MRP: PROB 4/18483 Inventory of Martha Pennoyer, 1674, f. 1 (scroll)

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PROB 4/18483 Inventory of Martha Pennoyer, 1674, f. 1 (scroll)


the goods chattells & debts of M:rs Martha
Pennoyer late of the Citty of London
Widd decd Taken valued & appryd
The 22:th day of June in the yeare of o:r Lord God 1674
By John David & Abraham  ?Harburgh as followeth

In y:e roome upp two ptes of stayres over y:e Xarb:r [chamber?]
INPS 2. suites of Nantando Curtaines 2.
pintando quilts some old green hangings i.
Turky worke carpett i. bedsted mat & Cord one
Feather bed & bolster 1. Blankette i. green rugg
4 old xxxix curtaines 4 vellons 2 Cushions
1 old chest one old trunk

Iiij:ll ij:d

Y:e Chamber over y:e Parlor

In y:e Chamber over y:e Parlor

IT i featherbed i shortbed 3 flock pillowes 2.
blanketts i. green rug i. trundle bed matt &
?rods 2. Xxxx stooles & i. pan a little old i. ?host a ?yonne table (or ?ladle) i grate in y:e chimney an iron

Ij:ll j:d

ITEM one chest of Linnen in y:e same Chamb:r

x:ll xv:s

Y:e Chamber over y:e Kitchen

In y:e Chamber over y:e Kitchen

ITEM one bedsted w:th a saile cloath bottom w:th
greene curtaines & vallons & tester 1. Feather
bed 2. bolsters 4. large pillows & 3 small pillowes
2. mattresses 2. blanketts 1. green rug 1. quilt 1. old
chest of drawers a table an old ?chest 2 old chaires
3 little stooles

vj:ll xij:s

Y:e Clossett

In y:e Clossett

IT 1 little feather bed 2. fflock bolster 2. blanketts i. green rug 1. pallett bed sack

l:ll xv:s

IT one little Clock


IT y:e hangings in y:e Roome

i:ll x:s TBC

Y:e Parlor

In y:e Parlor

IT i. square table i. round table i. Turkey
worke carpett 6. leather chaires 6. old Turky work chaires 6. ioyned stooles i. little ?forne i. old ?freens cloak i. old grate & fireIoz & a paire of Tongs & fyre forke

ij:ll xij:s vj:d

IT i. old Clock


IT: y:e hangings in y:e Roome


Y:e Kitchen & Buttery

In y:e Kitchen & Buttery

IT: 2 old tables i. Turky worke carpet i. Cours
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX i. wicker ?chence 4. old chaires i. settle i. large grate i fender 2.spitts shovell 2 ps of
Tongs 2.xope i fire ?forle i. sack & chaire &
Weight i. greidiron 2. Chopping xxxxx 2 pr of panne
Xxxx i. standing iron a xast box a pr of bellows
a frying pan a warming pan 4 iron potts 3 doz.
of Ironshers i.napkin presse & 2 folding bords

iij:ll ix:s

IT ?99 oz of fine pewter at 9:d p oz

ij:ll xviij: s iiij:d

IT 44 oz of course pewter at 6:d p oz


IT 9:l of old brasse at 7:d p l.

xL:s 1:d

IT 26:l of old Copper at 9:d p:l

Xij:s L:d

IT?chafer weighing 9:l

Ij:s vj:d

Y:e Warehouse

In y:e Warehouse

IT 2 leaden Cisternes & i leaden sinck


IT in ready money


IT in debts recvd since y:e death of y:e


Suma totalia

MCCCLij:l xv:s iij:d

Hujno Inven:ey

IT yet standing out to be received


Testatrix her Estate



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