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William Meggs Junior will

PROB 11/356 Reeve 1-55 Will of William Meggs of Whitechapel, Middlesex 26 November 1678

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William Meggs [junior], son of William Meggs [senior], was a London merchant and a subscriber to the SVJS.[1]

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2nd day of June 1675
I William Meggs of the parish of White Chappell (sic) in the County of Middlesex
Good health and memory
Buriall in the chancell of the parish church of White Chappell…near which all my ancestors lye buried and in which said parish wee have lived successively for about one hundred yeares
Gives to as many porre men of the upper hamlet of White Chappell as there shall be yeares of age at date of his death (sic)
Nephew William Goulston
Mentions several people indebted unto him for good sums of money on mortgages on their lands and for non payment are subject to forfeiture
Has built an almshouse for 12 people in White Chappell for twelve poore men or women

Almshouses are only for single people
No one under the age of 50 , must frequent the Church
Endows the almshouses with £1200 to generate an annuity of £70/year
Mr Brother in Law, Richard Goulston, Lord of that Towne
Judith Johnson my sister
Doesn't give Judith Johnson more because she supplies her youngest daughter with money "who is a naughty woman" (sic) and is thereby inclined to lead a scandalous life to the great grief and sorrow of all her friends and relations
Gives to Mary the eldest daughter of my said sister Johnson and wife of Davennant Rector of White Chappell
My cousin Davenant, her husband
Alice, my sister, the wife of Richard Goulston Esquire

Nephew James Goulston Esquire £1000 and remit a debt
Nephew William Goulston £1000 and my Adventure in the East India Company and all the proffitt and produce thereof that shall arise after my decease
Mentions agreement with Mr Morris regarding marriage with kinswoman and of Mr Morris
Jane Cooke, the daughter of my sister Goulston and the wife of John Cooke Esquire
Appoints three trustees (1) Richard Goulston Esquire (2) John Cooke Esquire (3) James Goulston of BXXXX - gives them £2000 upon trust
My nephew William Bowdler
Bowdler to receive £500, but owes WM £1000 which WM remits
My kinswoman Anne Bowdler
Judith Bowdler
My houses in ffetter lane and deane streete
My kinswoman Doorthy Bowdler
Jane Bowdler my bigger diamond ring
In rembrance of my brother Dr James Meggs deceased
William, Anne, Judith, Jane and Dorothy Bowdler
Rents generated from houses demised by lease - names leasees
Joan XXXX my maid servant an annuity of £10! (thi sis very generous) and also £50 as a lump sum within 6 months
My two friends Sir Robert Mayton [?] (CSG, 20/04/10 - I bet this is Sir Robert Clayton) and John Morris Esquire
Samuell XXXX a poore boy that was my servant and now Apprentice unto one Mr Palmer a shoomaker
One John XXX another poore boy who was my servant and now bound apprentice to a farrier
The Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St Peters in Westminster
Fetter Lane and Deane Streete in the parish of St Andrews in Holborne all which was burnt down and is now built of brick
William Goulston of London, merchant
The Company of Goldsmiths holder of a messauge or tenament in parish of St XXX in London
My Great Mansion in the parish of White Chappell wher I dwell and the other smaller tenament next adjoining in the occupation of William XXXX baker
Some legal dispute about the property in Court of Common Pleas att Westminster and refers to a legal agreement made between him WM and Dr James Maggs dated November 1661 on the one part and James Clitherow and Edward Goulston [?] on the other part
Margarett Meggs, granddaughter of Dr James Meggs
My coach and all the horses
My nephew William Goulston to be my sole executor
Codicil dated 9th February 1677
John XXX my coachman

Possible primary sources


PROB 4/19510 Meggs, William, of St. Mary Matfellon als. Whitechappell, Mdx., esq. 1680 10 June illeg.
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