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HCA 13/73 f.106v Annotate
First transcribed 13 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 106  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 13/08/2013  +
Transcription To the 9th hee saith that the said Thomas To the 9th hee saith that the said Thomas Grove did by the order of the said Luke<br /> Wood stay at Nevis about a moneth before the said Luke Wood<br /> sent any ffish to Saint Christophors in which time there arrived severall<br /> Ketches at Nevis and Saint Christophers laden with ffish and other Provisions<br /> which did much hinder the sale of the ffish brought thither in<br /> the ''Peace''; And saith that if the said Wood had sold this said<br /> ffish brought in the ''Peace''; before the said Ketches arrived<br /> there; hee might have had a Considerable price for the same<br /> And saith that it was the said Woods owne fault that hee did<br /> not send ffish sooner to Saint Christophers And saith that at<br /> the first arrivall of the said Ship ''Peace'' at Nevis the said<br /> Wood had a pound of Sugar for a pound of ffish. (but how<br /> the said Wood Sold the ffish afterwards this Deponent knoweth not)<br /> And further cannot Answere:/: To the 10th. hee saith that at the arrivall of the said Ship at Nevis<br /> this Deponent found that hurricanoes and Stormes which had<br /> bin very Violent in those parts had blowne downe the<br /> Tobacco plants Indicoes, and Sugar Canes there, and Spoyled most<br /> of them. which. caused scarsnesse of the same there and saith<br /> that the Hollanders which. were there did take away most of<br /> the Goods which weere then to be gotten in the said parts. And the<br /> English themselves did lade goods on board the Hollanders and<br /> alsoe put themselves on board the said holland Ships, in, regard<br /> Cheifely of the Difference betwixt England and Spaine<br /> And saith that it is Usuall for Planters at Nevis and thereabouts<br /> to make Verball Agreements and promises to lade goods on<br /> board Ships, and yet to lade none; And saith that<br /> the said hurricanoes and Stormes which happened in those<br /> parts, and the Holland Ships being there as aforesaid was,<br /> as hee saith a great Cause of the said Ship ''Peace'' her Coming<br /> home dead ffreighted as aforesaid And further Doth not Answer To the .11th hee saith that the said Grove did at Saint Christoper's<br /> get ffreight of Three men there, for the said Luke Wood, and<br /> saith that the said Wood might if hee had pleased come<br /> from the Leeward Islands sooner than hee did. And hee saith<br /> that, ships staying there soe long as shee did<br /> did doe much damage to the said Voyage, and further cannot depose To the 12th hee saith hee knoweth nothing thereof. To the 13th hee saith that the foresd Groves Oyles were stowed<br /> on the forepeeke before the maine mast in the [?XXXX]<br /> Deck of the said Ship, which was the most Convenient place to [stowe]<br /> them. and further (saving his foregoeing deposition to which hee referreth<br /> hee cannot depose./: To the 14th hee cannot Answer/: To the 15th hee referreth himselfe to his foregoeing deposition<br /> and further cannot answer/:- To the 16th hee saith that at ffalmouth and Plymouth in the<br /> said Ships homeward Voyage the said Luke Wood did discharge<br /> ffive of the said Ships Company, which did endeanger her bringing<br /> up to the Port, and there was then want of Provisions, [for the]<br /> Ships Company, and soe much the saidd Luke would did well [?there]<br /> And further cannot answer:/.]<br /> And further cannot answer:/.  +
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