MRP: PROB5/4028 Inventory and probate accounts of Issac Alvarez, 1686, ff. 1-82

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PROB5/4028 Inventory and probate accounts of Issac Alvarez, 1686, ff. 1-82

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Physical description

Paper strip inventory, page nos. 1-12. Some edges repaired and quite faint italic script, but readable. Strips ca. 4” x 12”. Text only on one side

Separate paper accounts, good condition, somewhat faded large italic scrip, ca. 10” x 12”, some edges strengthened with paper. Contemporary page numbering 1-27. Modern page (or folio numbering) is 13-40. Text only on one side

Paper strip declaration by administrators of payments made, page nos in original 1-21, modern page or folio nos are 41-62. Strips ca. 4” x 12”. . Text only on one side.

Inventory, taken November 25th 1684

The Browne roome

Six Turkey worke chaires
An iron chafing dish
A napkin presse
A lookeing glass and standd
Parcell of cheyney
A peice of Tapestry
Some old pictures

The next roome

Four pieces of Tapestry
An old table and carpett
Seaven chaires
A paire of?Grailes

The Nursery

Guilt leather hangings

The Blew roome

The blew hangings
Seaven cloth chaires and some other lumber

The Parlor

A Presse
A table
Six turkey chaires
A Looking glass

The Kitchin

Three tinne candlesticks
Two brass plates
Two brasse lampes
A warming panne

Wearing apparell Bookes and Armes

Lease of a house from M.r Dashwood of about 17 yeares valued at 790 pounds

Apparently a second house

A second inventory from p. 9

The Kitchin

The Hall

The Parlor

One chimney peece

The Greene Chamber

Old greene hangings

The Bed Chamber

12 caine chaires
A guilt (sic) Blankett
Painted Callicoes

In the Roome next the Nursery

Old Greene curtaines

The wash=house


One Garter of small table stones with two hundred and twenty five Pearls of five Graines a peece sold for the summe of 350 pounds
Three Jewells of small ?brush Diamonds that are called Refugo (OR, ? Refuga) sold for the summe of ffifty pounds
One jewell of twenty table Stones and twelve Roses with a Ruby in the middle sold for the sume of sixteene pounds
One Necklace of ?Scotish Pearls containing forty three sold for seaventy pounds
One ring with ?verdigay table stone of Seaven Carretts sold for XXX
Seaven scotish Pearls thirty two Carretts sold for teh summe of thirty pounds
One parcell of small Rubies sold for the summe of Six pounds
One and fifty small Rubies sold for two pounds and tenne shillings
Two rings with little thick stones sold for teh sum of six pounds
One Ring with seaven small rose Diamonds sold for three pounds
Five small Rings sold for four pounds
Three rings two of Rubies and one of Towpas (sic) sold for five pounds
One ring with a yellow Diamond sold for five pounds
Two seaven stone rings sold for eighteene pounds
One Rubie ring sett with Diamonds round about sold for v pounds
One seaven stone ring sold for seven pounds
One rose Diamond sold for one hundred and five and thirty pounds

Jewells were sold in Holland by a publick sale

Two rings of small Saphyrs, three Pearls pendent, two little Braceletts, one ?feather with Pearls and Emeralds, and eighteene small Pearls all sold for the summe of forty nine pounds three shillings and seaven pence

Goods sold by Jacob Nunes Henriques in Holland for the Accompt of M:rs sarah Alvarez Executrix===

Two parcells of Diamonds halfe of which was of the accompt of Moses Nunes sold for the summe of four hundred and fourteene pounds three shillings and nine pence

One bill of Exchange to be paid to Isaac Alvarez deced which his Executrix hath negotiated for being four hundred and fifty pounds

Two Actions of the West (sic) India company sold for One hundred fifty four pounds tenne shillings and tenne pence

Jewells unsold but pawned for the summe of four thousand One hundred pounds and are in the hands of M:r Snell of London Marchant

One paire of Pearle Diamond Pendents each Pendent containing four Pearls and four table Stones suposed to be worth the summe of two hundred pounds
One Jewell with the Picture of King Charles the second our late Soveraigne Majestie with Diamonds sett in the topp of it in fashion of a Crowne valued at four hundred Pounds
One paire of Diamond Pendents containing in all twenty Stones valued at four hundred and fifty pounds
One brest Jewell with a Christall in the midle and a blank 8sic) for a Picture valued at three hundred and fifty pounds
One other Jewell in the fashion of a Diamond containing one and twenty Stones valued at three hundred Pounds
One other Jewell much like the fashion of the last mentioned containing alsoe one and twenty stones valued at three hundred Pounds
One great Jewell with a Crowne at the topp of Gold sett with Diamonds for a picture valued at three hundred and fifty pounds
One Bracelett sett with twenty pease Diamonds valued at two hundred Pounds
One other great Jewell with a Crowne in the topp of Gold with Diamonds withour late Soveraigne Majesytie s picture valued at one hundred and fifty pounds
Two gold rings one sett with an ?allamed Diamond and the other with seaven Stones valued at three hundred pounds
Two other gold Rings each sett with seaven Stones Roase (sic) Diamonds valued at three hundred pounds
One hundred and two buttons weach button being sett with nyne small rose Diamonds valued at eight hundred Pounds

Jewells unsold in the hands of M:r Jacob Nunes Consigned in Holland the true value whereof this Exhibitant canott informe herselfe

One paire Pendants of small Diamonds, one other paire of Penents of great Diamonds, one necklace with thirty five scotch Pearls of twenty graines a peece one great Jewell, one Lockett, one paire of Pendents

Debts due and oweing to the deceased at the time of his Death and not yet received

From his late Soveraigne Majestie the summe of thirteene hundred Pounds
Two bills of Exchange to be payd to the Testator from Lewis Alvarez for eight hundred and fifty pounds five shillings and two pence

A number of desperate debts

(most of these are from other Alvarez family members)

1st part of accounts, pp. 1-26

All and singular household goods of the deceased s house as in the inventory


2nd part of accounts, pp. 27-82

Lists a series of claims for allowances, many of them being charges the accoomptant )his widow Sarah Alvarez has incurred, including a trip to Holland to secure her husband’s estate

These charges give a sense of the tyoe of expenditure incurred by this family


Tinman, XXXX For tinware
Making childrens coates
Teaching the children to dance
Glazier for mending of windows in Hackney
Diamond cutter (Mr Ghisland)
A mercer
A Glazier in Holland
Brockeridge (Mr. ?Docmido)
Poulterer for fowles
Brockeridge (Mr. ?Ozares)
Freight of one bundle of diamonds
Doctor of Physick for his sallaryMr Lamb Goldsmith for teh use of Mr ffoster Diamond Cutter
Brewer (Charles Carpenter)
Discharge his bones
Charges of a suite of Law in the Hague
M:r Jacob Seignior for Ballancing teh Accompts
Solliciting of law business & ballancing teh accts
Councill in Holland
Apothecary in Holland for Physick
XXX in Holland
Mr Barrow Broker
Mr Churchill a Goldsmith

Mending the tyles and paving the Streets
Mending the Collar

Mr Philpott an Attorney for manageing severall suites at Law
Danielo browne Attorney and Sollicitor for Soliciting this Accomptants business in Chancery and manageing severall Actions at Common law
Mr ?Worthy a Councellor
Severall other Councellors
Post letters
Mrs Anne Clarke Coatmaker for Childrens Coates
Brewer for Beare
Chimney money
River Water 8s.
Moses Mocatto for Brokeridge
A Marriage Contract
Mr ?Blasonett Jeweller
Mr. ??Pountaine Jeweller for Worke
A Linen Drap for Linnen
M:r jennings Mercer for Silk
M:r Backitt for Coales
M:r Stevenson plaisterer
Making Ingrossing and proving the said deceaseds Will proctors fees and other Charges
M:r Henry Collings of Hackney due from the deceased
M:r Mathew Wright Baker
Watching & Warding
Sending out a Trained Soldier 12s 6d
Thomas ?Doller for Chandler Ware
Chimney Money at Hackney one pound
?D:r Decosto
D:r ?Gobalda besides his salary
M:r Wall the Chirugeon
M:r Gyles and Apothecary of Hackney for physick
D:r Baxter at hackney
The Collector of the Poore for two yeares
M:r ?XXXX for Grasse for a horse
Her voyage to Holland
The Hosier
M:r ?Stafferton Grocer
M:r Glover poulterer for poultry
M:r Moses Nunes upon a Bond given by the Testator ?£400
M:r ?Morgan for his takeing journey into Holland to stake the severall Accompts of the deced
£400 for Interest Money for the Jeweles pawned to M:r Snell
Adjustment due to differing sale value for jewells etc than estimated
Various further smaller charges


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