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HCA 13/65 f.22r Annotate
First transcribed 19 March 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 22  +
Parent volume HCA 13/65  +
Side Recto  +
Status Requires image; transcribed on 19/03/2014  +
Transcription To the 4th he saith hee hath not so deposeTo the 4th he saith hee hath not so deposed// To the 5th hee saith hee hath not do deposed/ To the 6th hee saith hee came into the shipp the ''Mayflower'' in March 1648<br /> being then att the Barbadaos and contynued in her 8 Monthes, And that hee<br /> the said Hickman was in the ''Peter'' when this rendent entred into [?the] service, And<br /> otherwise saveing his former depositions, hee saith hee cannot depose./ To the 7th hee saith that hee hath heard that the said Hickman was nailed to the Mast of the shipp the ''Mayflower''<br /> before this rendent came aboard with a knife through his hand, for stabbing one of<br /> the said Shipps Company And otherwise hee saith hee cannot depose/ To the 8th hee saith that the said Hickman being abord the ''Peter'' as aforesaid was<br /> sent in the said shipp by order of the producent Jackett (as hee beleeveth and hath<br /> heard) to Santa domingo interrogate And further hee cannot depose./ To the 9th hee saith hee cannot answare/ To the 10th hee saith hee hath used to goe to Sea for the space of theise 16<br /> yeares last past, and saveing the orders and rules interrogated hath not [??perused] any<br /> of the like nature., but hath heard that they ordinarily use to sett upp such like<br /> orders in Shipps which are Men of warre, And otherwise (saveing his foregoeing<br /> depositions to which hee refereth himself) hee saith hee cannot depose./ Repeated before doctor Stevens./ Peter Steward [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ******************************* 14th of July 1651. On the behalf of Raph}<br /> Pa[?pe] Chirurgeon touching his losse in}<br /> the shipp the ''Barnestable Merchant''}<br /> of London} '''Rp. jus''' '''Archila[X]s Cooper''' of Radcliffe in the parish<br /> of Stepney in the County of Middlesex Marriner aged<br /> 26. yeares or thereabouts sworne before the right<br /> worshipfull William Clark doctor of the lawes one of the Judges<br /> of the high Court of the Admiraltie, and examined touching the<br /> losse of the said Page Chirurgeon of the said shipp saith and deposeth<br /> as followeth videlicet. That the said Shipp the ''Barnestable Merchant'' of London (John Wether[XXX]<br /> Master) was bound out from London upon a Merchandizeing and tradeing voyage<br /> and did sett saile from this port of London upon the 25th day of May 1648 Att<br /> which time the said Raph Page was imployed as a Chirurgeon in the said Shipp for<br /> the intended voyage, and did goe and saile therewith and in that service unto<br /> the Nerwfound land, and from thence to Lisbone in Portugall where hee saith<br /> the said shipp and Company were freighted by the king of Portugall to saile to<br /> Brazeela, and there delivered her goods, and returned to Lisbon[?a] againe with another<br /> freight in the service of the said king of Portugall, att which time Prince Ruperts<br /> Shipps were then Rideing att Anchor in the R[?oad] of Lisbone, and the Parliaments<br /> shipps rideing before the Harbour; And hee saith that not long after upon<br /> difference betweene the king of Portugall, and, the Generalls of the Parliaments ffleete<br /> The said Shipp the ''Barnstable Merchant'' upon the 7th of June 1650 was seised<br /> upon by the king of Portugall, and the said Raph Page, and all his Goods aboard were<br /> plunderedis Goods aboard were<br /> plundered  +
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