MRP: PROB 4/11649 Inventory of Beniamyn Albyn, 1676 (scroll & short scroll attachment)

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PROB 4/11649 Inventory of Beniamyn Albyn, 1676 (scroll & short scroll attachment)

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Physical description


AN INVENTARY of all and singular
y:e goods chattells and Creditts of Benjamin Albyn late
of Little S:t Hellens London Esq:r deceased taken vallued and appraized y.e Ninth day of June in the yeare of our
Lord God 1676 & in y:e Sixth and Twentieth yeare of the Reigne
of our Sovereign: Lord Charles y:e Second by the Grace of God of England Scotland ffrance & Ireland King Defender of the
ffaith Xc. By Thomas Dickson John Hull Nathaniell Troughton
and Edward ffenwick as followeth (Viz:t)
IMPRIMIS in M:r Glovers Roome 2 beddstedds
matts & ?cords 2 flock bedds 2 bolsters i pillow 2 ruggs
3 blanketts a ?Canopy striped curthains window curtaines
& rodds i deale chest i hoop iron i chaire & XXXX
Valued att
In y:e maides Garrettt and y.e drying Garrett


In y:e writing roome

ITEM in y:e writing roome 2 chests of drawers i presse 2 boxes
I chaire some striped stuffe & a ?fender valued att

In y:e Chamber over y:e XXXXX

ITEM in y:e Chamber over y:e XXXXX i bedstedd matt cords &
YYY w:th Pintado Curtaines & vallances, 5 chaires &
Stooles 2 quilts 2 ruggs 2 pairs of blanketts i feather
Bed 2 bolsters 2 pillowes 2 flock bedds i pallatt
Bed & Canopy w:th curtaine & vallance xxxxx all vallued att

In y:e staire

ITEM in y:e staire xxxxx y :e hanginge in y:e roome
I bedstedd matt cord & rodd wth greene?seardge
Curtaine & valance i chaire & a stoole i pintado
Quilt 2 ruggs 2 blanketts i feather bedd & bolster
I flock bed 2 pillowes 4 window curtaines & rodds
I cupboard brass And irone shovell & tongs &
A hanging shelve vallued att

In y:e maids Chamber

ITEM in y:e maids Chamber i bedstedd matt cord 2 ruggs
I blankett i flockbed & bolster

In y:e Passage roome & Closette

ITEM in y:e Passage roome & Closette 3 chests of drawers
I Cyprus chest i iron chest i wainscott chest a trunke
A napkin press ?writing shelves a parcell of xxxxx
Xxxxxx ?wroughs (sic) xxxx xxxxx & Lumber vallued att

In y:e Chamber over y:e parlour

ITEM in y:e Chamber over y:e parlour 2 peeces of ?Forress (or Torress)
Worke & bedstedd matt cord & rodds a stripe of redd
Serge curtaines & vallance lined wth holland
2 ruggs 2 blanketts i feather bedd & bolster 2
Pillowes i flock bedd i pallatt beddstedd & canopy cur=
Taine rodds & Counterpayne i flock bed & feather
Bolster & oillow 2 blanketts twelve Chaires and
Stools window curtaines & rodds 2 paire of shovells
Tongs & ?back some prxxxx stuffe in y:e xxxx
Window curtaines & rodds a Carpett vallued att

In y:e widdowes Chamber

ITEM in y:e widdowes Chamber 4 pieces of Tapestry....XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Y.e Great Parlour

ITEM in y:e great Parlour i3 turky chaires 2 tables
2 carpetts of turky work 2 pictures i Copper
Cisterne i looking glass i glass case brass Andiron
fire irons wth brasses shovells tongs & forkes
4 window curtaines & rodds vallued att

Y:e little Parlour

ITEM in y:e little Parlour


Y:e Warehouse

ITEM in y:e Warehouse Beames Scales & weights
Xxxxx & Lumber vallued att

Y:e Entry

ITEM in y:e Entry i Spanish table i clock & Case
i spice box i chaire & stoole vallued att

In y:e ?New roome

ITEN in y:e ?New roome 3 pieces of Tapestry 2 tables
i Cyprus chest i Smirna carpett 4 chaires i
part of a chest i hoope i box of scales and
weights 2 curtaine rodds a pallatt bedsted
& Lumber vallued att

y:e stilling & ??foldinge roome

ITEM in y:e stilling & ??foldinge roome

Y:e yard

ITEM in y:e yard i pump i still & frame tubbs
& 12 doz.n of bottles

Y_e Cellar

ITEM in y:e Cellar

Y:e Counting house

ITEM in y.e Counting house

Y:e Kitchen

ITEM in y:e Kitchen


ITEM i range & fender .... (ALL IRON)

ITEM y:e deceased wearing apparell


ITEM a Watch

ITEM mourninge Ringes i Diamond Ring and
2 peeces of Spanish gold

Ready money in the house at y:e Testators death

ITEM Ready money in the house att y:e
Testators death

In y:e hands of Henry Glover

ITEM more in y:e hands of Henry Glover

Debts due and oweing to y:e deced att y:e tyme of his death & since receaved

DEBTS due and oweing to y:e deced
att y:e tyme of his death & since

ITEM receaved of John & Max de Mouson

ITEM of Charles ?Tringnandon by Bill of
Exchange from Amsterdam

ITEM of John Bush

ITEM of Thomas ffarmer in part

ITEM of Henry Slaughter
Ra: Suckley Suma totalis// hujus Invenrij

Debts Voyages & Adventures Owing and belonging to the Testator att his decease

Debts Voyages & Adventures)
Owing and belonging to the)
Testator att his decease)

[parchment sheet, rolled, 3” x 8”; Originally sewn on at end of scroll, but stitches dissolved and now detached]

ITEM oweing by y:e Worp:ll Company of Skinners
Money lent

ITEM by an Adventure to Jamaica to Joseph Albyn

ITEM by John ?Carey Junior of Smirna deced

ITEM by John Carey and Benjamyn Albyn and
Phillip Gill factors at Smirna

ITEM by a voyage to Smirna consigned to
Benjamin Albyn & Phillip Gill

ITEM by Thomas ffarmer

ITEM by Benjamin Albyn & Phillip Gill
Upon their accompt

ITEM by John Burstall for yarne

ITEM by voyage to Hambrough consigned
To Richard Beale

ITEM by Benjamin Albyn att Smirna his
English Accompt

ITEM by y:e Levant Comp

ITEM by Nicholas Harding reste on a Bale
of Silke

ITEM by Wm William

ITEM by John Carey & Beniamin Albyn
Their Accompt 4li att 7a per pound
Ra: Suckley Summa totallis



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