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HCA 13/68 f.113r Annotate
First transcribed 12 March 2018  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 113  +
Parent volume HCA 13/68  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 12/03/2018  +
Transcription to be carried and there to be delivered foto be carried and there to be delivered for accompt of her said owners, And that in her<br /> course therewith from Dantzike for Dunquike comming off the Texel shee was<br /> on the seaven and twentieth of the said moneth of August met with and seized<br /> by Captaine Lawson Admirall of the Blew Squadron for the English and by<br /> sent up into the River of Thames, where her said lading was disposed of by<br /> this deponent Jaspar ffisher. All which premisses touching the said proprietie<br /> and other particulars they very well knowe, the said Jaspar ffisher having bin<br /> Master and the said Swaine [?Bunnerson] Stiersman of the said vessell the ''ffishar''<br /> for theise fourteene yeeres last, and being aboard at the time of teh said seizure<br /> and bringing up tinto the River of Thames. Caspar fisher [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]<br /> [?Signum] ['''?L'''] Bundurson [MARKE, RH SIDE] ******************************************* Th eighteenth day of October 1653 On the behalfe of Sam: Palache}<br /> touching his Jewells seized in}<br /> the ''Elias''.} '''3''' '''John Chappell''' living within the Libertie of the Tower<br /> of London Vintner aged five and forty yeares or<br /> thereabouts sworne in Court before the Judges of<br /> the High Court of Admiralty saith and deposeth as<br /> followeth videlicet. That upon Sunday last was sennight att night being the ninth day of<br /> this present moneth of October the sayd shipp the ''Elias'' came upp to<br /> Limehouse in the River of Thames, and this deponent being one of<br /> the Wayters for the Customes did that night goe aboard her and att<br /> his comeing aboard there found one Richardson or Jackson or some such like name who had attended<br /> the sayd shipp as wayter from Deale Castle or some place thereabouts<br /> whom this deponent discharged according to Custome. And moreover<br /> saith that there was amongest other pesons then likewise on board the<br /> sayd shipp one Alderman who att that tyme had the Command of the<br /> sayd shipp. And saith that the sayd Alderman the same night in discourse<br /> with this deponent told him that he had gound some writings aboard<br /> the sayd shipp in the Gunnroome oor powder roome thereof which would as he sayd<br /> make the sayd shipp ''Elias'' a prize being one of the shipps lately<br /> surprized by the shipp the ''Elizabeth'' one of the frigots in the immediate<br /> service of this Commonwealth And saith that the sayd Alderman<br /> did then likewise acquaint this deponent that he had, or had seene<br /> aboard the sayd shipp ''Elias;; a box wherein were as he sayd some<br /> rich things, not specifying what to the best of this deponents<br /> remembrance; And sayd that he the sayd Alderman would the next<br /> morning carry the writings aforesayd to the Prize office, and<br /> accordingly the next morning being Monday the 10th of October present<br /> the sayd Alderman did take a boat and goe off towards London in<br /> the same, and saith that he took something with him under his<br /> Coat but what this deponent knoweth not. And saith that of this<br /> deponents sight a young man a servant of the aforesayd Samuel<br /> Palvache did attempte or endeavour to goe off in the sayd boat with<br /> the sayd Alderman but the seamen aboard the ''Elias'' did not permitt<br /> the sayd young man to goe with the sayd Alderman ashoare as he<br /> desired and attempted to doe, but kept and deteyned him aboard the<br /> sayd shipp ''Elias'' John Chappell [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] Repeated before the three JudgesRH SIDE] Repeated before the three Judges  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_115_06_9782.jpg|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_115_06_9782.jpg|[[:HCA 13/68|HCA 13/68]] f.113r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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