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HCA 13/65 f.15v Annotate
First transcribed 26 March 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 15  +
Parent volume HCA 13/65  +
Side Verso  +
Status Requires image; transcribed on 26/03/2014  +
Transcription was a letter on board signifying as if thewas a letter on board signifying as if the [?corne] or lading aboard was to bee<br /> transported for Middleborowe, but the same was only a [XXX-brief], or [?colourable GUTTER]<br /> letter, and that the said charter-partie was and is the true Writinge for<br /> the said voyage, and hee denieth that there were any papers or writings burnt<br /> throwne over board or otherwise concealed. To th elast hee saith that the said shipp and lading were by Captaine<br /> Greene taken on the high and open sea (and not in any port or harbour)<br /> on satturday last was three weekes. And otherwise hee cannot depose. To the second Interrogatorie hee saith that the said shipp before shee was<br /> taken came last from the haven of B[XXdet] in Bretagne in the<br /> kingdome of ffrance where shee tooke in her lading of wheate, rie,<br /> and oates, videlicet 141 tonnes of Wheate, 120 tonnes of Rie, and<br /> fiftie tonnes or ates, all corne and graine of the growth of<br /> ffrance, and laden by a ffrenchman, and were to be carried to and<br /> delivered at honfleur in the said kingdome, but for which accompt<br /> hee knoweth not. And otherwise hee cannot answer, saving there were # [# LH MARGIN] at the time of the seizure<br /> about 200 deale boards aboard<br /> the said shipp, which were [?laid]<br /> under the corne to keepe it<br /> from being wet, which deales<br /> hee saith were the proper<br /> goods of and belonging to the<br /> said owners of the said shipp.<br /> J[?an] [?Jansson XXXXXXX] Repeated before doctor Stephens. [Jan] [JXXX] [XXXX] [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ************************************ 30. Julij 1651<br /> h[?ewitt] against Cockayne<br /> and Company of the [XXXX ?Merchants] Examined upon the libell given in on the behalfe<br /> of the said H[XXX]./ '''[XXXX] 1us''' '''William [?Masters]''' of Redriffe in the County of Surrey<br /> Marriner aged 4[?0] yeares or thereabouts sworne and<br /> Examined deposeth as followeth videlicet./ To the fourth article of the said libell he saith and deposeth That the Shipp<br /> the ''William'' arlate did sett forth from Gravesend upon the voyage arlate and<br /> in the imployment of the arlate William C[XXXXXX] upon the 16th day of<br /> the month of October in the yeare 164, and did safely arrive in the<br /> roade of [XXXX] in or upon the 16th day of November followeing, and<br /> did there deliver such goods as were to bee transported in the said shipp for<br /> the use and Accompt of the said [?ConXXXXt], and so traded from Port to<br /> Port and place to place upon the Coast of Barbary untill the 14th day<br /> of Aprill then next followeing, which hee saith was [?five] monthes<br /> and an half wanting two days or thereabouts All which he knoweth for that<br /> hee this deponent went out Master Gunner of and in the said shipp for and<br /> dureing all the said voyage And otherwise referreing himselfe to the Charter party<br /> for the said voyage hee saith he cannot depose./ To the 5th??3] article he saith and deposeth that upon or about the 14th day of<br /> Aprill 164[?3] the Agents and ffactors of the said C[?ourteene] did lade and putt on<br /> board the said shipp the ''William'', a parcell of Gould being<br /> Barbary ducketts, vallued att foure thousand five hundred pounds, att [XXXXX]<br /> [XXXX] arlate, and also two peeces of [XXXX] Ordnance which were left to the<br /> [?Charge] of the arlate Thomas Cox B[XXXX] of the said shipp, and chargeavle unto<br /> the arlate Symon Turg[?i]s and [?Richard] [?Batson], and [XXXXth] the said shipp<br /> as sett saile from the [XXXX] in Barbary bound for the East Indies Att which<br /> time he saith there was due (according to the [XXXXX]} seaven hundred and forty<br /> pounds for the freight of the said shipp, and further he saith hee cannot depose<br /> saveing that in case they had gott safely to the Indies the said Gould and Ordinance was<br /> to have [?defrayed] [?theire] [?charges] [?untill] which time as they had arrived at the Port<br /> appointed./ To thet the Port<br /> appointed./ To the  +
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