MRP: PROB 5/1632 Inventory of Jonathan Ashe, 1666, ff. 1-16

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PROB 5/1632 Inventory of Jonathan Ashe, 1666, ff. 1-16

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11/03/12, CSG: Created page & posted transcription

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[f. 1]

of all and singular the
goods and Chattells of
late belonging unto
Jonathan Ashe Citizen and
draper of London deceased
who whilest had lived was
of the parish of S:t Catherine
Cree Church Ldn valued
and appraised the twenty eigth
day of march Anno
one thousand six hundred
sixty and six by Abraham ?Muns,
Henry Phill, Randall ?Nuns all
Joyners and John
Atherbury Clothworker all sworne
before the right worp:ll S:r
Thomas Adams Knight
and one of the Aldermen
of Lond
on the pticulars are as follows

In the Garretts

[f. 2]

IMPRIMIS two tables
Two Turkie Carpetts foure
Trunks a meale Tubb
And lumber


In the lower Garretts

ITEM one Greate Cheste
Two Trunks, one presse a
Close ?Stoole and pann


ITEM one halfe head
bed steade matt, and ? Cort
one feather bed, one
bollster one pillow, and
a ?flatt bollster foure
Coverlies and a deall

lj:s ij:d

In the matted Chamber

ITEM a Bedstead Cord and
rods foure wrought
curtaines and vallours ?tester
and head cloth one feather

[f. 3]

Bed one Boulster two
pillowes and a
Mattres, one quilt two
Blanketts one wrought
Couch one Chaire and
stoole and carpett eight
peeces of Vander hangings
two silke window Curtaines
and a Rodd one side table
and Stand one Iron
hoope with fire shovell
and Tongs

xi:ll: xviij:s

In the Pintadoe Roome

ITEM A Bedstead Couch
and Rods foure nettworke
curtaines and Vallons ?tester and headcloth of
callicoe one nettworke
couch two Chaires two
stooles ?suitable one feather bed and boulster one pillow
one Mattress and Coverlidd

[f. 4]

two Blanketts one silke Carpett
one Indian Carpett two turkie
carpetts Paintadoe hangings
window Curtaines and Rodd
one Case of Drawers one
side Table a paire of brasse
Andirons one paires of tongs

xiiij:ll v:s: ij:d

In the Green Chamber

ITEM a Bedstead Cord and rods foure xxxxxof pxxanods
foure white curtaines and vallons
curtaines and vallons,
tester and head cloath one
ffeather Bed and boulster
three blanketts, a blew
Rugg one panitadoe quilt
Stript hangings with window
Curtaines and Rodd about
the Roome two Chaires
one purple Carpett and
ide Table two Child
bed basketts


[f. 5]

ITEM a Bedstead matt
cord and Rods foure
stript Curtaines and vallons
s ?Burkham Toster one
ffeather bed one boulstertTwo pillowes, one rugg one
coverlid two blanketts one
settle bed one old pxxxx
one Cushion one windowe
rod, and a looking glasse



ITEM eleaven paire of
fflaxen sheetes, and one odd
one eleaven Coarse sheetes
and twenty two pillowcases
good, and bad two damaske
Table Cloathes fourty three
damaske Napkins two
damaske napkins two
Cupboard Cloathes two ordinary
Diaper Table Cloathes and
fourty eight napkins fifty
nine old napkins fifty
fifty six XXXXX Cloathes

xxij:ll: ij:s: ij:d

In the Widdowes Chamber

[f. 6]

ITEM one sack Cloath bottome
bedstead with two paire of
Rodds foure Cloath Curtaines
and vallons lined with
?Sarsenett, Teaster headpeece
and Counterpaine with Cases
on the pillows foure Cupps
foure large case Curtaines
of ?Rorsie, one yellow silke
quilt and feather bed, and
boulster two downe pillowes
one thread blankett seaven
Cloath Chaires foure velvet
Chaires two stooles, one Cloath
Carpett and table, one paire
of Stands six peeces of
Tapestrey hangings two
baggs window Curtaines
and Rods one paire of
brass Andirons fire shovell
and Tongs of brasse and
and Iron hoope with brasse
and a small peece of Tapestry

[f. 7]

Under thew Windowe
one looking glasse a paire
of sheetes one paire of
pillow?beards, and a Cxxp
board Cloath some small
China Ware

lv:ll xviij:s

In the Chamber next adjoyning

ITEM two Bedsteads Cords
and Rods fower Cloath
Curtaines and vallons foure
?Cantoone Curtaines two
Burkham Tosters and
head Clothjes, one feather bed
and boulster five feather
pillowes two Callicoe
quilts six Blanketts three
Chaires one Case of
Drawers one trunke, one
table one cabinett two
window Curtaines, and
one rodd, a paire of red
kersie Cotton a paire of Doggs
with broad brasses an Iron
hoope a parie of Tongs

xiiij:ll x:s

In the Chamber over the Gate

[f. 8]

ITEM a Bedstead matt Cord
and Rodds burkham Teaster
foure Curtaines and
Vallons of perpetuanoe
one feather bed and
boulster one Coverlid three
Chaires one stoole one
Cash Table one case of
Drawer one looking glasse
old painted hangings

iij:ll xv:s

In the next Roome

ITEM a Bedstead Cords
Curtaine rods BurkhamtTester foure pintadoe
Curtaines and vallons
one mattress, one feather
bed two Boulsters one rugg
one pillow one Coverlidd
two Blanketts three stooles
a side bed six peeces of vanden hangings one

[f. 9]

Pintadoe windowe
Curtaine and Rodd

iiij:ll xvj:d


ITEM two ?liveing Gownes one
hood and all the rest of the
Testators weareing apparell
both linnen , and woollen
?halls hose, and shoes
Gloves & with a bible


In the Counting house

ITEM a small iron Chest
A woodden Chest one
deske a Cabinett and
a Joyned Stoole and a


In the Dining Roome

ITEM one ?Sqnob with
twelve Chaires two stooles
and two Carpetts embroidered
on Cloath two cabinetts ?two
pictures one large looking
glasse quilt leather hangings
About the roome six

[f. 10]

Albaster figures two
baggs window Curtaines
and rodds foure Spanish
Tables one peace of fine
dutch matting one paire
of brasse Andirons fire shovell, and tongs of brasse
one paire of Doggs with
brasses a paire of bellowes a
furnace a painted matt
in the Chimney

xxxvij:ll x:s

In the Hall

ITEM a Spanish Table an
old pxxxsse a towell hanger
one muskett, one paire of
Bandaloons a sword a paire
of pistolls a paire of playing
Tables two ?shall branches

xxxij:s vj:d

In the Parlour

ITEM two tables one old
Leather Carpett (sic) fifteen

[f. 11]

Leather Chaires foure
Cushions one grate with
Brasses one fender fire
Shovell tongs and forke
a window Curtaine and Rodd

iij:ll ij:s vj:d


ITEM one hundred twenty
And two ounces of
Plate at five shillings
An ounce

xxx:ll x:s

In the Warehouse

ITEM one Table one
Chest two little cabinetts
ten hanging shelves one
blacke Table two stands
two Joyned stooles five
Alabaster figures with
a parcell of glasses and
some lumber

iiij:ll xv:s

ITEM two thousand five
hundred seaventy five yards
and a quarter of severall

[f. 12]

Sorts of Cloath at severall
Prices amounts to in all
With five ?yorkshire Cottons

j:en vij:i dl lx :ll viij :s

(these roman numerals are confusing – it appears to be a high amount)

In the Kitchin

ITEM a Jacke and weights
?Chaine, line, and ?pullees
one Iron Rack two fire
shovells tongs and forks
two pott hangers one grid iron
two Iron dripping panns, two
potts, one kettle, six spitts
two smoothing irons three
brasse bottles one warming
pan seaven candlesticks
one brassepott, six skilletts
one greate copper pott six
peeces of Tin ware five
Chaires and Joyned stooles
earthen ware, and lumber

vj:ll xv:s vj:d

ITEM foure hundred fourty two
Pounds of pewter dishes ?X
?Fine and ?Cavile at 10:d ½ p:ll

xix:ll vj:s ix:d

In the Garden

[f. 13]

ITEM one leaden Cisterne
two pewter ?Stills two Tables
two Joyned stooles one
Rowler a napkin presse
and Lumber

vij:ll ij:s vj:d

In the Celler

ITEM Bere ?stillion a small
parcell of Charcoale three
pounding Tubbs and


ITEM a Sxxxx Ringe
Xxxxx, xx diamond Ringe
Two small  ?flaws of comb & two jewells valued at 90:ll, all
Which & xxx Ringes now &
Xxxx & Losse of XX XXXX

China Ware

[f. 14]

ITEM a parcell of China
Ware, and other earthn
Ware and potts



ITEM in ready mony in
The houses
vj.dl lxxxviij:ll vj:s

Debts due to the deceased and wrecvd since his death

S:r John Shawe xxxj:ll vij: s vj:d

Edward Backwell Esq:r j:en iij:dl ij:ll xij :s ij:d

Chamber of London lv:ll vj:s

Mons:r le ?Doubed l:ll

S:r Samuell Mico vj:ll vj:s vj:d

Doctor Galford vj:ll

Debts due to the deceased whereof most are desperate

The East India Company Ij:dl l:ll

Edward Pate vj:ll j:s

Edward Knipe xxvj:ll xxiij:s 7:d

Lady Carterett xix:ll ix:s vij:d

Ffrancis Dela Vergne lxxxvij:ll xiij:s 5:d

Mons:r le Doubed xlix:ll viij:s vij:d

S:r ffrancis Cobb xxvij:ll x:d

Richard Tuffton lvij:ll ix:s

Andrew Clarke Iij:ll xix:s

S:r Joseph Ash lvj:s j:d

George Cooper xvj:ll x:s

Mons:r ?Delionar xij:ll iij:s

M:r ?Leager Ij:ll xvj:s

Nathaniell Snape v:ll x:s

Henry Snape v:ll v:s

M:r Saint hill xvj:ll xvj:s

M:r Lamie a ffrench master vj :ll

Edward Carterett xiiij :ll ij :s

Peter Whilly lij :ll xiiij :s

Adventure in the Three Brothers Cxxx:ll viij:s

John Laborie (or Laborice) of Callie (sic) CCCv:ll ij:s j:d

A Bad debt made by John le Cottoulx Cxij:ll vij:s xi:d

Thomas Anslow v:ll x:s

Gerald Aungier lxvj:ll ix:s ij:d

Goods in the hands of John ?Loveday at the Barbadoes Ccij:ll xv:s vj:d

John ? Leven by Bond Clxv:ll xiij:s

Samuel Ashe Cxiiij:ll xv:s vij:d

Doctor Collins liij:ll xvj:s

W:m ?ffrystone iij:ll

Lord Aungier xviij:ll xiij: s vj:d

Joseph Herne Iiij:ll x:s

M:r Cooper v:ll x:s

S:r George Corthope Iiij:ll ij:s iij:d

Anthony Coudien of Callie lxiij:ll vj:s iij:d

S:r Isaack Sidley xlv:ll

Randolph Isaackson vj:ll xv:s iij:d

Mouns:r Gasthier xix:ll xix:s iij:d

Margarett ?paine xlij:s vj:d

M:r Read vij:ll x:s ix:d

Lady Escott v:ll[1]

Voyadge to Cadis for 2 ps of Cloath lxxiiij:ll vj:d

Voyadge to Lisbon Cl:ll

Mouns:r Goapall iiij:ll ix:s

Cousin Jonathan Ashe iij:ll xij:s

Ffrancis ?holbeth xv:ll

M:r ?Doboga v:ll viij:s

Mad:a La ?Jenne iij:ll x:s

Henry ?Bacons (or Dacons) C:ll

John Atherbury xxvij:s

W:m ? Leaven xxxvij:ll

M:r Coleman xvj:ll

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  1. Lady Escott. Just possibly wife of Sir Thomas Escott (b. ?, d. ca. 1684), of Chancery lane (PROB 4/5416 Estcourt, Sir Thomas, kt., of Chancery Lane, London 1684 1 March; PROB 11/373 Drax 52-101 Will of Sir Thomas Estrourt of Sherston Pinckney, Wiltshire 04 July 1683)