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HCA 13/68 f.89v Annotate
First transcribed 3 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 89  +
Parent volume HCA 13/68  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 03/08/2013  +
Transcription deposeth, That in the moneth of January 16deposeth, That in the moneth of January 1653 new style, the sayd<br /> Dominigo Centurione (who is commonly accompted and reputed an<br /> Assistenta and one of the Council of the King of Spain, and the<br /> principall factor or Agent) by John de Windt a Merchant of<br /> Cadiz in Spaine and Correspondent to the said Centurione caused ?to<br /> be laden and brought aboard the shipp the ''Morning Starr'' (whereof<br /> this deponent was and is Master) then lying at Cadiz one hundred thirty and eight baggs<br /> of Spanish wooll marked with the marke in the margent for the '''+ S M C''' [MARKE, LH MARGIN] accompt of the ffactories of his Catholique Majesty of Spaine, to bee<br /> transported from thence to Dunqerke and there to be delivered<br /> to the factor of Jaques Suarez Citizen of Antwerp for the<br /> accompt aforesaid, Which this deponentt knoweth being Master of<br /> and aboard his said shipp at the time that the said baggs of wooll<br /> were received on board the same, and haveing before the lading thereby<br /> contracted and agreed with the said John de Windt at Cadiz for the the<br /> freight of the said woolls, and after the reception thereof this deponent<br /> signed three bills of lading of one tenor and caused the same to be entred into his books.<br /> the receipt of the same, and to whome they were consigned as aforesaid<br /> And otherwise saving his subsequent depons hee saith hee cannot depose To the third fourth and fifth articles and to the schedule or bill of<br /> lading mentioned in the said 4th article hee saith and deposeth, That<br /> shortly after the Lading of the said woolls for the accompt<br /> aforesaid this deponent in the house of the said John de Windt of<br /> Cadiz signed three bills of Lading all of one tenor and date with<br /> this deponents owne handwriting, one of which bills of Lading was taken<br /> aboard this deponents said shipp at the time of her being seized by the<br /> English. and now is remaining in the Registry of this Court, And<br /> saith That the said bill being now showne unto him was and is<br /> one of the originall bills of Lading so signed and firmed by this deponent<br /> for the aforesaid woolls and that the Contents thereof were and are true<br /> and so had and done as therein is expressed, And saith hee beleiveth<br /> the said bill of Lading now showne unto him to be the bill of Ladeing [?soe]<br /> taken as aforesaid, And saith that the said woolls were truely and really<br /> Laden aboard his said shipp for the service and supply of the accompt<br /> of his Catholique Majesties in fflanders and so much the said John de<br /> Windt both before and sewerall tymes after the lading of the said woolls told and<br /> acquainted this deponent. All which hee deposeth of certaine knowledge<br /> And otherwise cannot depose:- To the 6th And otherwise cannot depose:- To the 6th  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_115_06_9735.jpg|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_115_06_9735.jpg|[[:HCA 13/68|HCA 13/68]] f.89v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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