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HCA 13/68 f.224v Annotate
First transcribed 13 November 2016  + , 13 November 2016  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 224  +
Parent volume HCA 13/68  +
Side Verso  +
Transcription goe for the accompt of his [?common] ownergoe for the accompt of his [?common] owners, consigned to Jacques van [?RXXX]<br /> of Hamborough. All which hee knoweth because hee this deponent received<br /> all the said silver aboard the said shipp and signed bills of<br /> lading for the same with his owne hand, namely three bills of lading (all of one tenor) for<br /> each parcell, and that every of the bills of lading nowe showed unto<br /> him were and are one of the said three soe signed by him at or about the time<br /> of the said lading, and were brought alonge and seized in the said shipp, and<br /> the same were and are true and reall bills of lading,<br /> in respect of the baggs, quantities of silver, markes and [?XXXX]<br /> and persons to whom consigned and to whose accompt, but for the<br /> persons therein said to be the laders hee doth not knowe<br /> them, or any by those names, yet hee well knoweth the true laders, and knoweth them<br /> to be such as are free [?in ?XXXXXing to ?XX nation ?XXXXX ?XXX burgers and Spaniards ?XXXXXX]<br /> of names of the laders in the bills expressed hee beleeveth them to be feigned in reagard of [?XXXX]<br /> And further saith that<br /> hee well knoweth all the persons mentioned and said in the said schedule<br /> to be of Hamborough, to be really and truely there dwelling and subiects<br /> of that place, this deponent living alsoe there, where hee saith hee was<br /> borne. And otherwise hee cannot depose. To the crosse Interrogatorries. To the first hee saith hee hath not any part or share in the said silver<br /> or any part thereof. To the second hee saith hee had not any license or passeport of the laders for<br /> the said silver aboard the said shipp. To the third and 4 negatively, saying hee knoweth not any person of the name<br /> of William Johason, nor sawe any such at Cales that hee knoweth of, nor<br /> any other of the persons interrogated, saving the said Sivert Goodman, whom<br /> hee there sawe, and received of him the silver laden in his name, and<br /> otherwise referring himselfe to his foregoing deposition, and saving the same<br /> hee cannot depose. To the 5th hee saith the said Adrian Yoncker and all the rest of the Hamburghers<br /> schedulated drive a greate trade in Spaine, and send goods thither in many shipps<br /> And otherwise hee cannot depose saving as aforesaid. To the 6th hee referreth himselfe to the said bills of lading remayning in<br /> this Court and to his foregoing deposition, and otherwise hee cannot depose. To the 7th and 8th hee saith hee signed all the said bills aboard, and that hee<br /> delivered the two for each parcell to the Barkero or such other person that<br /> brought the same, and kept the third for each parcell (being all [?XX]<br /> the said bills nowe showne unto him) was never out of his possession<br /> till the seizure in question. And saith hee remembreth not the names<br /> of such barkeros or persons that brought the said bills to be signed<br /> and received the said two for each parcell back from hom, and otherwise<br /> hee cannot answer saving his foregoing deposition. To the 9th and 10 hee cannot depose for hee never brought any silver from [?Cadiz]<br /> before, nor knoweth what othes doe therein. To the 11th and twelveth hee saith hee cannot depose, not knwoing<br /> ought of the matters interrogated as hee saith, but hath heard that it is<br /> dangerous to lade greate quantities of silver at Cadiz [?XXXXX] [?heyndrick] [?luck] [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] [ADD DATA]] [?luck] [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] [ADD DATA]  +
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