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Map of Tripoli & surrounds, 1764

Tripoli, Roux (Marseilles, 1764)

Town plan

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Image credits & copyright information

(1) Roux, 'Tripoli', in Receuil des principaux plans, des ports, et rades de la Mer Mediterranée (Marseilles, 1764)
- Copper plate, sheet 23 cm x 17cm, engraving 19.5 cm x 13 cm
- Out of copyright book
- Sourced, with thanks, from XXXX

Town profile


Suggested image sources

Suggested primary sources

'Tripolis in Syrien...' in Olfert Dapper, Naukeurige beschryving van gantsch Syrie, en Palestyn of Heilige Lant... (Amsterdam, 1677)
- No digital edition is available

Suggested secondary sources