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HCA 13/72 f.481r Annotate
First transcribed 4 October 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 481  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 04/10/2013  +
Transcription The 28th of January 1658. The Lord ProtecThe 28th of January 1658. The Lord Protector against the ''Hope'' of)<br /> Amsterdam, wherof don Juan was)<br /> Commander) '''Simon To[?u]son Bleau''' of Amsterdam, Sailor, aged seaventeene<br /> yeeres or thereabouts sworne in Court as in the Acts of<br /> the same, and examined upon certaine Interrogatories ministred<br /> on behalfe of his highnesse the Lord Protector saith and deposeth<br /> as followeth videlicet. To the first and second Interrogatories hee saith and deposeth that about fifteene or<br /> sixteene monethes since hee came first aboard to serve in the shipp the<br /> ''hope'' aforesaid, and such his first comming aboard was in the port of<br /> Comana in the Spanish West Indies, where the said Captaine don Juan<br /> tooke him aboard as his servant and promised him five peeces of eight per<br /> moneth for his wages or intertainement, and saith the said don Juan or<br /> Guan (as the Spaniards that were aboard frequently said and reported) was<br /> of Montaigna in Spaine. And saith that the dutchmen that were aboard<br /> averred and declared from time to time that the said shipp came directly from<br /> Amsterdam to the Island of Trinidad laden with wines and linnen cloth<br /> pepper and armes and some other Merchandizes, And at Trinidad as this<br /> deponent was credibly informed the said Captaine don Juan for a greate<br /> summe of money obtained a passe from the Governour of that place signifying<br /> that the said shipp was of and came from Spaine, and that shee came<br /> from Trinidad to Comana, where this deponent as aforesaid was shipped<br /> aboard her, and finding noe conveniencie of prattique at Comana shee<br /> went to Trochilla on the same coast of the Spanish West Indies where<br /> shee dischardged some wines linnens and armes and trucked them away for<br /> hides, and Sassaperilla, and thence shee went to honduras being<br /> alsoe on the terra firma, where shee discharged all the rest of her outward<br /> lading of wine, linnen cloth, pepper and knives and trucked them away<br /> for Indico, and thence shee retourned to Trochilia, and there shee tooke<br /> in the hides and Sasaperillia aforesaid which were agreed for on truck<br /> at the time of her being there the time before, but did not take them in<br /> but left them there ashore till this her retourne and then tooke them in<br /> And saith that being laden and dispatched at Trochilia, shee departed<br /> to come (as her company said and gave out) for Biscay.<br /> And saith the persons to whom the said wines and other outwards lading<br /> were upon truck soe sold and delivered in the terra firma of the<br /> Spanish west Indies were all Spaniards, All which hee knoweth being<br /> in her at and after her departure from Comania from time to time<br /> and place to place till her seizure hereafter mentioned. To the third Interrogatorie hee saith that from Trochilia the said shipp<br /> went to Matan?es in the Ile of Cuba to take in water, and being there<br /> the Captaine aforesaid sent a packe of letters ashore to the Governour<br /> to be thence conveyed to Spaine. And saith there were about foure hundred<br /> hides and three hundred coffers of Indico that were unladed and taken in<br /> in the Spanish West Indies, but the quantitie of the Sassaperillia<br /> hee knoweth not, and saith the said Captaine was the man that both<br /> sold the outwards lading upon truck and tooke in the said homewards lading<br /> And saith that Mata[?n]s was the last port that the said shipp was in before<br /> her coming to Milford, And further that the said shipp comming<br /> on the coast of Spaine in her retourne from the West Indies the said<br /> Captaine gave out and said that the said shipp should saile for Amsterdam<br /> the winde not being then good to goe into any Spanish port, whereas before<br /> that time hee would not lett the company know to what place the shipp was<br /> to goe, though they often [?ur]ged him to declare it, which put them in great disquiet<br /> andput them in great disquiet<br /> and  +
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