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HCA 13/70 f.327r Annotate
First transcribed 5 January 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 327  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 05/01/2015  +
Transcription '''21''' '''C.1.''' The 14th of May 1655'''21''' '''C.1.''' The 14th of May 1655. [CENTRE HEADING] On the behalfe of John Brewer}<br /> touching the shipp the ''Seaventure'' John}<br /> Sneller, master, in a matter of Assurance} '''Browne dt.''' '''.j.''' '''John Sneller''' of Shoreham in the<br /> County of Sussex Mariner, master<br /> of the said shipp the ''Seaventure''<br /> aged 50 yeares or thereabouts sworne<br /> before the right worshippfull William Clerke<br /> doctor of Lawes one of the Judges of<br /> the high Court of the Admiraltie, and<br /> examined upon certaine Interrogatories ministred on the<br /> behalfe of the said John Brewer, saith and<br /> deposeth as followeth. To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee well knew and was<br /> master of the said shipp the ''Seaventure'' of Brighthampston<br /> in her last voyage from Plimouth for honfleur in the<br /> River of Roane, in which voyage one Monsieur hozan a ffrenchman<br /> wemt in her and was to dispose of her<br /> lading of ffish. To the second hee saith that the said shipp set saile from Plimouth<br /> on the said voyage on or about the seaventeenth day of January last past, and<br /> when shee came out to sea the weather proving fowle, this<br /> deponent and company put with her into the Ile of Wight and<br /> there staid for the coming of the weather faire about a weeke,<br /> and then sett saile againe for the said port of honfleur, and<br /> that the next day after such her departure from the said Ile<br /> comming about three leagues short of New-haven the said shipp<br /> with her lading of Banck ffish were met with and taken by<br /> an Ostend man of warr (Captaine Pare Commander)<br /> and thence carried to Ostend, where the said<br /> lading of Banck fish were condemned for prize as being<br /> provision of victuall, going to the enemies of the kinge of<br /> Spaine, but the shipp was released as being English and belonging<br /> to those that were in amitie with the Spaniards, and hee saith<br /> hee conceiveth the ffish hough it had bin belonging to English<br /> would have bin condemned, being provision of victuall, and going<br /> to the Takers enemies, but whether it were the goods of English<br /> or not hee knoweth not, saving what followeth. To the third article hee saith and deposeth that Mr John Marten<br /> an English merchant living in Plimouth freighted the said shipp<br /> for the said voyage, and laded the said fish aboard her there,<br /> but whether for his owne accompt or not this deponent knoweth<br /> not, but the said Marten made not any mention of the name of<br /> any other, but himselfe as the person for whose accompt<br /> the said afreightment and ladeing was made, and the Charter<br /> partie betweene them was in the sole name of the said Marten<br /> as lader for his owne accompt, and soe was the bill of lading.<br /> but diverse men at Plimouth asking this deponent who freighted<br /> him, and hee saying Mr Marten, they answered, hee (speaking of the said Mr Marten) deales for the ffrench. To the fourth Interrogatorie hee saith that the Interrogated<br /> Captaine Ozan or Oze, a ffrenchman comming from the Banck<br /> forman comming from the Banck<br /> for  +
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