MRP: PROB 4/7600 Kelyng, Rt. Hon. Sir John, 1671 16 Dec

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PROB 4/7600 Kelyng, Rt. Hon. Sir John, 1671 16 Dec

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An Inventary of all and
singular y:e goods chattles Rights &
Credits late belonging to y:e Right hon:ble
S:r John Kelying late Lord Cheife
Justice of his Matties Court of
Kings Bench Taken & appraised y:e
?19:th day of May Anno Dmi 1671 By
ffrancis Newe Will Keene as ffoll
XXX XXX ?shorte

In y:e Kitchen


IMPRIMIS 10 large pew XX dishes 3
?MaXXXX ?plates 3 peye Plates
1 Pastry plate 1 ChXXXX plate 1
XXXX Cullinder 1 Bason w:th a
Coate of ?Armes XXX Basons 1
XXXXXX pewter XXXXX 2 p:l
of pewter Candlesticks 2 XXXX
panns 1 pewter portinger


IT 2 brass porridge potts 1 brass pozz
?turned over 3 brass kettles 2 brass
skillets & 1 bell XX the skillet 1
skimmer ?1 Ladles a ffish plate
& a pott lidd a warming pann and
other warming pann a p:X of XX brass
Candlesticks a Mortar & Iron

Iron worke

IT a frying pann 2 ?ffish Racks 3
pothangers 2 XX oz per XXXX key
1 grate XX XXXXa greateXXXXX
1 Chopping knife a XXXXX febder

IT 2 dripping panns a pudding pan an
XXXX RYYY a ?drdgeing Box "
XXXX box a Washing pozz

IT a Leaden Cisterne

IT 2 pailes a salt boy a dog wheel
fflower Tubbs 1 Table 1 Tray a Chopping
block ? 2 rolling pinne

In y:e XXXX

In y:e Cellars

In y:e Hall

IT a long Table & a Leather Carpett & ?2 long fformes a settle bed a feather bedd a Bolster
1 Rugg ?5 old Leather Chayres and Iron Grate
a fforke a p:r of Tongs a little hanging

In y:e Parlor

IT a large Spanish Table 1 little Spanish
Table 1 Leather Carpett 2 green Carpetts
10 Turky work Chayres a Couch XXXX
Roome hung w:th greene Bayes w:th
gilt & XXXX a large Chimney peece
a Grate w:th brass beads a p:r of brass
Andirons an Iron ffender a ffire
shovell a p:r of Tongs & a fforke 9

In y:e Closett in y:e Parlor

IT y:e Roomehung w:th greene bayes a
Spanish Table & a Carpett of XXXX
XXXXX ?2 Turkey worke Chayres &

Two unreadable images

In y:e Ladyes Chamber

IT 1 bed stedd w:th XXXing Bottom w:th
Curtaine rod XX &?Case (Or Lase) rodds &
parragon ?casd one Damaske rod
w:th ?6 back chayres & 2 arme chayres
1 large Downbed & Boulster 4 peeces
of Tapestry hanging 1 Turkey carpett
3 Blanketts 1 redd Rugg 1 caninett
w:th Drawers upon a fframe 2 small
Tables & ?closestoole & 2 stands 1
sett of ffire irons showell & Tongs

In my Ladyes Clossett

IT y:e hangings about y:e Roome of
XXXX Damaske 1 Spanish chayre
1 Long cushon 1 round pillow 2

Unreasdable image

XXXX in y:e XXX closett

Unreadable image

In y:e chamber on my Ladies Chamber

IT y:e Roome hung w:th gray painted ?parragon
1 Bedstead matt & XXX a XXXX bed 2 feather
Boulsters 1 flock Boulster a Holland Quilt
2 Blanketts a silke Quilte ?Cloth Curtaines
& vall lined w:th silke a p:r of XXXX
vallance of silke an XXXX XXX XXXX
5 low gray cloth chayres 3 low stooles
of y:e same 1 high XXXX 1 XX of y:e same
a Table w:th a SXXXXX & a XXX Cloth
Carpett a little hanging shelfe
a p_r of brasse Andirons a p:r of
Creepers w:th brass Knobbs a
ffireshovell & Tongs w:th brass
Knobbs a p:r of Bellowes 2
Beaver hatts

In y:e XXXX Clossett

IT 1 ?halfe XXed Bedstead XXX

In y:e other Clossett

IT a press a Chest 2 XXXX & some

In y:e Garrett next y:e XXXX

IT 1 Bedstead matt & ?Cords 1 gray XXXX
Curtaines & vall 1 XXXX bed Boulster
& pillow 2 Blankets & 1 redd Rugg
1 other bedstead matt & Cord w:th XXXX
Curtaines & vall 1 XXXX XXX and
Boulster 2 Blanketts & a gray Rugg
a little Table & a gray Carpett
2 low stooles made w:th XXXX an
oldbroken Looking Glass & a little
Chest a wicker skreene

In y:e Back Garrett

IT an Iron Cradle w:th 2 brass knobbs
1 half headed bedstead & Cords 1 XXX
pillow 1 Blankett 1 ffeather bed
& Boulster 4 old Truncks one
old skreene w:th grey Bayes

[End of 2nd page]


In y;e Clossett in y:e Back Garrett

IR a halfe headed Bedstead matt & Cord
a feather bed & Boulster a greene Rugg
a Turky Carpett

In y:e Back house

In y:e wash house

IT a Copper XXXX upon y:e XXXX a
brass pott 8 ?pewter Limbeck 1 full
XXXX Seive 3 water hogsheads
9 washing Tubbs 2 ?Rundletts
1 Knocker for Clothes 1 Table
20 glass Bottles

In y:e Cellar

IT about 2 loades of Billets

In y:e Chamber over y:e Gate house

IT 1 Table 1 new saddle & Bridle

In y.e Chamber over that

IT 1 Bedstead matt & Cord a feather
Bolster & 2 pillowes 2 Blankits
XX Ruggs y:e Roome hung w:th
gray serge an old stoole

In y:e Drying Roome

IT 1 halfheaded Bedsted 1 table 1
Table Lidd 1 other Table w:th a striped

In y:e Garrett

IT ab:t 7 q:ts of horse Corne 2 ?part
Mantles & 1 Leather SXXXXer

In y:e Stable & Yard

IT 1 Coach & 4 horses halfe
loade of hay a Load of straw
2 p:r of harness 2 horse clothes
a ?Bing for Oates

In y:e Roome over y:e Stable

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