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HCA 13/72 f.189v Annotate
First transcribed 4 May 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 189  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 04/05/2013  +
Transcription Masters who to carry goods to the ports anMasters who to carry goods to the ports and places aforesayd<br /> to the proper use and benefitt of this deponent and such other Masters<br /> and their Companyes (as properly belongeing to them) besides the freight<br /> which is payd to the Owners for the sayd voyages, which allowance was<br /> and is usually paid under the names of primage and Average And<br /> indeede well knoweth and hath observed that in all voyages from<br /> what ports soe ever made or to what ports soe ever made primage<br /> and Average (to some places more and some lesse but upon all goods<br /> and from all Ports at the least one ryall upon each duckett freight<br /> hath bin and is usually and customarily paid to the Masters and Companyes<br /> of shipps over and above the freight due and payable to the Owners of the sayd<br /> shipp which allowance hee saith is payd to the Masters and Companyes of<br /> shipps to the end that it may oblige them to take greater care in the<br /> well stoweing and otherwise ordering of the goods by them carried and to preserve<br /> them as much as may bee and alsoe to oblige the Master and Company to<br /> beare the dammage which happeneth to any goods by their negligence in<br /> ill stowage or want of pumpeing and the like And these premisses<br /> beside freight is a thing publique and notorious, and well knowne among<br /> Masters of shipps and Mariners And further to this article hee cannot depose To the 2 and 3 articles of the sayd allegation hee saith that hee went only<br /> one voyage from Lisbone to Brazeele which voyage hee began about the<br /> moneth of June one thousand six hundred forty eight and saith that in and<br /> by his sayd Charter party (which was made in presence and with the<br /> consent of Jeremy Younge and John Bushell two of his Owners and<br /> in the presence and with the consent of Thomas Linch the deponents Purser of who was<br /> by order of the Owners to bee made acquainted therewith and to be present<br /> with this deponent when hee this deponent did agree with his freighters<br /> upon the conditions therein to bee expressed and when hee this deponent signed<br /> the same Charterparty) there was a certaine Averidge of a testone which<br /> is fifteene pence Portuguese money) upon every Roove (which is and [XXXXXX] somwhat<br /> more then thirty two pounds weight English) expressed to bee due<br /> and payable to this deponent and Company over and beside the freight<br /> due to the Owners of the shipp, which Averidge hee saith was allowed<br /> to this deponent and Company by the freighters as properly belonging to<br /> them and not to the Owners of the sayd shipp, in regards of the great danger<br /> of the sayd voyage and sicklinesse of the voyage through the heate of the<br /> Countrey and alsoe to encourage him and them to fight the hollander<br /> if they mett with him (as this deponent did as was forced to doe) in the sayd<br /> voyage) and alsoe to oblige this deponent and Company to pay dammages<br /> if any happen through ill stowage or want of pumpeing or the like<br /> negligence And hee saith that except the sayd Average there was noe<br /> allowance by the sayd Charterparty to this deponent and Company but their bare wages for all the<br /> danger and hardshipp they were to undergoe in the sayd voyage, And hee<br /> further saith that while hee continued in the Brazeele severall other English<br /> shipps manned alsoe with English videlicet the ''Sampson'' Captaine John L[ynis GUTTER]<br /> Commander, and the shipp ''Sippo'' Captaine Thomas Evens Commander<br /> and the shipp the ''Three brothers'' John Wilkey Commander and the shipp ''To[XXX'' GUTTER]<br /> Captaine Joseph Bl[?owe] Comander and the shipp ''Thomas and Lu[?c]ia'' Captaine<br /> Andrew Rands Commander and severall other English shipps came to Brazeele from Lisbone and saith<br /> thatle from Lisbone and saith<br /> that  +
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