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HCA 13/71 f.622r Annotate
First transcribed 2 March 2013  +
First transcriber Alex Jackson  +
Folio 622  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 02/03/2013  +
Transcription and (the Corne being in ladeing) hee this and (the Corne being in ladeing) hee this deponent heard the sayd<br /> Captaine severall tymes openly upon the deck before this deponent and others of the shipps company aske the sayd Whitfeild whether hee had<br /> bin carefull to provide good dennage for the sayd Corne and to make<br /> the bulke heads firme whereto the sayd Whitfeild answered and<br /> saye I warrant you all is well and as it should bee, or to that<br /> effect, And saith that not withstanding the [?often] charge thereof given him<br /> by the sayd Captaine the sayd Whitfeild did neglect to make good<br /> dennage for the sayd Corne and to make the bulke heads tight by<br /> meanes whereof the Corne rann downe night and day into the<br /> bottomes of the pumpes and often choaked them soe that the corne<br /> was much of it wasted many buckets full thereof being at severall tymes taken from<br /> out the bottomes of the pumpes when they were choaked therewith was for want of fresh water to cleane it throwne aboard and<br /> the corne remayning thereby alsoe much dammified by wett by reason the pumpes were<br /> so often choaked but what the Owners deducted out of the frieght<br /> for dammage thereof hee knoweth not And further cannot depose To the 6th hee saith hee being steward of the ''Negro'' and having<br /> the provisions of the sayd shipp committed to his custody<br /> knoweth that the sayd Whitfeild did purloyne three peeces<br /> of porke of the shipps provision, and that search being made for the<br /> same the same was by Captaine Lockier found in the sayd Whitfeilds<br /> Cabbin And saith that an other tyme this deponent having delivered<br /> nyne stockfish to the Cooke to bee dressed for the provision of the shipp [?for one] day the same<br /> were purloyned away and being missed, they<br /> were afterwards found to be purloyned by the sayd Whitfeild<br /> and by him conveyed on shoare at the Islands of St Christopher to a house to<br /> which the sayd Whitfeild used to resorte and goe to have his linnens<br /> washed and upon other occasions, And hee alsoe saith hee sawe<br /> the arlate Edwards once breake open the hatches of the shipp the<br /> ''Negroe'' and<br /> this deponent reproveing him for soe doeing the<br /> sayd Edwards answered and sayd hee would doe it and hee<br /> would answere it for hee had some<br /> friends come on board and hee would goe downe to gett wine<br /> for them or words to that effect, and the sayd Edwards hath seuerall<br /> tymes beaten this deponent on shipp board<br /> for endeavouring to hinder him the sayd Edwards from purloyneing wine<br /> and other provisions of the sayd shipp in the night tyme, And<br /> this hee saith was and is notorious and knowne to severall of the sayd<br /> shipps company And further hee cannot depose/. To the 7th hee saith saving his foregoeing deposition hee cannot<br /> more fully depose thereto./ To the 8th hee saith hee heard the sayd Edwards confesse that hee had<br /> some pipe staves laden aboard the sayd shipp at New England and that<br /> they were transported for his Accompt to the Mederas but the number of<br /> pipe staves or what hee was to pay for the freight of hee knoweth not and saith the<br /> sayd Edwards had alsoe at the Maderas some wines (but the quantitie hee<br /> knoweth not) laden aboard the sayd shipp for his accompt, which were<br /> transportedccompt, which were<br /> transported  +
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