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HCA 13/68 f.455r Annotate
First transcribed 3 April 2016  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 455  +
Parent volume HCA 13/68  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; partially transcribed on 03/04/2016  +
Transcription The 22th day of March [.165?4] [CENTRE HEAThe 22th day of March [.165?4] [CENTRE HEADING] The Clayme of William Gellard,}<br /> merchant of Cadiz in Spaine}<br /> for his goods in the ''Saint John da''}<br /> ''[?XXX]'' Examined upon the sayd allegation '''2dus.''' '''Juan Thomas Meluti''' of Cadiz in Spayne<br /> merchant aged 26 yeares or thereabouts a witnes<br /> sworne and examined deposeth and saith as followeth<br /> videlicet. To the 1. and 2. articles of the sayd allegation This deponent saith that the arlate<br /> William Gellard is a person well knowne to this deponent and is<br /> a Spaniard and by repute a native of Cadiz and there hath lived<br /> for theis eight yeares last past of this deponents knowledge<br /> and is a subiect of the King of Spaine and so accounted. And<br /> saith that the sayd William Gellard about the month of August<br /> 1653 last past accompanied with this deponent and his precontest<br /> Juan da Casa Nuesta, embarked himselfe att Cadiz in the shipp<br /> ''Saint Vincent'' upon a designe to goe to Saint Mallo and there buy<br /> linnen and other goods to returne with the same for Cadiz for his<br /> owne accompt and of Captaine Claudia da Ulloa who was and is<br /> a Spaniard and inhabitant of Cadiz and that for the providing<br /> of the sayd linnen and other goods in ffrance he tooke with him<br /> severall packes and sugars, of the value of three thousand<br /> five hundred peices of 8/8 more or lesse of Spanish money which<br /> he did lade and putt on board the ''Saint Vincent'' for accompt of<br /> himselfe and sayd Captaine Ulloa of the sight and certaine knowledge<br /> of this deponent who was his Companion in the sayd voyage, and that<br /> the sayd sugars and peackes arrived safely att Saint Mallo in<br /> the possession of the sayd Gellard who there sold the same of the<br /> sight of this deponent and with the proceed thereof bought the<br /> serges, linnen Cloath ad shirts hereafter particularly mentioned<br /> for accompt of himselfe and the sayd Captaine de Ulloa. And<br /> otherwise he cannot depose. [ADD DATA]t; otherwise he cannot depose. [ADD DATA]  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_117_07_0468.jpg|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_117_07_0468.jpg|[[:HCA 13/68|HCA 13/68]] f.455r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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