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HCA 13/53 f.35v Annotate
First transcribed 30 January 2018  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 35  +
Parent volume HCA 13/53  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 30/01/2018  +
Transcription hundred and a halfe of Cotton woolls, whichundred and a halfe of Cotton woolls, which were in partnershipp<br /> betweene him this depoennt and John Harrison the Gunner of the sayd<br /> shipp, but noe other goods wares or merchandizes, and sayed that<br /> William Bennett John Jayles, Adam Loftis and William Lackington<br /> had Cotton woolls and tobaccoe in the sayd shipp for their owne<br /> accompt and Thomas Cooper one of the masters mates had speckled<br /> wood in her but how much cotton wooll or wood any of them laded<br /> or had or received out of teh sayd shipp he cannott expresse. Et alr<br /> nescit deponere/ To the 4th he sayeth That he knoweth of noe goods wares or merchandizes<br /> imbezzelled or conveyed out of the sayd shipp by any one/ Signum dci '''I V''' Younge/ [MARKE, RH SIDE] ********************************* dci die./ '''William Bennett''' of Redriffe in the Countye of Surrey Seaman aged<br /> about 34 yeares sworne and examined as aforesayd/ To the first he sayeth That he went forth in the sayd shipp the<br /> ''Amitye'' as a common man the voyage in question but came home<br /> Boatswayne of her, and there were laden into her outwards bound<br /> in the port of London certayne stronge waters axes nills and other<br /> goods the accompte wherof was kept nu John Jayle the then<br /> Boatswayne of her and noe part therof (to his knowledge) was<br /> lost imbeazelled or concealed from the owners throf Et alr nescit/ To the second he sayeth That there were laden aboard the sayd shipp<br /> at Seranam uppon the coast of Guina all the particular quantityes<br /> of Speckled wood, mentioned in the first schedule now given in by him<br /> under his hand into the Registrye of this Court, which were all<br /> laden by James Hopkinson the merchant of the sayd shipp, and at the<br /> Barbadoes there were laden by the sayd hopkinson all and singular the Cotton woolls<br /> and Tobaccoe specifyed in the third schedule nowe given in by him<br /> into the Registry of this Court, under his hand, under the marks in the<br /> sayd schedule, and by other planters at the Barbadoes all and singular<br /> the goods mentioned in the second schedule nowe exhibited by him, and<br /> all the goods mentioned in fourth schedule nowe exhibited by him were<br /> laden by some of the company of the sayd shipp whose names are<br /> expressed in the sayd fourth schedule, and the goods expressed in<br /> those foure schedules were all the goods which were laden abord her either at<br /> Seraman or the Barbadoes, and all the sayd goods were delivered out<br /> of teh sayd shipp in the ports of London to the laders of them or<br /> their assignes and noe parte of them were wantinge to his knowledge<br /> The premisses he knoweth to be true beinge Boatswayne of the sayd<br /> shipp the sayd voyage but beinge not able to write or reade<br /> his mate one Edward Larye did keepe the accomptes therof, but<br /> this deponent gave him directions for the setting downe of every thinge<br /> and the sayd Larye read it to him after it was sett downe./ To the third he sayeth That he this deponent and his precontest Adam<br /> Loftis and John Jayle broughte home in the sayd shipp for<br /> their owne joynt accompts in thirds thirtye<br /> six sticks of speckled wood conteyainge about two thousand weighte<br /> but noe other goods Et alr salvis predepsits et exhibits per eo nescit<br /> deponere./. To the fourth he sayeth that he doth not knowe or beleive that there<br /> have bene any goods wares or merchandizes imbeazelled or conveyed<br /> out of the sayd shipp/ signum drd '''+''' Bennett./ [MARKE, RH SIDE]num drd '''+''' Bennett./ [MARKE, RH SIDE]  +
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