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HCA 13/64 f.1r Annotate
First transcribed 23 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 1  +
Parent volume HCA 13/64  +
Side Recto  +
Status Requires image; transcribed on 23/08/2013  +
Transcription XXXX p alXX aralate ex parte which hee comXXXX p alXX aralate ex parte which hee compXXXX dat examinate Ex partte Jacobi Lamprier)<br /> quoad Navem the ''Amity'') '''2dud''' '''Symo Le Scbirell''' da jersey Mercator atatis XX 46 annos<br /> aut XX cicitter testis productus et XXXtus./ Ad prima et 2u arlas dea allegacoins depponit et dictit that when and for<br /> all the tyme alate and for the space of theise eight yeares last past or thereabouts<br /> the said James Lampri?mer was and still ought to bee the true and lawfull owner<br /> and proprietor of one third part of the ship the ''Amity'' arlate whereof Thomas<br /> Lamprier was late Master ) and of her Tackle apparell and furniture and alsoe that<br /> a third part of her ladeing of fish oyles and other goods and provisions abord her and<br /> ashore att Newfound Land and for such is and was for all the said tyme commonly<br /> accompted reputed and taken And saith that in or about the moneth of Aprill<br /> last past the said James Lamprier did furnishe and sett out his said one third<br /> part of the said ship the ''Amity'' on a trading voyage from the Port of Saint Mallo<br /> arlate to Newfoundland to catch fish and to carry the same for Bilbao and there<br /> to dispose thereof and soe to returne againe for Saint Malo with the proceed of such goods<br /> for his owne propeer Accompt; which hee knoweth to be true for that hee this deponent<br /> for all the time predeposed Liveing att Saint Malos and Plowet in ffrance two yeares thereby only excepted dureing which hee was in XXXXX in XXXXXXX hath from<br /> tyme to tyme every yeare seene and observed the said James Lamprier sett out victualls and imployed the said<br /> part of the ship the ''Amitye'' which hee bought about eight yeares since of Thomas<br /> Libbe?tton and John Masters of Jersey. and accordingly had the proceed of his said<br /> part thereof, and being present att Saint Mallo and seeing the said Lamprier victuall<br /> furnishe and set out the said third part of the said ship ymediatly before she went<br /> forth upon this present voyage for Newfound land. Ey al in sui deponered./ Ad 3. et 4u arlas ex propria sua scien nescit depenere but saith hee hath<br /> heard that the said ship since her last departure from Saint Malo came and arrived<br /> at Newfound Land and there her Master and Companie made a great store of fish and<br /> oyles which were seized upon together with the said ship by Captaine Guadsan as<br /> is arlate. Ad 5u arlum deponit et dicit that the said James Lamprier (who is very well<br /> knowne unto this deponent and hath soe bin for above theise 20ty yeares) att<br /> the tyme of the surprizall and seizure of the said ship and ladeing was a subiect<br /> of this Comon wealth and had formerly about 8 . yeares since bin an Inhabitant<br /> and lived in Jersey where hee believeth hee was borne, and saith that at such<br /> tyme as the said Island of Jersey Revolted from the obedience of the Parliament<br /> hee was for his affection and adhesion thereunto (which hee saith was allwayes very<br /> great) forced and constrained to fflye to Plowet in ffrance where there is a<br /> protestant Church and to which place hee doeth and did constantlie resort, hee being<br /> for all the same tyme a sound Protestant in his Religion. And saith hee is a man<br /> that for such his extraordinary affection to the Parliament of England and their<br /> proceedings had his estate confiscated and lost at Jersey at the beginning of<br /> the late warres in England. and was himselfe proclaimed traytor there, and after that<br /> had his wife and family banished from thence. All which hee knoweth to bee<br /> true hee this deponent being familiarly and intimately acquiainted with<br /> the said James Lamprier ad being then in Jersey Iland when the premisses<br /> were soe had and done and hearing and seeing the same as is predeposed<br /> and having for theise diverse yeares last past lived himselfe as an Exile man<br /> of Jersey in ffrance hath constantly met the said Lamprier at the said Protestant<br /> Church at Plowet Et all nescit deponere. Ad 6u arlum deponit as dint hee at the beginning of theise late yeares<br /> and troubles in England and when Collonell Lytrott was Governour of the said<br /> Islands Governour of the said<br /> Island  +
Transcription image P1090919 <em><small>(Image not found)</small></em>  +
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