and Archer and y:e other two, (the Cooper and the Gunners mate
who also staid ashore) y:e shipps strength was much abated. Et alr nescit

Ad Interria

Ad primum renat that hee is going in a merch:t man called y:e Merryland XXXX
bound for Barbery and is mate of her, and is worth little, and this depot?s
wife and y:e producent call Cozens which is a ?farrest is not other wife related to him

Ad 2 rendt that while they y:e said ffrisby and Archer while they were onboard and untill their
going ashore at Leghorne. did indifferently well performe their duties
And saith hee ?saiv noe mony padi them. Et alr nescit

Ad 3 nescit.

f. 136r.

Ad 4:d ?rendit noava proparta sua alr nescit

Ad 5 deponit that y:e said M:r Hunt was y:e meanes by applying as aforesd
to y:e English consull that they the said ffrisby and Archer were sett at
liberty with y:e rest whether their reckoning were paid or noe. And
soe they might also have come onboard aswell as y:e other three
Et alr XXXXX predeporta nescuit

?SSITT GRAINGER [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. ffrancisens ?DowXX, of Stepney, born in Dublin, Ireland

XXX coram?dmo ?Juditan pXXte
y:e Ar=cani XXXXX
XXXX et Codd con Vander?zipps)
Chester & Suckly)

XXXXXX ffebruary 1666
Super libelle ey parte ?dcorum Brett et Codd

1. FFRANCISENS DOWXX paroa de Stepney als Stebenheath natui in Civitate
Dublinien in Hibernia annos agens 46 et ultro. testis productas et
Juratus dicit et deponit proXX ?seq:r

Adprimamet 2. arles deponit that y:e aclate George Codd a native of
?Wrexford in Ireland and a subiect of his Majesty of England, had and obtained lres
or marque from his majesty of England then at y:e ?Sparr in Germany bearing
date in August 1654, wherby the said Codd was authorized to bee Captaine
of a ffrigatt, or private man of warr, called the Loyall James and to take
such shipps and goods as did then belong to his said Majestys then rebellious subjects
of England and other his dominions, Which Commission this deponent hath seene
and read, and knoweth that y:e same was signed by y.e King of England King Charles
y.e second that now is, having had a Commission also himselfe from his said Majesty
y:e right and lawfull King of England and ?of ?the jis Matyes
Dominions and countryes then usurped from him. Et alr salvis ?XXXX quXXX nescuit

Ad 3 deponit that y:e aclate Capt Codd proceeded to sea having fitted and armed out
his said shipp y:e Loyall James for his said Imployment) by virtue of his said ?Comon
out of of the harbour of Brest in ffreance, and did surprize
and take two English shipps betweene y:e lands End and ?Mounte
buy, the one called the Alice of Topsham of y:e burthen of about
thirty five tonns, whereof one Browne ?Morrys was master, then laden with
oyle and other goods from Mayorca, bound for y:e Port of Topsham, and
belonging to English merchants, and the other the John of Plymouth laden
with salt oyle and other goods bound for Plymouth, and belonging
to merchants of that place. The premisses hee deposeth being resident
sometimes and y:e greater part at Brest X and sometimes at Port Lewis
in ffrance, ad saw y:e privateer y:e Loyall James fitted out upon that designe
and saw y:e XXXXXXX of y:e said two shipps in his Majestys Court
of Admiralty in Brest of which he shall speake more hereafter. Et
alre XXX in subsequen. nescuit.

Ad 4. 5. 6. et 7 arles deponit that there was y:e time aclate peace and
amity betweene the Kings of England and Spaine and their respective
Subjects, And saithh that Martin Clauson Vanderzippe aclate did about the time
aclate sett forth a shipp of warr called y:e Leopaldus Lieven van ?Jore Commander
from XXXX under a Commission obtained of ?my:x King of Spaine for y:e
takeing and surprizeing y:e shipps and goods of y:e enemyes of y:e Crown of
Spaine as hee conceiveth of which shipp y:e said Clauson Vanderzippe was owner, and for
and as such commonly accounted and reputed. And saith that y:e said

f. 136v.

captain Lieven van Ipre, with his said shipp seized and violently tooke from
y:e said Captaine Codd the said two shipps (although hee had held y:e possession
of them severall dayes together.) and their respective ladinge and
carried the same two Rnglish shipps into Ostend, where there was a publique
sale and vendition of them and their respective ladings made by y:e
said Clauson, and y:e mony or proceeds of y:e said shipps and ladings came
to y:e hands if y:e said Martin Clausib, and was by him or his order ?disposed
And saith that about halfe a yeere XXXX to his best remembrance this depo:t
having bisones of his owne at Pftene spake to y.e aclate Martin Clauson
about the seizures of y:e foresaid two shipps by y:eLeopardus, and the said
Clauson then acknowledged that hee had made sale of two Englishe shipps
and their ladings seized as aforesaid by y:e Leopardus, of which XXX this depo:t
know y:e said Clauson to bee owner or a great part owner, and in which
this deponent afterwards sailed almost three yeers together in the service
and employment of y:e said Vanderzippe. Et alr nescuit.

Ad 8:d. 9:d et 10:d arles deponit Et decit that y.e said Codd upon the said Captaine
of y:e said two English shipps Alice and John, possessed himselfe of y:e said
shipps papers, and did upon y:e ?same and other evidences bring y:e same
to Judgement in his said Majesty's Court of Admiralty in Brest whereof y:e XXXXX
Thomas Holder of y:e sd XXXX was Judge and the said two shipps and their respective ladings were
found to bee good prize and were according by condemned this deponent
being then present at and taking notice of y:e premisses. And saith that
the two sentences annexed were and are as hee verily beleeveth the true
Copies of y:e said sentences of Adjudicaconn or condemnaccon, and knoweth the
same XX bee wholy writtena nd subscribed by Ben: Johnson, then REgister
of y:e said Court of Admiralty. with whose handwriting this deponent is very
well acquainted having often seene him write and received very many ?lres
from him. And saith that it was y:e use and Custome of y:e Court of Admiralty aclate to
condemne all such shipps and ladings as were taken by y:e Kings Com.X aclate XX
sett out by the Captaine or other owners, And soe hee saith y:e aclate shipp y:e
Loyall James was sett fitted and equipped out by y.e said Codd and XX ?Dillex on
behalfe of themselves and y:e rest of y:e owners, And saith that deducting
tenths and fifteenths to y:e King and Duke of Yorke the owner of y:e man of warr
is to have one third part, the Victualler another third part, and y:e Captaine
and Company the other third, of all prizes Et alre referende ?sead Jura
et consuetudines aclate et ?deas sententias et ?contenta in XXXXXquorXXXXXX nescit.

Ad 13 aclos deponit that he knoweth the aclate Captaine Ignatio ?Breth
But cannot depose to y:e Contents of these arles but by hearesay, and by
y:e relaton of others.

Ad 14 arlum deponit that hee hath seene a lre from y:e said Clauson Vanderzippe
to y.e said Capt Brett desireing him to cometo Ostend to treat with him aboaut y:e
dammages done to his y:e said Bretts shipp And soe saw y:e same about three
or fowre yeers since. And beleeveth it to bee in y.e hands of S:r Anthony
?Massry. And the said Brett went over as hee understood, and was then
abused. and returned without any satisffaction and to make and Escape least hee should loose his life ?there. Et alre nescit.

Ad Interria

Ad primum rend:t that hee liveth neere Ratcliffe Crosse in Stepney parish and hath
lived there neere these five yeares last, and come that y:e request of S:r Anthony

f. 137r.

de Massry XXX Captaine Dillob was not of y:e said Codd or Bretts shipps Company
and is not to have any share in y:e prizes or money that shall or should bee recovered
by y:e said Codd ag:t and from y.e said Vanderzippe, And is worth as hee conceiveth
ffive hundred pounds XX his debts paid Alr nescit

Ad rend:t that y:e sd Codds Com:on was signed by y:e King that now is Charles y:e 2;d and to his
best remembrance was in lattin, and in parchment, and y:e said Codd had y.e translacon
thereof in English which this rend:t hath read. And hath not bin promised
pr received any thing for his testimony herein. Et alr nescit salvis predeportas

Ad 3 rend:t that he knoweth y:e said Vanderzipp to bee an owner of y:e Leopardus
Interr by his corresponding with him severall yeares before y:e seizure
of y:e two English shipps in question, And by his being imployed by y.e
said Vanderzippe and sailing in the said shipp Leopardus upon the said
Vanderzipps account three yeers together or thereabouts not long after
y:e seizure of the said shipps Alice and John as aforesaid and being
made privy and acquainted with y:e said Vanderzipps concernes in the
said shipp. Which shipp Leopardus was bought by y:e said Vanderzipp XXXX
as this dep:t (who was then there resident) was credibly reported of one
Capt John Daniells and his partners but for what summe hee remembreth
not, Als nescit salvis predeportas.

Ad 4 rend:t that hee was not in Ostend as aforesd at y:e sale of y:e said shipps
and ladings, and soe knoweth not y:e particulers of goods or tackles sold.
saving that one David Mosses, who was a purser of y.e Leopardus at y:e time
of y:e seizure of y:e said two English shipps and was acquainted with and know
of thier fates and of y:e sale of their respective ladings told this depo:t.
that the said shipps and ladings were Exposed to sale by y.e said Vanderzippe
and y:e momeys or preceeds thereof came to y.e said Vanderzipps
hands XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX And saith that y:e said Lieven van?Spre had a
Comon as hee is fully persuaded from y.e King of Spaine. And that y:e said
shipps by vertue thereof were seized and afterwards condemned by
a Court in fflanders
Et alr salvis prodiportis nescit.

Ad 5XXXX salvis predeports. ad quo servefors

FFRANCIS DXXXX [His signature]

Repit coram M:r Petro Land
SXXX pnto Ed:d Browne XXXXX

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Adam Magerl, XXXX

f. 137v

XXXX XX ?Key and XXXX the XXXXX (XXXX Martins)
Tyson XXXX of XXXX) X con ?Dourke or XXXXX)

Seyto Marty 1666

Super allegaconn aclate ex
parte dictram dourker et XXXX

I. ADAM MAGERL Dominus XXXXX XXXX a ?Searvant
annos agens 32 ant XXXXXX, testis.

Ad 1. 2. 3. 5 nescit XXXX XXXXXXXX

Ad 6. 7. 8. 9. et 10 arles et XXXXXX eidem allegationi annexat XXX XXX
arles XXXXXX in ?tempore XXXX exXXXXis XXXXX deponit a diXX
that hee being secretary of Master Lienberg Resident in London
?of this Nation of Sweedden, and privie to his dispatches and XXXX of lres
from abroad, well knoweth the hands of ?Master Apple?baum mentioned
in the said XXth article (who herewith was and is Envoy extraordinary for the
said King at the Hague) and that the first ?schedule was sent
from the said ?Master Applebaum to the said ?heer Resident, and received
by him in due time after the date, and was and is of the and of ?the
Secretary of the said ?Master Applebaum well known to this deponent
and fXXXXd by ?Master Applebaum himselfe. And ?this the said XXXXX
lre or XXXXXX was alsoe XXX from the XXXXXX XXXXXXX subject
to the said Resident touching the said shipp the XXXn, and by him ?duely
received before XXX XXXX of the XX ?shipp, and the XXX XXX XXX such XXXX
now and one XXXXXX of ?Pomeraniafor the said King, and further
that the said then Resident after received the third XXXXX as XXX XXX from the ?said
Martin and ?Joachim ?Dunker, and that the XXXX was by him received in
or about September XXXX and was by their ?dutymann by his order present
to the XXX XXXX in this XXXX, and saith then the XXX was and is a time
XXX of the XXXX in the ?Master had aboard as the time of XXXX
from XX Martin and Joachim Dunker, and received the
?fifth XXXX from the Regents aclate mentioned in the tenth article,
and for the XXX and plXXX of the XXates hee refereth himselfe to
the said XXXX XXXXX, and the XXXXX and shipp XXX
the XXX mentioned in the XXXX Et alr nescit

Ad 11:nd deponit hee hath knowne the said Joachim Dunker
about twelve yeares and so long XXXX was acquainted
and lodged and XXX in the XXX XXXX wth him in the Ministrie of Tubingn (sic)
in Germany, for about two yeares XXXX, and then hee was accompted
a ?Stralsunder ?vizt a native of Stralsund in Pomerania in the
dominion of the King of Sweden, and he and his ?said XXXX are
accompted Burgers of Stralsund and subiects of the said King, alr nescit

Ad 12 hee the said master was and is alsoe accompted of Stralsunden, and
subiect of the said King, and referrs himselfe to the saod alr ?aforesd

XXXX XXXXXX [His signature]


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Martinnus Tyson, of Stralsund, Pomerania

p. 138r.

2. MARTINNUS TYSON ffock de Baxx prope Stralseunden
in Pomerania, Navarrtus distr navis XX liefde, annos natus
49 aut du rXXXXX testis.

Ad primum 2. 3. 4. et arles dicte allegaconis deponit that the said ship shipe was
provided of tackle, apparell, rigging and furniture at the proper costs and
XXXXX of Joachim Dunker and Martin Dunker, who dwell in Stralsund
in Pomerania in the Dominions of the King of Sweden, and were and are
XXXXX of 15 sixteenth parts of hee and this deponent owner of the other
sixteenth XXXX and master of wth said provisions and furniture XXXX t?tym
in and cost them 7500 gilders, wch hee knoweth for ?that hee this deponent
is XXXX of himselfe and the said other owner disbursed and paid the moneys
to workman and materiall men; After wch fitting and furnishing this dep:t
and company of mariners set saile and departed with all in ballast from
Amsterdam (whether hee was brought from XXXdam) in or about the beginning
of September last for XXXXXX in Norway to lade deales for the said owner
XXXX accompt for Cadiz in Spaine, and in about the end of the said month
of September they arrived at SwXXXXX, where this deponent wth the proper
XXXges of the said Dunskins and of himselfe owners aforesaid bought and
laded about 5500 deales, and yyyy masinXXX for the said owners average, and
after ?wch lading namely at or about the eigth of October last, this
deponent and company of mariners departed with the said shipp and lading
from XXXand and steered course for Cadiz aforesaid with
XXXX there XXXX of XX the said ?serges for accompt aforesaid, XXX
coming off the coast of Brittany they were by storme and tempestuous
weather, ?forced tym the said coast and to goe into S:t Maloe on or
about the twentieth of November last, where being he arrived, and the
winde XXXXX XXXX for Cadiz and this deponent finding a good
XXX did in S:t Maloe sell the said cargo of deales and XXXX for the
XXXX and accompt of himselfe and of his said two partners owners aforesaid,
and wth ?part of the XXXX thereof this deponent with the assistance of
Peter ?Pallint aclate bought them andladed abord XX for their owne accompt
six butts of oile and about 96 XXXX or yarnes of XXXXX under the make
in the margin: And saith that hee make use of the name of the said Pallint
in his bills of lading as laden of said goods to XXX and that if hee their
XXXXX didd in the XX XXX his partners and relations XXXX know to whom
XXXX reason charging the cost and what abt XXXXX the buying and lading,
and for the XXX XXX of this deponents XXXXX of death, they were
XXXX to the aclate Abryam von SyXXXXX or bridges, but
if XXX XXX hee intended (vt dictit) to XXXXX and sell them himselfe. And
XXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXX in the bill of lading for XXX XXX XXXX
XXX hym and for the said manner XXX XXXX appeal. Et alre nescit

Ad 6. 7. 8. 9 et 10 arles et XXXX XXXXX XXXX deponit that
he XXXXX the XXXX ?schedule to XX XXX
and XXXXX Applebaum and the subjects XXXX Master Appelboome marchant, and

f. 138v.

f. 139r.

f. 139v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Michael Neiburgh, de XXXX, sailor

f. 140r.

19:o die January 1666


f. 140v.

Ad 10:nd That this rend:t, a little before seizure was about three
or foure yeares East from Downes

f. 141r.

f. 141v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Johes Boreman, of East Greenwich, Kent

f. 142r.

Greenwich in Com Canty ?Generalis
annos agens 31 XXXXXX

Ad primum aclum deponit that for divers monthes last past hee
hath bin and still it often was & XXXXX betweenen the majority of
England and y:e United Provinces y:e ffrench
King and King of Denmark, and this was & is true & commonly
knowne to be so, et alr nescit

The 2:nd aclum deponit That
beginning of the war betweene XXXXXXXXX of
England and the Ud States & ffrench King & King of Denmark
respectively, but subjects of England did grant Letters patents
under the great seale of ?Scotland XXXX power thereby to his right

f. 142v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Trouls Neilson, of ?Larwick, Norway, sailor

f. 143r.

TROULS NEILSON de ?Larwick in Norway
Nauta XXX XX due navis y:e S:t Jacon de
Larwick, annos agens 29 aut nrter duit et
deponit prout seq:r virt.

That hee the depo:t well ?knoweth the ship S:t Jacob now in controversy
and was M:r of her for about foure yeeres before her seizure
hereunder mentioned and saith, that during all that time she hath of
his knowledge bin imployed to bring Deales and great timber, spars & balkes
from Norway to XXXX on the account and XXX of the producent M:r
Edward ?Suny (commonly called Alderman XXXX) and M:r Edward Lee Deale
Merchant of London, and saith that in March last the said M:r?Lucy & M:r
Lee did by XXXXX the sd M:r Leeds servant their in
Norway but since come to London lade on board the sd ship S:t Jacob at
Larwick in Norway, about five or six XXXX XX of Timber ?ten
thousand and XX hundreds of Deales and about five or six hundred of small
balkes and about three hundred of sparrs and about forty XXXX of XXX
woods to be brought in the sd shipp from Larwick directly to this Port
of London

f. 146v.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Guilemis Mixon, of Ratcliffe, in XXXX

2:nd GUILEMIS MIXON de Ratcliffe in XXXX
XXXX XXXXogus annos agens 47 ant XXXXX
et deponit pront seq. XXXX

Ad primum aclaum Deponit et dictit That hee this depo:t
was one of the Company to wit Carpenter of y:e shipp Yourke XXXX
M:r the voyage in question four Newcastle to London & came XXX
her at Yarmouth about six weekes before her coming from Newcastle with her comonh her was XXX XXX XXX
and saith that ever since his coming onboard her the aclate Captain
Stanton has nin sole owner of her and her appurtenances by ?common
reputacon & as hee beleeveth et alr nescit.

Ad 2:nd aclum deponit That on the sd Thursday in XXXX XXXXX
sd ship Yourker being laden with coales came with a great fleete of ships consisting of XXX
their XXXX Convoyes) of about a hundred saile as hee judged them XXXX
of January ?haven & many of y:e XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
as well as the Yourker to London, and saith that amongst the XXXX XXXX

f. 147r.

mentioned in this cause came with the sd time from January haven
wch hee knoweth being then in sd ship Yourker and seeing the sd
fleete soe come out et alr nescit

Ad 3:nd et 4:nd aclos die Allegaconis deponit et dictit That all day on
Fryday bought next day after the sd ffleete soe came out the sd
other ship mentioned in this cause kept close to the side of
the sd ship Yourker and soe close that severall times there was XXXX


Ad 5:nd aclum depo:t That by meanes of the s:d other shipps falling
fowle of ye Yourker as aforesd shee proved very leaky soe that
the water was imediately above the coales. and saith that this
depo:t her Carpenter & her Company wch XXXXXXX &
sailes & such things as were propper did as well as they could stop
her leakes, and did wth all industry ply her pumps and by
Gods blessing upon their great paines they kept her pritty cleare
of waters and brought her safe to London, but saith that shee
is too ?much damnifyed by the sd dysaster that ?the ?hoill cost her
sd owner above a hundred and ?thirty pounds
to repare her & make her as goods as shee was immediately before in sd

f. 147v.

Poor quality digital image



Case: XXXX: Deposition: Guilielmus XXXXXXX, XXXX

f. 148r.

Poor quality digital image

//XXX to ?her and sometime XXXX distance from her, and the XXX
and then
ship Blackman came
to have run
Carpenter and one
upon y:e XXXX
towards y:e shore
p:rsent the sd shipp Blakmann
and sd Carpenter alsoe called
XXXX sugar from them
hee judges but saith that
this depots gave way to
did XXX directly on board the sd shipp Youjer & XXX her
downe w;thin five or six inches of the water
breaking in all her bough, carrrying away her Anchor XXXXX & sending
her foretopsaile XXXX of her
XXX damage, and therby hee saith
lading was un great Danger of
and this depo:t and Company shee proving very leaky
immediately after her sd disaster, no Xleakes the Yourker
Carpenter and Company stopped XX the boat sailes &
XXX and
through Gods mercy
Blackman inhumanly left them after the sd disaster) they p:rXXX
the sd ship Yourker from sinking and persihing in y:e sea
and by there greate paines & w:th much difficulty they got her
to London, and saith that twill cost neere forty pounds XXXX
XXXXXX to repaire the sd ship Yourker outwardly, and yet
shee by reason of her being soe much shaken in her hull
will be worse XXX shipp by XXX a hundred
?gallis & his Company and not by or through any manner
of neglect or fault in this depo:t or any of his Company
they casting out & edging as a foresd doing their utmost endeavo:rs to p_rvent the Blackman
coming foule of them
ther was in their XXX to London
Blakeney in Norfolk being the poorest land as hee beleeveth
et alr nescit

Ad 6:XX deponit
ship Blackman for the reason aforesd to be accosted by
of this court, et alr referendo

Ad ult dicit prdeposita

f. 148v.

Ad primm rendet that hee
sd M:r Stanton and is not
the otyes litigant a like, and
of this cause to
about 40:li in cleare

Ad 2:XX rend:t that this rend.
and this rend:t is M:r of this

Ad 3:XX rend:t that hee was
and the XXX man (whose
XXXX , and saith that the Yourker
quad releXX refert sd ap

Ad 4.XX rend:t that
Maj:tyes ships for ye:e M:r and
as much as in them lyes to
from men of warr, but saith
the body of y:e sd ffleete but
the shore as the Yourker

Ad 5:XX rend:t that sometimes
some damage is done but
& in such faire weather

Ad 6:XX rend:t that hee hath used
but is not a Carpenter, but
other trades but a seaman, and
done to the Yourker that

Ad 7:XX rendet that the
neere that point, and the sd
ever &seldome other was
ship whereof and The
to wit w:thin about three cables
did endanger falling foule of
before shee fell foule of the Yourker

Ad 8:XX rend:t That the sd XXX
the moone was allmost at the
quoad refera refert sd

Ad 9:XX rend:t That the sd ship Yourker did the time aforesd beare about
three quarters of her sailes, and the sd ship Blackman bore about y:e
same saile, and ther was noe great difference in the sd ships sailing
and saith that the sd ship Yourker re?moved soe much water in her
hold the sd time that the water was above the coles forward on & XX
stood so untill her arrivall here and ?the XXXXX her Company did allmost
ppetually pumps her after the sd disaster intill they had layd her
ashore, but saith that before they XXXXX pumped her shee using to
have but about an Inch or two of water in about foure & twenty
howers. et alr nescit

Ad 10:XX rend:t that every ship
their port, & tis regular &
at such a time being bound the same way, and sayth that the Yourker
did not XXXX the Blackmans course, quoad releza refert sd
ad predeporta et alr nescit

Ad ult rend:t that hee is not yet payd his wages for his sd voyage nor ?doth use to

f. 149r.

be passed untill the ship is delivered
hee is promised to be payed
may have them when hee weill et al



Case: XXXX: Deposition: Daniel Crosskeyes, XXX, XXXX

XXXXXXXX Daniel Crossekeyes Ad Interria

Ad prima rendet That hee willingly
testefy w:t hee knoweth therein and
hee favoureth the
the better of this business because
was in that power
30:l or 40:li in cleare estate. et alr

Ad2:nd salvis

Ad 3:XX rend:t that hee this rend:t was
man of the Yourkers company. and
y:e blowe w:ch waked him & then
forced XXX nab baned John was at
that shee is of about 150 tonnes burthen
et alr nescit

Ad 4:XX rend:t that such a fleete
they can to ther cXXXXX in tome of war
as to doe
of the ffeete but much distant from

Ad 5:XX rend:t That sometome
such fleetes by reason of bad weather but
nescit rendera

Ad 6_XXX rend:t That hee hath used the sea

Need to fill in this gap

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 4. Adam Magerl, secretary of the Swedish Resident (in London)

f. 152r.

//12.o Martij 1666

XXX: XXX XXX the Winefat)

4. ADAM MAGERL Dxx Residenti SuXXXX XX Secretis
annos unXXX 31 ant de ?civiter nescit productus

Ad septimum aclum dicte allegaconis XX ad primum XXXX annex XXXX
Teutonica scriptum ai tempore ains exXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX deponit that the aclate
Martyn Lyonberge, Resident here for his Matie of Sweden, since
thattime after the date thereof, received the said schedules or lre from the
aclate Mster Appleboom, Emssy Extraordinary for his said Ma:tie at
the XXXXX, w:ch hee knoweth for that hee this examinate was and is
secretary to the sais Resident, and in the ?qualitie XX the said lr
after the receiving and receipt thereof, and had is delivered to his hand
by the said Resident to keep amongst other the like dispatches, and saith
therby many lres XXXX by the said Resident from the said Mercht
Appleboom namely about an hundred he ?doth well knoweth the said
XXXX to be of the hand of the said Master Applebooms secretary and
the ?namethere under to be the hand of the said Master Appleboom himslefe.
and that hee knoweth the said lre to be true and reall, and ?these
parties and ship therein named to be the same as is arlated, Et alr nescit

Ad 11:XX arlum deponit that he ?may well knoweth the preconXXXX ?Gaspar
Roberts, and hath soe don for theise XXX yeeres last or there, abouts
and hath bin very often as XXis XXX in Stockholme, where XX said
GYYYr XXded XXXX, (and XXXX as hee beleeveth as present)
and was then and as hee beleeveth still is a greate dealer in ffrench
wines for his owne accompt, and that hee was and is a subiect
of the King of Sweden, and an Inyabitant of the said citie pf
Stockholm, and a person of very good accompt. Et alr nescit.
XXX XXXX XXX exXXXXX ex XXXXX prXXXX producentis-

Ad Interria

Ad primum rendet that hee hath lived and bin secretary as aforesd
at London for theise three yeeres last and upwards, et negative pro
oarte XXX, alr XXXX, saving hee is XXX XXXXX

Ad 2:XX 3:XX et reliqua XXXX salvis predepoita, for hee was not in
the voyage nor knoweth ought thereof, nor doth know the said ship Winefat,
but verily beleeveth that shee and her lading are really belonging in XXXXXXXX the
said Roberts and company

ADAM MAGERL [His signature]


13:° Marty 1666.

Super allagaconne et XXXX praed


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 5. Petrus Joy, merchant of London

f. 152v.

5. PETRUS JOY civitatis London Mercator, annos natus 30:x

f. 153r.


Case: Allexanderi Spittlebroot : Deposition: 1. Derrick Fransen, of XXXX, sailor

?Ad Allexanderi Spittlebroot de)
XXXX sw Cork pro XXXX the)

Case: XXXX: 1. Derrick Fransen, of XXX, sailor, aged 23

15:o Martij 1666

Supra allegacone aclate ex XXX dicte
partXX XXXXXX XX nescit examinatus.

1. DERRICK FRANSEN civitatis XXXXXX Nauta, annos
natis 23 ant XX XXXXX testis

f. 153v.

f. 154r.


Ad Interria

XXXXX [His signature]

Case: Allexanderi Spittlebroot : Deposition: 2. Adrianus de Vinck, of XXX, XXXX

19:o March
Supra allegacons prXXX

2. ADRIANUS DE VINCK civitatis NaviXXXX in XX XXXXX, annos natus
24 ant XXXXX testis.

f. 154v.


Ad Interria


Case: The St Jacob of Larwick, Norway: Deposition: Thomas Ledisham, of London, factor

f. 155r.

Touching the ship the S:t)
Jacob of Larwick, Troulis)
Neilson M:r)

20:o ffeburary 1666 XXX XX

THOMAS LEDISHAM of the citie of London, factor, aged 24 yeares
or thereabouts sworne before the
right wor:ll Leollin Jenkins D:r
of London Judge of the High Court
of the Admiraltie of England saith
and deposeth by vertue of his oath

That hee well knoweth the said ship the S:t
Jacob, and saw her first in the harbour of Leith
in Scotland in or about the middle of July
last at w:ch time shee was brought up as prize
thether with her lading of deales by captaine
G?ordon Murray sailing as a privatier w:th
Commission against the enemies of his Ma:tie
And saith that such her bringing XXXXX
best remembrance on a friday, and that as hee
was informed and as the common report there
went, shee was condemned as prize there on ?the
tuesday next following, But this deponent
albeit hee was there and saw her bringing
in, and satid there till the beginning of October
next following, was not present at or saw
any of the proceedings touching her condemnation,
but hee was informed by the said Skipper
that hee had papers aboard declaring the
shipp and goods to be belonging to
subiects of the King of Denmark, and that
XXXXX a XXer from Larwick XXXXX that
?previous to goe to any port for the most
advantage of trade, and saith that as hee this
deponent was likewise informed the said master

f. 155v.

f. 156r.

Digital image is poor quality

//was there ?examined in writing according to the
course of the Admiraltie there, and that by the sd
examination or deposition of the said M:r, and
by the shipps papers and documents, the said shipp
and Lading were then condemned ?or adjudged for
good and lawfull prize; and further that hee
is very well acquainted with the constitution of
the XXX in ?print of Judicature having had
frequent sutes there, and thereby knoweth that
the Sentences of the said ?Courts of Admiraltie
therein are finall, and that XXXXX are
any appXXXXX to XXX to

f. 156v.

//proprietors about buying the ?sam; and XXXX
XXX XXXX them money for the ship and lading
And about two or three dayes after this
deponent heard that hee had bought the
said shipp and goods for about twelve hundred
or thirteene hundred pounds sterling, and
this deponent XX and was ?aboard her
when shee was (after such XX XX) XX her
possession. And after such ?her buying
this deponent heard one John ?Gilson who
was factor for M:r?Edward hee a timber
Merchant of London and partner, say that
if hee had knowne that shee would have
bin sold, hee would have given 50:li more
for her and her lading than M:r Tompson
had done; w:ch M:r Tompson (as XXX saith)
being XX possessed of her, might XX XXXX
that came from Newcastle to carry
the said shipp and goods away, as ?doeth
to him belonging, by ?vertue of the
purpose aforesaid XXXded upon the said
adiudication of the Admiraltie in Scotland.
And lastlythat after the said adiudication this
deponent adXXXX and ex?horted the said Gilson
(who pretended interest in the lading as factor to the
persons aforesaid) to XXXX from the said ?condemnacon
to the said Lords of XXX XXXXX, w:ch hee alwaies
refXXXted, although often XXXX XXXXX
by this deponent

THOMAS LEDISHAM [His signature]

XXXX. coram M:r
L. Jenkins

XX p:rpations als M Parte m processus

f. 157r.

DIGITAL IMAGE OF pp. 156v & 157r.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. William Curry, of Edinboro, Scotland, Merchant

f. 157v.

Eadem XXX

2. WILLIAM CURRY of Edinboro in Scotland
Merchant, aged 23 or thereabouts sworne
as aforesaid deposeth as followeth, vizt

That in or about the end of July last this
deponent comming from Edinorow into Leith in
Scotland (being neere Edinborow) about his
Merchandizing occasions, saw a shipp there in the harbour
w:ch was said to have come from Larwick in
Norway with deales and balkes and to have bin
brought ?from ?thither about a fortnight before by
Captaine ?Gideon Murray a Scotch privateer
and that her name was the S:t Jacob of Larwick
and that shee was there condemned in the Admiraltie
for good prize to the takers, as being belonging
to subiects of the King of Denmarks, enemies
of his Ma:tie of greate Britania. And afterwards
this deponents ship comming, hee became
acquainted with M:r Edward Tompson a
Merchant of Yorke that was there, and had
as this deponent understood bought the said shipp
and Lading there of James Curry, Patricke
ffife Merchants and the said G?ideon Murray
setters out of the man of warr that tooke her,
for the summ of thirteen hundred pounds sterling
And ?soe much XX XXXXX both the said ?fellows
and buyers affirmed, and this deponent

f. 158r.

being kinsman and servant to the said James
Curry was acquainted with the XXXXXX
(G Murray and ?Giles) of about XXXX hundred
pounds of the said money to the said XXXrs
by the said Tompson. And further saith
that hee this examinate after XXXX XXXXX XXX
saw the said shipps papers XX XXXX of them in
the said Captaine Murrays hand, and read
them being written in Danish w:ch hee
reasonable well understandeth having bin
for some ?space in that country, and amongst them
there XXXX was purporting that they belonged to
Larwick and to persons there dwelling (who
were therein named) and to XXX XXXX, and
ther the Master should doe XXXX to any
place that hee XXXX XXXXXXX XX XXX that
lading for their best advantage. And farther
this examinat was informed that XXXX XXX
and his pilot and others of his company were
examined at Leith, and that when and by whome
of their examinatiour, and the said shipps
papers, ?therwith her lading were XX adiudged
prize to her said takers. And their XXXXXXXX
is the better assured of the said selling and buying
of XXX hXXX hath now in his custodie (as hee

f. 157v.

saith) the bill of sale of the said shipp and hoods
made to the said Tompson, XXXXXX by the
said James Curry and others, w:ch XXXXXX
of the XXXXand James Curry XXXll
XXXXth to be the said writing of the said
James, one of the setters out of the said privateer

WILLIAM CURRY [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Adrian Vinck

f. 158v.

[Blank Page]

f. 159r.

ADRIAN VINCK [His signature]

case: XXXX: Deposition: Nicholas Garnier, of XXXX, London, aged 23

f. 159v.

[Blank Page]

f. 160r.

NICHOLAS GARNIER habitans ?nisza Jurrum
de London BlackXXXX annos agens 23 ant
XXXX dictit et deponit proXX Leg. E vizt

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Jacobus ?Dam, of XXXX

f. 172r

?18:th Mary 1666


f. 172v.

Ad 4 aclum depont that of the said lading of the said shipp sixteene XXX
of XXXXX of the 4:th ?marker in the margin were laded for accompz and XXXX
the aclare Machael Vander Planck, sixteene of the fifty and sixty markeXXX
for accompt of the acclate Nicholas ?Badier and Stephen XXX XXXX, also
16 naggs of wooll of the 7 and 8:th for accompt of Martin XX XXXXXX XXX
Thomas?Molender aclate, and one roll of ?pictures of XXXX
Vanderplanck XXXX is a Merchant of Bridges and there dwelling XXXX
a citizen there, XXX for the rest of the persons aclate hee saith hee knoweth the XXX
not, ?bin refererreth himselfe XXX said bills of lading touching their XXXX
Et alr necit.

f. 173r.
hee saith was all to be delivered at Bridges) and that noe subiect or
subiects of the ffrench king, king of Denmark of States of the
United Netherlands ....

Failed to image f. 173v.

Failed to image f. 174r.

f. 174v.

and freights hee saith there would not nor was XXa any dXXXXX, for
the ladings there are appointed by the ?ContXXXXXX XXXX, XXX

f. 175r.

there and was ?however acquainted with XX by the said Carkis ?Boove, at
whose house this deponent dined in his XXX XXX. And saith that hee
did not ?lade any money aboard this deponents said shipp XXX XXXX deponent
knoweth of, nor made this deponent acquainted with the lading, but...

f. 175v.



f. 177r.



Signed dn [MARK] ?Everson [His mark]

Case: The St Mary: Deposition 1. Jacob Rogiers, of XXX, fflanders, XXXX

XXXX the S:t Mary de ?NXXXXX)

29:o Martij 1667

Super ?Inter in XXXXX examinatus

1. JACOB ROGIERS de XXXX porto in fflandri a nauta
NavXXXXX dicta navXXXX the S:t Mary



Case: The St Mary: Deposition 2. Johannes Creke, of XXX, fflanders, ?sailor

Eadem XXX


2. JOHANNES CREKE civitatis XXXX porti in ffrandria nauta, XXXX
natus 40 XX XXXX XXXXX

f. 177v.

Ad primm, 2 3. et 4:nd Interria deponit that XXXX knoweth

f. 178r.

this deponent first XXXX ?father a skipper using to XXXX XXX XXX
from fflabders, and now as a skipper in XXXX) hath XXXXX that
XXXX, and seeing such lading and XXXXXXX other said XXXXXXX, and
delivery of XXXX XXXXX in fflanders, of wines to greater quantities
than XXXX XXX laded at ?Bourdeaux, and for such as XXXX XXXX rge said
van ?Rym ?XXXck was and is commonly arranged, Et alr

Ad Interria


Case:: The Sampson of Gothenburg: Deposition: Olle Nilsen, citozen of Gothenburg, sailor, aged 28

XXXXX XXX the Sampson de Gottenburgh)
XXXX Olle Nilson XX XXX)

29:o Aprilis 1667.

OLLE NILSEN civitatis Gottenburgenis
Nauta, aetatis 28 ant XXXXX, juratus
coram XXXXili ciro dXX doctore Jenkins
JudiXXXX Curia, deponit XXX examinatus

That in or about the beginning of January last past XX ?Wulf
and ?Lawrence Yong both XXXX XXX citizens and Mercahnts of GottenbergX
met there and treated with this deponent to goe M:r of a ship ?w:ch they
affirmed thex had bought with her lading of deales at ?Krugers in Norway of one XXXX Matson
?ther dwelling, and agreed with this examinate to XXX XXXX to fetch
her and her said ladeing and XXX masger of her. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

f. 178v.

Image is not very easy to read

to the Towerhouse in Gottenburgh, where the deponent

f. 179r.

Image is not very easy to read


XXXXXXXXXX [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Manuel Martinez de Figuerira, Master of the S:t James

MANUEL MARTINEZ DE FIGUEIRA Magr dicte navis the S:t
James, annos agens 49aut de XXX testis productus
et XXXXX et deponit XXX XXXX viz:t

Adprimum 2 et 3 Interia deponit et rendit that hee is master of the
said shipp the S:t James and hath soe bin ever since y:e nonth of December
last past, and came first on board her at y:e port of Lisbone. and this is y:e
first voyage that hee hath made with the said shipp since hee became
master of her. And saith the said shipp tooke in at Lisbone a lading or Cargoe of
goods, consisting of salt sugar, Cinnamon, oyles, XXXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX and other
merchandizes to bee carries and transported in the said shipp S:t James from
Lisbon to Amsterdam there to bee delivered for accompt of
Portuguezes, And saith that the principall laders were ANTONIO CORREA

f. 179v.

thereof he knoweth not neither can hee guesse not seing y:e
same, but remembrerg not to whom y:e same belong therein
referromg himselfe to his papers- And had noe more
provisions on board than what was for his owne Company
proporcconnable to his number of men and voyage. Arle nescit

Ad 5 rend:t et deponit that hee was shipped master of the said shipp
at Lisbib as aforesaid in December last by his foresaid owners
and his voyage was XXX XXXXX from Lisbone to Amsterdam and soe back
to Lisbone, where the voyage was to have ended, and was to have for
his wayges twelves ?Milkes per mensem And saithh that there has
bin ne Master of y:e said shipp this voyage but this depo:t
who became master of her as aforesaid


f. 180r.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Domingos da Costa, of S:t Jago, Portugal, sailor

Repetit coram dno XXXX XXXXX XXXX
XXXX Ed:du Browne Np:

Nono maij 1667

Super Interry pradict

2. DOMNINGOS DA COSTA natus in S.t jago Nauta annos agens 40 aut
do XXXXX testis productis et Juratus.

Ad dicta Interrogatoria deponit et dicit that hee hath well knowne
the aclate shipp S:t James for severall yeares last and was shipped
Boatswaine of her for this voyage at Lisbone in y:e monthe of December
last past, and was soe shipped by her owners Antonia Correa Bravo
and Vinto da Silva Bravo both eminent merchants of and dwelling in
the Citty of Lisbone subiects of his said Majesty of Portugall and for
and as such commonly accounted and reputed. And the foresaid
Correa and da Silva Bravo (who hee saith are brothers and merchant
partners,) did as owners of y:e said shipp fitt out thesaid shipp upon this
present voyage and laded the said shipp with a cargo of goods

f. 180v.

consisting of salt, Brazeel wood, sugar, tobacco, Cinammon,
Oyles, Sweetmeates, Oranges and Lemmons, and two ?Parcells
or pacquetts sealed up wherein hee guessed there were
diamonds being madeup in y:e usuall forme of such, the ?product
part of thesaid XXX XXX XXXX the said owners acls and the rest for y:e XXXX
of some friends of theirs PXXXXX which lading was to ?bee ?carried
and transported in the said shipp from Lisbonne to Amsterdam
in Holland, there to bee delivered according to ?consignment
for their said accounts, And saith that there were aboard
the said shipp S:t James Brazeel wood and some ?salt which hee
saith was to bee delivered to Jeronimo ?Munez de Costa the King of
Portugalls Agent in Amsterdam to bee disposed of by hin
for y:e said Kings acc:t And saith thta this deponent hath
made five voyages from Lisbone to Brazeele in the said
shipp S:t James under y.e foresaid owners and in their
service and imployment, and the said owners laded the
said shipp for their owne accounts and some other persons
Portuguezes with a lading consisting of y:e growth of Portugal
and sent the same to Brazeel from whence they brought
Brazeel wood, Sugar, and other goods of y:e growth of the
country to Lisbon for y:e same account And saith that
the shipps Company consist (with the M:r) of thirty three
persons all natives of Portugall saveing the pilot of the
said shipp named Melchior Tobias who is a reputed ?man
of Hamborow but hath lived with his wife and family
at Lisbon these nine or tenn yeers last past. And this
deponent hee saith was borne at a village called ?Bellin ?net
Lisbone, where he lives with his mother
(who is yet living) when hee is not at sea, And this
depo:t was hired as aforesaid to goe from Lisbon to Amsterdam
and returne thence to Lisbone, and was to have twelve
?Markes per month for his service in the said ship, And saith
that his precontest ffiguras was appointed and constituted M:r in
November or December last by the said owners at Lisbon, and ?Antonio
da Costa Torres native of Lisbon, and an inhabitant of Oporto
in Portugall where hee has his wife and family was her former master next besides XXXXX, And
since this depots coming onboard the said shipp shee has not bin
in any port or place in y:e dominions of the ffrench King XXXX
King of Denmark or the united Netherlands, the five
former voyages being from Lisbon to Brazeel. And denieth
for his part that the lading in question or any part thereof
belonged to any persons whatsoever enemyes of his
Majesty of England or to any other but Portuguezes and
the greatest and most considerable part to y:e for said owners of y:e said shipp
And having seene the papers and y:e bagg wherein they XXXXX

f. 181r.

XXXX [His mark]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Melchior Tobias, of Lisbon, Portugal, sailor, born in Hamburg, aged 36

Super Interije (sic) predict

3. MELCHIOR TOBIAS de Civitate Lisbon Nauta natus in Civitate Hamburghen, annos agens 36 aut do XXter testis product
et Juratus

Ad dict Interria deponit et dicit that he was
shipt aboard the shipp S:t James in the Port of Lisbon on or about
the twenty ninth of March last past at which time she parted from
thence with a lading of goods to bee carried in the
said shipp from Lisbon to Amsterdam. And saith that
this deponent was hired to goe pilot of y:e said shipp from Lisbon
to Amsterdam by Vinta dy Silva Bravo whom hee beleeveth to bee
an owner of the said shipp S:t James. And if this depo:t would better
himselfe he might if hee soe please leave the service as a pilot
in the said shipp at Amsterdam and goe on board any other shipp

f. 181v.

f. 182r.

Image is rather unclear

XXXX agoe and that he bever
knew of any other owners but y:e XXX XXXX whome
hee knowthe to bee, and to have bin these seaventeene yeares
last merchants of great eminency and quality of and
dwellin in Lisbone and subiects of his majesty of Portugall.
And saith that atsuch his coming aboard the said shipp was éaden
with a Cargoe of goods consisting of Salt Brazeele woods
tobacco Cinnammon oyles XXXXX and other goods to bee
carried to Amsterdam from Lisbon consigned to XXXXX
XXXXX da Costaas y:e XXXXX da Bravo upon their XXXX this
depo:t told him for y:e acc:t of y:e King of Portugall and the XXXX
da Bravo and other Portuguezes, but y:e particuler quantities
and qualities hee knoweth not therein referring himselfe
to y:e Bills of Lading and others the shipps papers touching
the severall proprietors also of the said lading And saith that
gee knoweth not whether y:e papers remaining in Court now
shewed unto him were aboard the sd ship or not, or if aboard
whether they were all on board or are XXXX XXXX XXX but well knoweth that
y:e bagg wherein they now are was aboard the sd shipp at
the time of y:e said ?service with papers in it. And knowerg
not of any papers that were concealed hid or throwne
overboard or otherwise made away y:e CapXX taking all
with him as they were in the bagg in y:e XXX XXXXX, And
saith that at y:e time of her Capture the S:t James was in Company
of about ten XXXX and XXXXX and XXXX more
And that y:e Cap?er comming up with the ffleete neare XXXXXXX
at the Hamburgers Admirall and as the CompanyXXX the sd S:t James
his Company y:e said ?Capter XXXX XX and wounded two people aboard
the ?Admirall And denyeth that y:e S:t James her Company made any
resistance or opposition or would not suffer y:e Englishe to come on board
or that they endeavoured to make ?due escape with y:e sd shipp
and lading from the Privateere. Et alre XXXXXX

'JUSTE ?RODRIGO [His signature]

f. 182v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Anthonius Cicardo, of Madera, sailor, aged ?34

f. 186r.

Nauta annos agens ?34 naut XXX dicit et deponit

Ad primo 2:nd 3:nd et 4:nd XX Allonis deponit et dicit That hee this depo:t well knoweth
y:e ship aclate called the ?Nostra Xeimoza de Empare and is Boatswaine of her
and soe hath bin for about foure months last, and during that space hee
has bin in y:e River of Thames and saith that about a month since
the aclate John de ?Lausezou came severall times on board y:e sd ship
shee then lying at S:tCatherine and (as the M:r Antonio Vas Dominiquiz
& others sayd hee desired to goe a passenger in y:e ship from hence to the
Island of Maderas (where the sd ship was bound, and the sd Antonio
cas Dominigoz at first seemed willing to lett him goe a passenger in y:e
sd ship but afterwards hearing that hee the sd John de Lausezon had borne
armes against portugall refused to carry him unles hee gott a passe
from y:e Lord Bishop ?Russell, w:ch passe (as the sd Lausezou declared
publiquely onboard y:e sd ship in the p:rsence of this depo:t and many more
of y:e sd ships company) hee could not get the sd Bishop
to grant of to that effect and saith that about six dayes after in regard hee XX Lausezou could not get
such a passe and the sd M:r durst not carry him w:thout sent for all his
things that hee had onboard namely two chests & a trunk a
sword fowling peece some bookes a dog & some other things w:ch hee
intended to have carryed w:th hm to the Maderas in the sd ship, w:ch
sd two chests trunk sword, fowling peece bookes XXX of XXX XXXXXX were delivered to a Negro and another man that
were sent for y:e same by Lauseson, this depo:t seeing the same soe
delivered, and saith that the sd two chests and a trunk were soe delivered
fast made up to wit y:e two chests corded about & nailed up, and the trunke locked
and the same and the rest of the things aforementioned were sent onboard
by y:e sd Lausezon ?to about twenty dayes before
such that sending for y:e same and the two chests upon their coming aboard
were committed to this depon:ts charge who kept them all the while they were
onboard under lock & key, and hee is well assured that the same were delivered
to the Negro & other man sent by the sd Lauseson as aforesd
w:th all the same things in them & in y:e same manner & cndicon as they were at the time of their
coming onboard w:ch hee is the better assured of for that hee reXXXXX
them upon their coming onboard kept them safe as aforesd all the while
they were onboard and delivered them to the sd Negro & other man XX XX
XX presence and for the rest of the sd Lausezons things they were well
and safely placed in the sd ship. and particularly hee saith that the
trunke was placed betweene decke by y:e M:r Cabbnidoze, and
saith that about ten dayes after its coming onboard the sd Lausezon came
onboard y:e sd ship and did in the sight of this depo:t & XXX XXXX XXXX a marriner belonging
to the sd ship unlock & open the sd trunke and take out of the same severall
things (but the particulars hee could not discerne), and then locked the sd trunke againe

f. 186v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Antonini ffernandez, of ?Misponia, Portugal, sailor

f. 189r.

11:o die mensis October 1667

Super allone prXXX Examinat.

3:th ANTONINI FFERNANDEZ de ?Misponia in Portugallis
Nauta annos agens 25 aut inter dicit et deponit XXXX
XXXX viz:t

f. 189v.

f. 190r.

f. 190v.

f. 191r.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Johnes Collins, of Radcliffe, Surrey, merchant

JOHES COLLINS de Redcliffe in Com Surria mercator
annos agens 31 aut inter dicit et deponit prXXXX XXXX viz:t

Ad XXXXX XXXXX et ad schedulam in ead mentionat XXXX in XXXXXX deponit
et dicit that at the Barbadoes in December last this deponit went as a
passenger XXX in the aclate ship Successe imbarqued himselfe
in her XXXXX againe to London and came home in her XXX ?y:e voyage
and brought w:th him in her y:e Sugar and Cottons mentioned
in the schedule to be laden by him & was to pay y
freight therin set downe soe XXXXX and XXX of Cotton hee sayth was
?really soe much as is therein set downe XXXXX the sugar worth about 36:li
per hundred and XX this depo:t soldy:e sd cotton & sugar the same being
y:e cotton price thereof here, and saith that for his pt hee knoweth not w:t other XXXXX
y:e sd voyage nor w:t was to be pd for y:e freight thereof of y:e vallue of
s:e same soe laden but beleeveth that sugar and cottons brought in y:e
sd shoè y:e sd voyage were worth as much as those laden by this depo:t & that
the same price was to by payd for freight and saith that y:e sd ship coming
from y:e Barbadoes to London y:e sd Voyage under y:e conduct of y:e sd XXXXXX
George PrXXXXX XXX M:r XXXX also went out in her XXX XXXX was XXX very
stormy weather and more especially about y:e XXXX of January and
to his remembrance about y:e 15:th day of that month in a latitude of about 42 degrees XX XXXXX shee met w:th
a very great storme w:ch continued for many howrs by meanes of
the violente whXXXXXXX the sd PrXXXX and Company (conceiving it best soe
to doe) cut downe y:e maine mast of y:e sd ship and all y:e tackle
belonging to it & XXXXXX off into y:e sea and soe through Gods mercy
preserved the rest of y:e sd ship, and all her lading ag:t all XXX XXXX w:ch
were in very great hazard of perishing in y:e sea for about a XXXXXX

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f. 191v.

JOHN COLLINS His signature

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Johes Babb, of Shadwell, Middlesex, sailor

Eadem dXXX

Sop Allone pred Examinat.

3:xx JOHES BABB de Shadwell in poa:x XXXX
in Com Midd Nauta annos agens 33 aut XXX
dicit et deponit pront seq viz:t.

Ad dram Allon et ad sXXXXdulam in XXX mentionat deponit et dictit that
hee this dep:t has belonged to y:e aclate ship the Successe as her cheife mate for
a yeere last past during all w:ch time y:e XXXX George ?Bruice hath bin
in her XXXX and one M:r Langsley & Company subjects of his majesty of England XXXXX
XXX XXX XXXX her reputed XXXXXX and saith that in or about November or December last the
sd ship being then under XX sd PrXXXX his XXXXX at Barbadoes sheee
XXXX her full Lading of Sugars and Cottons and a little ginger, to be XXXXXX
this port of London & here to be delivered but y:e pticular psons interessed XXXXX
XX XXX XXX but supposeth that y:e sd XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX is a XXXX acc:t of XXXXXXX

f. 192r.

and that the respective goods therein mentioned XXXX brought in
y:e sd XXXX voyage from y:e Barbadoes to this port of London, and
here deliveredaccording to consignm:ts and that the same were worth
?then XXXXX was to be payd for the same as is mentioned in y:e sd XXXX
w:ch hee the XXXX beleeveth to be true for that hee XXXX a pcell of sugar ?was
soe laded in that sd ship y:e sd voyage ?outwards XXXXX, and saith that at
y:e time of Cap:X puttin y:e sd Lading onboard the sd ship XXX XXXX a very
?strong XXXX and XXXXX ship and was then looked upon ?to be
the ?lightest ship at YYY Barbadoes, and that the sd ship continued very strong
all y:e sd voyage or els doubtless had perished in y:e sea & shee alsoe
continued XXXXXX, tight untill about seaven a Clock at night of y:e 13:o of January
1666 in the latitude of about forty three degrees at w:ch time hee saith
y:e weather was extraordinary stormy and tempestuous in XXXXX
XXX y:e sd XXXX XXX XXX XXX and XXXX XXXX & many lives were in very great danger of y:e
perishing in y:e sea, some ?pt of her sailes being blowne away
and her inXXXX company being wholely deprived ?of ?governance of XXXXXX
and the sd M:r and this depo:t his mate, being in that sad condition
?considered w:t was XX to be done for y:e preservacon of all & conXXXXyed
that y:e only way soe to doe was to cutt y:e maine mast & its appurtenances
cleare away w:ch was p:rsently done, and the sd mast & XXXX ?therto
belonging were thereby utterly lost, and the same being cut away they
made aXXXX to XXXX the sd XXX, and through Gods mercy brought her XXX XXXX
although y:e sd XXXX endured for severall dayes ?afore y:e cuttng away her
sd mast, w:ch hee XXXX was a very XXXXXX XXX and had not y:e same
bin soe done hee verily beleeveth that hee would not have bin there to have
made this relacon, but that hee & the rest and the ship and Ladong would
have bin lost in y:e sea, and sayth that y:e damage that owners
of ye sd ship sustained by y:e premisses amounteth to a XXX XXXXX
XXXXX XXXX in y:e hee XXX hee cannot guesse XX XXXXXX, but saith that hee
judgeth that y:e Mast and appurtenances as were lost by y:e sd XXXXXX
will cost near XXX


f. 192v.



Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Antonius Coles, of East Smithfeild, London, XXXX

J:XX ANTONIUS COLES de East Smithfeild, XXXX
London XXXXX annos agens 39 aut XXX XXX
deponit XXXX seq viz:t


f. 193r.

Antonij Coles [His mark]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Johes Bunkley, of Eastsmithfeild, XXXX, baker

Eadem dXX

Sup Allonne pred Examinat.

2:dus JOHES BUNKLEY de Eastsmithfeild Bishos baker
annos agens 40 aut ?inter dicit et deponit prXXX seq E


f. 193v.


JHON BUNKLEY [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Jeremias Pels, of XXXX, ?Antwerp

27:o Aprilis 1667

Super allegacon XX XXX ex parte
Dicti SparkXXXX examinatus

1:nd JEREMIAS PELS famulus XXX XXXX dicti producti
natus in dicte XXXXXX AntwerpXXXX, aetatis 20 XXXX
aut XXXXX testis

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to be an Inhabitant and
Merchant of Antwerp, and hath ?served him in his Counting house for
these tenn monethes last, and there by further knoweth that XXX XXXX Pproducent
was and is a Marchant of very eminent qualitie and reputation, and
a great dealer in Marchandizes w:th that ?useth to send from fflanders and
hath ?retournes, and goods imported from ?foreine parts for ?his owne acco:t
and particularly a dealer in salt, ?XXted by him to be sent him from
ffrance. And saith hee hath of late bought and caused to be bought
severall shipps in the Netherlands in the dominions of the States of the
United Provinces for his owne acco:t for the said salt XX XXXX to fetch salt from ffrance XXXX
XXXXlanders, England and other places, in w:ch commodities hee dealeth
XXXX for his owne acco:t and for such as aforesaid hee was and is commonly
accoumpted. alr nescit

Ad secundum aclum deponit that in or about October or November last past
the said Gabar Sparkhommer for his owne acco:t bought and XXX XXXX
to be bought at Amsterdam by Messieures Leonard ?Bonnart
andJerome du Panne his correspondents and further XXXXX the said shipp the S:t EXXXX who haveing
paid for the ?same, and the duties thereof, XXXX upon the sad XXXXXX
for severall bills of exchange for their reimbursuance, w:ch they XXXXXXXXX
accepted abd paid, w:ch hee hknoweth writing in his Counting house and
doeingthis XXXXXXXX as aforesaid and ?seeing the ?receiving of the said bills
and accepting thereof,


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Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Gerrit Johnson, of XXXX, Norway, XXXX

f. 195r.

6 May 1667

1. GERRIT JOHNSON de XXXXXX in Norwegia Nauta,
XXXXXX dicta navis the Sampson aetatis 50 annos agens
aut XXXXX, nescit in pXXXXXX ex parte dicti
XXXXXX Admiralti examinatus, deponit in XXXXXX

Ad prima Interrium XXX et deponit that hee hath knowne the said shipp
the Sampson about five or siy yeeres last, and was master of her for
neare three yeeres and ?at about Michaelmas last met her XX XXXXX at
w:ch XXX XXXX XXX, shee lying still and ?unimployed, and about two monethes
?since hee was at XXXrn in Norway shipped ?stiersman of her by
Ole ?Mistr XX XXX ?not to come to London with her, for w:ch
XXX XXXX at CroXXXX in Norway laded with deales and timber.


f. 195v.


XXXX [His mark]

Eadem XXX


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Augustinus ?Hance, of Shadwell, Middlesex, sailor

f. 196r.

2. AUGUSTINUS ?HANCE de Shadwell in Com Midd
Nauta, ubihabitavit p

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Case: XXXX: Deposition: Sir William Warren, of London

f. 201r.

20:° de mensis Maij 1667

Sup Allone pXXdd Examinat

DXXXs Guilielmus Warren de London miles annos agens
44 aut inter dicit et deponit prout seq Evizt.

Ad primo 2:nd et 3:nd arles due Allegationis deponit et dicit That hee this depo:t
well knoweth y:e ship in question called now as hee understandes the Sampson
but formerly theJohannes and saith that the sd ship did as hee
beleeveth untill lately belong to ?Croskrey in Norway in the Dominions
of the King of Denmarke; and to Hans Matson of Croskrey, a subject
of the King of Denmarke & reputed to be borne in Norway w:ch hee
saith os of his this depo:ts acquaintance & saith that in December
last hee this depo:t then supposing the sad Hans Matson to be y:e Owner
of the sd ship wrote to him a lre of the tenor following vizt
London 7:th Xber 1666 XX Hans Malson After hearty salutations wishing
you & all yo:rs all health and happynes this is to advise you, that inasmuch
as there y:e great occasion for deales XXXX y:e greatest at of London y burnt
therefore if you please to send in the shipps Hope & ?Joannes & 2 or 3
more w:th deales in the spring. I will give you as XXXX mony XXX them as any
XXXXX can, ready money only XXXXX desire you will write XXX y:e
resolution w:th the ships names and M:rs names that I may send you over
passes from y:e Duke of Yorke that your shipps & men may come hither &
returne XXXX in safety notwithstanding the warr that is betweene both kingdomes
I desire y:e answer by the first apportunity XXXX y:e Every loving freind
& servant W. Warren and saith that upon y:e arrivall of the sd ship
XX voyage at this port this depo:t receaved an answer thereof from y:e
sd Hans Malson of the teno:r following vizt. My good freind S:r Will:m
Warren, Salut, I have receaved y:r letter from Gottenborowe from y:e
freind David Matson dated in London last yeere 16666 y:e 7 Decemb;r
and doe understand that you would have the ship S:t Johannes and that you
would give as much for the lading as any other but this is to let you
knowe that I cannot doe it, because I have sold the ship at Gottenborow
to two able men namely Hannis Wolfe, and Laurence Young but
nevertheless I have spoke with their M:r Ollo Neilson that you should
have one halfe of the lading and John Shorter[1] thother halfe
before any others. but upon these conditions that you shall give as much
for the goods as any others and not let the ship be seized in her
delivering or in paying their money for the sd goods- XXXXXXX the
three hundred dollers wch I am indebted unto you shalbe payd
w:th the first oportunity if you can get a ship or two to send XXXX
I would ?loade them off for you; freind S:r Will:m if you & M:r Shorter
would get the ?Lubecker (his name is John Loudez) his ship Lading
it would be good for you & great proffitt XXX as hee hath a
very XXXX ladeing of deales and more than ordinarily
XXXX, God be w:th you, Croskery the 25:th March 1667. Hans Madtsson
w:ch was y:e only letter w:ch hee receaved about the sd shipp since this XX XXX
writing his letter & more than the sd letter from the sd Matson
declareth hee knoweth not & knoweth not whether y:e sale therein
mentioned was reall or not but supposeth that y:e said sale was really
made in regard of the sd Matsons refusall of this depo:ts faire proffer as aforesd

f. 201v.

and sayd that since the sd ships arrivall there this depo:z hath ?heard
XXXXX on John Shorter say that hee wrote a letter to y:e sd
Matson XXXX to y:e effect of this depo:ts letter to XXXX and that
an answer to the like effect as hee ?returned to that depo:t XXXX
nescit depXXXXer

Ad 4:nd depo:t that y:e said ship as hee verily beleeves was laden
w:th her prent lading at Croskery aforesd w:ch lading ?consists
of Deales ?Tinber balkes, and sparrs board XXXXX XXX XXX
& the sd Lading hee saith was XXXXX to be XXXX to this sepo:t but afterwards
the same was sold to M:r ?Peter Rich[2] & M:r Charles ShXXler as this
depo:t understood, et alr nescit.

Ad 5:xx nescit preXXX sua.

Ad 6:xx deponit That hee knoweth not w:t Country XXX y:e sd XXX
Company are but saith that two or three of them speake XXX
Danish & are danes as hee beleeveth & saith that Garret Johnson
that now belongeth to the sd ship was formerly (as hee ?formerly
told this depo:t) M:r of y:e sd ship. et alr nescit

Ad 7:xx xxxx so ad xxxx xxxxx prxxd et XXXX
A alr nescit

Ad 8:xx depo:t That it is notorious & well knowne that there
was & is open warr betweene y:e Kings & states & this
subjects & generall especially granted & the English XXX
take & seize the ships & goods of y:e ffrench King King of Denmark
& States of y:e United Provinces or Inhabitants XXX XXX XXX
& ?got the same condemned for prize as XXXX goods et alr

Ad 9:xx xxxxx so ad Declaracoon in XXXX aclo mentionata

Ad 10:xx deponit That hee had heard & beleeveth that the sd ?ship
lading were seized in this port of London as is aclate et alr

Ad ult dicit predepsta pXXXX XXX XXXX

Ad Interria

Ad primo red:t that hee beleeveth that tis a frequent & usuall
course amongst Merch:ts owners & M:rs of ships to sell dispose
XXXX & XXX for XXX shipp and to another as
to agree w:th their advantage & hath heard & therefore beleeveth that
persons of severall nations doe by Letters, & XX XXX ffactors sell & buy XXX
& pts of ships & make bills of sale & other writings accordingly
all w:ch may be done in a short space & soe consequently hee that
was an owner may ?of a suddaine become noe owner & XXXXX
noe owner may become the true proprietor et alr nescit

Ad 2:nd rend:t That hee is sole owner of some & ptowner of XXX
ships and saith that sometimes it XXXX that when y:e owners of ?y:e
ships cannot well agree about setting out a ship upon a voyage
some of them XXXX XXXXX XX hath bin ready to goe to sea, sold theire pt XXXX

f. 202r.

sold by the XXXX of the English to ffreinds of y:e English, et alr nescit

Ad ?3:xx rend:t that ?hee judges XXXXX of all men & doth ?rather beleeve
that the common morall principall of men as men doe incline them
to speake & XXXXX XXX truely than falsely XXX more
XX to be XXXX amongst the Christian nations & XXXX
having now heard y:e Examinaccon of y:e M:r in XXXXXX & XXXX not
being to be found, hee saith that hee supposeth that what the XX in X$
that sworne is true & supposeth that y:e XXXX sale mentioned in the
sd Hans Matsons lre was reall, XXX this supposition being
mainly grounded upon Matsons not accepting of y:e proffer of the Duke
of Yorkes passe; & hee is desired not to XXXXXX to any other
what hee hath deposed as y:e interrogatory requires et alre nescit XXXX

Ad 4:xx rend:t That hee had a great desire to have had the deales & ?the ?Rest
of the sd ships lading this voyage & was in XXXXX w:th the M:r
Peter ?Splitt about the same, but XXXXX XX or would have given hee
remembreth not, but remembreth that hee bid y:e master XXXX that
then was or neere thereabouts, & saith that hee bought some of the
deales afterwards of M:r Rich, and said that hee this rend:t ?thought that
hee had agreed & XXX should have had XX XX ladeing for himselfe & M:r
John Shorter but y:e broker underhand disposed of them otherwise as
aforesd. This rend:t XXXX to give security for them as hee
had bidden unles hee could have them delivered for XXX to him
before y:e market fell, et alr nescit

W:M WARREN [His signature]

f. 233r

23:° Martij 1666

JOSEPHUS XXXXXX de Redrith in Com Surria Nauta, natus
in parea S:t Olavi Hartstreet London annos agens 20 et
XXX testis productus et Juratus dicit et deponiz XXXXX XXXXX

Case: XXXX: Cornelius Bourne, of St. Salvatoris, Southwark, sailor, aged 25

f. 204r.

16:° Aprilis 1667

XXX Princeps Jacobus Dux Ebor)
et Albanis con Navem quandam vorat)
y:e S:t Ignatius cajus Gualterus BXXage
corat M:r, nuper in porta in Insula vectis)
seizit Doctor Budd)

1. CORNELIUS BOURNE in parra S:te Salvatoris in BurgodX
Southwarke Nauta, annos agens 35 and XXXX testis
product et Juratis dicit et deponit prout

Ad primum et secundum arlos deponit that about six weekes since
the time more precisely he remembreath not this deponent being then
and now one of y:e ffrigatts Company y:e ffrancis the aclate Captaine W:m
?Brustowe Commander went on board and seized or stopped the shipp
S:t Ignatius aclate in Yarmouth Roade within the Isle of Wight, And saith
that under a little parcell of tobacco in a private place of y:e great Cabbin of y:e S:t
Ignatius this deponent found the three schedules or ffrench lres
aclate N:o 6. 7. 8 and breaking them open found them to bee ffrench
but could not understand them, and some two dayes after such his
finding of y:e said lres this depo:t gave them to y:e said Captaine
W:m Burstow Commander of y:e said ffrancis ffrigatt, And saith this
deponent is well assured that y:e said three lres annexed are the
same which he found in the Ignatius as aforesd. this deponent
taking notice of y:e seales and superscripccons findeth them to bee
y:e same. Et alr nescit saving that one Richard Earlisman Commander
of y:e Hawke Ketch was also in the said Cabbin when this deponent
found y:e said lres and when hee nroke them open.

Ad 3 deponit that in the Topp of y:e three papers or lres N:o 6. 7. 8
the word Brugge is written every y:e head of another word which is blotted
out but may bee discerned to have been written flushen or vlissing
And saith that y:e word Bruges written over the said lres and y:e blotts were
made before y:e said papers were found and before this depo:t broke them open
A alr nescit

Ad 4 nescit-

CORNELIUS XXXXX [His signature]

Super allono per drom Budd dat
exparte dicti dmis Ebor. Examinatus

Case: XXXX: Deposition: John Jacob, of Wapping, XXXX, Merchant

f. 212v.

25° Septembris 1667

Sup allon quadam aclata da parte dicti Johis Payne dat XXX

JOHN JACOB de Wapping ubi habitanvit per bXXXXX XXX
XXX Mercator annos agens 23 aut XXX XXX
Ipswich in Nora Anglia testis producti et Juratus
et deponit prout seqr vizt

Ad primum aclum deponit et dicit that hee hath well knowne the
aclate John Paine for seaven yeares last and upwards for
and during all which time he hath bin his apprentice, and
being out of his time is now imployed by him. And thereby
knoweth that the sd John Payne (sic) was y:e time aclate and is an owner of seaven sixteene
parts of the shipp aclate John and Sarah, and of her tackle
apparell and furniture, and for and as such commonly accounted
and alsoe knoweth the parties aclate XXX XXX bin and to bee owners of y:e XXXXX
parts aclate namely Zacharias Long the M:r of one eighth part and
the tackle apparrell and furniture thereunto belonging, and ?was
all the time aclate John Wood?ansey was owner of another eigth part
?John Carter and XXX Norton of there sixteene parts, Samuel XXXXX
of one sixteenth, and Edward XXXX of another sixteenth, and for XX XXX
respective owners of y:e sd shipp her tackle apparrell and furniture they XXX
commonly accounted and reputed. XXX XXXX

Ad XX aclum deponit that in January 1663 aclate the ?same shipp John and Sarah
set saile from Boston in New England with goods aboard bound for ?London
and arrived there in or about ffebruary next following the aclate XXXXX
then master of her as is aclate, and hee saith that XXXX in y:e XXXXX
Jacob menconned in this arle and was by the said John Payne XXX XXX

f. 213r.

was at that time an apprentice sent and did goe in the said shipp as ffactor or Agent
for him hee being the person intressed in y:e ladeing, And saith that
y:e said shipp continued at ?Siranam untill y:e 20:th or one and twentieth of August
1664 at which time she sailed from thence with sugars and other goods
(wherein the said Payne was principally concerned9 to the Island of Barbadoes
and arrived there on or about the nine and twentieth of y:e said month of
August, And having taken in provisions there and fresh water they sett saile
from thence for London but by XXXX and ignorance of y:e foresd Zacharias
Long the Master of the said shipp she was carryed to S:t Valereye in
ffrance and ran ashore there and was ?bilged, and her lading which were
sugars were for y:e most part lost and the shipp was thereby
made unserviceable, and could not bee sett to sea without repaireing
and amending, And hee saith that at the severall places aforesaid
thes aid shipp did stand in need of and had the severall provisions and they
severally mencconed in the schedule aclate, and that the same ?were
usefulll fitting and necessary for y:e said ship,
which things were for severall XXX and spent by this
deponent (who is the person named in this accll) as ffactors servant and
Agent of the said John Paine in and about the said shipp, And saith
that having fitted out the sd shipp they sailed from S:t Valereyes for
London where she arrived in Aprill 1665 the said Long continued
still M:r And saith that after the said shipp ca,e to London she stood in
neede of some other provisions and things severally named in the sd XXX
schedule aclate now by him read and perused, And this deponent
did lay out the severall summs severally mencconed in the said schedule
Et Alr nescit

Ad 3 aclum deponit that hee knoweth the contents of the said
schedules to bee reall and true and soe had and don as therein
is contained, and this deponent as servant and factor of the
producent did really and truely pay and lay out the severall summs
of money mencconed severally in the said schedules for severall
tacks apparrill and furniture, for provisions and mending the
said shipp and otherwise as in y:e said schedules contained, And
saith that at the time aclate the things schedulated could bot bee
bought for lesse than the summes schedulate all which summs in
the totall amount to three hundred and five pounds thirteene
shilling and eleaven oence Et alr nescit XXX XXXX XXX ad sict XXX

Ad 4 aclum deponit that the parts of y:e severall owners amounts XXXX to
the summe of one hundred seaventy one pounds nineteene shillings,
and they not paying the same their severall parts in the said
shipp was arrested by a warrant from this Court A alr nescit
so ad Regisham et a eta Curia aclate nescit saving that this depo:t
had possession of y:e said shipp for or on behalfe of the producent John

Ad 5 deponit that there is a XXXXX XXXXXX as is aclate And the effect
or copy thereof was fixed upon the exchange as he beleeveth XXXX
so ad Regram Alr nescit

f. 213v.

Ad ?septum arlum deponit that the parties aclate were and are
Englishmen and subiects of his Majesty of England. Et alr nescit

Ad ultimum dicit predeporta sua offe verra

Repetit coram due Exton Jura
Surr:to XXXX Ed:do Browne Np:

JN: JACOB [His signature]

f. 214r.

is very well acquainted hee having bin this deponents correspondent for a
yeare last past and this depo:t having received many lres from
him. And hee verily beleeveth the subscription of the said Peter de Vinck
to bee of his the sd De Vinckes handwriteing

f. 214v.

sid his shipp standing in neede of severall things without which she wold noz XXX
borrow and received of and from Lewes Hayes the factor of the arle to XXXX
Lyenburgh the summe of three hundred livers upon the bottome ?keele of
the said shipp

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Michael Saverye, of St Catherines, born in Calais, France

f. 215r.

Image is rather poor

14° September 166X

Super libella

natus in Calais in ffrancia XXXXX

f. 215v.

was present at the delivery of the said wines at Brewers key and upon
such delivery found three puncheons of the said wines to bee wanting
of the number hee entred in the customehouse,

f. 216r.

?viresimo die mensis Septembris 1667

Super Libells XXX Examinat.

4. THOMAS SLADE poa S:te Magdalene Bermondsway in Burgo da
Southwark in Con:x Surria Mercator, natus apud deepingham in
Cond Suffolia

f. 216v.

da XXX XXXX a XXXXX in the Marshalseye. And having
Intimation by his p:rentest Michael Savary that the said de XXXX
had to discharge a debt of his owne formerly contracted in ffrance

Case: The Castle of Gaunt: Deposition: 1. Johannes Cardon, citizen of XXXX, XXXX

f. 217r.

7. Octobris 1667


1. JOHANNES CARDON cicitatis XXXXX generalis, als XXXXX


Ad 47 et 47 arles deponit that as hee hath credibly bin informed by this XXX came
from the said Peter Cardon and otherwise, hee inn or about June last comming with
the sd shipp and lading from Nantes for fflanders and in the ?Narrow Seas XXX with
XXXX PeXXX de Bills, who ?pretend a Portugall com:xx against the subiects of
Spaine, XXX the sad shipp the Castle of XXXX and goods, the XXXX being then
in a ffrench vessell, and with his XXXXX disposessing the said?Peter CXXXX and carrying of their said shipp the castle of ?Gannt and ?her lading
after their bringing to or near XX Martins aclate, where as hee hath understood
English XXXXX XXXXX aboard for Ireland, and thXX in her XXXX for that place their was
?retaken by the English ffrigat called the Victory and brought her to Plimouth XXXX
XXXX examinaXXXX lately XXXXX; and when XXX the XXX XXX, hee reviewed and tooke
particular notice of her and untill and XXXX know and knoweth her to be the said shipp the
Castle of Gaunt, by the picture of a Castle painted on her sterne, and therto?under
these words, HET CASTEEL VAN GENOT, there still appearing, And upon her head a lyon
carved in wood, painted white with green ?locks or ?shagg and a blew marke, and XX many
other signes and tokens, w:ch hee found to be the same ?charged before her departure out
of fflanders, and w:ch hee hath never particularly XX XXX and XXXXX in ?his ?relacon
taken at Plimouth in August last whereunto hee referreth to . Et alre XXXX XXXXXXX,
XXXX her addeth to his XXXsaid tokens by w:ch hee knoweth to be the ?same shipp, XXXX XXXX

f. 217v.

Image rather so so

of the blessed Virgin in XXX XXXXX, with a XXX XXX XXXX
and above her head a picture of the holy Trinity, with theise words
niet sonder Godt.

Case: The Castle of Gaunt: Deposition: 2. Georgius de Sutter, citizen of XXXX

f. 218r.

8:° Octobris 1667

Super allegatione et XXX XXXX

2. GEORGIUS DE SUTTER civitatis XXXXX Nauta, ubi XXXtavit a XXXXX
sui item XXXX, etatis 23 amorum XX XXXXX testis productus

f. 218v.

Image is hard to read

Ad 4 XXXX XXX XXXX was about XXXX of July last (XXX XXXX) XXX

f. 219r.

Image is hard to read

Ad primo rendet that hee is a greate and XXXXXX of the XXX, and excepted XX aclate from his

f. 219v.

Image is impossible to read

f. 220r.

Image is impossible to read

f. 220v.

Ad Interria ?Regia

Ad XXXX XXX that hee was ?born and hath alwaies dwelt in Gannt, is a XXX XXX, XXXX
by navigation, and ?worth 500 gilders; als XXXX


15:° Octobris 1667


f. 222r.

19:° Octobris 1667


f. 222v.

Image is blurred

times XXXXXX and as XXXX as possibly they could, XXX the shipp

f. 223r.

Image is blurred

f. 223v.

And saith that y:e salt and Deale boards aclate were laded and
put aboard by the producents order all which were laded by and
for y:e producents accompt any by him paid for. Et alr nescit

Ad 4 refXXX XXXX predeporta et salvis eidem novo

Ad 5 refert XXX predeprta

Ad 6 rend:t that hee is not now nor has bin for these two yeares ffive
monthes last servant to y.e producent, and is not any way related to him
and favoureth the parties alike and would give the victory
according to Justice. Et alr nescit



Dmis M:r Rex con the S:t John Johnannes Williamson Lsyl)
ert M:r et bona in eadem et con Johem Bierman et)
alios Cheeke ffrancklin)

31:° Octobris 1667

Super allone ex parte dictiXXXXX et XXX

ANTHONIUS SIMSNSON PAUW Civitatis Amsteldamen in Hollandia
annos agens 25 aut XXXX XXX natus in civitate predict XXX
product et Juratus deponit prout seqr (vizt.)

f. 224r.

Ad aclum deponit et dicit that the said de Swan having received and XXXX
of his foresaid orders did as factor for the said Sebastian Lamsento hire and
take to ffreight the said shippe S:t John then lyeing at Amsterdam of the said
Williamson Leyl her then Master for a voyage to bee made with the said shippe
to S:t Thome there to lade sugars for the said Lamberte's accounts, And the
skipper hath told this deponent that hee was to have for his shippe goeing from
Amsterdam to the said Iland and from thence back to Amsterdam Eleaventhousand
guilders, And beleeveth that y:e contents of the second schedule are also reall
and true and not colourable hee well knowing Adrian Lack who hee saith
is well knowne to him, a Notary publiq and soe commonly accounted Et alr
referado so ad dict sched et contenta nescit

f. 224v.

his owne account to bee carried in the said ship to Amsterdam, and thence
to bee delivered to the said John de Swan for his the said de XXXX

f. 225r.

quarto Decembris 1667

3:tins JOHANNES GARTSEN de Hamborowe ubi
natus fuit annos agens 30 aut XXXX M:r
navis y:e ffortune de Hamborowe

f. 225v.

ship ffortune at Hamboro about two moneths before y:e sd time XXX
w:ch y:e ?rest of y:e sd ships ?lading, all w:ch was so to be carryed and XXXXX
to Roane in ffrance XXXX

f. 226r.

ship ffortune, and hath bin M:r of Hambororo ships for about eighteene yeeres
last and maineaineneg himselfe by goeing XXXX as M:r of a ship and hath a
pretty good estate, but y:e vallue hee ?certainely knoweth noz alr negative

Ad 2:xx red:t That hee well knoweth y:e foresd Mathias van Overbosh &
y:e foresd Houdrink JuXXX DXXXX, and hath soo knowne y:e sd Van
XXXXX XXX for about four & twenty yeeres last, and the sd ?DXXX for about
seaven yeeres last durng all w:ch time they have lived in Hamborowe &
were & are Burgers there, and not Holland & fflemish or Danes XXX

f. 226v

f. 227r.
















f. 228r.

2_° die mensis XXXX 1667

in Com Norfolkia Nauta annos agens

f. 228v.

f. 229r.

and just as XXXX

f. 229v.

Image is unreadable

f. 230r.

y:e ship fortune called out alone in the hearing of this depo:t XXXX was then
w:th severall others of her company upon her deck ?and sayd to XXXX
y:e Betty for ?Godsake just XXX

f. 230v.

Unreadable image

f. 231r.

Unreadable image

f. 231v.

Ad 6:XX rend:t That y.e Betty was never a head but asterne of y:e
Red fortune untill after y:e foresd falling fowle and sath that alsoe
XXXX now ship calling out or answering as is interraze although hee was
upon y:e Deck of y:e Red fortune the sd time helping to keepe her XXXX
that y:e Betty might not come fowle of her, and saith that y:e Red fortunes
Topsail was not the sd time lowered, and was but about three quarters
fowle of the Betty but saith that y:e Betty ran foule of the REd fortune
as hee hath before deposed et alr nescit XXXXX

Ad 7:XX rend:t That after y:e sd ships were foule the M:r & Company
of each of them did questionbly apprehend much danger, and called to
?each an other to do severall things to get cleare and saith that y:e Betty
ran w:th her ?bolt spritt ag:t y:e quarter of the Red fortune and thereby
presently broke her ?boltsprit, & upon y:e breaking of it shee got cleare but
had not her ?boltsprit broke shee would have gone ashore w:th  ?the
Red fortune as hee beleeveth et alr pro pte sua nescit



Case: XXXX: Deposition: 5. Jacobus Baert de North Yarmouth, Norfolk

9:° die mensis Maij 1667

Sup Allone XXX Examinat:

5:us JACOBI BAERT de North Yarmouth in
Com ?Norfolrice Nauta in XXXXX y:eRed fortune
annos agens 35 aut inter dicit et deponit prXX
sequitur vizt.

Ad primo aclum deponit That hee this depo:t knoweth the aclate
ship the Red fortune and is M:r XXXXX of her and soe hath bin for allmost
two yeeres last past and so accounted to be and saith that hee was put & constituted M:r of
her by y:e aclate Abraham Stayard who hath bin duing all y:e
sd time and still is y:e true & lawfull & sole owner of her and of
her tackle apparell and furniture, and for and as owner of her XXX
was & is commonly accounted & reputed, and saith that hee alsoe XXXXXX
the aclate ship y:e Betty and sawe her at ?Billensgate y:e voyage
befoore y:e disaster hereXXX mentioned & ?appended & saith that yt y:e time of y:e
sd disaster y:e aclate John Modder was M:t of her & soe accounted
et alr nescit.

Ad 2:nd 3:nd 4:nd et 5:nd acles dXX Allegationis deponit et dicit That
about one or two of y:e Clock in the afternoone of Saturday the 23:d of
March Last past the sd ship y:e Red fortune (coming from y:e Northwards
y:e sd ship Betty coming from y:e southwards) were sayling to get into Yarmouth
harbo:r or Haven. the Red fortune being a head of the Betty, and sayd
that hee this depo:t who was then onboard y:e sd shop Red fortune ?prowing
that y:e Betty was ?follwing up y:e Red fortune and came XXX & XXXX
XXXX in a gangerzone XXXXX hee this depo:t edged the XXX for XXXX
to the North to keepe cleare of y:e Betty w:ch was to the southward
of the Red fortune, & hee this depo:t alsoe called out to XXX & Company
of y:e Betty who were XX XX hearing to keepe off from him XXX XXXX
XXXX XXXXX be onboard XXXXX doe him damage and desired them to XXXX
XXX or keepe to the southward that the Red fortune & Betty might goe XXXX or to that


f. 232r.

Image is unreadable: need to reimage

f. 132r.


JAMES ?BRANTZ [His signature]

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Johes Mather

10° die mensis Maij 1667

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 4. Johes Hayman, of XXXX, Zealandia

f. 236r.

Eadem die

Sup Allons XXX Examinat

4:th JOHES HAYMAN da Zeniklea in Zealandia Nauta
annos agens 28 aut inter XXX et deponit XXX XXXX


5° July 1667



Mercator annos agens 35 aut
XXX dicit et deponit prXXX seq


Jacques Comarr and Stephen Vandam SSSS saile from
Ostend with her for Nantes to lade for the producents aXXXXXX to
returne to Ostend, XXX his departure from Ostend being on or about the
15:th of January last New Stile, and his arrivall XXXX XX XXXX
shipp at BXXXXX on or about the 8:th of ffebruary last past

f. 247r.

3. PETRUS LUPERT civitatis London Marcator, aetatis 53 XXXXX XX

f. 248r

12° Junij 1667

Super allegaconn aclate ex parte dir XXXXX YYYY
XXXXXX examinatus

1. OLIVERUS POLEYN civitatis ?BrugesXX Mercator ubi XXXX
a XXXXX etiam natus, xx testis 26 XXXX XXX

f. 249r.

3° July 1667

annos XXXX 31 XXXXXXXXX productus

f. 2xx

4:th Juky 1667

2. CLAUSLIEVENSEN DEUTXX civitatis Stockholkm XXXX

f. 2xx

5° July 1667

Pomerania Nauta, XXXXXXXXXXXX

f. 252v.

9° July 1667


f. 253r.


f. 254r.

The FrXXXXX of Hamburgh)

25:th XX July 1667.

Nauta aetats 31, aut XX XXXX

f. XX

XXX 26

f. XX

4. ISAACUS ?STOCKMAN Civ:ts LondingXXXXX Mercator
annos agens 31 XXXXXXXX

f. XXXv.

thXXX Customes & to nestow y:e sayd Lading into Warehouses for y:e Accompt
of y:e sayd Owners. And hee saith that in pursuance of his says under-
taking, hee this deponent caised y:e sayd shipp to bee unladen, & to be
taken out of her Seaventy & three Tonnes most of them decayed wynes
Whereof hee sayth That three & forty Tunnes of y:e sd wines were valued and
apprized by Two substantiall Wyne Cowpers at xi:li p Tonne &
no more, and y:e remayning Thirty Tonnes at 6:li XX p Tonne & no more
And also one Tunne of Vinigar at 13:li p Two Tonnes, oneXXX
& half more of Vinigar vaéued at 5:li p Tunne & no more.
Likewise a parcell of ffeathers made up in fower baggs, much damnifyed
in pt imbezelled, each bagge as they at present appeares to bee, this
Deponent judgeth to be worth about yij:li x:s each bagge, as now they
are & were at theor Landing, but had the sd Baggs beene full
& undiminished they might have beene worth xXXX:li p Bagge
as is aclate; And lastly three Weighes & three bushells
of Salt y:e other 3. bushells going for ?ffees) worth about yyi:li &
for so much sold. All w:ch soe really pXXXX of Wares & Merchandizes
except y:e salt, Were carryed on Shore by this Deponent & stored by his order
& stowed in a Cellar hyred for that purpose under y:e Artillery
house upon Horset-downe, & were there viewed & appreized by
his?Contests John Willis & M:r Marsh Wynecowpers;
The prmisses hee knoweth for y:e reasons before deposed. Et alre
nescit, saving hee saith That y:e sd goods were so samnifyed , & (belonging to aliens) y:e Customes so high
that this Depo:t offred y:e sd Wynes & Vinigar to y:e Officers of y:e Customes for 7:li p Tunne XXX abt
up reliqius non ex directione Producents

Ad Interrogatoria:

Ad 1:° rendt That hee cometh to testify at y:e request of one Peter
Gerrard an Agent for y:e Owners of y:e Shipp in question. Et alr neg.XX
rendet ad XXX:

Ad 2:da 3. et 4:XX Interr a nescit rendere.

Ad 5. 6. et 7:X Interr a nescit rendere nisi ex XXXXX XXXXXX


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 11. Johes Goodman, of St Catharine Coleman fenchchuchstreet, winecooper

Eadem XX

Super libello XXXXX examinate


11:n JOHES GOODMAN paro de S:te Catharine Coleman
in ffanchurchstreete London Wyne Cooper, annos agens 30:xx
XXXX anneXXXX, Testis XXXXX & XX deponit XX XXXXXXX

Ad 12:xx et 13:xx aclos lui produit et alr 3. XXXXXXX annex deponit et dicit That hee this
Depon:t being a Wynecooper by profession, was (upon y:e request of M:r
Peter Gerrard Agent for y:e Owners of y:e shipp & goods in question)
present at y:e unshipping of y:e Wines & Vinigar schedulated out of y:e
Shipp y:e Godslieve aclate (w:ch to his best remembrance was about Easter
last past) at such tyme as shee lay at y:e Chaynes neere ?Saviours Docke
Southwarke; & saith that hee sawe 73. Tonnes of wine (most of them

f. XXXr.

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f. XXXv.


HEN: MARSH [His signature]


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 13 Johes Willis, of St Olave Hartstreet, London, wine cooper

13. JOHES WILLIS Paro de S:te Olavi Hartstreet Londre
WinXXX Cooper, annos agens 55. Testis product ex-
aminat pXXXXX sequiXXXXX viz:t[3]

Ad 1 2:m et 13 arles libelli pXXXXX et ad tertiam schedulam in XXXX
mencionate et in XXXX XXXX deponit et dicit, That hee this Depon:t
together w:th his ?Contest Henry Marsh, in or about May last
past upon request went to view & apprize a parcell of Wynes & Vinigar
laying in a Cellar belonging to y:e Artillery House upon ?Horset-down
& therein found 73. Tunnes of french wine & no more, & three
Tonnes one hhd & halfe of vinagar & no more, All y:e sayd
Wynes & Vineger being much decayed & damnified, especially some
?pt of them, w:ch were very little worth). And hee sayth
that having tasted & thoroughly considered of ?many XXXXX of the
sayd Wines & Vinegar they valued 43. Tunnes of y:e XXXX of
y:e says Wynes at 11.XX p XXXX & no more & y:e other 30. Tonns
of y:e XXXXX sort at 6:10:XX p Tonne and w:th another & no more,
and also ?one Tonne of y:e sayd Vinager at 13_li & y:e other Two
Tonnes XXX XXX & half of Vinegar after y:e XXXX of 5:li p Tonne
& no more, w:ch respective XXXX XXXX y:e most that this Dep:t and
XXXX XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX worth in y:e condicon they were
XXXX in. Ez alr nescit depanXXXXX

Super ?reliquio non exam:X ex ?directiona xer

Ad Interrog:a

Ad i:X rendet That hee was spoken unto by his XXXXXX
M:r Wade in y:e behalfe of y:e producents to come to testify
y:e truth in this cause. Et alr XXX rendet

Ad 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 et 7 Inter, nescit XX XXXXX

JOHN WILLIS [His signature]

No Images

f. 260r.

Viresimo primo die mensisAugusti 1667

3. GEORGIUS SMITH de London, mercator,
Annos agens 32 aut XXXX

Jacobs Thomas
Two Brothers
Letter from his brother, the aclate John Smith
Robert Willmott
Juan Fabian Loretto
Thomas ffreeman of Dublin

f. 260v.

The last voyage from Cadiz
Sherry wine, & logwood
Lay in y:e Channell
Y:e sayd ship from y:e canaryes to Dublin

f. 261r.

The sd Peter Oben
The sayd Blake

Ad Interria

James Thomas
Y:e said Carwell
M:r ffranklin y:e proctor

f. 261v.

Don Christopher de ?Alvarado

GEO: SMITH (His signature)

Touching the ship London Merchant)
Henry Martin M:r)

JOSEPH CAIN of Shad Thames in
y:e parish of S:t Olaves in y:e Burrough of
Southwarke Carpenetr of the said ship, aged
30 yeares or thereabouts and WILLIAM
PROBERT of West Lane in the parish of Radcliffe
in Surry marriner a common man of the sayd
ships company aged 31 yeares of thereabouts

The good ship London
Voyage from Morlaix in France to the Port of London laden with Linnen and paper

f. 262r.

Put into the Isle of Wight
Ship only thre years old, about 70 tonnes burthern

Signed HIS MARK Jospeh Cain

THOMAS BURLEIO?TH of Portsmouth marriner a common
man belonging to the sayd ship Successe aged 37 yeares or
thereabouts, and THOMAS ANDERSON of ?Putten wen in
the County of ffife in Scotland also a common man belonging to y:e sd
ship aged 22

Ralph Myerose master of the Successe
Laden at Morlaix and bound for London

f. 262v.

Two other ships, the XXX and the John

THOMAS BURLERY His signature
Signed HIS MARK Thomas Andrews

Touching the John
fferdinando Popplestone M:r

Monday morning the 14:th October 1667

GEORGE DREW of the parish of S:t Leonards Shoreditch mariner
Belonging to the sayd ship John aged 27 yeares or thereabouts
And JACOB HEYMAN of flushing in Zealand marriner
Also belonging to y:e sayd ship aged 26 yeares or thereabouts

Fferdinando Popplestone Master of the John

f. 263r

the buoy in y:e Nore

(Their signatures)

f. 263v.


f. 264r.

22:° Maij 1667

1. JACOB GOSSELING de Civitate London Mercator
Annos agens 40

This deponent has held correspondence with the aclate M:r Henry Steward for two years
Deponent received a letter of advice from the aclate stating that he had shipped on a flyboat of ca. 84 Tonnes called the S:t Michael of Bruges, in Flanders (Dingman Bastianson Master) a freight of herring for his account. The letter made no mention of butter
A further letter from Mr Steward requested the deponent to ensure the cargo of the said ship fpr 300:li at the Insurance Office of London to be sent to Bordeaux in France
Received two further letters enquiring what rates could be obtained to ensure the cargo for the ships return from Bordeaux to Edinburgh
The deponent was requested by the aclate to provide assistance should the aclates ship touch any port in England (which appears to have been unplanned)

Mr Hugh Thompson, now resident at Bordeaux, a recent correpondent of the deponent
Deponent hath consigned goods to Mr Thompson for the account of Mr Steward

f. 264v.

The deponent found the insurance rates offered too high and did not buy insurance

Henry Steward, Archibald Hambleton and Rob:t ?Smirlane, all of Edinburgh

JACOB GOSSELIN (His signature)

23:tis May 1667

HENRICUS JOSSY da Cite Edinburghensi in Regno Scotia Mercator
Aetat 25

The deponent knows Henry Steward, Archibald Hambleton and Rob:t ?Smirlane and the St Mathew of Bruges, formerly called the Europa of Leith in Scotland
The ship was in the River of Clyd in y:e West of Scotaland in December 1666 laden with herrings and butter for the acoount of M:r Stuart & Company and bound for Rochell Bordeaux and Bilboa

f. 265r.

After selling the herring and butter the ship was prdered to Bordeaux to load wine and make for Ostend in fflanders and to dispose of it there ort to bring it to Leith for the account of M:r Stewad & Company
The deponent was interested in the outward lading and wrote to his correspondent at S:t Martins in the Isle of Rez to ask him to be of assistance to the Master if he arrived there. The ship did indeed land at St Martins and Rochell and the correspondent provided assistance.

Henry Stuart & Company

f. 265v.

The ship was taken by the Dutch or the French and her owners at Bruges were odered to claim for the loss of ship and goods

Bartholomew Delbaro de ?Veyo of Bilboa in Biscay

An honest frenchman Daniel Albert was the deponents landlord when he was at Bordeaux and is now the said Hugh Thompsons landlord was used to the shipping of wine and was often used by this respondent to protect his cargos from seizure during the wars

f. 266r.

HENRY JOSSY (his signature)

JOHES BODE de civi:XX Libera et Imperiali Bremensi in XXX
Germania superioria

The Golden Fox of Bremen
Deponent has been master of the said ship for seven years
April 1667 there were several packs of Linnen cloth and linnen yarn laden in the haven of Bremen on the Golden Fox for several merchants in the Port of London
Goods were consigned for W:m de Visscher, Thomas Morris, John Nortman, Theodore Jacobson, Francis Miller, Gasper CousXX, W:m Kiffin, Peter Cowston, ?W:m du ?Mearth, John ?Levroun, & John ?Dorvilla
Delayed departing due to adverse winds, but touched England northwards of Great Yarmouth

f. 266r.

Met a vessel the Mary of Callice, Master John ?Peshers, which surprized his ship and robbed the ship. It was frenchman of war.

Golden Fox is a vessell of under 70 tonnes with a crew of 4 men and a boy, not warlike

XXXX His signature

f. 267r.

WILKEN VOGELSANG, sailor, of the city of Bremen, aged 40

Deponent was one of the maryners on the Golden Fox, namely the Steersman

f. 267v.

JOHES HOVECOST, sailor, of the City of Bremen, aged 31

Mr John Bode & Company set sayle

f. 268r.

f. 268v.

CHRISTOFERUS JANSEN, sailor, of the City of Bremen, aged 27

Case; XXXX: Deposition: 1. Gulielmus Smith, of XXX, Sussex, Merchant, aged 40

f. 269r.


Navis the Godslive

Jabobus ?Nieth, Andreas  ?Vandenbegaens
Michael Vanderplanken, Phillipus
Cornelison et socij Proprietary Navio The
Godslive, Cryus Michael sancier est ma :r
Con Dum Edmdu Ouuner Milasem, Georguo
Carew et alios Proprusar Navis
The Royalls xr eujuo
XXXX Bierne est Mag :r

1.GUILIELMUS SMITH de Civ:te XXXXX in Com : Sussex Mercator
Atatis 40 annXX aut so XXXXX, testis product xr deponit prout sequitur


The aclate S :r Edmund Turner, George Carew Esq:r, Jonathan ffrost,
Jonathan ffrost was the principal party furnishing The Royall
Sydlesham, a town upon the sea coast of Sussex

f. 269v.

And this deponent amongst

Continuation of f. 269r.

f. 270r.


f. 270v.


f. 271r.

WILLIAM SMITH His signature

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Micheal Sancier, of Ostende, Flanders, Sailor, Master of the Godslive, aged 40

11.° Junij 1667

Sup Lebello predict examinat

2. MICHAEL SANCIER da Ostende in Comitatu Flandensi nauta
NavareXX Navis controverse The Godslive, etats 40 la XXXX
Aut circiter, Testis pducto er deponit put seq :r

Ad 1 :XX arlum libell predicta Deponit et dicit That hee only knowes y:e arlate
?Terence Bierne, Captaine of y :e Royall arlate, whome hee hath knowne XX since
Y:e tyme of y:e seizure of this Depo:ts shipp & no longer, but what his Comission
& Instruccons were this Deponent knoweth not. Et alr nescit.

Ad 2:XX arlum deponit That hee this Deponent being in his sayd
Shipp, prosecuting his intended voyage homewards towards Brugges in fflanders
Was upon y:e 14. of July last new style, upon y:e high Seas, chased, halled, and
At length forcibly & violently borded & taken by y:e sd Terence Bierne & Comp:a
& all y:e lading in y:e sd shipp y:e Godslive seized, himselfe & Company subdued and

f. 271v.


Made Prisoners, & together w:th y.e sayd Ship & goods were by y:e sd Captaine

f. 272r.


Ship of about y:e burthen arlate

f. 272v.

Ad 2:XX rendet

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Nicholasus Brookhuysen, of Bruges, Flanders, Sailor, aed 29

f. 273r.

12:° die Junij 1667

Super libello XXX

Fflanders Nauta, atatis 29:XX annXXXX XXXX


Ad 5.XX deponit

f. 274r.

Ad 15 arlum

f. 274v.

Shipps XXXX

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 4. Petrus Cassier, of Rosbrugge, Flanders, Sailor, aged 27

13 :° J ?unj 1667


4.PETRUS CASSIER de Rosbrugge in Com flandria Nauta aetatis
27 :XX annXXX, aut XXXXXX

Ad 1 :XX arlum deponit et dicit That by sad experience hee knoweth XXXX
Was about y:e tyme arlate such a ffrigatt of Warre called y:e Royall sett forth under
y.e comand of y:e arlate Terence Bierne

f. 274Ar (sic)

Ad 4:XX deponit

f. 274Av (sic)

Wonder shee had not broken her backe, but shee was soe swayed & crushed in her

f. 275r

Such seizure made by the said Bierne and Company the Master and Company of
The Godlieve were made prisoners, their shipp ransacked and plundered and
Carried from port to port from place to place at the pleasure of the
Said Bearne and company and some of y:e Godlives company were as hee saith very
Evilly treated and much abused and beaten by the said Bearne and Company
And by them restrained and confined during which time there was dammage done
To the sad shipps lading in a consierable vallue, and a good part thereof plundered
And sold or otherwise disposed by y:e said Bearne and Company at their pleasure
Et alr nescit

f. 275v.

Bearne and Company

f. 276r.

Saith this deponent heard him give order for y:e taking and carrying away the
?sallt being part of y:e shipps lading which was accordingly done. Et
Alr nescit

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 6. Phillipus Adrianson, of Bruges, Flanders, Sailor, aged 25

18:° die Junij 1667

Super Libello XXXX

6. PHILLIPUS ADRIANSON de Bruges in Com Flandria Nauta
Ubi habitavit quadrennia et ampliXX, etats 25 annXXXX aut as

Ad 1 :XX arlum libelli prodict That hee hath knowne y:e arlate Jonathan
Ffrost, Captaine Terence Byerne, & y.e arlate Shipp or ffregate the Royall
Since y:e tyme of y:e seizing of y:e Shipp in controversy called y:e Godlieve

f. 276v.

Deponit et dicit That gee this Deponent having taken especiall notice of y:e markes
In y:e margin of y:e sayd Schedula

f. 277r.


Ad Interria

Signed HIS MARK Phillipi

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 7. Mathew Starrenburg Cornelison, of Bruges, Flanders, Sailor and Ship's carpenter, aged 25

Eadem dia

Super libello pradicto examinat

Com fflandria Nauta et Carpentarius Navalio annos agens 26 aut

Ad 1:XX arlum dXX libelli deponit et dicit That such a Shipp or ffregatt as

f. 277v.

Arlate under y:e Command of y:e arlate Cap:t Bierne XXX

f. 278r.

As they were; As for y:e other ptnes arlate this Deponent knoweth them not, neither
Knoweth hee y:e pticulars of y.e Praceedings in y:e Court of Admiralty arlate, but referreth
To y:e Registry. Et alr nescit

Ad Interrogatoria

f. 278v.

Before hee was removed to London & committed to Prison

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 8. Joas Verstelle, of Ostende, Flanders, Sailor, aged 45 or 46

19:XX die Junij 1667

Super Libello pradict examinat

8. JOAS VERSTELLE Villa da Ostenda in Com Flandria nauta
Ubi habitavit XXX a Nativitate sua, ibm Xxtua , etate 45 XX 46

f. 279r.

Ad 3:XX arlum

Ad 17:XX deponit That if y:e damage done to y:e sayd Shipp y:e Godslieve in her

f. 279v.

Tackle, furniture, & lading as before is deposed, together with y:e losse of y.e
P:rsent voyage, & y:e proceed thereof, & a voyage XX two more that shall
Might have made in all this tyme

Ad Interrog:a

XXXXXXXX His signature

Repetit XXX Mills

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 9. Anthonius de Clercke, of Niewport, Flanders, Sailor, aged 46

f. 280r.

20:me die Junij 1667

Super lib XXXX

9. ANTHONIUS DE CLERCKE da Nieuport in Com Flandria Nauta, aetus
Apud Cartricka in XXX 46 XXXX

And hee also saith That y:e arlate James NXXth & Andrew VandenbogXXd, whome

f. 280v

this Deponent knoweth very well & are y:e true & reall owners of y:e sd
Shippy:e Godslieve


Ad 16:XX et 17:XX arles deponit et dicit That for y:e reasons before expressed

f. 281r.

Hee verily beleeveth in his Conscience that y:e sume of 100:li arlate is not sufficient
To repayre y:e damages susteyned in her Hull tackle & ffurniture before deposed of
Neither y.e summe of 600:li arlate sufficient to make y:e Owners arlate amends for
Their great damage susteyned by y.e losses of their goods & of this p:rsent voyage , & a voiage
Or two more w:ch shee might have made in this tyme, by y:e wages & dyett of
y:e Seamen so long together, & y:e Costs of those XX in y:e Admiralty, besides
y:e Clothes of y:e mariners & Passengers. Et alr nescit

Ad Interrogatoria


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 1. Johannes Carsten, of Stockholme, Sweden, Merchant, aged 26

f. 281v.
18 :° die July 1667

The North Pole

1. JOHANNES CARSTEN da Civita Stockholme
In Regno Sweide Mercator etatis
26 aut circeter annorn, Testis XXXX
Deponit XXXXX

Ad primua arlum Allegacono prdict deponit et dicit That hee
This Deponent is y:e sonne of the same Hance Carsten in the Arles menconned and hath
Known y:e arlates John & Arnold Vanderhagen ever since hee this Dep:t
Can remember, Viz:t for about 20. yeares last past, & well knoweth
Them to have beene free Burgers, Cittizens, & Inhabitants of y.e sayd
Citty of Stockholme y:e metropolis of Sweden, for all y:e sayd tyme
& (as hee hath heard & beleeveth) for many yeares longer, and saith
That they are Merchants of good Accompt, & Subjects of y.e King of
Sweden; and for this Depo:ts owne pt hee was borne in Stockholme
Aforesayd, & hath lived there all his tyme (travayles factories & voyages excepted)
And his Father is yett living in Stockholme where hee hath beane
Settled theise 60. Yeares last past. And hee saith that about two
Yeares since hee this Deponent being a bachelor was sent to Amsterdam to reside there
Some tyme, as a Merchant Stranger, & a Factor for y:e arlate John
& Arnold Vanderhagen & Hans Carsten this Depo:ts sayd Father, and in
Y:e tyme of such his Residence there receaved advise & direction from his
Sd employers to buy a Shippe there for them, and also recvd from them a letter of
Creditt from y.e Swedes Factory at Stockholme directed to Derick Duypent
y.e Director of y:e Swedish Factory in Amsterdam, to supply him this
Depo:t w:th such monyes as should suffice as well for y:e price of the
Sayd Shipp & fitting & setting her forth to Sea, as also to furnish
Her w:th a Stocke for y:e buying & shipping of a cargoe of Deale
Boards, Woods, % tymber to be laden in y:e sayd Shipp in Norway, &
Thence to be transported for England: The p:rmisses hee knoweth for y:e reasons imployed
All along in his deposicon beforegoing. Et alr nescit deponere

Ad 2:XX et 3:XX arles Allegacoins deponit et dicit That hee this
Depo :t in pirsuance of y:e sayd advise orders & direcions did in or about the
Last day of November 1666. Buy a XXXX Shipp at Amsterdam

f. 282r.

for y:e Accompt of y:e sayd John & Arnold Vanderhagen & Company, w:ch shipp
was then & formerly called The Queene Christina & have beene mostly
employed in the Swedish trade, & is now called y:e North Pole as is arlate
and this deponent payd unto y:e then Owners of her or their Assignes
the full Suma of Tenn Thousand Guldens fflemish money, for y:e
Shipp, tackle & furniture, out of such moneys hee had receaved
of & from y:e arlate Derick DuXXXt Director of y.e Swedish ffactorie as

f. 284r.

Ad Interrogatoria

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Petrus Carelson, Bahuyse, near Gottenburg, Sweden, Sailor, aged 40

f. 285r.

2. PETRUS CARELSON in Bahuyse juxta Civ:tem Gottenburgen
XXXXX Nauta, annos agens 40

f. 285v.

Further orders at their arrivall in y:e Sundt

f. 286r.


Ad Interrog:a


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Joas ?Everson, of St Mary Matsellon, alias Whitechapell, Middlesex, merchant, aged 40

f. 286v.

JOAS ?EVERSEN paroa S:ta Maria Matsellon als Whitechappell
In Com Midd Mercator natus infra Libertatem Jurris London
Annos agens 40

f. 287r

The aclate John Castens advised this deponent by letter in January last past that he had sent a ship from Amsterdam to Norway to lade deales for the accounts of the aclates John and Arnold Vanderhagen merchants and inhabitants of Stockholme and therwith to come to London consigned to this deponent and partner and to be sold by them for the account and benefit of John adn Arnold Vanderhagen. For the security of the ship against scottish privateers this deponent procured a pass from the Duke of York and caused the ship to be registered in Scotland. The ship was also registred with the Duke of York’s Commissioners for Prizes. But this deponent never sent the pass upon the ship the Northpole for fear that if surprized by Dutch or French ships they would discover that she were bound for London and take her prize. Afterwards the aclate John Carstens advised this deponent and his partner that the shipper ?Mello ?Mellos in Norway had died of the small pox after the lading of the ship, and that the steersman and the rest of the company had brought the ship into the Texell rather than to London. John Carstens had presently sent a letter to the Swedish envoy at the Hague asking for his advice, the master Mello Mellos being dead. The Swedish envoy had advised him to put another Swedish shipper in the place of the deceased. Thereupon John Carstens had constituted Peter Carelson, a burger and dweller of BaXXXin Sweden, master of the ship. John Carstens orderd the new master to put into any English port he could, but if the ship were in manifest danger of capture by the French Dutch, he should put into the port of Rochell in France. John Carstens is amerchant stranger, resident at Amsterdam.

f. 287v.

Shoreditch in Com Midd Mercator annos agens 41

The S:t Nicholas
The aclate Joseph Jurado, with whom the deponent often conversed on the Exchange in London, was known to be the Captain Master & Commander of the said ship

f. 288r.

Jurado asked the deponent that he might speak to Alderman Gregorie to reach an end to this suit. His desire was seconded by one Georga Rodrigo ffrancia "a jewe of this depo:ts acquiantance"

When the ship was at Mallaga, the Alderman’s son had taken freight at Malaga of the aclate goods and ship, but Joseph Jurado had refused to take the goods, despite their agreement

Pedro Ballesteros, an eminent Notary at Mallaga had signed the agreement[5]

The deponent had lately requested the producent to take Mallaga wine in the Neptune of Hamborough
Wines and raisins suffered damage by being left at Mallaga

f. 288v.

The deponent is a bachelor, a resident of Morefield for 6 years, and was sometimes a resident at Bristoll and sometimes at London

HUM DUNSTER (His signature)

1. THOMAS GREGORIE Para BLANK in Lymestreet London
Mercator annos agens 30

Aclaet John DrapXXX was the master’s mate or Pilott of the S:t Nicholas

f. 289r.

The aclate John Gregory the younger was also in Mallaga

The deponent was resident in mallaga at the time of the events

Deponent refers to a transcript of the proceedings in the Spanish tongue attested to by Pedros Ballesteros

f. 289v.

The deponent is brother to Mr Gregory the elder, and uncle to Mr Gregory the younger

THOMAS GREGORIE (His signature)

Octobris 1667

2. GEORGIUS MOORE parro: XXX S:t Catherine Coleman London Wine
Cooper, annos agens 56

In September last past this deponent, being the wine cooper of the producent Alderman Gregory, was present and assisting at the landing pf 40 butts of Mallaga wines at Gally Key in London

f. 290r.

He tasted the butts there and then and found several to be very decayed, scarcely worth selling, and several others much impaired, and all the rest to some extent damnified & deteriorated. They might originally have been sold for 27 or 28:li p butt, but were now not worth half that amount

Richard Emms

GEORGE MOORE (His signature)

3. RICHARDUS EMMS Parro:XX St Catherine Coleman in Fanchurchstreete London winecooper aetatis 54

He went with his XXX George Moore to a cellar or two at Gally-Key London to taste Mallaga wines, which had been left behind at Mallaga , and which should have come to London four months sooner.

f. 290v.

He hath lived by his trade in Fanchurchstreete for 4 or 5 years, and before that in Leadenhall

RICH EMS (His signature)

4. WILLMUS BELLAMY par S:t Martin Outw:ch Cit London Mercator
Annos agens 35

In April last past the deponent received from the aclate a number of butts of wine and raisins in the St Nicholas and got good prices; when Mallaga wines and raisins next came to London, in September last, the prices achieved were poorer

W:M BELLAMY (His signature)

f. 291r.

Rob:t Walker

1. LAWRENTIUS CRUITSEN de Larwick in Norwegia Nauta annos agens

Known the aclate Caleb ?Veron and Robert Walker for the last sixteene years to have been and to bee "woodmerchants" "and to have driven a trade and commerce from this port of London to the parts of Norway, and to be Englishmen, and subiects of his Mejesty of England"

Isaack Lawson, a burger and merchant of Longsound in Norway was the whole owner of the ship the Norway merchant aclate, which was built in the river of ?east Resoy in Norway
Before the war aclate the ship the Norway Merchant used to bring deales and Timber for Veron and Walker
This deponent was Master of the ship the Sophy employed by several English merchants to bring deales and timber to the port of London and came 5 or 6 times in the company of the Norway Merchant from Norway when the Norway Merchant came laden with deales and timber for Veron and Walker

Bartell Berrison, shipper of the Angell Gabriell of Larwick, Norway, in August 1666, delivered to Isaac Lawson a pass for the Norway merchant to come to London, Christopher Mortenson master. Bartell Ber(r)isson is well known to this deponent, being his neighbour dwelling in Larwick.
This deponent understand the English tongue, in which the pass was written

f. 291v.

Lawson received the pass late in the year 1666, and it being winter, waited till April 1667, when he ordered Christopher Mortenson to caulke the ship the Norway Merchant, but not to heat the pitch aboard the ship. Mortenson ignored him and fired the ship and y:e cabin and Cooks roomes were burnt , so that she was not repaired and fitted out until August 1667. Mortenson was thrown out as captain and replaced by Hance Symensenswell as master, also knwon to this deponent
The ship was laded with deales and timber at Longsound and came out of Longsound on August 27th 1667, but on August 29th 1667 was taken by a Scottish privateer and carried into Leith in Scotland. This deponent beleeves that the pass sent from England was aboard the ship and came into the hands of the privateers. He had also seen in Lawsons counting house letters from Veren and Walker undertaking to secure the said Lawson of his shipp tackle and furniture

f. 292r.

2. JACOBUS PETERSON, de Larwick in Norwegia,
XXXannos agens 42

Has known Veren and Walker for last four years and knoweth them to be wood merchants “and to have been very great traders to Norway from this port of London”

Isaack Lawson living at Browick in Longsound

The Norway Merchant should have come in the company of this deponent and eight other ships from Norway to the port of London, but for the delay caused by the caulking fire

JACOB PETERSON (His signature)

3. OULA OULSON de Larwick in Norwegia Mercator, annos
Agens 31

Hath well known veren and Walker for five years

f. 292v.

Before the late war between the King of England and the King of Denmarke the Norway Merchant used to bring deales and timber to London
After the beginning of the war the Norway Merchant was laid up and traffiqued not

f. 293 r.

Lawson replaced the captain and laded the ship with deales timber and rafts
In times of peace the ship had for several years been freighted ONLY for Veren and Walker

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 4. Oula Michaelson, of Larwick, Norway, sailor, aged 40

f. 293v.

4. OULA MICHAELSON, de Larwick in Norwegia Nauta annos agens 40


Case: XXXX: Deposition: 5. Bartel Berickson. of Larwick, Norway, sailor

24 :° Octobris 1667

5. BARTEL BERRICKSON de Larwick in Norwegia Nauta
Master of the Angell Gabriell

Has known Caleb Veron for thirty years and Robert Walker for twelve or fourteen years

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 6. Bow Bartelson, of Larwicj, Norway, aged 47

f. 294r.

6. BOW BARTELSON de Larwick in Norwegia, annos agens 47
Veren and Walker wood merchants and “considerable traders in Commodetyes of y:e Growth of Norway”

f. 294v

December last past this deponent went as steersman with his father to deliver deales and timber to M.r Rich. Merchant of London

The aclate captain Groodt took the Norway Merchant

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Willimus Tibbs & Margareta Tibbs, of XXXX

f. 295r.


Case: XXXX: Deposition: Richardus utchins, of St Maria Matsellon alias Whitechapell, ships chandler, aged 21

RICHARDUS HUTCHINS of S:ta Maria Matsellon als Whitechappell shipp chandler natas in Tower Streete in paroa Barking annos agens 21

The aclate Roger Smith
The aclate John Warren

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Isaac Legay, of London, merchant, aged 40

f. 311r.

3:rd Feb 1667 (68)

ISAAC LEGAY of the citie of London merchant aged 40

He and John Jurin freighted about one year past the Castle of Stockholme to go to the Island of Barbadoes "an English plantation"

Case: XXXX: Deposition: John Jurin, of London, merchant, aged 37

JOHN JURIN of London merchant, aged 37 yeares or therabouts

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Peter Legay, of London, merchant, aged 25

f. 311v.

PETER LEGAY, of London, merchant, aged 25

On September 18th last past this deponent came from the island of Barbadoes, and which time he left the Castle of Stockholm was rising in Barbadoes having taken in sugar and cotton wool and was ready to depart

This deponents father Mr Jacob Legay

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Robertus Marshall, of Dantzick, in Polandia, born in Dundee, Scotland, aged 36

f. 331v.

ROBERTUS MARSHALL de Dantzick in Polandia XX natus in Dundee in
Scotia, annos agens 36 XXX

Case: XXXX: Deposition: John Pollexfen, of London, merchant, aged 30

f. 335r

JOHN POLLEXFEN of London merchant aged 30

Used to live at Lisbon

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Abraham Jacob, of London, merchant, late of Lisbone, Portugal, aged 37

f. 335v

ABRAHAM JACOB[6] of London merchant late
living at Lisbone Portugall, borne at Dover in the Com
of Kent, aged 37 yeares or thereabouts

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Jacomo di Giudico, of Venice, Merchant, aged 50

f. 457r.

JACOMO DI GIUDICO de Venetia Mercator, natus in Venetia
Atatis 50 annorn

Has known three named men, all inhabitants and subjects of the Republis of Genoa

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 2. Benjamin Skutt, of parish of Great St Helens, merchant, aged 37

f. 501r.

2. BENJAMIN SKUTT paroa S:ta Helena magna Mercatoris, aetatis 37

Knows the aclate Lewis Morris, and got to know him by trading to Barbadoes, where Lewis Morris is a planter. The said Morris lodged in London for six months in 1651 and the deponent met him many times on the Exchange. Morris left for Barbadoes in 1652. This deponent came from thence (the Barbadoes) in 1655, leaving Morris there dwelling "in much credit and repute"

(Lewis Morris was originally at Plymouth in 1650)

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Serjeant Major James Banister, late Governor of Surynam, Guina, aged 42

f. 533r.

The first of ffebruary 1668

Touching the violation of the Articles)
Of Surynam by the Dutch)

SERJEANT MAJOR JAMES BANISTER,[7] late Governor of the Colony of Surynam
Upon the continent of Guiana in America, aged fourtie two

f. 533v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: Nathaniel Adcock, of Surynam in Guiana

f. 534r.

Secundo ffebruary 1668

NATHANIEL ADCOCK de Surynam in Guiana in America

Lived on Major Bannisters plantation in Surynam for several years

The inhabitants of the colony were visited with a great sickness before and after the visit of a Dutch squadron and at the time of their surrender

f. 534v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 3. Willia, Newham, now of London, merchant, aged 38

f. 535r.

The second of ffebruary 1668/9

3. WILLIAM NEWHAM now of London Merchant, aged 38 yeares or thereabouts

On or about the 20:th ffebruary 1666/67 he was resident on Major Kingslands plantation in the Colony of Surynam in Guiana

Lieutenant Generall Byam was Governor of the Colony

Byam surrendered the colony to Admirall Abraham Cryusson the commander of a squadron of ships of the States of Zealand

At the time the inhabitants of the colony were very sickly and ill furnished with ammunition, but were sufficiently able to have kept and defended the colony against the Dutch, but the colonists, fearing the arrival of a ffrench force, rather submitted to the Dutch

f. 535v.

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 4. Richard Shepard, late of Surynam, planter, now of Winchester Street, London, aged 28

f. 536r.

4. RICHARD SHEPARD late of Surynam Planter, now dwelling with his
ffather Francis Shephard scrivener in Winchester Street London, aged twenty eight yeares

On 20th feb 1666/67 he was dwelling in the colony of Surynam, and had done so for five years

The colony was delivered to the dutch upon articles agreed between Byam and Cryusson

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 5. Thomas Garrot, late of Surynam, planter, now of Southwark, aged 30

f. 536v.

5. THOMAS GARROT late of Surynam Planter
Now living in Southwarke, aged 30

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 6. William Colman, late of Surynam, now of St Georges parish, Southwark, shoemaker, aged 26

f. 537r.

6 WILLIAM COLMAN late of Surynam but now living in the parish of St George in Southwark shoemaker, aged 26

Case: XXXX: Deposition: 7. George Angelll, late Surynam planter, now of St Georges parish, Southwark, aged 25

7. GEORGE ANGELL late of Surynam Planter, now living in St Georges parish Southwark, aged 25 yeares


Possible primary sources

Possible secondary sources

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