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HCA 13/70 f.162v Annotate
First transcribed 30 December 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 162  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 30/12/2014  +
Transcription The third day of January 1654 English stylThe third day of January 1654 English style [CENTRE HEADING] Examined on the sayd allegation. '''Rp. 3''' '''William Clement''' of Weymouth in the County of dorset Mariner<br /> aged 40 yeares or thereabouts a witnes sworne and examined saith<br /> and deposeth as followeth videlicet./ To the 5th 6th and 7th articles of the sayd allegation hee saith and deposeth that by<br /> reason hee this deponent then was and is an Inhabitant of Weymouth and almost dayly<br /> did see the shipp the ''John'' of Weymouth arlate about the tyme arlate and before<br /> hee knoweth that the sayd shipp the ''John'' of Weymouth was at the sayd Port of Weymouth<br /> the 20th day of december 1653 and before, and knoweth that shee was before that<br /> day sufficiently manned with and victualed and prepared to sett to sea from the<br /> sayd port and had belonging to her (one Thomas Browne her master and<br /> about fifteene men and boyes but saith that by reason there was<br /> then and for the mostest of the sayd moneth of december before the sayd 20th day a generall Impresse for takeing up of Seamen at Weymouth to serve this<br /> Commonwealth and that divers frigotts in the imidiate service of this Common<br /> wealth as the ''Speaker'' the ''hound'' the ''Guinney ffrigott'' and others laye then before<br /> Weymouth in the Roade to receave such men as should be pressed for the service of<br /> this Commonwealth and seamen were dayly pressed out of Merchants<br /> shipps and on shoare for the sayd service the sayd shipp the ''John'' though shee were<br /> then on the sayd 20th day of december and before fitted to have sett sayle from the sayd Port<br /> could not sett sayle from thence by reason the mariners belonging to her or the greatest part of them for feare<br /> of the sayd presse which was then at Weymouth and had soe bin from before the 7th<br /> day of the sayd moneth of december 1653 did forsake the sayd vessell and hide them<br /> selves on shoare where they could, to avoide pressing, which notwithstanding hee saith<br /> the arlate Captaine John Arthur did his utmost endeavour that the sayd shipp might<br /> have proceeded on her intended voyage and sett sayle on the sayd 20th day of december<br /> and in pursuance thereof did on the 7th day of the sayd december not get the mariners of the sayd shipps<br /> the ''Johns'' Company to come on board her for feare [?of] pressing get some of the Inhabitants of<br /> Weymouth to get the sayd shipp ''John'' over the barr of the Roade of Weymouth but<br /> the Mariners of the sayd shipps company being some of them of this deponents knowledge<br /> pressed for the service of this Commonwealth and others of them hideing themselves on shoare<br /> to avoide pressing, some of whome did hide themselves in this deponents house in his<br /> mault chamber (hee this deponent using also the trade of malteing at such tymes as hee was<br /> not at sea) the sayd shipp ''John'' could not proceede on her voyage nor passe out<br /> of the sayd Port of Weymouth untill about the 19th day of January 1653 old style<br /> about whch tyme the sayd ffrigotts in service of this Commonwealth went out of<br /> Weymouth Roade, and as hee hath heard some of the sayd shipp the ''Johns'' company saye<br /> they did on or about the sayd 19th day of January 1653 old style (which was [?as ?soone]<br /> they could for feare of pressing) sett sayle from Weymouth Roade in the sayd shipp the ''John'' on the voyage<br /> in question And further to these articles hee cannot depose saving hee saith hee<br /> knoweth not nor hath heard of any vessell that sett sayle from the Port of Weymouth<br /> on or about the 20th of december 1653 till about the 19th of January next<br /> followingh by reason of the sayd presse./ To the rest hee is not examined by direction of the producent/ To the Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING] To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee cometh to testifie in this cause at the request<br /> of the producent Captaine Arthur and saith hee gfavureth all the parties litigant<br /> alike and desyreth right may take place and prevaile in this busines./ To the 2 hee saith hee did not observe what quarter the winde was in the tyme<br /> Interrogate and therefore knoweth not whether the winde were fayre to carry a shipp<br /> from Weymouth to Plymouth or any port westwards, nor knoweth of any shipp that<br /> went during the tyme Interrogate from Weymouth to any port westwards And<br /> further cannot answere/ds And<br /> further cannot answere/  +
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