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HCA 13/68 f.554r Annotate
First transcribed 2 October 2017  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 554  +
Parent volume HCA 13/68  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 09/01/2018  +
Transcription of Hamburgh 40 yeares and upwards, and thiof Hamburgh 40 yeares and upwards, and this deponent knoweth<br /> not what countryman hee is, but hath heard he was borne att Antwerpe<br /> And did not knowe that the sayd Gorrson was factor of the sayd Martin before<br /> this voyage. And is well assured the sayd Paul Garson is the factor<br /> of the sayd Jaques Martin, and not the sayd Martin of him the sayd<br /> Garson aswell by discourse with the sayd parties themselves, and<br /> report of others, as for that the sayd Jaques Martin is a great<br /> Imployer of shipps and a greate trade to ffrance and hath a<br /> great stock by report in the hands of the sayd Garson. and for that he<br /> this deponent hath receyved 250 dollars of the sayd Garson upon and<br /> for the Accompt and by the order of the sayd Martin to whom this Rendent paid or delivered the like summ before he came from Hamburgh and knoweth<br /> not nor hath heard if the sayd Martin and Garson are partners in<br /> trade. and otherwise he cannot depose. To the third Interrogatorrie he saith by vertue of his Oath that the sayd Jaques<br /> Martin did before the sayd shipp came from Hamburgh name to<br /> this deponent the party who was his Assignee of ffactor in ffrance<br /> that was to lade the sayd shipp, and did then name him by the name<br /> of Garson and not by the name of Drolland. To the fourth Interrogatory he saith that the Barkiers who brought the<br /> sayd wynes and goods aboard did commonly in speaking of the<br /> sayd Paul Garson call him and speake of hhim by the name of<br /> drollion or drolland, but what the said name doth signify or import<br /> in any language he saith for his part he knoweth not. To the fifth he referreth himselfe to his foregoeing depositions<br /> and otherwise negatively. Cornellis [?Janssy [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] Repeated before Doctor Godolphin<br /> and Doctor Clerke./ ************************ The 23th day of January 1653. The Clayme of Dirick de Dobler of Hamburgh}<br /> John Jacobson Carpfanger of Hamburgh<br /> Jan Vanderweyden of Hamburgh and John}<br /> [?deekins] of Hamburgh for the wynes and other}<br /> [?goods] lately seized in the shipp the ''Justice''}<br /> of Stockholme of which Michael Heytman}<br /> is master by the ''Bristoll frigat'' in the service}<br /> of this Commonwealth. Suckly Budd} Examined upon an allegation on the behalfe<br /> of the sayd Claymners '''Michael Heytman''' of<br /> Stockholme in Swethland master<br /> of the sayd shipp the ''Justice'' aged<br /> 53 yeares or thereabouts a witnes<br /> sworne and examined deposeth and saith<br /> as followeth videlicet. '''pd''' To the first Article of the sayd allegation This deponent saith that in the moneth<br /> of November 1653 last past this deponent being att Nantes in<br /> ffrenace with his sayd shipp the ''Justice'' of Stockholm, a young man<br /> by name derick dobler the sonn of the sayd Dirrick da dobler of Hamburgh<br /> and one Gerard Peters, did then and there hire and take the sayd vessell<br /> to ffreight to carry wynes Brandewynes pruens and other goods<br /> from Nantes in ffrance to Hamburgh for accompt of dirrick dobler<br /> and others merchants of Hamburgh. And saith that upon his former<br /> examination taken touching the sayd shipp and lading att ffalmouth<br /> aipp and lading att ffalmouth<br /> a  +
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