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HCA 13/65 f.88v Annotate
First transcribed 30 May 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 88  +
Parent volume HCA 13/65  +
Primary sources <u>Gossage</u> '''TNA''' PROB 4/1482 Engrossed Inventories Exhibited from 1660. Gossage, John, of Plumstead, Kent., gent. 14 June 1672 PROB 11/339/36 Will of John Gossage, Dyer of Plumstead, Kent. 08 May 1672  +
Secondary sources <u>Saint Laurence Poultney/Poutney</u> W.H. Challen, ''Transcripts of parish registers of London, St. Lawrence Pountney, London, England, 1538-1837'' (XXX, XXXX)<br /> - NOTE: United to St. Mary Abchurch, 1670.  +
Side Verso  +
Status Requires image; transcribed on 30/05/2013  +
Transcription Parliament of England And saith that as thParliament of England And saith that as the said shippe was<br /> saileing to and fro off Ushant and in the Trade Roade to looke out<br /> for such shipps and vessells as did belong to any of the then<br /> Enemies of the Parliament shee was in the moneth of<br /> September in the yeare 1644 mett withall and sett upon by three<br /> French Men of warre and by them was seized surprized and<br /> taken and was afterwards carried into Brest where shee was with<br /> her tackle and furniture and all things else belonging unto her condemned<br /> for prize and soe became utterly lost to the owners thereof who by the<br /> Parliaments order had sett out the same in theire service. And<br /> saith That presently after the seizure of the said shippe the said<br /> Edward Basen Commander then of (sic) did goe from Brest<br /> to Paris and did there solicite and use all possible Endeavours<br /> for restitution of the said shipp and spend and laid out much<br /> money thereabouts as by his letters sent from thense to Brest<br /> (which this deponent sawe) hee often declared, Howbeit hee saith<br /> that the said Captaine Bason could not prevaile heerein nor could<br /> hee obtaine any Justice at Paris in relation to the restitution of<br /> the said ship. but was after a tedious waiteing there forced to<br /> come away without her. All which hee knoweth to bee true<br /> because hee this deponent was present abord the said shippe<br /> when she was soe seized and was with the said Captaine and<br /> the rest of the said shipps company carryed Prisoner into<br /> Brest, where hee and deverse of them were kept and detained<br /> fore about 3 moneths space, and then were forced to make<br /> theire Escapes. And further hee cannot depose. Beniamin Clarke [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ***************************** on the same day Examined touching the<br /> said shipp '''2.''' '''Rp.''' '''Richard Gossage''' of the Parishe of Saint<br /> Laurence Poultney London dyer aged 44 yeares<br /> or thereabouts sworne as abovesaid deposeth as<br /> followeth: videlicet That hee this deponent was<br /> ownerat hee this deponent was<br /> owner  +
Transcription image P1170551 <em><small>(Image not found)</small></em>  +
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