MRP: PROB 5/2160 Inventory of Robert Cranmere, 1665, ff. 1-5

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PROB 5/2160 Inventory of Robert Cranmere, 1665, ff. 1-5

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[f. 1]

of all and Singular the
goods Cattle and Chatteles
of Robert Cranmere late of
the parish of Mitcham in
the Countie of Surry deceased
taken the three and twentieth
day of March one thousand
six hundred sixtie-five by
Richard Hutchinson and William

j:ll xiij:s vj:d

In the Garrett

IMPRIMIS One halfe ?bed
bedstead matt and Cord
one old feather bed and
fflocke boulster two pillows
two old greene Ruggs and
old chaires one Cradle two
paire old Craydles Some
old deale Boards and
other Lumber

In M:rs Dorothys Chamber

ITEM one Bedsted matte
Cord and Curtaine rods
one paire of old Redde
Curtaines and Vallens

[f. 2]

one oldFeather bed bolster
and two Pillows two blanketts
and quilt and Canopy bedsted
and Curtaines and Vallens
feather bed and Boulster
and old greene Rugge
a quilt a peice of old
stript Stuffe two ould
Stooles a Box of Drawers
and ?France two windowe
Curtains and Rodd a Chimney
Clok one hoope, fire
shovell and Tongs and
one looking Glasse

vij:ll iiij:s vj:d

In the White Chamber

ITEM Two bedsteds
Matts Cords Curtaine Rods
one Mattris two Feather
beds two boulsters two
paire Pillows two Quilts
three blanketts a Cradle
Rugge one old Peice of
stript stuffe one Paire
of white holland Curtains
and Vallens wrought with
A Carpett one Paire
Curtains and vallens

[f. 3]

pentado one paire white
Callico Curtains & Vallens
two old Stooles one
Table one paire of
brass Abdirons one
old stript hanging about
the Roome windowe Curtains
and Rodds stript stuffe
the Closet and a floore

xiiij:ll v:s 6:d

In the Maids Chamber

ITEM One Bedstead
Matt Cord one Mattris
one old Feather Bedd
and bolster two red
Curtains and Vallens one
old Red Rugge and
one blanket and Skreene
one old Chest a Cradle
two basketts three Cushions
and a Parcell of old
Guilt Leather

ij:ll ij:s vj:d

In the Nursery

ITEM Two bedsteads
Matts Cords and rods

[f. 4]

Two paire Curtains Two
Feather beds two boulsters
one pillow three old
blanketts one old quilt
one Red Rugge a Trunke
a joined stoole a Cradle
stript hangings about the
Roome window Curtaines
and Rod and one ?backe
a side board carpett six
backe stooles and a greate
chaire of the same A
quilt vallence hedcloth
and Tester of Sattin tenn
other quilts a flowrd
Sattin Mantle

Liiij:ll vj:s iiij:d

In the Red Chamber

ITEM A Bedstead
Matt cord Curtains Roddes
Curtain vallence headcloth
of red serge one feather
old Tapestry Covering one
old quilt one old chaire
one Stoole y:e hanging
about the Roome window
Curtains and Rod ome

vj:ll ix:s

[f. 5]

In the Closet of the Red Chamber

In the Garrets of the New buildings

In the blacke & white Chamber

In the Purple Chamber

In the New Buildings

In the Closet of the New Buildings

In the Dining Rooms

In the Great Parlour

In the Little Parlour

In the Passage and Buttery

In the Kitchin

In the Dairy House

In the Back house Old Dayrey and Sellers

In the Counting house

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