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HCA 15/6 Box One 1654-1657

HCA 15 High Court of Admiralty: Instance and Prize Courts: Early Instance and Prize Papers 1586-1778

Physical description

HCA 15/6 2 boxes


Cardboard box, ca. 12 in x 8 in x 3 in
Contains folded paper documents, without ties or other bundling techniques, though the documents are in loose bundles
On inspection it appears that the papers are in jumbled date order and that the "bundles" are illusory

Types of document sampled (not all transcribed below)

  • Bills of lading
  • Bond (for appearance at the High Court of Admiralty)
  • Charterparty (Dated November 7th 1654; First party were John Paige and Richard Ely of Plymouth merchants partowners of the Golden Cocke of Plymouth, or the burthen of eighty five tonnes; Richard Chappell Master; ship lying in the River of Thames; Other party to the charterparty were Thomas Canham, John Paige and Maurice Thompson of London Merchants; to go to such places within and without the Streights from the Port of London, starting at Gravesend; mentions the house of Thomas Canham , scituate in Lombardstreete London; signed Thomas Canham, Maurice Thomson (sic) John Paieg (their original signatures, but seals removed)
  • Petition (against nuisance)
  • Petition complaining of loss to Spaniards, requesting letters of marque, with annotation granting such letters
  • Petition (regarding mariners' wages which had been ordered by the HCA to be paid)
  • Petition (for payment of mariners' wages, which master had refused to pay following the suprisal of their ship on return from Argier, off Scicily)
  • Ship's inventory

Sample transcriptions

I sampled several of the bundles to determine the type of records contained in this box. They appear to be papers which are mentioned in other volumes as annexed.

Case: Keate against XXXwick: Item: Bills of lading (printed): Date: July 4th 1654

Four bills of lading
Each bill of lading a standard printed paper form, with blanks filled out in handwritten black ink and signed
List Shippers (names and where located, e.g. "X, merchants, of Aleppo"; Master; Ship; Goods (specified items; quantities); Destination; Freighting terms; Primage & average; Marking in margin and numbers in margin; Dated; Signed

Item: Petition of ?ThomaXXX Sageman to the Judges of the Admiraltie: Date: March 24:th 1657

Item: Inventory of the ship the Gilbert now in the River of Thames: Date: November 11:th 1657

One sheet of paper, folded in half and folded again
Main writing on front side; blank in middle; label on back

//A perfect Inventory of what things belong to
the Shippe Gilbert now in the River
of Thames.

IMPRIMIS Masted fore and afte the small mast excepted, the
Shrowds and all the standing Rigging are abord the Ship, One
best bower Anchor One small bower Anchor. One sheete Anchor
One ?kedge Anchor One Warpe Anchor one shete cable one
best bower cable and an old XXXX for a small bower
Cable, two ?halsers one Missen and one Missen top Sayle one
main top gallant Sayle two mayn sayles two foresailes two
maintopsailes two fore topsailes One foretopgallant Saile
One Sprizz Saile one Spritsaile topSaile, running rigging
sufficient to bring the Ship to London; blocks of all Sorts
Sufficient for a ships voyage twenty sixe peices of Ordnance w:th
their Carriages Tenne barrells of powder part of a barrell
neere about a barrell of powder which was drawne out of the?s
Gunnes, ffoure hundred thirty nine ?round shott sixty baggs filled
[IN LH MARGIN: by y:e Gunnes ?report] with ffoXXs nailes and ?burre shott, forty nine Cases a barrell
with match in it, One ?bouch barrell ?Seaven formers twenty one
Musketts three Carbines One blunderbus fourteene halfe pikes
Sixe quarter pikes thirteene Swords Eleaven Javelins six ?lanthornes
One Poupe lanthorne, a parceill of muskett shott in a small Caske
Twenty five ?Collors of ?Bandilerees twenty seaven rope syXXXXyes twelve
BritXXXXX one Iron rod two ladles ffifteene handspikes Seaventeene
Crowes of iron two leather ?busketts twelve ?taglehookes twenty sixe
Ayrons Seaven brasse ladles fowerteene staffe sXXXges Seaven
Wormes Sixe ?horses fforty sixe Gunners takles, the Carpenters
?Stose contayning cetaine ?Bolls Spikes Chains plates and other old &
new Iron the quantity I knowe not In the Cooke house One kettle
One Iron pott two furnaces a frying pan and a dripping pan a spitt
some woodden platters, Xapps & Spoones. two XXX tubbs, certaine
butts & hogshead some aboard and some M.r Messinger one of the
Owners hath att his house: In the great cabbin one great drawing
table fower leather Chaires one Cubbord. In the round house a drawing
table some old wastX lXXXhes & pendant One XXXX lead & line, one
Bell ffive Compasses One watch glasse ffower halfe hower glasses
two Minute glasses a long boate with sixe Oares ?Pumpe boxes
pimpe brakes with some planks and other lumber about the shippe
three ?Can ?bo?xes.//


//In:ry of the Gilbert
provisions brought
in by ?Croford ii
Nov: 1657//

Item: Bond George Walters, of the Middle Temple, London Esq:r and Thomas Walker of Camberwell, Surrey: Date: March 2nd 1656 (57)

One sheet of paper, folded and folded a second time
Unfolded ca. 12 in x 6 in
Written on front side; labelled on back side; blank in centre

Front side of paper

//Know All men of These Presents That XXX George
Walters of The Middle Temple London Esq:r. And Thomas
Walker of Camberwell In the Countie of Surreÿ Esq:r
Are held & firmly bound unto his highnesse The Lord
Protecto:r of The Common Wealth of England Scotland
& Ireland & The dominions Thereunto belonging In y:t
Summe of Sixe Thousand Pounds of Lawfull mony of
England, To w:ch payment well & Truely To be made
& done w:ch ?bindes & Either of us o:r heires Execto:rs. &
Administrato:rs. firmly by Theise presents sealed w:th A
Seale & XXXXX the
Second day of march In y:e year of o.r Lord 1656

The Condition of This Obligacon is such That If the
Above bounden George Walters shall be and Appeare before
The Lord Protector of The Commonwealth of England x:r
the Judges of the high Court of Admyralty of England
At the Commons hall wthin y:e Doctors Commons Scituate in
The parish of Sainct Benedict neare Pauls Wharfe London
The Tenth day After the date hereof if it be Court day
or Else The next Court followinge At The usuall houres
for hearinge of Causes, To Answer unto Thomas Skinner
in A Cause Civill & Marine, And shall not departe from
-thence, without Leave, And Licence of the Court That
Then this obligacon to be void & of non Effect
Otherwayes to stand in full force power & vertue-

Signed Sealed & delivered
in y:e presence of

GEORGE CUR?Ixx [BOTTOM LH SIDE: His signature & red wax seal]
BXXY XXXXXX [BOTTOM LH SIDE: His signature & red wax seal]

GEORGE WALTERS [BOTTOM RH SIDE: His signature & red wax seal]

THO: WALKER [BOTTOM RH SIDE: His signature & red wax seal]

back side of paper

//?OX:° Walters to

Item: Petition of divers watermen plyeing at S:t Katherines Staires and other the Inhabitants there bordering upon the River of Thames: Date: XXXX

One sheet of high quality paper, folded once, then again
Unfolded ca. 12 in x 8in
Written on one side; labelled on back

Front of the petition

//To the Right Hon:ble the Judges of the High Courte of Adm:lie

The humble Remonstrance of diveres watermen plyeing at S:t Katherines' staires and other the Inhabitants there
bordering uppon the River of Thames whose names are hereunto subscribed


That whereas divers ?Billeneeres for the space of 12: yeares and upwards have made it theire usuall practice to lay theire hoyes and
vessells betweene the said Staires and S:t Katherines' Docke. the same is a very great annoyance and prejudice not onely to the water
men there plying who formerly had a faire and sandey ground very commodious for theire Imployment But now by reason of
the Continuall rideing Stayeing and abideing of those vessells sometimes Thirty togeather betweene the said staires and dock
neere the Shoreside the ground is there suncke and filled w:th mudd soyle and slime in divers places thereof about kneedeepe. But alsoe to
the Inhabitants there whohaveing wharffes abd parte of theire habitations bordering uppon the River of Thames are often times destroyed
and pulled downe thereby without any satisfaction given, but onely reproachfull speeches. And that the said ?Billenders[1] keeping ffire in
theire said vessells night and day if any mischance by ffire should happen in theire vessells rideing soe neere the shoare (as God forbidd)
the same may tend to the utter ruineing of the said Premisses. And likewise that it is theire constant custome especially on the Lords dayes
either to pforme bodily worke or to follow vaine sports and exercizes both to the greate dishonnour of God the scandall of true Religion
the evill example of others and a very greate discreditt and disquittment to the saud precincte

NOW, SOE IT MAY PLEASE yo:r hon:rs this Custome of theirs was not so formerly permitted but since habitaion of
one ?Jenkin Ellis cordwainer within the same precincte who regarding more his private gaines and profitts then the
Advancement of the publique good hath pmitted them to have free Ingress ?tgress and regress unto and from aboard theire said vessells
in by and through the wharffe ?entrie and shopp of the said Jenkin Ellis who for the same Libertie XXXXX in his owne purse
for ?each such vessell there lyeing at the least 2:s p weeke-

Y:e petitioners therefore most humbly pray that yo:r Hon:rs will be graciously pleased to take the
premisses into Consideration and therein to actt and doe for a speedie Reformation thereof
as in yo:r hon:rs greate wisdome shall seeme meete.-

And they shall remayne

28 signatures

DANIELL ROSSWELL [His signature]
NICHOLAS COX [His signature]
ROBART EACH [His mark]
JOHN ?HINCH. [His signature]
THOMAS BAKER [His signature]
THO: HICKS [His mark]
JOHN EDEN [His mark]
?SHEAUN BUTCHER [His signature]
WILLIAM RAI?SES [His signature]
STEPHEN YOUNG [His signature]

JAMES XXX XXXXX [His signature]
DANIEL GATES [His signature]
GILES [His mark]
WILLIAM xNTLE [His signature]
PETER LANGLEY [His signature]

BEN: SALxxWEx [His signature]
JOHN MINGS [His signature]
HENRY BENN [His signature]

On back of the petition

//Petition of the
Inhabitants of
S:t Katherines
ag:t Jenkins Ellis

(At right angles in another part of the back of the petition)

S:t Katherines petition

M:° ag:t Ellis
to answ: such
th: as sh: bee as
ag:t him at ?pro
motion of Roswell
and Nich Cox

?renosat ret ?Mercury


Jenkin Ellis

- "The most important contractor for shoes in the New Model Army was Jenkin Ellis....They (he and various partners) provided 19,500 of the 32,000 pairs of shoes purchased in the first year of the New Model Army's existence. They were not new to army contracting, Jenkin Ellis and one of his regular partners, John Mings, supplied shoes for Sir William Waller's Army. Ellis and his partners also provided shoes for Parliament's Scottish allies in 1664.

Jenkin Ellis and John Mings were both members of the livery of the Cordwariners' Company when the war started...and Ellis became one of the company's wardens in 1647." (Ben Coates, The Impact of the English Civil War on the Economy of London, 1642-50 (Aldershott, 2004), pp. 102-103)

- "Nov. 16, 107. Petition of Jenkin Ellis, cordwainer, to the Council of
State, for a license to transport to Dunkirk or Mardike 3,000 pairs
of shoes made for the soldiery, and most of them lately bespoken
by Sir Thos. Pride. Has served the State with shoes for many
years. With note of order, [2/3 page.}"
(Mary Anee Eveerett Green (ed.)CSPD,1658-9 (London, 1885), p. 183),, viewed 19/02/13

- PROB 11/305/362 Will of Jenkin Ellis, Cordwainer of Saint Katherine London 21 September 1661

Item: The Accompts of the Shipp Undertaker to the 24:th of ffebruary 1656: Date: Exhibited by M:r Smith June 2nd 1657

Paper book of accounts in reasonable condition
Kept and signed by Richard Parke, master of the shipp the Undertaker
The book of accounts was exhibited by M:r Smith on the behalfe of Richard Parke

Structure of the book of accounts:

  • Front page
  • Inside front page (verso) (blank)
  • Facing page (recto): Folio One: Moneyes disbursed by Richard Parke at Yarmouth & the Straights on behalf of the Undertaker's owners, November 1655
  • Next page (verso): Folio Two: Moneyes disbursed at ?Longhorne, febbruary 24th 1655
  • Facing page (recto): Folio Three: Moneyes disbursed at Genova, Aprill 1656
  • Next page (verso): Folio Four: Moneyes disbursed at Newhaven, August 22:th 1656
  • Facing page (recto); Folio Five: Moneyes disbursed at Deale, September 6:th 1656; + Moneyes disbursed at Memblick, November 1656
  • Next page (verso): Folio Six: Moneyes disbursed at Memblick
  • Facing page (recto): Folio Seven: Moneyes disbursed at Newcastle, December 1656 + Moneyes disbursed at Starborrow, January 1656
  • Next page (verso): Folio 8: Moneyes disbursed at Deale, ffebruary 1656
  • Facing page (recto): Blank
  • Next page (verso + recto): Folio Ten: "Ann Accompt Currant of the Shuipp Undertaker whereof the Owner is Debitor (with Creditor on recto)
  • Next page (verso): "An Accompt of moneyes due from M:r James Lebas to Richard Parke being disbursed by Richard Parke upon the Barbadoes voiage of the said James Lebas
  • Remaining pages: Blank

Case: Jones & others XXX marriners of the Constant Ruth against Holworthy and others: Item: A copy of an Account delivered by M:r Williams executors February 24:th 1654

Paper, poor quality, 26 folios (thoughh unfoliated)
Highly informative on a Guiney trading trip, with both outward cargo and slave cargo recorded

Structure of the book of accounts:

  • Front page (f. 1 recto) - blank
  • Inside front page (f. 1 verso) - blank
  • Facing page (f. 2 recto) - Folio One: "

March y:e 26: 1652 A noate of what cargoe I received for a voyage to Guinea in the bite to buy Negros"[2]

  • Next page (f. 2 verso): Folio Two:

Lists 27 chests of Copper barrs w:th their numbers

  • Facing page (f. 3 recto): Folio Three:

Further details of goods and moneyes received

  • Next page (f. 3 verso); Folio 4

"August 1652 Disposing of the tunn of Iron Containing: 61: barrs"

"The disposing of y:e ten peeces of Callicoe."

  • Facing page (f. 4 recto): Folio Five:

"August 1652 A Noate of w:t my fourty five hodgsheads of Corne Cost at Buttree"

A note includes

"Given to the: Cheife of y:e?sweads for y:e use of
his house."

"August 26 A noate of what it Cost me to Wood & watter at Anto:"

"Att Cormanteene.

15 pounds of powder given for men
to goe to gett me tow women slaves
2 dozen of knifes given to the blakes (sic)
that brought my things from the

  • Next page (f. 4 verso): Folio Six:

"Sep:t y:e 2 day Bought: 6 slaves at Cormanteene w:ch Cost: 6:
?bendys of gould w:ch is 38:li: 08:s 00

Oxnod a Chest
of barrs ; No:101 Bought one man slave at Cormanteene 50 (barrs) 00 (Monies)


15:th this dayI anchored athwart of Calybarrs &

sent my boat in to ?sound y:e barr & to see ?whoe
ther I could gett slaves theire & y:e 17:th day
at night she came aboard againe & brought
me word y:t I could not have men slaves
under 40 barrs nor women under 35:
My people spent uppon the Cally barrs & their
owne Charges there 00 (barrs 90 (monies)

18:th This day I waighed & set saile for the

?riner of ?Denis.

19:th this day I got into y:e ?riner of ?Denis (OR; Domis) & gave

y:e men of y:e same abord in pcees to drincke 00 (barrs) 15 (monie)

20:th this day the king came a board & I paid

him his custome in ?monelos 00 (barrs) 360 (monie)

given to a man to give notis to the Contey
to bring in their slaves 00 (barrs) 015 (monie)

and given his men to drincke 00 (barrs) 10 (monelos)

Bought tow hodgs 00 (barrs) 40 (monie)

Agred for my slaves to give 30 barrs for a
man & :25: for a woman & tow pay tow ?monelo:
for every slave I bought to the king & tow
monelos for every slave to the men that
brought them to drincke 50 (barrs) 53 (monelos)

  • Facing page (f. 5 recto): Folio Seven:

"Sept:r 1652. laying out of Copper barrs monelos for slaves & other
things at Donio

22:th paid for yames & ffish & an antilope 10 (barrs) 19 (monelos)
22:th bought one woman slave w:th custome 00 (barrs) 104:1 (monelos)
22:th paid for one man slave 00 (barrs) 025 (monilos)
22:th paid for watter this day at 2 monelos p hhd 05 (barrs) 104:2 (monelos)

23:th paid for 2 woman slaves 00 (barrs) 011:0 (monilos)
23:th paid for 2 hodgs 10 (barrs) 128:4 (monilos)

Oxenod Caske of monelos no. 3: 650 [IN LH MARGIN]

24:th for one man & one woman slave
24:th for 2 women w:th custome
24:th for 1 man & 1 woman
24:th for 1 woman
24:th for 1 man
24:th for one sheepe
24:th for yames
24:th given to theis w:ch helped me to y:e Ilands to drincke
24:th for plantins & given a way 8 knives entred in to folio 10:
24:th fpor 4 Clouts: 5: knifes entred into folo: 10:

25:th for: 16 Clouts & ?180 tobacco pipes for slaves
25:th for: 1 man slave
25:th for: 1 man slave
25:th for: 1 man
25:th for: 1 woman slave
25:th for: 1 woman slave
25:th for: 1 woman slave
25:th for: 1 woman slave
25:th for: 1 man slave
25:th paid Custome for eight slaves
25:th given to y:e men y:t vbrought theis slaves
25:th for yames this day
25:th for 1 woman slave one Iron barr
25:th for 7 hhd of watter
25:th for plantins: 6: knifes entred in folo: 18

  • Next page (f. 5 verso): ffolio Eight


  • Facing page: (f. 6 recto): ffolio Nine


Including: "for a boy of 14 yeeres of age"

  • Next page (f. 6 verso): ffolio 10


  • Facing page (f. 7 recto): ffolio Eleven:


  • Next page (f. 7 verso)

October 8th 1652


  • Facing page (f. 8 recto): ffolio 17


Also ffolios 18 and 19, then

"September 1652 An account of y:e slaves deceased w:th there Numb:r

24:th this day one man died bought at Cormanteen Num:r 1

Octo:r y:e 16:th this day a woman 2
17:th tow men 4
19:th tow women 6
20:th one woman 7
21:th on woman 9
22:th one woman 9
23:th one woman 10
24:th one woman 11
25:thone woman 12
26:th one man 13
28:th one woman 14
29:th one woman 15
30:th a woman 16
31:th tow men & one woman 19

Nov: y:e first a woman
second a man
4:th tow women & tow man
5:th one woman
6:thone woman


The Constant Ruth (1652)

See Item: Book of account of the Constant Ruth: Date: May 1652
- This is the victualling account book for the Constant Ruth, recording the purchase of victualls and trade goods prior to the departure of the Constant Ruth from the River of Thames for the Guinea Coast. It starts in May 1652 It is stored in HCA 15/6 Box Two, and thus has become separated from the slave purchase account book kept three months later. It starts in August 1652. The two documents do not appear to have been connected previously in the academic literature

  • "The Constant Ruth in 1652 lost 90 slaves out of 207; the Fortune (in the Royal Africa Company's service) 132 out of 320..."[3]

  • "In 1652, an English vessel, Constant Ruth, purchased 216 slaves in "the River [Curamo]" and sailed with them to Barbados, the first documented European shipment of slaves from the immediate vicinity of the town. European traders would not visit Lagos regularly until after the 1760s, however, and it would not become as large or important as Offra, Apa, Glehue, Jakin, and other ports farther west on the Slave Coast until even later."[4]

  • "[1653.] 1 & 28 November. Deposition by John Langley of Wapping, Middlesex, mariner, aged 34, made for plaintiff Thomas Halsey against Samuel Bursfield, garnishee of the goods of Joane Haward, relict and executrix of George Haward, that he was Master of the John & Mary which was in Barbados in April 1653 with the Constant Ruth and both were loaded by George Haward. Edward Cranedge of Limehouse, Middlesex, mariner, aged 21, deposes similarly. (MCSD 4)."[5]

Richard Holworthy

Richard Holworthy [alt. Hollworthy, Holdworthy, Holeworthy] (b.?,ca. 1630; m.? 1652 or ?1653 Mary Strode, dau. of Sir George Strode; d. ca. late 1665 or early 1666), London merchant

Philip Strode wrote his will in July 1659, describing himself as "Phillip Strode of London Merchant now resident in Aleppo." In addition to Strode family members, Phillip Strode mentioned his brother-in-law, the London merchant Richard Holworthy, who was married to his sister Mary Strode. He made Richard Holworthy his sole executor.

Richard Holworthy was a brother of the London merchant and Smirna Venture Joint Stock subscriber, Mathew Holworthy. Like Philip Strode, Richard Holworthy was involved in trade with the Levant (CHECK).

Richard Holworthy was also one of the two referees selected in March 1662/63 by William Love and his fellow litigants, when an order of reference was made for five merchants to deliberate on the King Ferdinand dispute.

Sir George Smith mentioned the death of Richard Holworthy by misadventure in a letter dated March 1665/66 to Sir George Oxenden.

Mary Strode, wife of Richard Holworthy

"Essex Strode...married...Mary Strode, dau. of Sir George Strode, knight, and widow of Richard Holworthy; bur. in St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden, London, 30 May 1676. Administration granted 7 June 1676 to her husband, Essex Strode. Will dated 14 May 1676 (P.C.C. 9 Hale) 20 January 1676/77, by her husband, Essex Strode. (see page 147)"[6]

"Essex Strode, bapt. at Shepton Mallet. co. Somerset, 7 November 1646; mentioned in his father's will 10 June 1665; living 22 May 1688; M.P. for Stockbridge, co. Hants, 15 February 1689/90 and 16 March 1684/85 (see page 47)"[7]

Holworthy link to parish of Saint De'nis Backchurch

Joseph Lemuel Chester (ed.), The reicester booke of Saynte De'nis Backchurch parishe for marriages, christenings, and burials: from 1538 (London, 1878)

"[MARRIAGE] 1652 Sep. 9 Thomas Harlackended, of Woodchurch, co. Kent, Esqr, and Mrs Elizabeth Stroude, of Clarkenwell."[8]

"[MARRIAGE] 1652/3 Feb. 16 Mr Richard Holworthy, of Aldermanbury, & Mrs Mary Stroude, of Clarkenwell"[9]
- Presumably Aldermanbury - parish of Saint Mary Aldermanbury
- Before 1858, St Mary Aldermanbury fell under the jurisdiction of the Court of the Commissary of the Bishop of London.
SEE: Family Search article: St Mary Aldermanbury
SEE: Hearth Tax City of London 1666: St Mary Aldermanbury

Possible primary sources

Richard Holworthy (part owner of the Constant Ruth)


C 6/146/120 Short title: Micoe v Holworthy. Plaintiffs: Edward Micoe . Defendants: Richard Holworthy . Subject: money matters, Middlesex. Document type: bill, answer. 1659

PROB 11/303 XXXXWill of Phillipp Strode, Merchant of Aleppo 20 March 1661

Possible secondary sources


(1) POSSIBLE MATCHED RECORD: IGI Individual record: Richard Hollworthy, birth: abt. 1630. SPOUSE: Mary Strode Marriage: 16 FEB 1652 St Dionis, London Saint Dionis Backchurch, London

(2) POSSIBLE MATCHED RECORD: IGI Individual record: Mary Strode BIRTH: 08 OCT 1632, London

(3) POSSIBLE MATCHED RECORD: IGI Individual record: Mary Strode, birth 8 Oct 1632, London; chr. 16 Oct 1632, All Hallows Ch., London; Burial 1676; FATHER: George Strode MOTHER: Rebecca Crispe MARRIAGE 1: Essex Strode (sic), aft 1659, of London MARRIAGE 2: Richard Holworthy, 16 Feb 1652

(4) POSSIBLE RELATED RECORD: George Strode, birth abt. 1583, of Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire; death: 1663, ? London Marr. Rebecca Crispe, 11 Feb 1615, All Hallows Church, London, Middlesex; Burial: 2 June 1663, St James Church, Clerkenwell, Middlesex

(5) POSSIBLE RELATED RECORD: Rebecca Crispe, birth 1597, All Hallows Chur, London, Middlesex; chr. 17 Jul 1597, All Hallows Chur, London, Middlesex FATHER: Nicholas Crispe MOTHER: Rebecca Pake; SPOUSE: George Strode, marr. 11 Feb 1615, All Hallows Church, London, Middlesex

(6) POSSIBLE MATCHED RECORD: IGI Individual record: Mathew Hollworthy, christ. 03 May 1659 Saint Olave Hart Street, London FATHER: Richard Holworthy MOTHER: Marie

(7) POSSIBLE MATCHED RECORD: IGI Individual record: Richard Holworthy Birth: 08 Jul 1660 Chr: 17 Jul. 1660 Saint Olave Hart Street, London


Curtin, Philip D., The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census (XXXX, 1969)
- Is there a revised edition post the 1972 printing?
- Have the data been superceeded?
- Is there an online quantitative source?
Smallwood, Stephanie E., Saltwater Slavery: A Middle Passage from Africa to American Diaspora (Cambridge, MA, 2007)
- See especially chapters on 'The Gold Coast and the Atlantic Market in People', 'Turning African Captives into Atlantic Commodities', and 'The Political Economy of the Slave Ship'
St. Clair, William, The door of no return: the history of Cape Coast Castle and the Atlantic slave trade (XXXX, 2007)

Web secondary sources
  1. Billender. Billenders appear in CSPD in the early & mid-C17th. A Swedish secondary source dating from 1768 shows an illustration of a billender as a two masted ship with a ?lanteene sail mounted on the lower part of the rear mast. Sammanställning av fartygstyper av Fredrik Henric af Chapman som beskrivs i planschverket "Architectura Navalis Mercatoria" (XXXX, 1768), viewed 16/05/12
  2. [Presumably the Bight of Biafra, since a "Guinea trading trip"]
  3. Ralph Davis, The rise of the English shipping industry in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (XXXX, 1962), p. 294
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