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HCA 13/70 f.60v Annotate
First transcribed 18 August 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 60  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 18/08/2014  +
Transcription To the fifth article of the said libell heTo the fifth article of the said libell hee saith and deposeth That<br /> hee hath used seafaring from his youth, and hath bin a master<br /> of shipps and vessells for theise fourtie yeares last, and thereby well knoweth<br /> that for all that time (and as hee hath heard for time beyond that<br /> memory of man) there hath bin and still is a custome observed in this<br /> port of London by and betweene masters and Chirurgeons of<br /> shipps, that the Chirurgeon hired to serve in any shipp or vessell doe<br /> not enter into pay untill the shipps comming to Gravesend outwards<br /> bound upon any voyage. And that upon the retourne of shipps or<br /> vessells from their voyage for this port, the Chirurgeons wages are<br /> due and payable assoone as the shipp comes to Gravesend, and<br /> forthwith upon the shipps said arivall, the Chirurgeons are to be<br /> paid and dischardged from further service and attendance on or aboard<br /> any such shipp or shipps, and from that time and dismissed from<br /> any further moneth by pay from such shipp or shipps and the owners<br /> thereof. And further that if after the retourne of any such shipp<br /> or shipps from their voyage or voyages to Gravesend, any of the<br /> said shipps company or folkes fell sick, or receive any hurt such Chirurgeon is<br /> by the said custome not bound to applie or minister<br /> medicaments or phisick or any meanes of care to him or them,<br /> Unlesse hee be padid for the same by the Patient himselfe. But<br /> saith that assoone as the shipp soe retournes to Gravesend, the Chirurgeon is free, and lawfully may by the said custome, leave the<br /> said shipp, without expectation of any pay from that time, whereas<br /> the rest of the company are not dischargeable untill<br /> the shipp comes quite up and comes to an anchor and is mored. And otherwise<br /> hee cannot depose. To the sixth hee saith that by the custome aforesaid noe Chyrurgeon<br /> is liable to pay any dammage that the goods aboard the shipp wherein<br /> hee serves happen to receive aboard her, and that hee is not to<br /> receive any primage or average, which hee knoweth by the<br /> meanes aforesaid. And otherwise hee cannot depose. Upon the rest hee is not examined by direction of the producent. Repeated before doctor Clarke. Thomas Waymouth [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]rke. Thomas Waymouth [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_4167.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_4167.JPG|[[:HCA 13/70|HCA 13/70]] f.60v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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