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HCA 13/73 f.35v Annotate
First transcribed 8 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 35  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 08/08/2013  +
Transcription and at the same time the said Gerbrand Janand at the same time the said Gerbrand Janson his precontest<br /> desiring to have a copie of the Commission of Peter Sabla<br /> by vertue whereof hee tooke the shipp [?named]<br /> the ''Mayflower'' alias the ''ffrancis'', and of his [?bale] given in<br /> when taking out the said Commission. the said Greffier or Registrar [?con?fected]<br /> a copie (which hee beleeveth to be the copie now alsoe showd unto him, beginning, '''Leopold Guillaume pour'''<br /> '''la Grace de dieu etcetera''') to be extracted, and then signed the same in<br /> their presence, and delivered it to his said contest, and<br /> forthwith hee the said Gerbrand his precontest in the presence of this deponent<br /> compared the same with a writing which was said to be the [?originall] written in a booke, and<br /> found it as hee said to be true punctually with the same, and after they went [?XXX]<br /> back to fflushing and there saw Daniell huyssons notary there<br /> dwelling), transcribe and subscribe another schedule which hee beleeveth to be [?XXXX] now alsoe<br /> showed unto him, beginning, '''Op huydan [?die] xij January'''<br /> '''1659 et cetera''' and then his said precontest compared<br /> the same with the [?said] originall in the booke of the said notary, and<br /> found it as hee said to agree with it and to be a true copie of the said<br /> originall, All which being done, the said Gerbrand Janson<br /> being bound for this port with his vessell whereof hee is master<br /> brought the said copies with him in companie of this deponent<br /> who is one of his shipps companie, And further hee cannot depose. To the Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING] To the first hee saith hee is a native of and hath lived<br /> all his time in fflushing, and hath used seafaring as his<br /> voccation theise eighteene yeeres, and saith hee for some eight<br /> weekes hath knowne John Williamson the producent, but knoweth<br /> not James Cocke. To the second negatively for his part and otherwise hee cannot<br /> answer. To the third hee saith hee hath seene the shipp the ''Mayflower'' in<br /> question at Billingsgate and in Quinborow River, and otherwise<br /> negatively. To the fourth hee cannot answer saving as aforesaid. To the 5 and 6 hee referreth him selfe to his foregoeing deposition<br /> and cannot otherwise answer, saving hee did not compare ?or see<br /> the schedule interrogated annexed compared. '''I T''' [MARKE, RH SIDE] **************************************** The 14th. day of ffebruary 1658:/: Sorrell and others against Hall)<br /> Suckley Smith) Examined upon a 2d Allegation given in on behalfe of the said [?Laverick] '''Rp.''' '''.jus:''' '''John Tyler''' of Lowershadwell in the parish of Stepney and<br /> County of Middlesex Shipwright aged 42 yeeres or thereabouts<br /> sworne and Examined/: To the said Allegation hee saith that about the beginning of November<br /> last he this deponent at Cole staires in Shadwell, met<br /> with one Mordicat Yonge who was this deponents old acquaintance<br /> and this deponent and the said Yonge having discourse together about a<br /> Voyage, and this deponent asking him whether hee had made<br /> a good voyage; The said Yonge made answer that hee had<br /> made a broken voyage in the shipp the ''Abigail'' whereof one Thomas<br /> Laverick was Master for that she was sunke coming over about the [?WeXXX]<br /> and this deponent asking him by what meanes shee came to besunke<br /> (heeanes shee came to besunke<br /> (hee  +
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