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HCA 13/68 f.134v Annotate
First transcribed 1 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 134  +
Parent volume HCA 13/68  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 01/08/2013  +
Transcription finding themselves in danger resolved to pfinding themselves in danger resolved to putt into the Port of Trapany<br /> to preserve themselves, and accordingly did so, and gott in and anchored<br /> both their said shipps within pistoll shott of the ffort of Trapanie.<br /> this deponent being the?n present and knoweing and seeing the premisses To the 13th. article of the sayd allegation This deponent saith that the sayd dutch<br /> shipps following in upon the ''Harry Bonadventure'' and ''Saint Peter'', Captaine<br /> Swanley aforesayd, sent his Corporall aforesayd being a Spaniard to<br /> treat with the Governor of Trapanie, and to know whether he would<br /> protect the sayd two shipps the ''Harry Bonadventure'' and ''Saint Peter'' as<br /> shipps apptaining to the English, and accordingly the sayd Corporall<br /> went and att his returne ?told the sayd Captaine Swanley, that the sayd Governor<br /> bade him rest secure, and that he and his said shipps should be protected there, And saith<br /> the premisses happened about an howre before the sayd dutch shipps entred<br /> the Port. which he knoweth being then present in the sayd Port. And<br /> otherwise cannot depose. To the 14. he saith that upon the approach of the sayd dutch ffleet which<br /> was Commanded by Young Van Trump, there came a Messenger from<br /> the Governor of Trapany bidding Captaine Swanley and his Companie not<br /> to feare the sayd approach of Van Trump, for that he should not<br /> molest the English in that Port, and with all saying that the Governor<br /> did Commande that there should be noe shott made by the sayd Captaine<br /> Swanley or his Companie in that Port. And further saith that att<br /> the same tyme he this deponent observed two boates to passe to and<br /> fro betwixt the sayd dutch ffleet and Trapany, and that the sayd<br /> Van Trump upon the comeing of one of the sayd boates to him did<br /> immediately wi?th .6. sayle of shipps make into the mould or Port of<br /> Trapany and notwithstanding the Governors sayd promises of protection<br /> boarded the ''Saint Peter'' aforesayd with two of his shipps, and the ''Harry''<br /> ''Bonadventure'' with four of his sayd shipps, and there by possessed XXX<br /> of the sayd ''Harry Bonadventure'', and the ''Saint Peter'' and her lading<br /> lyeing within pistoll shott of the ffort of Trapanie as aforesayd - All<br /> which this deponent knoweth to be true seeing the sayd passages and<br /> being taken Prisoner in the ''henry Bonadventure'' att the same tyme<br /> by the Dutch videlicet upon or about the 25th day of June English stile<br /> And otherwise cannot depose. To the 15th. he saith that att the tyme of the sayd seizure there were<br /> some gunnes shott off from the fforts of Trapanie, with powder<br /> onely and without bullet, which this deponent well knoweth by the<br /> smoake, and sound or report thereof, and beleiveth the sayd shott was<br /> made for a colour onely, and knoweth there was noe execution done upon<br /> the dutch or their shipps. And otherwise cannot depose. To the 16th he saith he cannot depose. To the 17th he saith that the sayd Van Trump when he went off from Trapany<br /> after the sayd surprizeall of the ''harry Bonadventure'' and ''Saint Peter''<br /> saluted the Governor, and Towne of Trapany in the hearing of this<br /> deponent with .7. Gunnes. and struck his flagg allso as this deponent<br /> hath credibly heard. And otherwise cannot depose.edibly heard. And otherwise cannot depose.  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_115_06_9825.jpg|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_115_06_9825.jpg|[[:HCA 13/68|HCA 13/68]] f.134v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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