MRP: PROB 4/9632 Inventory of Sir John Jacob, of St. Leonard, Bromley, Middlesex, 1669 29 Mar.

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PROB 4/9632 Inventory of Sir John Jacob, of St. Leonard, Bromley, Middlesex, 1669 29 Mar.

Editorial history

08/03/12, CSG: Imaged document
09/03/12, CSG: Created page, posted transcription

Abstract & context

Sir John Jacob's post-mortem inventory consists of a number of parchment sheets. These would originally have been stitched together at their base, but have become detached.

The ink is relatively faded, especially on the left hand side of the sheets, and is totally obscured in part.

The organisation of the inventory does not appear to follow a strict room by room approach. It appears to relate to the St Leonard, Bromley house, which was rated at a very substantial thirty-two hearths in the 1666 hearth tax return. By comparison, Thomas Tomlins' Bromley house was related in the same return at thirteen hearths. Nevertheless, the names of the rooms can be listed as follows:

The great parlour
The ?Scotch chamber
The chamber over the little parlour
The gallery
Mrs Peachman's chamber
M:r Ling?s chamber
The wash house
The stables
The little hall
Mr Sill's room
The nursery
The Lady's chamber
The kitchen
The closet
The ?bowling house
The cellar
The ?larder
The still house
The ?pantrie
the great hall
The chapel
The parlour
The hall chamber
The maids chamber
The armoury
The dining room
Sir John's chamber
The drawing room
The wine cellar
The chamber over the drawing room

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See Sir John Jacob will

See 1st March 1662/63, Letter from John Jacobs to Sir GO, London

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[Ink of text is heavily eroded; try reimaging]

XXXXXXXXXXXXX Inventary of all the
XXXXXXX Jn Jacob XXXXXXXXXX of the Parish of
XXXXXLeonards XXXXXX in that county of
?Middlesex Knight and Barronet deceased
XXXXXXXXXXXXX y:e ffowrth day of ffebruary

XXXXXin one Row


XXXXXXXXXNecklace of Pearle contein


XXXXX diamond Pendants w:th a
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of ?Each vall att


XXXXXXXXXXXX Ring vall att


XXXXXXXXX some diamonds vall at
XXXXXXXXXXX thereof vall at


ITM XXXXXXXXXXXX warming pann vall at


ITM XXXXXXXXXXXX ?Baskett vallued at


ITM XXXXXXXXX vallued at




ITM XXXXXXXXXXX Candlesticks vall at


ITM XXXXXX ?Trencher plate vall at


ITEM 2 Tankards vall at


ITEM one Silver Box vall at


ITEM 2 Chafin dishes vall at


ITEM one dozen of Silver spoones vall at


ITEM Six Salts vall at


ITEM XXX Sugar dishes vall at


ITEM one wrought dish vall at


ITM 2 porringers vall at


ITM 2 Cups vallued at


ITEM One ?darke colour cloth Bed w:th Curtins
XXXXX Counterpane fowre stooles two
XX chaires two Arming Chaires suitable
XXX ffether bed Bolster and pillowes Blankets
and quilt vallued at



ITEM one other Italian table vall at

ITEM one Looking Glasse w:th a Tortoise shell
xxxx vall at

And in the howse of S:r John Jacob aboXXXX
1 ?Bromley in the little parlour there one
small table vallued at

And in the great parlour One couch one
Elbow chaire and 2. black chaires and
low stooles one ?Ovale table stand and
?screene vallued at

XXXXX in the staires, 4. small tables vall at

And in the ?Scotch chamber 2 tables one bed
XXXX cushins and XXX of striped stuffe one
feather bed Bolster 1. Rugg 1. Blankett
XXXX XXXX vallued at

XXX in the Chamber over the little parlour, the
XXX leather hangings, 2. stands, one table
chaires and stooles 2. ?XXXX flower potts
?and stands vallued att

?ITEM in the Gallery, 4 Elbow chaires, 5 stooles
XXX Couch of guilded leather, 1. stone table at

?ITEM in M:rs Peachmans Chamber, the ?printed
hanging, one old wrought bed, one feather bed
bolster and Rods one table valued at

?ITEM in M:r Lings chamber y:e old hangings at

?ITEM in the wash howse, 2. stills, 1 bottome at

?ITEM ?2 Cisternes and Corke vall at

XXX 2 ?Coppers vall at

XX in the stables, 2. XXXX cisterne at

XX in y.e little hall 1. table, 1 pair of XXX at

sold to XX received of M:r Reeves for
?household stuffe out of Bromley house

more received for pictures ?sol and tables

received for a Coach sold

of Gooods that belonged to the said S:r
Jn Jacob deceased and now are in the
use of S:r John Jacob his heire and
XXXXX in ?Bloomsbery in the sd County
of Middlesex XX

In M:r Lings Chamber
XXX 2 stooles and a chaire, a lowXX, 2
XXX one blankett and a Rugg, one feather
XXXX and pillow, a bedsted and
XXXXX curtins and vallued at

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXM:r ?Sills Roome, a feather bed, a
XXXXX , 2 blanketts, a bedsted, 2 pillowes
XXXXXX quilt and a table vall at

XXXX maid Chamber, 2. bedsteds, 2.
other beds, 3. bolsters, 6. blanketts, 3. rugs
XX curtins and vallance vall at

XXX and a trunck vallued at

XX in M:r Peachmans chamber, 1. bedsted
XXXXXX one quilt, 1. bolster, 2. pillows
XXXX, 2. Ruggs w:th Curtins and vallance
XXX hangings all vallued at

XX in the Nursery a bedsted a quilt and
feather bed, a bolster, 2. pillowes, 3. blanketts
XXXX curtins and vallance wrought, 2.
XXXX, 2. chaires, 3. pieces of tapestry
hangings vallued at

IT in my Ladyes Chamber a feather XXX at

IT in the kitchin sewall pewter dishes at

XXX of Goods that belonges to the said S:r
Jn: Jacob deceased and now in the
use of Edward Cant?rill at ?Stansford
XXX in the parish of Halsted in the County
of Essex (viz:t) 1. In the small ?beere buttry at
XXXX, 1. long dresser & 2. shelves vall at

IT in the next roome 3. shelves, 1. forme
and a long table vallued at

IR in the little hall a Bench and shXXX at

IT? one skreene, a Jacke, 1. Iron Gibbett at

ITEM in the Closett the shelves XX vallued at

ITEM in the ?Bowling howse a bXXX 9. XXX
XXXX Bin, 2. shelves & XXX long table at

ITEM in the Cellar XXXXXXXXXXXXX vall at

[New parchment page]


XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 3. shelves vall at

ITEM XXXXXXXXXXX Kitchin a Jacke vall at

XXX a long forme and a settle, a paire
of XXXX XXXXXXXX Iron XXXX the fire, anda
XXXXXXXXXXXXX & a Copper vall at

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX a Cooler, a long plancke
XXXXXXXXXXXX oughs vall at

XXXXX, 2. `Sheife presses, 3. foote
XXXXXXXXXX, 2. long plancke dressers, 4. shelves at

ITEM in the ?Larder, 3. plancke dressers
XXXXXXXXXXX, and 2. shelves vall at

XXX in the Still howse XX still with lead
XXXX XXXX and a shelfe vall at

ITEM in the ?Pantrie a Napkin presse, 1. Glasse
case, a Chest for Linnen, a Bread bin, a
XXXXX settle, 2. shelves vallued at

ITEM in the great hall, a paire of Iron
Andirons, a long table, a long forme at

ITEM in the Chappell,[1] a stand for a XXXX, a
?Pulpit, 3. ?pticons for seates and formes
?round the Chappell, stayers w:thin y:e seates
and benches on the outsides, and under y:e
walls a ladder, & 2. sides of a ladder
in the chappell vall at

ITM in the parlour a ??Livery Cupboard, 3.
carpetts, 2. tables, and a Bench round
2. Elbow chaires, 3. stooles, a window curtin
darnix over the door, 1. curtin rod, a little
picture, 2. blacke velvet chaires vallued at

ITM in the stables a great Chest at

ITM in the Hall chamber, y:e bedsted curtins
and vallence blew, 2. Elbow chaires, 1.
wrought chaire, 5. stooles, a curtin for the
windo and rod, Curtin rods, 1. feather bed
1. bolster, 1. blew rugg, a ?stone (or ?stove) and looking
Glasse vallued at

ITM in the maids Chamber a Bedsted vall at

ITM in the ?Armary a great ?presse, 2. XXXX
XXXXs, 1. table and 5. sutes of Armes, 9.
Musketts, 4. swords, 5. bandeleers, 5. halberds
XXXX, 2. Steele bowes, & a winch vall: at

ITM in the dining Roome, 7. little pictures, 1
long table vall att

ITM in S:r John's Chamber, 1. Court cupboard
XX Carpet, 7. pieces of tapistrie, 1. piece
of darnix, 2. Elbow chaires, 2. stooles, 1. bed
sted Curtins and vallance willow colour and
rodds and headcloth, 1. featherbed old & broke
w:th some downe, a quilt, a yellow rugg
X bolster, a greene rugg, vallued at

XX in the Nursery the hangings about y:e
Roome, in the Closett some shelves in the
XXXX some Lumber ?late one CarXXX at

XXXX XX goods that belonged to S,r John Jacob
deceased and now are in Woodbery howse in
the Parish of Gamlingey in the County of
Cambridge, (Viz:t) In the Parlour, Curtins
and vallence of Damaske for a Bed in a
XXX vallued at

ITM the Chest of drawers vall at

XX 2. little XXX sideboards vallued at

XXX 12. backe leather chaires, 1. Elbow chaire
XXX 6. low chaires vall at

XX a greene Couch vallued at

XX a window Curtin & a rod vall at

XX in the drawing Roome, 6. low chaires and
1. low stooles w:th wrought loose Covers att

XXX side board table and a skreene at

XX a paire of low Brasse andirons at

XX in the great hall, a long table and two
XXXX vallued att

XXXXX Chaire and a Couch vall at

XXX a Clocke with a case and Glass case at

XX in the wineseller a stilling for small Caske

XX in the ?Dining roome 3. pictures with 2. frames
XXXX and XX stooles vall: at

XXX in the Chamber ober the drawing roome the
chest of drawers vall at

XXX a large white Callico quilt vall at

XX 2. ?broken remnants of stained Callico at

XX 3 pcells of old striped hangings at

XX 2. greene Carpets, a Counterpaine & Curtins
XX bayes for a Bed vallued at

XX a ?pillow silke quilt vallance & head XXXX at

XXX at XXXXXXXXX feather bolsters, 2. pillowes at



[The text on this image is hard to read]

XXXXXXXXXXX 3. shelves vall at

XXXXXXXX Kitchin a Jacke vall at

XXX a long forme and a settle, XXXX
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Iron before the fire, and a

XXXX Brewhosee a large XXXX
XXXX a Cooler, a long plancke
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX trough vall at

XX in the XXXX, 2. Cheife presses, 3. foote
XXXX, 2. long plancke dressers, 4. shXXX at

XXXX the larder, 3. plancke dressers
XXXXX XXXX and 2. shelves vall at



Possible primary sources

  1. Sir John Jacob referred in his will to Mr ?Hill "my chaplin" ( PROB 11/320 Mico 47-91 Will of Sir John Jacob of Bromley, Middlesex 02 April 1666