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HCA 13/73 f.575v Annotate
First transcribed 25 February 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 575  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 25/02/2015  +
Transcription The same day. [CENTRE HEADING] ffreetradeThe same day. [CENTRE HEADING] ffreetrade.} '''George Lewes''' of Shadwell in the County of Middlesex Mariner late Purser of<br /> the good shipp called the ''Reformation'' of London Edward Berriman commander<br /> aged 34 yeares or thereabouts sworne and examined and saith and deposeth<br /> That hee well knew the shipp the ''ffree Trade'' of London Simon fflew<br /> Commannder which shipp hee saith came out of the Levant in company<br /> of the said shipp the ''Reformation'' and that comming neare the streights mouth<br /> the said shipp ''ffreetrade'' was on the fifteenth of May last set upon and with her lading of silke<br /> gawles, cotton yarne and other goodds seized by a shipp called the ''Santa Maria'' (Laurance<br /> Andriessen comander) and other shipps of her company, and carried away, and<br /> soe the owners thereof (who are said to be John Gregory John [?Boune], John<br /> Allen and company English men and subiects of this kingdome of England<br /> were {and} are dispoiled and deprived thereof. And saith that the said shipp ''Santa''<br /> ''Maria'' when shee first met with the ''ffreetrade'' had the Holland [?colours GUTTER]<br /> abroad, and was belonging as her company said to Amsterdam, and that<br /> shee was of the burthen of betweene three hundred and fiftie and foure<br /> hundred tonnes and had thirtie peeces of ordnance or<br /> thereabouts aboard her. And this deponent being demannded, saith<br /> hee knoweth not nor can make any estimate of the valew<br /> of the lading of the said shipp the ''ffree Trade'', nor hath heard any [?estimate GUTTER]<br /> thereof made by others that hee knoweth, and therefore knoweth not what<br /> to say concerning the valewe. And further deposeth not, saving that<br /> hee knoweth the premisses by him deposed for that hee was in the<br /> ''Reformation'' aforesaid in company of the ''ffree trade'' when shee<br /> was soe seized, the said shipp ''Reformation'' being then alsoe seized. Geo: Lewis [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ********************** The 24th of September 1660. [CENTRE HEADING] Touching the ''Reformation'' aforesaid} '''Rp. 3''' '''George Ecop''' of Limehouse in the<br /> County of Middlesex Mariner, aged 33 yeares or<br /> thereabouts sworne and examined. To the first second and third Interrogatories hee deposeth and saith that hee<br /> well knoweth the shipp the ''Reformation'' interrogated and was one of<br /> her company in her late voyage from Scanderoon wherein shee was taken<br /> and well knoweth Sir William Vincent knight and severall other her owners<br /> Englishmen and subiecrts of this kingdome of England, And saith that the<br /> said shipp the said voyage for account of the said Sir William Vincent and<br /> Company tooke in at Scanderon and on that coast her lading of<br /> silkes, gawles, cotton, cotton yarne and other merchandizes to be<br /> transported to this Port of London and here to be delivered to the said Sir William<br /> Vincent and company the Producents or their order and for their account<br /> And that in her curse of proceeding from the Levant for this port comming<br /> neare the Streeights mouth shee was on the fifteenth of May last (old stile)<br /> met with by a certaine shipp of warr called the ''Saint Mary'' or ''Santa Maria''<br /> Laurance Andrerssen commander and other men of warr in her company<br /> And that his precontest Edward baryman commander of the<br /> said shipp ''Reformation'' seeing some shipps a head of her commannded<br /> to looke forward, whereupon this deponent looking forward descried [?XXX GUTTER]<br /> shipp (proving after to be the said shipp ''Saint Mary'') with English colours<br /> comming neare[?] the ''Reformation'', and perceiving the ''Reformation'' to have<br /> the Engish Ensigne abroad, the ''Saint Mary'' presently had her English colours<br /> taken in and put abroad a hollands Ensigne, and then being with a<br /> callne, and then being with a<br /> call  +
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