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HCA 13/65 f.16r Annotate
First transcribed 17 March 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 16  +
Parent volume HCA 13/65  +
Side Recto  +
Status Requires image; transcribed on 17/03/2014  +
Transcription To the 6th hee saith That in or upon the tTo the 6th hee saith That in or upon the two and twentith day of<br /> June 1643, the said shipp in her passage from Santa [XXXXX] to the Indies<br /> was in the night time by casualty of the Seas splitt betweene two rocks<br /> a little beyond the Cape [?Bonn] Esperanza, and [XXX XXX] the [XXXX] withall her tackle<br /> and furniture utterly cast away and lost, to the great damage, and preiudice of<br /> the owners thereof And further he cannot depose./ To the 7th article of the said libell he saith and deposeth that the arlate Thomas<br /> Cox Master of the said shipp, and all the Company thereof, being 24 persons<br /> did upon the [?losse] of the said shipp and in that [XXXXXXX] [XX XXXXXXX] [XXX XXXX]<br /> in theire long boate., and tooke in all the said Goulde and two peeces of brasse Ordnance<br /> [?chardged] upon the Master and Owners as aforesaid, and through much [?care] [?hazard] and<br /> industrie sailed many hundred leagues through the sea in the said long boate<br /> and att last haveing suffered many [XXXXies] the [XXXX XXX XXX necessaries]<br /> arrived with the said gold and brasse Gunnes in the Bay of Augustine in the<br /> Iland of Saint Lawrence, which was and is inhabited by heathens, and there<br /> remained from the first of September 1643 untill the Middle of May 1644<br /> dureing which time he saith he and the said Master and Company did [?undergoe]<br /> much [XXXXies] and hardshipp, and were constrained to fight (for their sustenance)<br /> in the service of the Heathens against theire enemies, and so procured theire victualls<br /> by the continuall hazard of theire lives, All which he saith they under went for<br /> the preservation of the said gold and Gunns, as aforesaid in which time of suffering<br /> twelve of the said Company dyed in that hardshipp and for want of sustenance<br /> After all which the said Master and the rest of the Company with this deponent fott their<br /> passage with the said Gould and Guns in the shipp the ''Endeavour'' arlate which did<br /> arrive in the Bay of Saint Lawrance and therewith sailed and went to the ffort of<br /> Saint George upon the Coast of Coromandell in the East Indies, and there about the<br /> latter end of June 1644 did safely arrive All which is well knowne as hee<br /> saith to such as were of the Company of the said shipp att that time and in<br /> this [XXXXX] which they did undergoe as vefore is Expressed And further hee<br /> cannot depose./ To the 8th article of the said Libell he saith and deposeth That the said Gould and Guns<br /> so received on bord the shipp the ''William'' and chardged and chargeable as aforesaid<br /> were in the said yeare 1644 about six weekes after theire arrivall at the ffort<br /> of Saint George, delivered over by the said Thomas Cox the Master of the said<br /> ''William'' unto the Agents ir ffactors and for the said Governors and ffactors of<br /> the said East India Company, to de[?fend] preserve and keepe safe for the use of<br /> the said Master and Part Owners, t the end that the freight due to them should ne<br /> duely paid, And further hee saith he cannot depose/ To the 9th he saith that only three of the Company aforesaid<br /> being 29 in all returned [XXXX] upon the said voyage, the rest through the hard<br /> =shipp and [?miseries] aforesaid beingd dead) and that hee this deponent and<br /> the rest [XXXing] for the preservation of the said Gould and Guns gott theire passage<br /> from the Port of Saint George to Bantam in the East Indies and from thence to<br /> England and hee arrived about the month of September 1645 so that<br /> hee saith from the tome of theire setting out unto theire returne from<br /> the said voyage was full three yeares wanting two monthes or very<br /> nere thereabouts, And otherwise referring himself to his depositions aforesaid<br /> and reasons of his knowledge [XXXXX] given, he saith hee cannot depose./ ToX] given, he saith hee cannot depose./ To  +
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