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IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN: The Twelveth day of June One Thousand six hundred sixty Seaven I Richard Batson Cittizen and Cutler of London Being att present very sicke and weake in bodye but Allmighty God bee praised of sound and perfect minde and memory doe make and declare this my last Will and Testament as followeth That is to say

FFIRST I commend my soule to God that gave itt hoping through the mercie and the meritts of Jesus Christ my Savior to have pardon of all my sinnes and to enioy Eternall happines in heaven And my body I committ to the Earth to bee decently XXXXX mine Executrix hereafter named in her discreson shall thinke fitt. And as for such Temporall Estate as God hath made mee steward of in this life I give & bequeath the same as followes viz:t

IMPRIMIS whereas I have but one only child namely Ann Bendish wife of John Bendish Esq:r and noe Wife, and haveing ??fully XXXXed my said daughter with more than her customarie or childs part of my estate uoon her marriage with her said husband and otherwise ?This XXXXXX my debts paid and funerall charges defrayed taking my whole Estate to bee in mine XXX dispsicon XXXXXXX XXXX had is the Custome of the Cittie of London I give desire bequeath will and dispose the same in manner and ?forme following That is to say ffirst I hereby Release acquitt and discharge my Nephews Thomas Batson, and Henry Batson of all Accompts accons and demands XXand against them or either of them until the


The ffifth day of July One thousand six hundred sixtie ffive they being ffactors for mee in Barbadoes Island And I give and bequeath unto each of them ffive hundred pounds a peece to bee paid them out if the profitts and proceeds of goods which sall bee brought into England from my Plantation in the Island of Barbados aforesaid And equally betweene them I give the best of the three Storehouses in the Barbados which I recoverd of John fford

ITEM I forgive unto their father William Batson all such debts as hee oweth mee

ITEM I discharge Richard Batson my nephew brother of the said Thomas and Henry for five & Thirty pounds part of the debt hee oweth mee;

ITEM I appoint XXXX Executrix (in case M:rs Plampin my late daughter Bridgewood Executor shall deliver up my Bond given my said daughter for one thousand pounds to bee cancelled within six Monthes next after my decease) Then and not otherwise to pay to my Granddaughter Sarah Bridgewood on the say of her marriage one thiusand pounds And One thousad pounds more within one yeare then next following And I make my said daughter Martha and her husband my said sonne in Law the said Thomas Bendish Executors of this my last will and Testament To my brother Thomas Batson to buy himselfe: his wife and his sonne Richard mourninge Twenty pounds And I give my said brother Thomas my best stuffe suite, and my best silke cloake And to all my men servants att London and Lambeth I give ffive pounds a peece for mourning To Elizabeth M:rs Brampstsons maide servant I give fforty shillings And I appoint my Executors to disburse out of such my Estate as that bee resturned from Barbados within five yeares after my decease ffiftie pounds in the purchase and settling of some yearely revenue for ever for the use of the poore of the parish of ?Hipsworth in the Countie of Wilts where I was borne And my Will is that my cosen Richard Batson of that place during his life have the distributing the same yearely amongst the said poore My best blacke cloth suite and cloake I give to my said cosen Henry Batson and my new Beaver Hat and my rising stuffe suite and coate and all my riding cloakes thereto belonging and my best black silke cloakes and cotten hoses w:th them that are in my deske And to his brother Thomas Batson in the Barbados I give Tenne pounds for mourning To my friend M:r Vramston and his wife ffiftie shillings a peece for Rings, And tenne shillings a peece to their servants XXXadell and Walter, And a Ring to Joseph Brampston their sonne And to Captaine Hudson, Consull ffowke and Nicholas ?Hencer that lodge att M:r Brampstons ffifteen shillings a peece to buy them each of them a Ring, And I give my said grandchild Sarah Bridgwood thirty pounds to bee paid her att the age of one and twenty yeares or on the day of her marriage ffirst happening in ?liew of household goods and Lynnen white I purposed for her The residue of all my Estate whatsoever and XXXX XXX XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX given and disposed I wholy give and bequeath unto my said daughter Martha Bendish

Witnesse my hand and seale sett in this my Will contained as dated thereof the first Leafe, and this side of this sheete of paper


for and as his last Will and Testament in the presence of Hen: XXXX Notary Publique Rob: XXppXXX, Rob:t XXXXXX

WHEREAS I have named my sonne in Lawe mine Executor XXX my daughter by the name of Thomas Bendish my intenccons are that my sonne John Bendish and his wife shall bee mine Executors of this my last Will and testament

MEMORANDUM itt is mine Intenccon that if mine Executorsshalbee minded to sell my Plantacon in the Barbados they shall give notive thereof to my Nephews Thomas Batson and Henry batson or one


of them by the space of twelve Monethes before they sell the same XXXX XXXX tyme my ?nephews Thomas Batson and Henry Batson shall declare their XXXX whither they will purchase the same or not And if they shall Purchase the same within that tyme Thehen they shall have XX three hundred pounds XXXXX then and other persons And this I declare to bee part of my Will This ffifteenth day of June One thousand six hundred sixtie seaven by Richard Batson within named to bee part of his Will in the p:rsence of yo Hen: Mosse No:ry Publiqw, Rob: Sheppard ?Sq:r Bence



Primary sources


C 3/433/118 Short title: Batson v Beaumont. Plaintiffs: Richard Batson. Defendants: Joseph Beaumont and another. Subject: money matters in Middlesex. Document type: [pleadings]. 1642-1660

C 6/114/33 Short title: Davies v Cheyney. Plaintiffs: Edward Davies. Defendants: Thomas Cheyney, Edward Arlibeare and Richard Batson. Subject: money matters, Middlesex. Document type: bill, answer. 1651
C 6/134/15 Short title: Batson v Colvile. Plaintiffs: Richard Batson and Gowen Goldagne. Defendants: Robert Colvile, John Colvile and William Clarkson. Subject: money matters. Document type: answer only. 1657
C 6/136/169 Short title: Watkins v Merchants of London. Plaintiffs: Mary Watkins widow. Defendants: Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies [East India Company] and Richard Batson. Subject: money matters, London, Middlesex. Document type: bill, answer. 1657
C 6/140/88 Short title: Mackleir v Batson. Plaintiffs: Sir John Mackleir kt. Defendants: Richard Batson and William Chamberlayne. Subject: money matters, Middlesex. Document type: bill, answer, inventory. 1657
C 6/140/90 Short title: Mackleir v Batson. Plaintiffs: Sir John Mackleir kt. Defendants: Richard Batson and William Chamberlayne. Subject: money matters, Middlesex. Document type: bill, two answers. 1656
C 6/163/3 Short title: Batson v Bendish. Plaintiffs: Richard Batson. Defendants: Sir Thomas Bendish baronet and John Bendish. Subject: property in Haverhill, and Helions Bumpstead, Essex. Document type: bill, answer. 1663

C 10/13/142 Peter Thelwall v Richard Batson: money matters 1651
C 10/57/150 East India Co. v. Batson 1650
C 10/61/147 Hewet, Symons v. Batson: Middx 1660

PROB 11/424 Carr 59-116, Will of Richard Batson, cutler, June 16th 1667

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See HCA13/71: 'Cooke and Johnson ag:st Batson'


London: Vintry ward: Hearth tax, 1662

"Vintry ward: Sixth precinct:

...Richard Batson 20 hearths..."[1]
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