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E 190/46/2 f.10v Annotate
First transcribed 14 September 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 10  +
Parent volume E 190/46/2  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 14/09/2014  +
Transcription '''Eodem xxth October 1657.''' '''Sandwic'''Eodem xxth October 1657.''' '''Sandwich''' ''Mary'' of Sandwich Richard Harris Master}<br /> '''3''' Jeffrey Wells ind xx quarters of wheat and one}<br /> ''C'' and fifty quarters of Mault Per Cert xvth October 1657.} ''Hopewell'' of Sandwich William Reynolds Master}<br /> '''4''' Richard Mosse ind xx quarters of wheat one ''C'' quarters}<br /> of Mault viij quarters of Beanes Per Cert xvij October <u>1657</u>} '''Donwich''' ''Margrett'' of Southwold Edward Evered Master}<br /> '''5''' John Gold Ind ij ''C'' and lxvj firkins of Butter}<br /> viij ''C'' and xxiiij Cheeses vj thousand and 1/2 of}<br /> Fish ij Bedds and j Chest Per Cert xiijth October 1657.} '''Ipswich''' ''John and Margrett'' of Ipswich John Lambly Master senior Robert Greene Ind}<br /> '''6''' xvj firkins of Butter one Load of household}<br /> goods, two tuns of English pottashes Per Cert xij October 1657} '''Cowes''' ''Thomas'' of Hasting Thomas Hide Master}<br /> '''7''' Idem ind fourty Tunn of Tobackoe Pipe Clay}<br /> Per Cert. xxviijth September 1657} '''Faversham''' ''John'' of Whitstable William Carlton Master}<br /> '''8''' Edward Mills ind xxx quarters of wheat Per Cert}<br /> xijth day of October 1657} '''Kingston<br /> super Hull''' ''Goodspeed'' of Hull Thomas Mold Master}<br /> '''9''' Thomas Barombrough ind lxix firkins of Butter}<br /> Per Cert vjth October 1657} '''October xxjth: 1657.''' [CENTRE HEADING] '''Rochester''' ''Maidstone delight'' of Maidstone Robert Hall Master}<br /> '''1''' Edmund Colvill ind lxxx Baggs hopps one Tun}<br /> of Spirits. five mands fruit, one Load householdstuffe}<br /> one [?Dicker] Leather one bagg of Thread weight 8 ''ll''}<br /> ij hogsheads one Barrell old metall one barrell of}<br /> returned sugar and j Barrell of Bees wax Per Cert}<br /> xvijth October 1657.} '''Milton''' ''Thomas of Milton'' Edmund Smith Master}<br /> '''2''' Idem ind five quarters of wheate x quarters of meale<br /> and xvj Baggs of Hopps quantity xxxvj ''C'' weight. Per Cert xvij October <u>1657</u><br /> more one trusse of linnen Cloth returned xvj baggs}<br /> of Hopps Per Ceert xix October 1657} '''Newcastle''' ''Swan'' of London John Absalom Master}<br /> '''3''' Idem ind xxiij Chaldron of Coales Per Cent. xvth September <u>1657</u>}t. xvth September <u>1657</u>}  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_109_08_1161.jpg|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_109_08_1161.jpg|[[:E 190/46/2|E 190/46/2]] f.10v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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