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William Dallison Justice of Common Pleas will

PROB 11/42B Chaynay Will of William Dalyson, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas of Laughton, Lincolnshire 15 April 1559

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See Inventory of William Dallison of Hallinge, Kent, 1583/84 (inventory of son)
See Sir Maximilian Dallison will (grandson son of William Dallison, justice of common pleas)

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IN THE NAME OF GOD OUR LORD JESUS CHRISTand our onely Savo:r and Redeemer XXX The nynth day of January the yere of our Lord god one thousand fyve hunderth XXXX I William Dalyson one of our soveraigne Lady the gracious Ma:ties Justice of the pleas before her ?peer to be ?holden being being in perfect mynd and health thanks be unto almightie god

But consydering the mortalitie of man and howe he is borne to dye the tyme XXXX and XXXX is onely XXXX to goode Judgement

And p:ring daly gods ?plays before my own XXX for the punishment of our synnes as by?extreme ánd strange sycknes diseases and suden deathes do by the grace and sufferance of god my onely Redeemer and Saviour ordeyn constitute and make this my last Will and Testament in forme as followeth

FFIRST I will and bequeath my soule unto god almightie my onely Savio:r and Redeemer

By the merytts of whose death and passcon ánd by his greatt m:ry I trust to be saved and to be amember of his ??flocke in the Kingdom of heaven

And I will that yf god call me to his m:ry át any place XXXX the Citie of Lyncoln as XXXXing the Close of the Cathedral Church of Lyncoln, or wythin the Countie of Lyncoln being no further from the parryshe of Langston in Lyncoln than xxij:? myles that my body shalbe caryed to Langston ánd to be buryed under the alter in the chappell in the church of Langston where my father and my brother George lyeth and my body then ?to lye in a Tombe or ?TrXXX of stone ?carried about w:th a xxxxx graven uppon the same stone my XXXXX w:th my XXXton ?Robeis and ?Coyf ?in ?view as I sytt in Jugement and all the XXXX of the same stone to be engraved w:th ?ffoure ?lines w:th my name w:th the day and yere of my death and I will and bequeath for and towards the making therof Tenn pounds in money w:ch ?lyme and stone and


I will that the charge of my buryall w:th maxxx dxxxxx blacke ligth and expenses be paid ordeyned and done for me XXX the said Cathedrall Churche of Lincoln and at Langston aforesaid or ells where where yt shall please god to have me buryed as by the discrecon of my executors shalbe thought ?mete and convenyent having a respecte to my subtance myn estate and ?dyn:e and the XXXXXXX fynding and bringing upp ofmy poor children

And I will that theire shalbe no XXXXXX gyven for me

But I will that money shalbe gyven spent and distributed ámonge the poore people át Lyncoln Langston or ells as where as is aforesaid where most ?need shall requyre the Summ of Tenne pounds by the distcreion of my executo:rs haveing a respect as aforesaid

ITEM I will to the paryshe ?churche of Langston áforesaid and ?desireth of XXXXX XXXXX and ymbrodered to be XXXX and ??anyone uppon the said ?divers ??under the w:ch I am appoynted my body to be buryed and x:li in money towards the reparacons of the same church

And to the cathedrall church of lyncoln towards the Reparacons therof els

And to ?any ?M:r of the cathedrall church being in Resydence at the day of my death one old Angell apeece

Desyring theym to be good maisters to my wife ánd to my poore children XXXX as they have beene to me in my lyfe tyme

And I will to the ?church of ?XXXXings x:li and to the church of Greetwell x:li

And further I will and my mynd is

That my brother George will and Testament be pformed in every point áccording to the trewe meaninge ánd intente thereof

And that every one of my said brothers daughters lyving at the day of my death shall have of my gyft and bequest Twenty XXX apeece over and besydes that threescore therteene pounds Tenne shillings they XXX ?dispose ??therby my said brothers will being then unpaid as paid

And I will to John Dalyson sonne of my said brother Twentye pound

And to Thomas Dalyson brother to the said John other twentye pound

So that they be then lyving át the tyme of my death

And the said legacy and bequeste to be delyvered to theym the said sonns and daughters upon the specall chXXXXXXX of all XXXX ptes ?duties and porcions ás apply wth to all the said daughters and sonnes by my said brothers will and in and for the discharge of my xxxsyons

And I will and bequeth to my Nephe William Dalyson sonne and heire to my said Brother George Dalyson in full recompense of such things as I have obteyned or XXXXX of his and that was to hym bequested by his said father my ?leasse interest terme and estate that I have in the man of Nettelton that I have by my said brothers leasse ánd my chamber in Langston aforesaid all my goods ymplements and cattalls that I have in the same chambers at Langston aforesaid The XXXXs of leade and XXXX of leade ?them

Around chest and one of the sXXXX chests there onely except and for?pXXX

And he my said Nephw to have the same delyvered uppon his acquaintance as is aforesaid

So that alwayes and uppon the condicon also that he make further assurance to his two younger brothers John ánd Thomas of and uppon the lands and Tenements to theym bequethed by his said father for their liffe as by theire learned counsel shalbe thought ?meate and convenient

And also to assure my brother Roger Dalyson of foure pound yerely during his lyfe

According to my fathers last Will and Testament or other ?wyse my mynd is

That my said Nephw Willm Dalyson shall XXXX or have no ?comodity or profitt by this my last will and Testament but onely to be XXXXXXXX and answered of such pcells ás is XXXXX and to hym bequethed by his said fathers will and Testament and none otherwyse

ITEM I will and bequeth to everyone of my daughters Elizabeth Joys Barbara and Mary at their full and sewall age or ages of twenty yeres as at the daye of their sewall marriages or marriage three hundred markes apeece wythout any defalcacon or denying thereof

And yf anyone of theym dye before her full age of twentye yeres or marriage then I will and my mynd is

That her pte so dying shall come and be to the others of my said daughters then lyving to be delyvered as is aforesaid

And yf all of my said daughters saving only one of theym dye before the said age or marriage

Then I will and bequethe to that my daughter xx lyving three hundred pounds and forte pounds on and besydes for and towards her apparrell towards her said marriage and towards her fynding and bringing upp to be delyvered and paid to her ás is aforesaid

And yf the said daughter lyving dye before her said age or marriage

Then I will and my mynd is That the said three hundred and fortie pounds shalbe gyven and delyvered to my three sonns Willm Robert and Thomas that is to saye To every one of theym one hundreth pounds and twenty mks apeece át the daye of theire sewall age of xxj:t yeres and every one of theym to be others xxx and successor therof yf any one of theym dye before the said age of xxj:t yeres

And I will and bequeth to Willm Dalyson my sonne all my books wyth my bookes of the lawes of this Realme and my best salte wyth around all gilt and adosen of silver Spoons called ?shipps of my beste and ?gudest and my basen and Ewer of ?sylver pcell gilt wyth my rest (OR, nest) of bowles wyth the XXX all gylt togethere wyth one silver spoone all gilte


To hym gyven by my lady Margrett Taylboys át his Christening

??ITEM I will and bequeth to my said sonne Willi:m Dalyson my fferme ??yeres interest and estate that I have in the man Lordship and psonage of Cristwill and to my sonn Robert Dalyson I will and bequeath my fferme estate and terme of yeres that I have of and in the psonage or grannge of MessuXXXX

And to my sonne Thomas Dalysom I will and bequeath my interest XXXXX and estate that I have of and in the psonage of ??Wotton wyth the ??shepgate in ??Watton and XXXXX and my fferme and interest in Coxill and XXXXXXXX wythall my stock and store there XXXXX being in Thomas ?Wentworth hands and possession for yeres yet enduring

?Second I will and bequeath unto my wellbeloved wife Elizabeth Dalyson all her apparell and Jewells that apperteynth to her body and my greatt BXXXX XX arounde all silver pcell gilt two small gobletts royte aron pcell gilte two Saltes all gilte the one is XXXX that I hadof Thomas Henneage Esquire and the other that is daly occupyed XX arounde XXXX thXXXXX and theotehr all which went aron and two dosen of Spoons such as she will XXXX



And XX the company and fellowship of Grays Inne towards theXX comons Twelve shillings

And towards the reparacons of theire hall and othr messuages as by their discressons shalbe thought good fyve pounds

I will further and bequeathe to everyone of my sonnes at theire age of xxj:th yeres Twentie pound apece

and XXXX of theym XXXXX to be others XXXX and ?successo:rs of his and their pte so dying so alwayes as my ?goode will extends XXX

on and besides their Legace and bequests aforesaid

And of this my last will and Testament I do ordeyne constitute and make my deare beloved and faithfill fryens Sir Edward ?Sannders knyght Lord cheif Justice of England my uncle Roger Dalyson doctor of Divinitie and chanter of the Cathedrall church of Lyncoln Sir ffrancis XXXXXX knyght and william Thorold to be my full executors

The said Sir Edward Sannders Lord Cheif Justice to have onely for his paynes fyve pounds in old gold and one of my best goldrings

The said Roger Dalyson my uncle to have for his paynes ?thre pounds in money and one sup of sylver all gilte wythout arounde

The said Sir ffrancis Ayscough to have onely for his pyanes ??eight pounds

And the said William Thorold to have onely for his paynes vj:li xiij:s iiij:d

To that intent and purpose

That my said Executors shall see this my last Will and Testament pformed and my goods and chattells XXXX disposed and ordered according to this my last Will and Testament and According to the trewe intente and meanying of the same

The Resydewe of all my goods debts and catalls not given nor bequeathed my dentes paid and my ffuneralls executed and done

I will and my mynd is that yt shalbe evenly evyded amonge my wif and my poo:r children as most well shall XXXXX by the distcrecion of my executors

yf my wife be not wyth child att the day of my death and yf she be then I will that of the Resydewe the XXXX ??shall that yf yt be a man child at his age of xxj:th yeres XXXXX two hundreth makes

And yf yt be a woman child the `thre hundred mkes at the age of twentye yeres as at the day of marriage

And yf the same child dye before the said age or ages mariage or mariages as is aforesaid

Then I will that

That pte of two hzndreth mkes or that pte of three hundreth mkes to be evenly devyded as is aforesaid amonge my wif and my poo:r children then lyving as my mynd is of the Rest of the o:rplus as I have declared as is aforesaid

?pvyded alwayes and I will that yf my said wif zak uppon her the care and charge of this my last Will and Testament

That then she being bounden to my executo:rs to pforme this my last Will and Testament w:th sufficient suerties XXXX shalhave the order Rule custody and disposicon of all my goods debts ffarmes and Catalls to dispose according to this my last Will and Testament by the advyse ahelpe and counsell of my said Executo:rs

And yf any of my said daughters will not be ordered or Ruled in their mariage or mariages by my said wif and exeuctors or by themost part of theym

But wantonly will mary or contracte theym selves w:thout the assents or good wills of my said wif and executors or the most ote of theym

That then she or they so doing w:thout the assents and good will as is aforesaid shalbe disfalkd of the pte and porton of her bequests ?as by this my last Will and Testament as by the discretcon of my executo:rs or more pte of theym shalbe thought most mete and convenyent

THis my last will and Testament or any thing in the saime conteyned

to the contrary hereof in anyeise not w:thstanding

And further I will and my mynd fully is that