MRP: PROB 4/6567 Inventory of Rachel, Dow. Count. of Bath, of St Giles in the Fds, Midd. 1681

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PROB 4/6567 Inventory of Rachel, Dow. Count. of Bath, of St Giles in the Fds, Midd. 1681

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f. 1r.

honourable XXXXX Countesse Dowager
the pish of XXXXXXXXXXXXX in the
County of GXXXXappraised by XXXXXXXXX
In the
32:nd yeare of
Charles the Second
England, Scotland, ffrance XXXXX
Defender of the XXXXXXXXXXXX



pillowes ?5blanketts 2 Ruggs ?i Table XXXX
one ffeatherbed 2 boulsters 3 blanketts 2 Ruggs


In the Maids Garrett

ITEM 2 halfe headed bedsteads 2 Cords X
Mattd XXXXXX 2 boulsters 3 pillowes i
Fflocke pillow 4 blanketts 4 XXX
XXXXXXXXXXXX 2 Stooles XXXXX Curtaines

In M:r BXXXX Chamber

ITEM i bedstead one matt i Cord 3 Rodds i
Teaster Head peice 4 Curtains and vallence
One ffeather bed i boulster XXX
Blanketts One ?Rugg one Table XX
One feather bed i boulster 3 blanketts i Rugg


In M:rs XXXXXX Chamber

In the XXXick Roome

ITEM one deale press for Cloakes one bed-
Stead with a Sacking Mattress ?and Rodds
And halfe Rodds i ?damaske bed 4 Curtains
2 Curtains and XXXX Vallence of Crimson
damaske Teaster and XXXX Cloath and XXX
?Vallence of Sarsett 4 XXXXs 4 Xxigge
4 Gilt Stools X damaske window Curtains
lined with Searge 6 XXX ?searge window Curtains
XXX XXX X mattress of ffustian 3
Blanketts i Couch bedstead Two Spanish
Tables and ?Stove Cupboard 10 gilt leather
Chaires One great XXXXX one Cheste of
Drawers One Cabbinett one ??fframe
RXXXX Leather Trunck one small table
and ?false Topp XXXX XXXX XXXX
One Cane Arme Chaire with Wheels
one matted Chaire two black ?satyn 4
joint stooles i framed XXX
i p of Tonges one Crimson bed

f. 2r.

Cusheons i Cloath 4 small velvett
Cusheons and 2 silke quilted Cusheons
one old quilted Cusheon i blew silke Curtain
lined with Bayes 10 turkey & smirna and
Persian Carpetts

In the Countess’s Dressing Roome

ITEM 3 peices of Tapestry hangings 2
window Curtains and Rodds some Bayes
upon the?Jamms 12 Turkey worke Chairs
One Chest of Drawers one small Table
one Carpett one Cane Arme Chaire
?chapanned i looking glass a pcell of blew
and white Lisbon earthen ware and some
peices of Chinah 2 glasses Jarr one Cupp
of Mother of Pearle one p of
doggs one iron backe

xviij – xix – iiij

In the Countess her Chamber and Clossett

ITEM 3 peices of Tapestry Hangings One
Sett of printed (OR, painted) Hangings under the Tapestry
6 Arme Chaires 4 backe Chaires 2 Stools
Of blew damaske and OXXX 8 Arme Chairs
Caned and carved i Cane Squobb one joint Stoole
of Wallnutte Tree 3 gilt ?Scores one little Stoole
One Clocke and Case in M:r Cobbs Chamber
One wallnutt Tree plate Case one Ebbony
Cabbinett and frame one Ollive wood Table
2 Stands i Chest of Drawers i Clocke and
Case of Ollive Wood 2 p of doggs fire
Shovell Tonges and Chimney Hooke i
iron backe i looking glasse in a Tortois fframe
one large looking glass in a black fframe and
holland quilt one feather bed i boulster one
large psian 5 peices of 11 foote Tapestry 5
peices of ?Woolacke Hanging, in the Clossett
one press One Chest of Drawers of
Wallnutt Tree 2 Truncks i Clocke and case
att the staires Head

C – xxx – xix

In the withdrawing Roome and Clossett

ITEM one black Table 2 Stands i fire grate
Shovell and Tongs and Chimney Hookes
One p of doggs i black screene i indian-screen
One Cedar Ovall Table i blacke table Stand
One dressing box and frame one looking-
glass nine Cushions one Cane greate Chaire
one great wooden bottome Chaire with wheels
one sett of pagon Hangings

Xiij: xiiij: vj:d

In the Dyning Roome

ITEM 3 peices of 11 foote ?depxe Tapestry 4
Silke Curtains 2 rodds one Spanish 2 Arme
Chaires 12 backe Chaires of Crimson damaske
With ?Oases 3 red bayes window Curtaines &
3 rodds 3 black Stands i Table one large deal
Table a press of Matting i iron Stove 2 doggs
I fire Shovell and Tonges

XXX: iiij: Xvij: cj:d

In the plour

ITEM i sett of ?printed Hangings and i curtain
Rods i ovall Table to fall downe 2 Spanish
Tables 3 Turkey Carpetts 18 Xnicke collowrd
Cotton Chaires i joint Stoole 6 red Cushions
stufd with feathers 4 velvett Cushions 4
old Cushions i grate i fender showell & tongs


In the Hall

ITEM i Horse Liter and fframe and one Sedan and
?Case one settle

Xviij: iij

In the little Hall

ITEM i Table 2 fformes i joint Stoole i iron
Grate and ffender i p of bellowes i p of tables
and XXXX

Xviij: ?s

In the porters Chamber or Lodge

ITEM 2 half headed bedsteads 2 matts 2 rodds one
feather bed one boulster 2 flockbedds 2 boulsters
7 blanketts 2 Ruggs

iij: iij

In the pantry and passage


In the Kitchin

ITEM i ffender 2 Spitt Rackes 2 potthangers
and jack and weight and 2 Chaines and Lines and
weights & Pulleys 3 Spitts 2 Shovells i forck
1 p of Tonges 2 p of potthookes 2 Trivetts 2
dripping panns i oven Lid i Cleaver i Chopping
knife one flesh forke 2 frying panns 2 gridirons
i iron frame for dishes i large iron pott i p of
?stilliards 3 Oven ?pales 2 frying panns, Brasse
2 kettles. 4 ?botts 5 ?Covers 7 sauce panns 2
Cullenders 1 fish plate 1 pastry pann 3 patty pann
4 sishes i bread grater i ffish panne


and Bottome the XXXXXXX XXXX
2 Sbinndro one Ladle One Dridger; ?bashing
Ladle one bell mettle mortar and pestle: Copp:r
Quart pott

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In the Seller

ITEM one frame for Bottles and the ?Stilliards
for Beare one p of grates and 2 doggs i horse
to dry Cloath on and severall Tubbs and Lumber

In the Skullery

ITEM one Table 2 fformes one Stoole i dough

In the Landry

ITEM i leaden Cisterne & pipe and ?Corke (OR, cocke) and
washer stoole and Cover one TroXX one p of
Fire irons i pott iron i p of Tonges one
Forke six smoothing irons i potthanger i Table
a fforme i joint Stoole i deale Cupboard 4
Tubbs 3 Cloath Basketts

In the Coach Mans Roome and Stables

ITEM One halfe headed bed stead i matt one
Cord i feather bed 2 boulsters one pillow 2
Blanketts one Rugg one Stoole i Chaire i halfe

In the Larder in the yard

ITEM 3 powdering Tubbs

The Linnen

ITEM 9 p and 1 of holland sheets 19 p of fflaxen
Sheetes 26 p and i of hempen Sheets 11 p of holland
& flaxen pillowbears 15 damaske Table Cloaths
10 dozen of damaske napkins 20 diap Table
Cloaths 11 dozen of ?dyap Napkins 15 long &
Short flaxen Table Cloathes 18 dozen and halfe
of flaxen Napkins 3 flaxen Towells 16 dresser
Cloathes 6 Callico & dimity window Curtains
2 p of fustian Blanketts

ITEM ffine pewter 417 lb ?neate at 6½ :d pound

ITEM Course pewter 19:lb att 4:d a pound

ITEM the Coach Horses sold for


AN INVENTARY of such Money plate and
Jewells as belonged unto the right honourable
Rachell Countess Dowager of Bath deceased
made as followeth Viz:t

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