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HCA 13/72 f.264r Annotate
First transcribed 16 October 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 264  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 16/10/2013  +
Transcription and more And further hee cannot answere/ and more And further hee cannot answere/ To the last Interrogatorie hee saith that after the disaster aforesayd and while hee was<br /> aboard the ''Saint Jacob'' hee heard the ''Saint Jacobs'' Company talke angrily to<br /> him that held the helme of the ''Saint Jacob'' when the disaster happened, but what<br /> the effect of their talke was for that hee undertandeth little dutch and<br /> was then much troubled at the disaster aforesayd hee remembreth not<br /> And further hee cannot answere./ Repeated the same 23th day before doctor<br /> Godolphin the marke of the sayd<br /> George [TRIANGLE] Meade [MARKE, RH SIDE] ************************************* '''3''' '''John Fletcher''' of Plimouth Mariner aged twenty<br /> one yeares or thereabouts a wittnes sworne before the<br /> sayd doctor Godolphin saith as followeth videlicet/ To the first hee saith hee well knew the ship ''Isaack'' being<br /> a foremast man of the voyage in question And knoweth that the sayd ship<br /> did at Plymouth take in a great quantitie of goods to the quantitie of<br /> seaventy tonnes and upwards, consisting in Tinne, sugar trayne oyle Indico<br /> Syder, Capers, butter and other goods to be transported thence to London but the quantities of the particulers<br /> or for whose Accompt laden hee knoweth not but referreth him selfe to<br /> the bills of ladeing, And further to this Interrogatorie hee cannot answere/ To the 2 and 3 Interrogatories hee saith the sayd ship the ''Isaack'' having taken in her<br /> sayd ladeing departed therewith from Plymouth toward London on the seaventeenth<br /> of ffebruary last and the Interrogate ship the ''Saint Jacob'' the Interrogant John<br /> Clason Master being at Plymouth at the same tyme the ''Isaack'' was, did<br /> depart from thence at the same tyme the ''Isaack'' did, the ''Isaack'' bound<br /> for London under an English Convoy and the ''Jacob'' bound for Holland<br /> under a dutch Convoy And sath hee well remembreth that the next<br /> night after the sayd shipps soe departed from Plymouth the ''Isaack'' being<br /> sayling on her course for London after her English Convoy the ''Saint Jacob''<br /> by the Carlessnes of her Master and Company came fowle of the ''Isaacks''<br /> bowe and brake downe all her masts, and her larboard side, and beate<br /> upon her three quarters of an hower at least ere shee got cleere of her<br /> by which meanes the ''Isaack'' was rendered very leakie and ready to sinke<br /> which her Master and Company perceaving they all, togeather with three<br /> passengers got aboard the ''Saint Jacob'' to save their lives and twelve other<br /> passengers who in that confused trouble and disaster could not get<br /> out of the ''Isaack'' to save them selves did (as hee beleeveth) perish and sinke<br /> in the ''Isaack'' after the ''Saint Jacob'' was gone from her And further to these<br /> Interrogatories hee cannot answeare./ To the 4th Interrogatorie hee saith that at such tyme as the ''Jacob'' soe fell fowle of the ''Isaack''<br /> the ''Isaack'' was only under one Course and the ''Saint Jacob'' under two courses f[XXXX] at the<br /> ''Saint''urses f[XXXX] at the<br /> ''Saint''  +
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