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See Letter of Dr. Escaliot, Surat to Dr. Browne, Norfolk, January 26th 1663/64

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English factory at Surat


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Town profile


Suggested image sources

'Plan of Surat', Exhibition of of French maps and drawings of 18th Century Cities and Monuments of India in New Delhi, National Museum, organised by Embassy of France and National Museum of India, in collaboration with National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. New Delhi, December 18, 2000-January 21, 2001

'Plan of Surat river', 1750. from an English MS., J. Russel sculp. Gallica, BNF, viewed 13/08/10

'Surat factory', Italian source, ca. 1700, viewed at, 13/08/10

'Port of Swally with the mouth of the river of Surat', 1799, Gallica, BNF, viewed 13/08/10

Allain Mallet's 'Description  I'Universe', published in France in 1683, copper plate, later hand colouring, Size of engraved area 140mm x 100mm.,, viewed 02/08/11

Early copper plate engraving 'Vue De Surate du Cote de la Riviere' in India. Prevost's 'Histoire Generale des Voyages' and dates from around 1750. Size of engraved area 260mm x 180mm.,, viewed 02/08/11

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