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HCA 13/65 f.110r Annotate
First transcribed 14 March 25  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 110  +
Parent volume HCA 13/65  +
Side Recto  +
Status First cut transcription started and completed on 25/03/14 by Colin Greenstreet  +
Transcription To the second hee saith that when the timeTo the second hee saith that when the time arlate (but the particular<br /> time hee cannot sett downe) the said shipp the ''ffredricke and William''<br /> whereof the said Ruddocke was formerly master, being under the power of<br /> the Parliaments this deponent was put by the Owners theireof from [XXXXX]<br /> with the duke of Brandeburgh his letters by virtue of an Order from the Parliament<br /> the said shipp was delivered into the possession of this deponent, who haveing fitted<br /> the said Shipp with materialls and victualls, the said shipp was arrested<br /> by severall warrants from this Court att the Instance of severall persons<br /> for debts and ingagements which were pretended to bee upon her for necessaries<br /> and taken upp by the said Ruddocke foresaid Master thereof Upon which this deponent<br /> putt in Baile att Plymouth and brought the said Shipp to the Court in the<br /> Ile of wight and so came upp to London to answare the same, All which hee<br /> deposeth of his cetaine knowledge And further hee cannot depose saveing<br /> that the said shipp was so arrested for Guns and other materialls but what<br /> the summe was for which shee was arrested hee knoweth not/ To the third hee saith that within the time arlate and and whilst the said shipp<br /> remained under the severall arrests and actions aforesaid and taken upp in<br /> the Parliaments service as aforesaid hee hath deposed, The arlate John do[?nnway]<br /> William Bucke and the rest of the Owners [XX XXXXX] and Shipp the ''ffredricke and William''<br /> haveing notice thereof and heareing how the said shipp was incumbred<br /> and deserted by the said Ruddocke, did constitute and appoint this deponent<br /> and give him full power and authoritie to compound and transact all<br /> differences about and concerneing the said shipp And to<br /> procure the same to bee restored and recovered as by<br /> the letters and orders thereupon may appeare to which hee referreth himself<br /> And further hee cannot depose/ To the 4th hee saith that within the yeares and monthes arlate or some of<br /> them this deponent by authoritie which hee had in the said Owners as<br /> aforesaid, did assigne and sett over unto the arlate William Stephens all the<br /> Title and interest which hee had of and unto a quarter part of the said shipp the ''ffredericke''<br /> ''and William'' and with all her tackle apparell and furniture for and in consideration<br /> that the said Stephens would become baile for the said shipp, And he saith<br /> that thereupon the said Stephens (within the time arlate) did give in baile<br /> to this Court for all the said Actions brought against the said shippe<br /> in the whole amounting to the summe of two and twentie hundred pounds sterling<br /> as since it hath appeared unto him this deponent And further saith that after<br /> =wards the said Stephens was in the quiet and peaceable possession of the<br /> said shipp and every part thereof and of her tacke and furniture as his proper goods to secure<br /> him in the pr[?e]misses which hee knoweth for that hee was privie to<br /> the agreements and Conditions made betwixt them to which hee referreth himself<br /> and further hee cannot depose. To the fifth and sixth articles of the said allegation hee saith and deposeth<br /> that when the time arlate and after such time as the said Stephens was<br /> in quiett and peaceable possession of the said shipp, this deponent brought<br /> the arlate ffletcher to the said Stephens, betweene whom there was conference<br /> about an agreement to make the said ffletcher master of the said shipp<br /> and before the agreement was concluded the said Mr Stephens sent [XX]<br /> the said ffletcher with this deponent to take care of the said shipp at the<br /> Ilee of the said shipp at the<br /> Ile  +
Transcription image P1170594 <em><small>(Image not found)</small></em>  +
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