MRP: PROB 4/10596 Inventory of Richard Turges (alt. Turgis), 1668 (scroll)

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PROB 4/10596 Inventory of Richard Turges (alt. Turgis), 1668 (scroll)

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Parchment One

A true pfect Inventory of all & singular the goods
Xxxx rights & Credditts w:ch last belonged unto Richard
?Torges, late Citizen & Grocer of London when valued &
apprized ab:t XX of May 1668 by Sam: Wallin John Jones Sam: Simonds & John
Clutterburck Citizens of London Sworne before S:r W:m Peak
Knt Lord Mayor of the Citty of London The pticulars where
of doe hereafter ensue viz:t

In the Garretts

IMPRIMIS 2 folding tables 9 old chaires 4 old greene
Chaires 3 joynt stooles 3 old trunkes 1 ?close stoole
?& pan a cradle & lumber

?al ijs ?vjd

It a chimney barks 1 old ovall table 2 fetherbeds
& 2 bolsters 8 pillows 1 flockbed bolster lows
3 rugs & 2 blankets 4 old musketts & bandileers

?vijl is iijd

It a small pcell of bookes


Suma xili viijs xd

In the Dyning Roome

Item 1 pa of Curtens & ?rall a Counteerpane with
Cups 6 stooles 1 chaire w:th silke fringe & 3 window

iiijli vijs

It 1 pa of red Curtens & ralls of ?Spetuana & 4 chairs


It 1 pa pf pintade Curtens & vallens 2 quilts 1 cup=
Bordcloth 9 cases for chaires a pa of curtens &
?rall of w:te callico w:th stringe 55 y:ds of pintado
To hang the roome w:th & curtens & ?rall (?vall?) of stained


It 2 pcs of old Tapestry & 4 old Turky carpetts


It 3 silke quilts small & great

ixli xs

It 3 cabinets 4 dressing boxes 3 small trunkes
1 great trunk a stand 2 shelves a bow w:th a case of
arrows a shield & 18 old pictures

vjli xxjs

It a pcell of old stript stuffe 3 old rugs 2 old sidebord
clothes a small pce of ?bayes 2 prpetuana ??chertery
& 5 old blanketts

xli iiijs

It 3 looking glasses

??xs (could be li)

It 2 chests of draw:es & 2 desks & a little table

xxli iiijs

It 27 pces of India stuffe att

?vijli vijs xjd

It 10:lb of raw silke att 14s


It a pcell of India stuffe with a remnt of pintado


Suma al xiijli xs vjd

ITEM of brasse Candlestickes 3 pce of brasse
Andirons 3 skillets 2 brasse tongs 1 shovell & a ladle

iiijli xjs

It 3 Curtenrods 1 chafing dish a brasse Cover
long ??Slidnig Candlestick 2 pce of bellows 5 brasse
knobbs a pcell of tyn ware w:th a pcell of earthen
ware China ware & glasses


It 155lb of pewter att 8d plb

iiijli xs

It a pcell of odd pces of iron & brass & ?sacks


Suma xxijs js

The Testato:es wearing Apparrell

Item all his wearing Apparrell woollen & linnen
W:th a livery gown val att


His wives Apparrell

Item alll her wearing Apparrell val att



Item 10 pces sheet new & old val att

xli xvjs

It a pcell of old napkins towells & dresser clothes

xxjs vjd

It 2 damask tableclothes & 24 napkins & 2 towells
of the same

?al iijs

It 14 pa of pillowberrs great & small


It remnts of callico Curtens & ?vall of the same w:th some
old linnen val att


It 2 ??diap callico table clothes 20 napkins of the
Same 1 flaxen tablecloth & 6 napkins val att

xxviijs vjd

It 3 suites of childbed Linnen 12 (sic) childrens beds
doz & ½ of childrens cloath & 5 sweet bags

iijli xjs

It 3 silk mantles w:th a remnt of sattin & an old
green curten

vli vjs viijd

Suma xxijli xiiijs viijd

At Stepney in the County of Middlesex

It 12 chaires & 2 fetherbeds 2 bolsters 7 stooles
& a couch & an old pa of harpsicalls (sic)

xli xs

Item a bible w:th a Common prayer booke


It some small things

js vjd

Suma xiijs vjd

Item svrall sort of drugs val & apprized at



Item 136 oz of w:te plate val at 5s pr oz


It 39 oz of gilt spoones val at 5s 4d pr oz

xli xiijs

It a ??coker ?cxx garnished w:th silver val at


It a pcell of aggatts & Elitropian (sic) haftes
For knives & a pa of tweesers & a knife & a fork


It a pcell of Cornelian rings


It a pcell of gold rings weighing ?1 oz 16 x
w:t & 12 graines val att

vjli xiijs

It a picture sett w:th gold att

It 3 gold rings sett with diamonds ap:
zed att


3 w:te stones sett in gold


It a ?currall w:th some ?silver things

xvijs vj:p

Parchment two

It a peece of Angell gold

Xs vjd

It 2 old watches val att

Xli xs

Suma ?axxvijli xvjs iiijd

Suma Totls hujus

Invenrij Eucusg

Sperata Debts owing to the Testator att his decease

Item owing by M:r Sam: Bunce (?)

iijli vijs

It by M:r Rob:t Carver

iijli vs

It by Mary fforster


It by Rich:d Clark

vjli js

It by ?Sho: ?Cruttenden

vjli xxjs

It by Tho: Buttris (could be 'Battris')

xxjs xd

It by John Snag (sic)

xxijli ijs

It by M:r George Plummer

xlvli xijs xd

It by Hen: Snashall


It by M:rs Anne Davis

xljli iijs

It Thomasin Jewell

vli xs ijd

It by M:r W:m Melhuish

xx li

It by M:r John ffisher

vli vjs

Suma CLxiijli xiijs vd

Desperate Debts

Item desperate debts owing
To the testator at his decease by
Diverse psons as by the pticulars
May appear

Caxxxxli ixxixs ijd

(Four lines of text which are too faint to read, but appears to be the witnesses and no new items)


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